Ursao leitando o tatuado bare)

Ursao leitando o tatuado bare)
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One Friday afternoon, Tyler was cleaning up because his friend Emily was coming over. He wanted her to come over to a beautiful house, a house that was spotless.

It wasn't just her, he just hated his house to be dirty, especially when company was coming over. He knew Emily wouldn't care, but he just didn't want it like that when visitors were over. To this day, any of his friends had yet to see his house dirty. He was just mopping the floor, waiting for Emily to knock at his door.

Tyler was about 6 feet tall, weighing about 200. wearing a white shirt and grey jogging pants. He was also just slightly muscular. Not huge anything like that, but firmness. Believe it or not, he met Emily as a child when she saved his life from the bullies. As a child, Tyler was always a quiet, sheltered person and rarely went outside unless he was hanging out with friends.

It was mostly because he would have had to deal with the bullies. One day the bullies started to pick on him, which he stood up for himself, only to be beaten up by them. They were beating him so bad to the point he was almost dead, but then a rough girl came in and fought them off. That was the day he met Emily, his new friend, and they got along pretty well, not many arguments or anything. They were like 2 bees in a pod. When she saved his life, he was surprised because honestly, he thought it was a boy fighting them off.

Come to find out Emily was a tomboy. Throughout her life, she loved to get into a fist fight, play video games and do a lot of boy activities. Emily was a full-fledged tomboy so you couldn't tell she was a girl unless you look really closely. She has a short boy like hair, freckles, almost a boy like body type, Fairly nice white skin. So if anyone were to see her, they would immediately assume it was a boy.

And even to this day, she still manages to fit the male persona. As I said, it was very hard to tell because Emily acts like a boy, dresses like a boy and talks like a boy. So most people who found out she was a girl was very surprised, now that she was a little older, it might have been just a little easier to tell if you were looking at her chest and looking close enough. If you had seen her breasts, then it would be obvious that he was a she. A lot of the times Emily wore a double shirt which made her breasts concealed.

She has medium sized tits, and I'm sure they were the nicest tits ever. Emily really loves to wrestle me, and I don't know why, but for some reason, it turns me on. Why was just kind of interaction so arousing to me? Perhaps it was because she was always on top, I don't know.

anywho, Tyler was slowly cleaning up the kitchen when he receives another phone call, this time from someone else. "Hello? Tyler. This is Gerald. Gerald, what's going on? Doing good man can't complain, what about yourself? I'm doing good, I'm just waiting for my friend to come over. Yeah about that, there's something I wanted to ask you. Sure, go ahead. Well, why does his voice sound kind of feminine?

I'm not calling him gay, I'm just wondering." at that moment, Tyler was wondering where all of this was coming from and what did Gerald me by that. He had his phone on speaker while he was doing the dishes and it looks like it's gonna rain outside.

"what are you talking about, Gerald? Your friend, he sounds like a girl. Maybe he hasn't gone through puberty yet. Umm, Gerald, that's a she, not a he. What? So you mean to tell me that's a bitch? First of all, don't call her a bitch. Secondly, yes, she's a tomboy. So that explains it." Gerald started laughing, feeling silly for assuming things. If he couldn't tell the difference, then that means he would have gone for a transsexual by accident.

One of these days. He started laughing, couldn't believe it. "Hehe, interesting, you should have told me sooner Tyler. Do you like her, yes, I do. I would imagine so, she is a sexy tomboy. Yep, do you like her Gerald? Even if I did, I don't have a chance with her you do, seeing as how you've been her friend since childhood? Yep, I have. You're lucky. from what I heard, tomboys are really aggressive in the bedroom.

They will fuck till their pussies break. And they will fuck you till your dick breaks as well. Sounds pleasurable, but also painful. I honestly think you will like it a lot Tyler." meanwhile, at Emily's house, she was still getting ready. She made sure to put her baseball she also had her jacket ready for when she goes out. She had a black t-shirt on while behind it was a sports bra and wearing blue gym shorts. Her legs were very feminine, so that was another way to detect her from a male.

Of course, you couldn't see it on unless she was wearing clothes that reveals her skin. Emily was looking around the bathroom for something when her father came by the door.

Her family wasn't too accepting of her tomboy lifestyle. They wanted her to act more like a female, but it would be wrong to change her.

"Ugh for once, can't you dress like a girl? Sorry, dad, but that's not something I'm into. I always imagined my little princess running around in a dress. Well, sorry, I can't be what you want me to be.

And just what's wrong with wearing a dress acting girly? Nothing it's just not my thing, daddy." she was getting frustrated with her dad constantly trying to get her to dress like a girl. She has always been like this ever since she was a little girl. So why would she change now? " can you at least do it for me, just this once? No, dad, would you rather I go out and possibly be raped? Emily, sweetie, you know that would never happen to you. Don't say never dad besides me, dressing up as a boy decreases the chances of me being raped and you know it." she starts putting on her shoes one by one, getting tired of hearing her father's voice.

Tired of him lecturing her about her lifestyle. Her father got a little mad because he noticed she was barely listening. She was in a hurry to get out of there, which no one could blame her. " do you know how embarrassing it is for me to tell my friends, I don't have a son?!

To tell them I have a daughter who dresses like a boy! Next thing you know, they will think you're a lesbian." Emily gets a tad bit upset as she walks past her father. "I don't have to sit here and listen to this! I'm out of here! You come back here, young lady! I don't care if you are in your 20s were still my little girl." she ignored him and quickly leaves the house going to her friend. As she was walking her father said "you can walk away from me, but this discussion isn't over!

You hear me, young lady!" Emily didn't pay her father any mind, as she made her way to Tyler's house. The boy she secretly was in love with and she didn't want him to know right away, cause she was scared of rejection.

She also hates it when girls told her she was very manly, truth be told they were right. She gets aggressive at times and gets in, fights with boys. So yeah, she was very masculine. That was one thing she couldn't deny. She definitely had a much lower chance of being raped because she looks like a guy.

To be honest, Tyler was happy, she was a tomboy, he always had a thing for masculine women, and knowing a girl was acting like a boy was pretty hot to him. Not the fact that she was acting like a boy, but she was different, much different from any girl he had ever seen.

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So because she was a tomboy, it was a turn on for him. It was just interesting for a girl to have a male persona and who could probably wreck him in the bed, just because she acts like a boy and she will take everything as a challenge. On her way to Tyler's house, her dad was on the phone talking to his mother. "I tell you, mother, she is a boy trapped in a girl's body.

Even if that is true, you have to respect what she is. This is her life, not yours.


I just want her to dress up and be more feminine, she doesn't even get her toenails polished. Not all of us girls are bound by society's rules. And not all of us have to behave and act a certain way, you know. Haven't I thought you that? Yes, mother, then don't be so hard on her. You might not like what she is, but you have to accept it. Ugh!" he hangs up the phone angles about his business, and by that time Emily was basically by tyler's front door.

She had her baseball bat and ball in case if he wanted to play baseball. Emily knocks on the door and waits for Tyler to come. After a few seconds, he came and opened the door and looking at her as a smile appears on his face. "Emily you're here! Yeah, now do you want to play baseball or go in and play games?" Tyler stares at her for a moment and things to himself.

" God damn Emily makes a sexy tomboy! She looks good in boy clothing. She looks at me noticing I spaced out. "yo are you ok, Tyler? Yeah, I'm, ok, sorry about that. I'm trying to decide on what we should do. "Hehe sounds like you're scared of facing me in baseball because you know I will beat you.

What? No way besides, we don't even have enough players for baseball. Even with players, I would still kick your ass Tyler. Don't, ok, stop, bragging. You want me to stop bragging because you know it's true. Yeah, yeah, yeah, anyway, coming in." he moves out of the way, nothing hurt inside, shaking her out as she walked in. If he was looking at her for far too long, then he gets a boner.

Emily looks around the room and then back over at Tyler in curiosity. "what did you mean by I make a good tomboy Tyler? Because of your behavior and appearance, you would be identified as a male. No way stop it, there's no way I look like a boy." Emily started giggling, knowing that it was true that she does like a boy.

She goes over to the living room where the gaming console was, the PS4 was sitting and ready to be played. Emily turns on the TV and turns it to the gaming channel. Over at Tyler smirks. " yeah, I'm gonna beat you in each and every one of these games. Emily, stop, you know I'm a pro at these games. Is that a challenge? You know, I'm very competitive, Tyler.

Yeah, I know, and so am I. So what game should we start first? Let's go with the new call of duty. The new black ops 4. Fair enough, I will destroy you at whatever game you have." Emily continues to giggle, eager to destroy him in gaming. Before they knew it, they started playing, call of duty and having fun killing each other.

It was very hard for a toddler because both of them were equally competitive. Which means Emily wasn't gonna give up, not until she beat him at everything. He can take you, and Emily looks at him just a little irritated. "Ugh! You fucking using hacks, aren't you? No, I'm not yes, you the fuck are! Ok, Emily, calm down, I think you need to relax. Don't fucking tell me to calm down!" this wasn't Emily's first time getting frustrated, probably more so because of what had happened to her earlier with her father.

Tyler realizes this and pauses the game. Emily stares at him, still a bit annoyed. "why the fuck did you pause the game!? Because you need to calm down, Emily, you're getting too worked up. And just who the hell, are you to tell me I'm getting worked up!? Are you ok, Emily, you are really ticked off right now. I'm fine, it's just, just what? Nothing don't worry about it.

Let's just continue, please. Alright, if you insist." I was wondering what was bothering her, even though I knew it wasn't her first time acting this way. She obviously had something on her mind. What does she have on her mind? Oh, well, not gonna pressure her I'll just wait till she tells me.

When the match was done, Emily looks at me, getting off a bad expression. "I was dealing with my father this morning. He keeps bitching at me about what I am or what I should do. Oh, about the fact that you're a tomboy?

Yeah, and it gets kind of annoying at times." while she was talking, Tyler was checking out her boyish body. He imagines himself pinning her down and pounding away. Emily was very expressive when she wanted to be.

When she was feeling some type of way, she will tell you and wouldn't care how you take it. Tyler stares at the little freckles on her face, thinking about kissing her.

When she realized he's staring, she started giggling and taps his shoulder. "Tyler, can you please stop staring? Oh, right, sorry, I guess I spaced out, it's ok, don't worry about me.

Anyway, let's continue playing ok." another reason it is good for Emily to be a tomboy because if she wasn't then Tyler would have gotten beaten to death by the angry bullies. If not for her coming in to save him when she did. They both just continue to play the game, and after they were done, they started chit chatting about stuff. " say Tyler, do you want to wrestle?

No, no, thank you. I'm good. Why are you afraid of losing to a girl?" Emily starts giggling, knowing that she would beat him anyway, and she loves to wrestle with him. Wrestling was a fun and great exercise for her.

She didn't want to wrestle with anyone, but Tyler. When Emily was at school, she constantly got in fights and ended up in detention on multiple occasions. Most of the fights she had were girls, but others were boys.

So, yeah, Emily was fighting more girls than boys. At that moment, all Tyler think about was having sex with this hot tomboy in front of him. Emily hasn't noticed that desire in his eyes, but I guess if she looks hard enough, she would eventually. But then again, it's not like she isn't desiring him either. When the next level was loading up, she looks at him thinking of something to say. "Tyler, when you see me, do you see a boy or do you see a girl? You know, because I look like a boy.

You are a tomboy, it doesn't mean I see you as a boy. You are just a girl enjoys a lot of boy activities, and there's nothing wrong with that size, to be honest. You look sexy, being dressed up and appearing as a boy." Emily starts blushing, which is something that rarely happened to her. She turns her head for a moment, thinking up something, and then she looks back over to him just a little bit. Just before turning her head again, cause she didn't want him to see her blushing.

"so out of curiosity, if you kissed me, would you feel like you're kissing a guy or a girl? Well, let's find out." Tyler moves to her as he slowly starts kissing her passionately, and she kisses back and they were making out. Emily was finally showing a little bit of her feminine side.

Kissing him was making her blush even more, after a few seconds, she pulls away, blushing turns her head. "Umm, it was supposed to be a curiosity thing. I didn't think you would actually do it. Well, I didn't see why not besides you're sexy as fuck Emily." Emily quickly gets up going to the bathroom. "I'm going to the bathroom, ok, be right back." Emily slowly made her way to the bathroom, shocked that she got her first kiss from her childhood crush.

She went to the bathroom, just keep herself under control and didn't want him to know that. Because if she continues kissing him, something might happen between them. Especially because of his sexual attraction to tomboys. Tyler sits there and waits for his gamine friend to come back. Emily walks into the bathroom and takes a deep breath while looking into the mirror. Her first kiss was very magical and she could feel her heart pumping. She knew her heart was pumping so much because she got kissed by her lover.

"I can't believe Tyler actually kissed me, is this a dream? Would he still kiss me if I was a guy? No, no of course not, he only did it because he knows I'm a girl." she pulls off her shirt and switches it with a red shirt. The redshirt said, tomboy.

"Hehe, I wonder how he will react to this shirt. I got another idea. Just in case something does go down then I'll be ready." she pulls down her gym shorts and takes her panties off, and then puts her gym shorts back on.

After that. She put her panties under the sink just for now. She Noticed it felt a little different without her panties on. "it actually feels a little good without wearing panties. When I'm ready, I'm gonna surprise him, and get him hard." Emily giggles as she walks out of the bathroom going over to Tyler. "Hey Tyler, do you want to go play some basketball or something? I don't know, I mean, I would have to drive to the park where the basketball Court is.

You're just scared of losing to a girl like you lose at everything else." she starts giggling and goes over to the basketball. "alright, if you're in such a hurry to lose, I'll help you out." Emily laughs, this time thinking that Tyler is just an imbecile, there was no way he could beat her. She did like it whenever he gave it his all.

the idea of taking her on got her excited, she loved when he tried to beat her. Emily always enjoys the challenge, no matter who is challenging her, it could have even been her father, she would have shown him no mercy same with Tyler. Emily walks a little closer to Tyler starting to smirk. "how about a wager Tyler?

Yeah, sure, why not? What is it? Whoever wins has to tell each other, something embarrassing or inappropriate.

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It doesn't matter what it is, it just has to be something. You can back out, of course, I will just think you're a coward if you do. No, I'm not backing down. Are you sure? The look on your face, says you're scared. I am not scared!" Emily could tell Tyler was a little bit on edge, he didn't want to lose to a girl.

And he hasn't played basketball in 2 years, so no telling how good Emily is. "you're scared Tyler just admit it.

I'm not scared, you know what let's go, so I can quickly beat you. Yay!" Emily screams out in excitement while grabbing the basketball.

unfortunately, Tyler was gonna lose because he hasn't played in a while. And by Emily being a gamine, she played all the time. So how the hell was he going to win?

He's going to find out soon enough, just how good she is. Emily walks over to their front door and before she opened it, she realized the shirt she had on would make her sweat, because it was kind of thick, almost like a sweater. "oops I forgot to change my shirt. Can I change my shirt real quick Tyler?

Sure go ahead, I'll be waiting in the car. Okay!" Tyler went and hop into the car, Emily went back to the bathroom. She was really excited, so excited. That's why she forgot to change her shirt. She always wanted to make sure she was wearing something comfortable, especially when it was hot.

If she was comfortable, then that means it would have been an easy win for her. She gets into to the bathroom and changes her shirt and put on a basketball shirt, revealing her beautiful feminine arms. Her chest slightly poking out, but it would be fine. Nobody goes to the basketball Court anyway. Right now, it's sunny 70 or 80 degrees. So nobody would be there. Emily and Tyler have the court all to themselves. No distractions or anything, just playing and sweating. She quickly made her way out of the bathroom going street to the car.

A few seconds later, she hopped into the car and Tyler drove off going to the park. On their way there he turned on the radio so they could listen to music. Something to break the tension, he was feeling. The tension of knowing he's about to lose to a girl, well, not an ordinary girl, a tomboy.

5 minutes later, they pulled up at the basketball Court, got out of the car and started walking up to it. "Hehe, are you ready to lose Tyler? You're gonna lose, not me. Yeah, yeah, anyway, first one to get to 30 points wins.

Maybe we should amp it up to 75. Sure, I don't have a problem with that, I'm gonna beat you, no matter how far we have to go. Now enough talk Tyler let's play." he started playing and It was going along pretty well until he made his first shot, which caused him to miss.

Emily couldn't help but laugh at the embarrassing shot. "Haha what was that? Do you even know how to shoot? If you're playing like that, you will never beat me. Shut up it's just a warm-up. Sure, whatever you say." they continue playing as Emily was racking up points and Tyler was slowly falling behind, but he was trying. He could have free take Emily's movements and he could barely get the ball from her hands. She was far better in basketball than him, but it's not even because of that it's just the fact that he hasn't practice.

So no wonder he was playing shitty. Even if he did practice, Emily would still beat him. She played more sports in high school than he did. Sure Tyler was working out, that was about it.

He really didn't do anything else. Emily was playing Tyler like it was child's play. like he was just a rookie. With no basketball experience. Soon enough, the match was over and Emily had won. Emily was jumping up and down, knowing that it was inevitable that she was going to win and she won. She walks over to Tyler, smirking. "now about our deal. Wait, you were serious? Of course, now fess up. Umm, when I was a kid, I thought you were a boy." she starts giggling, knowing that wasn't much of a secret or anything embarrassing of that nature.

"that's not really embarrassing, but ok, fair enough. Now let's go. I'm getting tired now, Tyler." the day was over with and they were soon driving back to the house. But the fun was only just beginning. Tyler couldn't believe he actually lost, but he knew it was gonna happen because it was inevitable. On the way home, all he could think about was fucking his tomboy friend. Lust was creeping into his mind. A few minutes later, they both walked into the house as Emily hops on the sofa.

She didn't even take her shoes off, she just jumped on the sofa. She puts her face on the pillow as she thinks about something and then looks over at Tyler.

"do you remember when we used to wrestle in the mud? It was so much fun, I had dirt all over me. Boy, that was some good times. Why can't some girls be like me? Because they are not tomboys." Emily starts laughing because he was right, they would never do anything like that. Unless they were into the boy lifestyle like she was. She stands up, spreads her legs while looking at Tyler.

"Yep normal, traditional women are so closed up, they don't know how much fun it is. Playing in the mud, playing basketball, video games wrestling, boy activities are way more enjoyable. You know?" Tyler was too busy staring at her sexy legs while also looking at her shorts and wondering what her pussy looks like. He wonders if it's hairy, or if it's clean as fuck. It was normal for her to be talking like this. After all, she is a tomboy, so these responses were what you expect.

Not listening to her, Emily raises her voice just a little bit. "hey, I'm talking to you, Tyler. Right? Sorry, spaced out again, but I heard you. Oh, really, Tyler then what did I just say? You were saying how you enjoy boy activities." Emily got up going into the kitchen to grab a cold beer, and when she came back, she sat down on the couch, spreading her legs again and starts drinking. Obviously feeling good from her little fun activity with Tyler embracing her tomboy nature, after all, it was pretty manly to drink beer just because that was mostly a man thing.

Seeing her drink made Tyler fantasize about knocking at fear away, pulling her shorts down and fucking her like a wild animal, but he had to keep his mind from going into the gutter.

Emily looks over and notices that Tyler is still by the front door just standing there. " yo, why are you still at the door, Tyler? Come sit down on something you're acting like you're nervous. No, I'm ok, I'm just thinking about stuff, that's all. Well, alright." she takes a sip of her cold beer, wondering but he could be thinking about. Emily would usually drink cold beer whenever she was feeling good or needed to relax. And she knew Tyler didn't mind, so it would be fine.

She slowly looks over at him while, taking sips every now again. "you know, my mother used to whoop the shit out of me for coming home dirty. I never could understand why I was just dirty, it's not like I was gonna die. Honestly, she just hated the fact that I was acting like a boy, and I didn't care about being dirty. Almost everyday, she would tell me you're not acting ladylike or some shit." when Emily was a little girl, mother started to notice that she used to do things that weren't appropriate for a young girl.

She seemed to love playing football and playing in the mud, her mother couldn't stand that wondering why she was playing in the mud with boys. She often told her that she's not a boy and shouldn't be acting like one. Truth be told, Emily has always been this way, since she was born, she was never really interested in the girl lifestyle, only something that was the complete opposite of what she was.

Emily was taking chips and watching TV when she noticed she wasn't fully comfortable. Realizing she wasn't comfortable enough, she puts her beer to the side, takes off her shoes to reveal her beautiful feet, moves the shoes to the side, grabs her beer and continues drinking. She looks back over at Tyler, wondering just why the fuck was he standing there, and what was he doing? " listen, Tyler, if you're embarrassed about what just happened, don't worry about it.

You're acting like you're scared to be around me, all of a sudden. What, no, I'm not. Then come take a seat by me. Well, already." Tyler walks over to her and set down on the couch right next to her. He wasn't nervous, he was just trying to keep his mind from me and flooded with Lustful thoughts of fucking her.

To break the dirty thoughts, Tyler quickly said something without thinking. "Emily, would you rather hang out with boys or girls?" Emily looks at him and smiles wondering where that question came from, and it was so out of the blue. "oh, I prefer hanging out with boys, why did you want to know? Because that's how I know you are a tomboy." Emily giggles almost spitting out somewhere for alcohol. "shut up already, you know what I am." she's not laughing because he's calling her a tomboy she's laughing because of how he says it.

"oh, Emily, you are so sexy." she blushes and finishes her drink and moves it to the side while looking at Tyler. "you keep calling me sexy Tyler, do you mean it? Of course, I do, Emily. Wow, I thought you were just playing before, but you were dead serious.

You know, I never joke about anything really especially something like that." Emily turns looking into Tyler's eyes as she looks back into hers and things were starting to heat up. Emily was definitely shocked, realizing that she actually thinks she's attractive.

They were staring at each other for a few seconds or so, both starting to fall for one another. "Tyler? I had no idea that you were serious. You are so sexy, Emily, and the things that you talk about, it's so arousing to me. Why do you like Tomboys, Tyler? I don't know, maybe because they are so different, I find women who act like boys to be kind of hot. Just because it's so bizarre, and it's not something you find everything.

At least not the hardcore tomboys." Emily blushes, looking at him as she gave him a serious, lustful look. Knowing that he finds her attractive, basically tells her that he is attracted to her.

" so by me, looking like a boy, if we first met each other, would you know that I'm a girl? Probably not because she looks so much like a boy. It will be very hard to tell unless I heard your voice" thanks for starting to heat up between them, and it was almost like lust was feeling the air.

She was desiring him and he was desiring her. Emily sexually smirks at Tyler then starts looking down at his pants. She stares at it for a few seconds and then looks back up at Tyler still giving off a sexy look. "so, Tyler, if I suck your cock, will you imagine a boy sucking you off or a girl? I honestly don't know Emily. Tell you what we'll play a little game. I'm gonna suck it, and you're gonna imagine what gender you think is sucking you off." Emily gets up from the sofa and gets between his legs.

she pulls down his pants, taking out his nice huge cock lightly starts stroking him, and then she starts to suck him off. Her mouth was so good, and Tyler immediately started moaning. She was sucking him off so good, better than he thought. his dick, much better than even a Popsicle. Amazing, and it made him feel like coming immediately. Tyler was enjoying it even more because he always did had a fantasy of a tomboy sucking his cock now finally obtained.


At that moment, Tyler looks at her face and knew what she meant now. Because Emily looks like a boy, it does look like a boy is sucking his cock. Emily starts to suck faster and better than before, and after 5 minutes she pulls away to speak.

"Hehe, do you like the way your little tomboy suck your cock? Yeah, baby, it feels so good." Emily looks at him smirking and said, seductively. "Tyler do I suck your cock like a boy or a girl? Does it even matter, Emily? Yes, because I want to know how much of a tomboy I am. I mean, Emily, I wouldn't know. I never had my dick sucked by a guy. Just answer the question, Tyler. Well, since you're a tomboy, I'm just gonna say a little bit of both boy and girl.

Hehe, I'll take that." Emily giggles and got back to sucking his cock. Tyler's cock was at least 10 inches long, which was pretty impressive. An idea clicked in Emily's mind as she looked up at Tyler.

She pulls back for a brief second again. "Hehe, yeah, I'm going to make you cum.

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Watch me turn my mouth into a vacuum. I'm gonna suck the semen from your balls. Won't that be fun?" Emily excitedly giggles and sucks his cock harder and faster, trying to milk him. Tyler immediately noticed the difference she was sucking much better. Like, she was learning how to please him by the minute. This was a different side of Emily he hasn't seen before until now.

It didn't take him long before he was shooting loads into her mouth. "Ugh!" he releases a lot in her mouth as she swallows it all. Emily smiles and stands up, opening her mouth so he could see she swallowed it all.

"Hehe, my my, that was quite a lot. Then again, you do have big balls. Don't rest just yet, because I'm not done, milking you. Do you want to get intimate Tyler? I'm attracted to you, and you're attracted to me, right? Yes, that's right, Emily. Just know I'm gonna rock you like we're wrestling so you better not give out on me." tylers stood up, grabbing Emily as they started making out. They also were tongue kissing, which was also hot.

When he pulled away, Emily looks at him. "you better have endurance because I do. As I said, I'm gonna rock you in the bed, Tyler.

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Say, are you ready for a surprise? Yes, I'm ready, Emily. Ok, feast your eyes on this." Emily gave off another sexual smirk while pulling down her shorts to reveal her beautiful vagina.

Tyler's eyes lit up when he saw it and it was dripping two, which means it was wet. Emily stood there excitedly smirking. " like what you see, Tyler? This is the pussy you're gonna stick your cock in.

I haven't stuck anything inside in months, so I'm very tight." Emily's words were really making Tyler hard. He went up to Emily as he lightly starts to rub her pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Tyler couldn't believe he was actually touching Emily's pussy, and that made him excited. "you're touching my womanly part Tyler, keep doing it. Oh, my God, that feel so good" he keeps on rubbing, eventually starting to play with her vagina afterwards, he starts to eat her out, creating extra pleasure. He continues his process from more than 5 minutes Emily was getting really turned on as she pushed his head away. "oh, my pussy feels so good.

Now I really want to get fucked. I can't wait anymore, take me to the bedroom, Tyler." Tyler picks her up and takes her to the bedroom to have fun with her. We make out up to the bedroom, he placed her on the bed, spreading her legs, and she gave him looks of, desire and a face filled with lust. " oh yeah, you better fuck me hard Tyler, otherwise, I will be upset if you don't. Why? is it because you're a tomboy? Yes, I like it rough. Tomboys love it rough. Ok, if you insist." Tyler spreads, her legs grabs his cock and slams it deep into her pussy.

The force made Emily scream out just a little bit. "oh my God, it feels so good! I can't believe an actual cock is in my pussy! Holy shit, you should have told me you were a virgin, Emily. I could pull out. No, don't you dare, I told you I like it rough. Keep doing ok." Tyler was just a little bit worried as he continued humping her. All he did was fucked her and listens to her, moaning in pleasure and excitement.

"oh, my God, I'm actually being fucked! Oh, my God, it feels so good. I think I'm gonna go crazy! This is unreal, is this what they call sex?" Emily is getting more and more turned on every minute she is being fucked. "Harder daddy!" Tyler was surprised that, she called him something like that as he pumps harder. That's how he knows Emily must really be turned on.

"Oh, God at this rate you're gonna reach my womb." her moaning and screaming sounded so erotic to his ears. The way Emily was moaning and reacting to him pounding away inside her. I'm sexually excited, she is because she's getting fucked. A new experience to her, something she never did until now. Emily looks up at him, her eyes filled with lust. "oh yeah, daddy fuck your little tomboy! If you keep talking like that, Emily, you'll make me cum.

Good! I don't fucking care. If I get pregnant, this feels too good. Oh, god something big is coming Daddy!" when Tyler knew what was going on, he quickly pulls out, Emily starts squirting all over him. She was having a massive orgasm.

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After it was over, Emily looks at Tyler, embarrassed while blushing. "sorry daddy, I didn't think I released much. It's fine baby girl, nothing to cry about. Daddy, do you want this sexy tomboy to ride you like a horse? Yes, oh God, yes. Good, now it's time for me to take control. Lay down for me, daddy." Tyler lays down on the bed, spreads his legs for her. Emily hops on the bed and slowly positioned herself on his cock.

She was even more turned on at the fact, she was about to ride him. Once she put his cock inside her, she slams down full force. His entire dick inside her and it felt great. "Oh, yeah baby! So good, daddy, can we do this every day? I think I'm getting addicted to you.

Sure we can baby girl." Emily starts to bounce down on him enjoying the friction. She moves faster by the minute. "Hehe, are you happy daddy, but you are actually fucking a tomboy? Yes, I am very happy. We fuck better than normal girls don't we? Honestly, you do. Tomboys are rougher than regular girls." Emily giggles and kisses him while moving. She was everything that he wanted in a woman and nothing could be better. One she's a tomboy, two she's very sweet and three she's kinky.

The perfect woman just for him. "that's not even the best I can do Daddy! Watch this!" Emily starts to pound on him, like a machine going very fast. Tyler couldn't help but moan as Emily was giggling. If you were looking from behind, you would see Emily's butt slamming down on his cock. "Ahh fuck! You wanna cum don't you daddy?

No, I think I'm good for now. Good, then watch this." after Emily said that she started tightening her pussy, making it even better. This was Emily's first time actually tightening her pussy, so she made it so tight he started cuming. "Ah, yes, I'm cuming!" Tyler growls as he starts pumping his semen inside of her. It lasted for a few seconds. "shit, I came inside of your pussy.

That's, ok, daddy, I'll just take a pill." Emily hops off of his dick and goes to get a pill. She was able to find a pill. She quickly took it and afterwards hop back on his cock and continued lovemaking.

The pill was strong enough to make sure she wouldn't get pregnant. "you know, daddy, I wouldn't mind being pregnant if it was your baby. But right now, I have to finish college." Tyler grabs her, turning her over and lays on top of her pounding her. " not bad for someone who was a virgin. Thank you, daddy, now keep pounding me.

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Daddy, do you have any toys? Yep, you stay put and don't you move until I tell you. No, actually, I want you to sit up and bend over like a dog.

Yes, daddy." She did what he told her as he, got up going over to the closet and taking out a gagball. It was the perfect toy to use on her for this moment, and it was kinky. He walks back over to her with the toy in his hand as he puts it on her mouth so she couldn't speak.

After that, he slams into her pumping away. "such naughty tomboy, having a gag ball in your mouth. I'm gonna fuck you like a stuffed Teddy bear." Emily couldn't say anything because the toy was in her mouth, so all she could do is moan.

"Emily you'll make a good tomboy whore. Won't you?" Emily was unable to speak so she nodded. Of course, he wasn't gonna use her, he was just saying that she would. Considering how submissive, she is.

Emily got excited as she started squirting again. "Mmm, daddy, didn't want you to climax yet, but I guess it's ok. I got great plans for you.

Now bitch, bounce back against me." Emily starts bouncing back against his cock, creating extra pleasure. "you like that, don't you, you Tomboy, bitch?" She was mumbling, but still unable to speak.

It sounded like she said. "Yes, daddy I'm your tomboy bitch, your whore." Wanting to know what she had said he took off the gag ball. "oh, god, daddy it feels great! Hehe, yes, my Tombitch! Take it.

Yes, daddy, it feels wonderful. I'm so happy. If anybody comes on to you, tell them you are somebody else's tomboy whore. Yes! Daddy!" he pulls out of her vagina, turning her over as he starts pounding away while she lays on her back.

Emily started sticking out her tongue, because of the pleasure. Tyler rapidly pounds inside, getting closer to his final organism. Wanting to make her look more like a slut, he pulls out shooting semen on her chest and stomach. "mm! Take it, bitch! Oh, my God Daddy! So much!" Tyler moves back just a little bit, seeing some of his semen come out of her vagina.

" oh, daddy, I've had enough, I'm tired now. Won't you sleep with me? Of course, I will, but know, I will be using you from now on." he hops onto the bed, grabbing the covers covering them up.

Emily, please turn arms around Tyler hugging him. "oh, Tyler, I love you. I've loved you ever since we were young.

I was just too afraid to tell you because I didn't think you were into tomboys. I can't believe we finally got intimate. I'm so happy. That's why I was still a virgin, I was saving myself for you.

Thank you, baby girl, you have no idea how many nights, I fantasized about fucking you." Emily stares at Tyler, this time showing a love expression as she starts kissing and making out with him. She's so happy to finally get intimate with me. She spent several nights masturbating to Tyler. Finally, she got physical with him. They made out for about 3 minutes and after that, they cuddled and went to sleep.

This was also emily's first time sleeping with a guy. They were officially a couple now and both so happy. To be continued.