Blonde pussy eaten out while she sucks cock

Blonde pussy eaten out while she sucks cock
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Rodney watched as the car pulled out of his driveway, taking his wife to the airport and on to her parents' house for a full month. He would miss her but was also secretly reveling in his new-found, if temporary, freedom. He thought of sleeping in on the weekend without being nagged about this or that, being able to walk around in his boxers if it suited him and drinking the milk straight from the carton without fear of reprimand. But mostly, Rodney was looking forward to watching a lot of porn and putting a long-brewing plan into action.

Kirsten, his wife's best friend, had promised to look after him a bit and make sure he ate right (his wife's words, not his as far as he was concerned, pizza and beer were perfectly fine).

Kirsten was not unlike his wife: a bit of a plumper with perfectly milky, smooth skin and a loud personality. But Rodney liked his women big and loud the louder the better and he was looking forward to spending a lot of time with Kirsten and getting to know her a lot better than she knew he was planning to.

When Kirsten came around that night with a casserole she'd prepared for Rodney, he'd just finished showering and was lazing around in shorts and a well-worn t-shirt.

No point in dressing up Kirsten and his wife had been inseparable since they'd first met 5 years ago, and the two couples were equally laid-back and comfortable around each other. Kirsten's husband was a bit of a geek in Rodney's book, and he could never quite figure out how Kirsten's huge personality didn't completely eclipse that of her meek husband.

Rodney shuddered to think of the lackluster sex life that, he was sure, couldn't hope to fulfill what he assumed to be Kirsten's deprived and depraved sexual cravings.

A few times, when the four of them had gone on a bender and Kirsten had too much to drink, she'd offered some choice confessions that no one repeated later but that were certainly not forgotten. From those little snippets, it was easy to understand that her husband didn't perform often or well, and that Kirsten was on the brink of sexual starvation.

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Well, Rodney would certainly take of that while his wife was away. He'd been fantasizing about Kirsten and jerking off thinking about her for a while now, and he knew that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

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Even better: Kirsten's husband was away on business for at least a week, so the timing couldn't have been better. It was a hot summer evening and Kirsten's tank top and shorts clung to her voluptuous body in a way that made Rodney want to just take her right then and there. Barely able to restrain himself as she put the casserole dish onto the kitchen table, he let his eyes roam all over her body while she busied herself in the kitchen.

His cock was started to throb, eager to fill a tight wet hole. Her round ass cheeks were straining against the thin fabric of her shorts, and while he knew that some men didn't appreciate a full-figured woman the way he did, Rodney couldn't help but marvel at the toned thighs and firmness that were so snugly encased in her shorts. The baby pink tank top Kirsten was wearing left little to the imagination, not because it was unusually short or tight but because Kirsten had evidently also just had a shower before coming over.

Her long wavy hair cascaded down her back in damp ringlets and the tank top clung to every inch of her body.

Her breasts oh to touch those gorgeous, ripe white tits!

were prominent under the pink fabric, large but firm with hard nipples that could make a man cry from aching need. But Rodney had a plan, and there was no point in rushing to the finish line before he could even enjoy the moment. He feasted his eyes on Kirsten until they sat down together to eat. She asked him if Tara had arrived safely at her parents' house; he chit-chatted about doing some maintenance to the house while his wife was away.

After they were done eating, Kirsten got up to do the dishes and made a move to put her hair into a bun. Rodney reached out and stopped her hand mid-air. "Don't." he said, looking straight at her. She didn't say anything, and the air seemed to shift as she nervously laughed and made another attempt to put up her hair. This time, Rodney took her arm down firmly. "I said don't." She looked at him a little confused.

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He closed the space between them and was now close enough to her to smell the floral scent of her shampoo. Kirsten looked apprehensive now and attempted to take a step backwards, but Rodney stopped her, pulled her towards him instead. He leaned into her and soaked in the sweet, damp smell of her freshly washed hair and skin while his hand traveled down her back and found the ass he'd been admiring not too long ago. "Rodney, don't…" Kirsten whispered. In that moment he knew that, whatever fantasies he'd had about her, she'd had about him.

He pulled her tightly against him, both his hands now firmly squeezing her ass. "Please, Rodney, don't!" Kirsten said again, now a little more desperate in tone.

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She tried to pry herself out of his embrace but she was no match for his strength. Without a word, Rodney pulled them towards the bedroom. Everything was falling into place and he couldn't wait to get Kirsten out of her clothes, to let his eyes feast on her entire body. But Kirsten wasn't about to play along, and she pushed him away and glared at him. "What are you doing?" she asked him, her voice ripe with confrontation.

Another man might have back-pedaled desperately at this point, but to Rodney this was like the icing on the cake: he knew he would have her, one way or another, and seeing her feisty personality surface only made him want her more. "You know exactly what I'm doing, Kirsten and you know you want it." He said matter-of-factly.

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Kirsten gave him a dirty look and said: "I can't believe you would do this to Tara! You're disgusting." And with that, she turned to leave but Rodney was too quick and blocked the door, preventing her from leaving the house. "Where do you think you're going? I didn't say you could leave." The stare-down lasted only for a fleeting moment, as Rodney's gaze became menacing and Kirsten realized that this was a side of him she hadn't seen before a side that made her shiver with a sense of foreboding.

He started walking towards her, and with each step he took, she took one backwards. Eventually he'd backed her all the way to the bedroom, and her eyes spun around wildly as she realized that she was now exactly where he'd wanted her.

"This is ridiculous, I'm going home." She said with confidence she no longer felt, but made no attempt to leave. Something in Rodney's eyes scared her. She'd never known him to be violent except maybe when he had a few too many drinks in him or someone tried to hit on his woman but suddenly she wasn't so sure she knew him at all. She took a few steps back and found herself against the wall.

Rodney closed the bedroom door an unnecessary act, since no one would come by the house and it was isolated enough that there was no one within earshot to hear anything.

"Take off your clothes." He said simply. Kirsten was like a deer caught in headlights and just started at him. Rodney was getting impatient his raging hard-on was now straining painfully against his shorts, and he decided to take them off. His cock jumped out of its prison, thick and erect, pointing, it seemed, directly at its intended target. Kirsten, who had never seen a black cock before, stared at Rodney as if he'd just grown a second head out of his neck.

"Take of your clothes, bitch!" Rodney screamed at her, tired of waiting. Kirsten, still mesmerized by what was undoubtedly the largest, thickest dick she'd ever seen, slinked out of her clothes without further protest.


"Now get down on your knees and suck me!" he ordered, and when Kirsten didn't move, Rodney slapped her face hard. For a moment he was almost sorry when her eyes welled up, but the slap produced the desired result: without a word Kirsten obediently got down in front of him.

But before she could even attempt to give Rodney the blow job he was craving, he'd wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled back her head sharply. She winced oh how beautiful she looked, her back arched as he painfully pulled on her hair and she opened her mouth in what would've probably been a yelp, had Rodney not seized the moment and shoved his enormous fuckmeat between her cherry red lips.

Kirsten's eyes bulged as she clearly struggled with the large cock in her mouth, but Rodney didn't care anymore. His hips started moving as if they had a mind of their own, and he proceeded to fuck her face while pushing her head deep into his crotch.

His loud groans were almost animal-like, while Kirsten struggled not to choke on his cock. Dark streaks ran down her face where her tears melted her makeup, and Rodney couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked like a perfect little cumslut to him, and he knew that it would be a long, long night for both of them.

A loud groan escaped his mouth as Rodney emptied his cock down Kirsten's throat. She gagged and fell backwards, cum pouring out of her mouth in thick streams as she gasped for air. She drew her legs up against her body in a fetal position and sobbed quietly. Rodney knelt next to her and pulled her towards him, brushing her hair from her face.

She looked at him, scared and clearly upset, and he was both excited and angry.


But he knew that he had to be patient with her after all, that limp-dicked husband of hers had probably never given her a good fuck. He wiped the tears from her cheek and said: "You know you wanted this. You know it's what you need." She let her head sink in resignation and said, barely above a whisper, "I know." TO BE CONTINUED