Cutie sucks two fat dicks

Cutie sucks two fat dicks
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No on under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. LET'S PRETEND: I am sitting by the Senior Girls Pool at the Mt. Beaver Condo Complex enjoying the view of frolicking young women and drinking my gourmet root beer, Henry Weinharts. Since Max and Gratia have moved out of the nearby corner unit, Marty has developed this little corner of his kingdom into its major social center. The folks who have for several years brought their food cart in to service us for six hours a day by the pool, now have had Max's first floor vacant apartment transformed into a small café, specializing in their offerings, which were a very wide range of people friendly snacks.

The café spills over into surrounding the pool on three sides for seating and everyone is happy with it. Except the old gaffers who used to watch the behinds and tiny tits in the pool, since part of the remodeling of the pool area included covering the area above it with a canopy, that allowed diffused sunlight in, but not horny men's gazes.

One positive aspect of this is the now uncluttered walkways in the elevated areas of the units within sight distance of the pool. But, a person could still get a close up viewing of the young fillies by taking a seat at the pool and watching them up close, sometimes from the person's lap if they liked you. They seem to like me, and so favor me sometimes. Not today, though.

It is quite warm outside, so they are cooling themselves down in the water in my sight, but out of my lap. As I was reading the very abbreviated version of the local paper, a person that I soon identified as probably one of the mothers of the girls in the pool, moved to my side and asked if she could sit at my table with me. I looked up to her and then around the area. There were numerous empty tables, so this was not just a respectful request for a seat. Something was up and I was soon to find out what it was.

"Certainly, just pick your chair." Then I went back to my paper, for a very short reading session predicated on the only four pages of the 'rag.' She politely awaited for me to finish my morning reading chore, and when I looked up she turned her head from me and gazed into the pool to check up on her girl or girls in the pool. Since it was a Saturday, the girls would be there for most of the day, with no public school obligations to get in the way of their fun.

When I took a more direct view of her, I then noticed that she had a baby in her arms and as I noticed this, she asked if I minded if she nursed it. I answered that that was preferable to its going hungry, so she with a smile on her face opened her specially made blouse and plugged it in to its enthusiastic response. While she was busy starting this motherly chore, I took stock of her and found her to be a very fine looking woman in somewhere of the late thirties or early forties.

Her hair was cut in a very stylish short manner, probably to ease her time for baby caring. Her body, what I could see of it still showed the process of post-partum remolding to an unpregnant status.

But, she was very attractive also in a M.I.L.F. manner. As she gazed down in motherly love for her baby, she was very fetching and just naturally drew my male sympathies to her and the baby's protection. I just smiled at that, since I am a confirmed thirty-eight year old bachelor.

With the baby plugged in and the feeding in progress, her eyes again raised to consider me, and she noticed my studied interest in her. She smiled at that and began a conversation. "I have noticed you around here for some time and have wondered about you. Marcia, my older girl has informed me that she has occupied your lap coming from the pool a couple of times and though you are affectionate with her, you are also very respectful.

My younger girl, Gladys, is young for that, but had occupied your lap at least once and give the same report on you. As you can see, my daughter, Denise, is a more than a bit young for that kind of play." And then she smiled one of those radiant smiles that only women who are totally in to the woman thing can replicate. "Since, I don't know many of the girls here in the pool by their names, could you point them out?" And at that she pointed out one and right then, one of them came running out to first pat the baby and then take up her residence on my lap, to her mother's raised eyebrows.

This was the older one, about sixteen, and she was demonstrating some emerging independence in her manner with me and towards her mother. This was soon followed by another girl of fourteen coming and taking up the seat next to me, pulling it right up to my side.

I was now covered about sixty percent by a 'teen girls' blanket, and enjoying it. The mother moving the baby from one side to the other, looked at her girls and said to them, "Okay, that is enough fun with the nice man for the present.

Please go up to the unit and I will be there soon." The two girls rose and went around to lightly kiss their mother on the cheeks and pat their younger sister and then with little behinds bouncing, they ran across the parking lot towards their condo unit.

"They are very taken with you, you know. I didn't get you name, sir?" "Oh, it is Grady Alderman since the last time I checked my license." Then with a sparkle in her eyes, "A license to do what?" To keep the conversation balanced, I smiled and left that question unanswered, but added my own, "And your name is what, if you please?" "It is Antigua Jones.

My parents were so impressed with my generation on a holiday there, that they named me after the place. Never had to endure having other same named girls, though. I am called, Anti for short, for your information." "I am still called Grady, though.

And as far as the girls are, I think that they interact with the guys down her, because they can have their girlish fun with no repercussions that they don't have to accept. A trying out of their girlish charms like trying on a pair of shoes that they probably wouldn't want to buy anyway." "Yes, I read it that way, too. But, they still have to be reined in at times to contain things till a later period in their lives.

One of a mother's or father's responsibilities." "Say, I don't ever remember seeing a father down here looking after your girls." "There is no father or other man in the picture at the present. He was a very nice man and good to me, but the pressure of a family was just too much for him to cope with and so he has disappeared to somewhere unknown.

The only connection anymore is a check that is deposited to my account each month under a program of support enforcement by the state. I doubt that he objects to it, since he really did love his little girls, and me. He has been gone for five years now." I looked at the baby and got at least part of the message in that statement.

But when I looked up to her in curiosity, she informed me that there was no steady man in her life now, either. And at that she excused herself and rose to go and confer with her girls. The next day, I ran into Marty (the complex owner/manager) and inquired of what he could share about her.

He looked me over for a couple of minutes and then told me that she was a fine woman, who had been raped about a year ago. She chose to have the baby and was coping with the situation remarkably well.

But, that her personal finances were in turmoil and she was a bit behind in her rental payments. Evidently keeping up with the others with difficulty. And then he winked at me and moved on to his prospective chore for the moment. I thought this over and wondered what I could do about it.

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I did know that especially the sixteen year old was infatuated with me and I tentatively was hungry for her body. So, after a couple of days pondering over it, I decided on a course of action that would take care of my desire and her family's needs.

Before I could engage Anti in another conversation, Marcia jumped out of the pool on another fine day and took very personal interests in me. She was all over me in kissing and hugging and making intimate suggestions in my ears. I decided to try out some things to see if she was just teasing me, and if that was the case to discourage her from continuing to do that. So, as she was hugging and kissing me, I slipped a couple of fingers up into her bathing suit and began to play with her female equipment there.

She at first was shocked, but still gave no notice of wanting me to quit. But, quit I did, before things got out of hand in this semi-public area.

And with this withdrawal of mine, she jumped off of my lap and headed back to the pool to play with her girlish friends.

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After I had had my fill of viewing the young fillies at play, I moseyed up to my unit to shower and watch the late Mariner's game on T.V. Several young faces that had appeared on their team a couple of years ago, have been joined by some more and for once they have a serviceable pitching staff with the killer closer still in presence. And now in late September, they are five games ahead heading down the stretch towards a probable playoff berth. Mitch has turned into a star pro, and is still hitting leadoff, because though he is the steadiest hitter on the team, which would usually put him batting third, he is just a killer leading off.

He is heading towards thirty Home runs again and is leading the majors hitting .366. What a find he has become. So, while I watched the news in preparation for the game, I fixed some Mac and cheese to savor as I watch the game. But, as I settled down, there is knock on the door and I moved to it to answer. Usually, I would check through the peep hole screen, but since very little ever happens in this complex because of the excellent security system, I just open the door to ………&hellip.

Anti, without baby and dressed in a very loose Hawaiian muumuu. She is stunning as my mouth goes agape. I stumble in words at first, so she sweetly offers, "May I come in and take up some of your precious time?" That gave me the time to say something stupid and I managed to pull off a mild version with, "Where is Denise, the baby?" She smiled at my interest in the baby and then offered, "The girls have her in their power now.

It will be a total love fest for them, until they have to change the diaper. But, they will manage with that, too. And when she cuddles up to them with a bottle of my milk left behind, the two girls, cuddled up to each other with the baby in their arms will be in another time and space until she goes to sleep." "Yeah, I can picture it in my eyes.

Great training for the rest of their lives, huh! And I think that boys should get some of that action, too. Might sober some of them up to the responsibilities that come with a little love play, too often." "Why, Mr. Alderman, you sound just like a prospective husband and experienced father!" "No, sorry.

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A confirmed bachelor and doting uncle, is all." "Ever been married?" "Yes, at age twenty two, I married my high school sweet heart. She was a lovely and marvelous person. Undoubtedly still is, as I hear from her every once in a while on the phone. Her husband doesn't seem to mind, because it has long been a Verizon love affair, with us never meeting in person.

Since, we still both love each other fiercely, it would be a big mistake to be in privacy together. She only wants a fine fellow, evidently me, to talk with once in a while. To sort out things in her husband and three children life. Evidently I serve that purpose very well. Since they have been married for twelve years and there is no end to it in sight. Good for them." "I detect a very big tug at the heart in that answer." "You detect correctly.

I have never got over it, but I have moved on without damaging anyone, so I guess that is some kind of success." '"Yes, it is. I, a year ago suffered a damaging blow from another guy who was lost after losing the love of his life. He is in even a worse way now, with his heart still torn apart and evidently not mending, with his burden over our baby to boot.

I feel sorry for him, but am still very hurt over what he did." "What went wrong?" She inquired of my lost marriage. "We were crazy in love.


But, had nothing but great sex in common. She was a devoted church goer. Not self-righteous or anything like that, just loved the feelings of being with that crowd and their fun activities. I never bought into it and so I was home alone a lot and she was away a lot and so eventually, it all just melted down.

The good thing was that we broke it off before either of us became bitter and hardened. And then a couple of years later she married a guy from the church crowd and has been very happy ever since. Especially since we have remained cell phone buddies." So, then we sat down on the couch and eventually cuddled up after sharing the Mac and cheese to watch the game. Turned out that she was quite conversant on baseball and the Mariners, so it was very cozy and enjoyable to be with her.

When it got late, I asked about her three girls, and she said that they would be fine. And then she asked if she could stay over, NSA. Because she needed some fluffing and after what had happened between her daughter and me at the pool that day, she felt that I needed some, too. After another successful closing by SUGAR, I picked up the dishes and moved them to the sink and with her hanging up to me from behind, washed them and put them into the draining rack.

With this she whispered, "Why didn't I find a guy like you?" And I whispered back, "Just lucky, I guess!" And with that, we moved hand in hand to go to my bedroom. I got up on the bed in my boxers and she still in her muumuu and she whispered again to me, "Let's make believe that we are an old married couple horny for each other for the night!" And I nodded in agreement.

Then two pairs of hands began to move into search and find modes, and a lot of smiles broke out in my little bedroom. She with us kissing very lightly at first, began to investigate my boxers and its contents. I in agreement was reaching to inside of her muumuu and enjoying the prizes that I found in there. She was a real woman for sure and very confident in her femininity.

She reacted very favorably to my initiations all over her body, even with my finger up her behind. She returned that favor at the same time. As things progressed, I couldn't bear to remove the Muumuu, she looked so good in it, so I simply moved up to being inside of its spacious interior and simply went crazy with the vibrant woman inside.

Her tits were swollen and so I tapped off some of their bounties to her relief. Kissed my way very slowly down her body and when I centered on her lightly furred pussy, lingered there for at least half an hour to her squirming and moaning delights. She came at least once and gifted me some of her pussy gifts with that. Then I rolled up to the bed on my back and she still with the muumuu on, moved down to suckle my member in appreciation for what I had done for her.

I was suitably impressed with her energy and care with my skin flute. She played a symphony on it. She didn't linger there for long, though, because she evidently of all things wanted to place my flute up her clarinet.

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So, she rolled on to her back with her legs splayed and I moved up with her dress slightly raised and accomplished the internal planting and rode the waves to my climax and her another one, too.

After the fact, she let me know that she was safe for the night. And I let her know that I was fixed so that there would be no children in the future unless I had it undone. "Good to know," was her sincere response to that. And then we turned to our sides and she reversed her body so that each of our pillow propped up heads had the mouths mounted to the other's nether regions.

And then she pulled a blanket over us and we spent the night with our mouths engaged with the other. Mine under her muumuu, all night.

In the morning, she moved down early to care for her baby, but left me a note, 'Talk to you later!' A couple of days later, the two older girls gave me some attentions at the pool, but to a much lower octane with each of the two of them.

Under the circumstances, I contained my enthusiasms, too. They did inform me that I was welcome to share dinner and a ball game with them that night, if I wanted. Since, I had nothing planned that would be more fun than that, I agreed and showed up at five to have dinner before the beginning of the game. While the girls were in their bedroom finishing their homework, and Anti was finishing off dinner, I had baby Dinah dropped in my lap.

She at first did like most baby's do under the circumstances, open their eyes big and wonder, 'Who the heck is this that is holding me now?' But, evidently with my knowledgeable manner in holding her, she settled down to enjoy my attentions. After all, even though I have no children of my own, I am very experienced with babies: my siblings and nieces and nephews. And so she was soon making pre language noises and I heard from the kitchen, "Successful pretending to be a father, huh?" "No, more like a crazy uncle, but she does seem to be enjoying it, though!" With that I heard a 'snerk' reverberate from the kitchen and both she and I went back to our immediate duties.

When we settled down to dinner, I was directed to the head of the table, then they waited and stared at me, and I got it. I was to offer a prayer. So, even though I am not religiously inclined, I did lead my childhood family in prayers at times and so I offered up a generic one that wouldn't offend anyone and then all of them dug in enthusiastically with a very fine roast beef dinner.

Anti, opened her blouse and plugged in Dinah, and the two older girls, sometimes with their mouths full and sometimes with them empty began to regale us with all of the events of their days, in fine detail, including their forays with me at the pool. Mom raised her eyebrows at that but made no comment on it, but did offer some suggestions about their day.

And then all of the eyes turned to me, and I since I had actually been listening, offered up a couple of suggestions, too. Which the girls took very well. And then I got it, this was a 'tender trap' and a rehearsal for something that Anti very much wanted in our futures.

I have to say that at that moment of epiphany, I was not at all in opposition to that idea. After the meal, I asked one of the girls to come to the kitchen with me and put away all of the foods and ingredients away.

And the other I asked to wipe the table down and restore order to the dining room. All of this, while Anti was finishing off the baby, with a diaper changing leading up to her being put to bed.

When I finished up the dishes, I moved to her giant couch and with Anti in my arms and the girls cuddled up to the two of us settled in to enjoy another Mariner's game. They lost this one, but not without a fight.


I was not losing at all on the couch. I was being circumspect with Anti on the couch through the first half of the game, but with a run to the kitchen to replenish the snacks, Anti let me know that some light play was well in order.

So, when the girls got back, we resumed our cuddling and the game and several sets of hands became busy in stimulating each other's persons. When the game was over, I thought that I was going to be excused to go home and told that I was definitely invited to come back. Instead, it seemed to be obvious that I was expected to spend the night.

And with this, the two girls left the living room for several minutes and then came back to regale us with their teen girl sleepwear. For each it was a loose blouse like top, with no bra under it. And a loose pair of matching shorts, with the leg holes showing no sign of panties underneath. They came over to us and in rotation hugged and kissed each of us and then moved off to their separate bedrooms for the night.

Then Anti turned off or down the lighting and led me to her bedroom. This time she shed all of her clothing and invited me to do the same and we settled down in the bed laying up to and hugging each other in quiet and mild kissing. After a few minutes, Marcia the older girl came in and informed us that she was scared and couldn't sleep. So, Anti sent me in to settle her down for the night.

Since I delayed for a couple of minutes in contemplation of this, I found her to be naked in her bed and inviting me in to be with her. I mesmerized like a snake by a snake charmer entered the bed and she rushed to get me up and into her and then very quickly to empty up into her.

I was stunned at the rapidity of this. But in her little girl enthusiasm, she was very satisfied and kissed me to return to her mother. On the way back to Anti, I was intercepted by Gladys and led to her bedroom, too. I was more than a bit stunned by all of this, but, quickly, she had me sucking on her beginner tits and then with her shorts, only lowered to her knees, had me up on her with my cock busy in her birth port. With me wildly enthused at where I was, I came into her soon also.

And she lingered in kissing me and the sent me on my way to the master bedroom. When I got back to Anti, she looked up with a smile and asked, "Are the girls settled down now?" And I with very wide eyes, replied, "Yes, the surely are and then the two of us cuddled and settled in for the night. In the morning after getting the baby taken care of and the girls off to school, she came in to me as I lightly slumbered and gave me a morning welcome in the form of a very slurpy blow job.

After all of this, I didn't want to pretend anymore and after taking a couple of days to investigate things, I moved in permanently with them. I closed down my unit, and we continued in hers though it was a bit small for the five of us. But, since we were very fond of each other it worked out just fine and I got her payments all caught up very quickly.

I left things unsaid to see if this was all just to get her bills paid off, but after I did, she remained the very affectionate and respectful woman to me that she had before. The girls had had their curiosities satisfied in our bedtime adventures, and we never were intimate again. Anti and I married six months later, and even my exwife and her husband attended. She approached Anti and advised her that she had better take good care of me or she would pull all of her hair out, Andi smiled and told her 'no problem,' she knew that the ex was still in love with me and that she, Anti, would love me enough for the both of them.

Ex seemed very happy with that idea. I shook her new husband's hand and was satisfied that she was in good ones. But, I stayed away from her, no use putting a match to the gasoline, when I had kerosene at home.

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We were very happy over the years, and still pretended once in a while to our happiness.