Indian staright Muslim after gay sex

Indian staright Muslim after gay sex
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HER GUARDIAN ANGEL By J.G.E. POWERS The first time she saw him she almost laughed. He was roly-poly, and wide-eyed, as if he was seeing the world for the first time. An image of the Pillsbury Dough Boy popped into her head and she chuckled all the way to work. The second time she saw him was in her office parking lot and that surprised her; first because she had never seen him there before and second, because she had driven very fast, as usual, and he didn't even seem to have a car.

The third time she saw him was back at her apartment parking lot, after work. This time she was frightened. He was standing just a few feet away from her reserved parking spot and her front door. He still had that stupid look of amazement on his face, but she knew from experience that the world was full of weirdos, and this was probably one of them.

She got her can of chemical Mace out, checked that it was in working order, then waited for the DoughBoy to move. He didn't. He just stood there, lightly bouncing on his feet, like he had to go to the bathroom; that same silly look on his face. She judged the distance from the car to her front door.

Ten, twelve feet at the most. The DoughBoy was about twenty to her right. He would be blocked by three cars and a hedge. She got her key out, opened the car door and dashed for her apartment. "Hi, there!" "Wha. . .?" she yelped in surprise. The doughboy was right by her side - at the door! Suddenly startled, and genuinely scared, she dropped her keys; her back flush against her door. How did he get here so fast? The Pillsbury Dough Boy smiled inanely at her. "Hi," he said again.

She fumbled for the Mace can, almost dropping that too. "Don't come near me!" she ordered, the Mace pointed directly at him. "Keep away from me. I'll scream!" His pudgy eyes blinked rapidly at her; his face a mask of incomprehension. He snapped his fingers and suddenly they were in the middle of her living room.

"Oh my God! How. . what happened?" she asked aloud in a scared and shrill voice. The door was still locked and bolted from the inside. The windows were still closed. "What's the matter?" he asked pleasantly. "The. . the door," she stuttered, "How did we get by the door? What did you do? Who are you? Don't come near me!" She pointed the Mace can at him again.

He extended his hand, index finger pointed and she felt her grip on the Mace can begin to loosen. She squeezed harder, gripping it with both hands but couldn't hold on to it. Her fingers came loose and she gaped in disbelief as the Mace can floated free, across the room and settled in Doughboy's chubby hand.

She stood there, transfixed, eyes wide and staring. It was a full five seconds before she found her voice. "Who are you?" she said, softly. "I'm Hubert. Your Guardian Angel!" Oh, God, a fruit loop! I'm locked in with a loony! "Don't be frightened," he said as he watched her eyes search desperately for a way out, "I'm not going to hurt you.

I'm here to help you." "This is a trick, right? You've hypnotized me, or something. This isn't happening." She had backed herself up against the living room wall. There was no where else to go. "Trick?

This is no trick. I really am your Guardian Angel." "Oh, Christ!" she wailed. "Please, lets not get blasphemous." he said in a hurt tone, then asked in wonder, "Are you scared of me?" "Oh, no!

People make cans float in the air all the time. Going through walls is an everyday event. What the hell do you think?" she screamed at him, on the verge of hysteria. "Please forgive me," he said, in that soft cherubic voice of his, "They were such small things, I didn't think they would frighten you. Please sit down. I really don't mean you any harm." She realized that she was over her initial panic; her breathing almost normal now. Slowly, cautiously she sat on the sofa.

"You sit over there," she said.

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It was an order. "Thank you," he said politely. "Let's start over again. My name is Hubert and I'm your Guardian Angel." "You said that already. What's this all about?" "Oh, yes, dear me. I should have explained that right away.

You see, we discovered that there's been a terrible oversight made. You are not what you're supposed to be." "What the hell does that mean?" "Well," he continued, "we found out that you were destined to be a world famous courtesan, and somehow, through an inexcusable mistake, you were never given the right.

. guidance, so I'm here to help you make up for the last twenty years, and, of course, to offer our deepest apologies." I knew it, she thought, a fruit loop! "I'm supposed to be a courtesan? Me? Isn't that somebody who. . ." "Gives pleasure to all she meets," he finished for her. This is a huge practical joke she told herself. Any minute someone is going to leap out of the closet and yell, "Smile, You're on Candid Camera." This just couldn't be happening to an over forty woman who was fighting the battle of the bulge, and owed her hair color to Miss Clarol.

She wondered how they did the special effects, but despite herself, she was intrigued. "A courtesan, right? A happy hooker? The people up there" - she pointed her finger up towards the ceiling - "want me to. . go to bed with men? To. . screw?" He looked at the direction of her finger, uncomprehen- ding. Then a smile lit his chubby face. "Oh, no, you mis- understand me," he said, "Those people have nothing to do with this." "You said you're my Guardian Angel." "That's true, but I come from.

. ." his finger pointed toward the floor. . "there!" "From Hell?" "We don't call it that," he said quickly, in defense. "It's really like Los Angeles, and up there.

. " he made a face, "is like Burbank. We just live life to the fullest." She stared at him incredulously. "You're nuts! You're a bonified loony-toon, and I want you out of here. Now!" He jumped up, a look of distress on his face. "Oh, please, don't do that. This is my first really big assign- ment. Please, let me show you." He snapped his fingers and a large book appeared in his hand.

"Stop doing that!" she yelled. "Here we are. See! The book says that at thirteen you have your first sexual experience. By seventeen you have seduced the entire football team of your high school, and several male teachers. And one female teacher, too. By the time you are twenty-five you should've had sex with over a thousand men and women, bringing joy and light to their lives. In fact, at this point of your life you should have changed the morals of almost the entire country." "Let me see that." He held up the book for her to see.

It was ornate. Parchment, she thought. Very elaborate. Someone had gone though a lot of trouble. Okay, she thought, I'll play along. "So what happened? How come I ended up Miss Goody two-shoes?" "Somebody made a mistake," he said contritely.

"But I'm here to make amends and get you back on the right track so you can fulfill your destiny." Suddenly she was angry and embarrassed.

"Listen to me, Hubert, Asshole, or whatever your name is. I'm forty-two years old, frumpy, and I've had sex three times in my life. Each time was worse than the other. I'm damn near frigid. Do you understand that, you bastard!" There were tears in her eyes now.

"I can't cum. I don't climax. I don't even like it. Now you get your ass the hell out of here. Through the door, through the wall; I don't care how, just get the hell out!" He closed the book softly, a look of compassion on his face. "That's not quite true. What you said about cumming, that is. You masturbate nearly every night, and cum each time. In your night table you have an electric vibrator and three dildos.

You love the way they feel in you, but you're always embarrassed afterwards. As far as sex goes, you really love it, but you've been taught that it's dirty and degrading. You're full of guilty inhibitions. I intend to change that." She sat down on the couch, heavily; awe on her flushed face. How does he know? How? Could he REALLY be what he says he is? she wondered in amazement. "I can see you're still not sure. Would you like me to tell you your favorite fantasies?

You're really quite imaginative, even if you believe that you'd never do those things." "No," she said, softly. Hubert stood in front of her and placed his hand on her forehead. His eyes lost their softness. In its place was a strength she didn't believe possible for anyone to have. His whole persona seem to change in front of her eyes. His fingers squeezed her temples, but didn't hurt; a mist clouded her eyes. "Henceforth, you will be lustful!

There will be no shame, no embarrassment, no taboos. You will revel in the pleasures of the flesh! You will have no boundaries and you will have no inhibitions! So say I, Hubert, Guardian Angel of this mortal woman." His hand fell away.

"There! It's done," he said. The haze before her eyes began to fade. She felt relaxed and somehow alive. Her mind was completely aware of her bodily functions; her heart beat, the warmth in the pit of her stomach, the juice of her pussy.

Pussy! Had she really thought that word? She crossed her legs and automatically squeezed the lips of her cunt together. A surge of pleasure coursed through her body, so intense, she gasped. "Felt good, didn't it?" She looked at him, through slited eyes, and nodded.

Hubert held out his hand then led her to the full-length mirror in the hallway. She searched her image for the change. It was there, she knew it was; she was different, more alive, more.

. desirable, more - she sought the right word - horny! Yes, horny! She was hot! She wanted sex!

She wanted to fuck! To feel the pleasures of a big cock in her cunt! Her mouth! Her ass! Oh, I want it so badly, she thought. Her image mocked her. She was still who she was. The changes were in her mind, not her body. Her face showed her disappointment. Her shoulders sagged. "What's the matter?" Hubert asked.

"Look at me. Yuck!" "Oh, is that all. Watch the mirror," he said and pointed his finger at her. The tingling sensation began at the top of her head, radiating through her hair, down her shoulders.

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She felt the skin of her body tighten, become smooth; the age lines disappear. Her stomach muscles stretched and became taut. Her legs firmed and her chest swelled and lifted, straining the front of her dress.

A sudden fear gripped her as she watched the metamorphosis.

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She was no longer who she was. She was beautiful! Beautiful and built! She could feel her tits chaffing against the binding material. "It's done," he said. "Take off your clothes and look at yourself." She looked at Hubert, then at her restrictive clothes.

With a smile, and sudden elation, she began pulling them off, completely unselfconscious. Naked, she saw her new body. Her face was smooth and unlined, her hair, lustrous, and raven black. Two, full, upright globes of sensitive flesh swelled from her chest, the nipples large and already erect. She could see the defined muscles on her flat stomach, the perfect sweep of her hips; her tapered, long legs. The hair around her cunt was thick and coarse; a drop of pussy juice glistened on a strand.

Turning slowly she could see her firm, heart-shaped ass in the mirror. She was young! She was beautiful! She was perfect! She threw her arms around Hubert, tears in her eyes. "Oh, thank you. Thank you. If this is a dream I don't ever want to wake up." "It's no dream," he said, running his hand down her naked back and firm flanks.

A sudden lust filled her body. She looked at him for the first time, not as a cartoon character, or a Guardian Angel, but as a man. And a man has a cock, she thought. "I'm sorry," he said, reading her mind, "but I can't indulge. Peevishly, she stepped away from him. "Hubert, you're suppose to be my Guardian Angel.

How can I become a great piece of ass with only three assholes to my credit? I've never even sucked cock!" Throwing her arms around him, she rubbed her pussy against his crotch. No reaction.

"Shit, Hubert. I'm hot and horny. I need practice if I'm going to set the world on fire." He smiled, slipped a finger in her wet cunt and tweaked her clit. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as a small climax rippled through her body. She panted with pleasure. It's true! It's all true, she thought in delight. I can fuck! I want to fuck! "I intend to help you do just that," he said with a smile.

We're going to take it one step at a time. Sit there." He indicated the wing chair. "Now play with yourself." "What?" "Stick your finger in your cunt and make yourself cum. Feel the pleasures that you can really give yourself now." "I want to fuck," she said. "Do it!" His voice rang with authority. Suddenly, she was acutely aware of her nakedness and her own vulnerability. She had never played with herself in front of anyone and she hesitated, then looked into Hubert's eyes.

Desire filled her body. Her love juices began to flow. Her breath became short, and a strange tightness gripped her loins. Pulling her legs up she exposed the thick lips of her cunt. Her hand rubbed the rounded mound, her finger sliding in easily. She sighed, closed her eyes and began to finger-fuck herself. "Oooh, yess!" she breathed.

She felt so good she wanted to cry out loud. Her head rolled from side to side as she squirmed in the chair, her right hand jerking rhythmically between her legs, she massaged her belly and tits with her left. Her new, smooth and silky, body responded with wild sensations. Squeezing her thighs around her twisting right hand, she rocked her loins up and down, fucking herself on her still, twisting middle finger.

She lifted her tits with her left hand, pushing them toward her face, darting her wet tongue at the hard, extended nipples. Each flick of her tongue across her sensitive flesh sent a rush of electric pleasure through her body, making her steaming cunt contract. Her asscheeks flexed as she humped forward, and upward, fucking herself on her slippery finger. Hot pussy juice seeped down her inner thigh, into her asscrack, onto the seat of the chair.

It left a moist stain on the soft cushion under her ass. "Ooooh, yesss!" she cried, no longer trying to stifle her moans of pleasure. She was in heaven! Her body began to surge with excitement. "I'm cumming!" she wailed. As spasms erupted in her loins, she arched up, her cunt sucking greedily at her finger. "Yesss! Yessss!" Brilliant colors exploded in her brain as the fantastic pleasure surged through her jerking her body out of control. Her eyes rolled back, and her heels dug deep into the seat of the chair.

She jerked up and down, humping wildly with each rush of spasm through her body. Pussy juice turned to thick cream, frothing from her cunt and dribbling down her thighs. She was a juicy mess, and she loved it! Pleasure was all that mattered. She could die feeling this good and she wouldn't care. Slowly, the tremors subsided. She collapsed in the chair, melting into the cushions.

Sweat misted her body and she shivered in the sudden chill of the air. She gasped as she pulled her finger out of her cunt. Her cunt cream was slowly running down its length. Impulsively, she stuck her finger in her mouth, her tongue licking at her own fuck- juices. The tart taste thrilled her and her sweaty body began to throb again with heat.

She sighed with total pleasure. Hubert knelt beside her, wiping her body with a cool, damp washcloth.

The rough nap sent new thrills through her super-sensitive body. Her legs opened wide, allowing him to clean her hot, sticky pussy. Her mind slipped into a warm, post-orgasmic semi-consciousness.

The cum had been fantastic! No matter how many times she masturbated in the past, she had never reached this peak. Was it because he was watching?

She realized that she had enjoyed the look on his face. Even if he wasn't going to fuck her, she had gotten to him; she knew it. His eyes had lit up when she had spread her cuntlips apart, giving him a great view of her pink cuntwalls. Oh, you wanton bitch, she thought, with a smile. How you do love it!

"Very nice," he said, his voice filled with admiration. "Now you're ready for step two." "Step two?" she asked, her mind quickly alert; her body alive. "What's that?" He smiled at her. "Getting fucked, of course," he said, stating what should appear obvious. She gave him a suspicious smile, and wiggled her hips at him in an obscene way.

"I though you weren't going to fuck me." "I'm not," he said, snapping his fingers. "He is!" The man appear from no where. He was gorgeous! An Adonis! Tall, blond, handsome, and well built. He was also naked. His thick cock and balls hung heavily between his legs. Startled by his instantaneous appearance and the frightening size of his manhood, she gasped, putting her hand to her mouth in sudden fear. "Does he meet with your approval?" Hubert asked.

Eyes wide, mouth open, her head nodded almost imperceptibly. Hubert knew that he would. The adonis smiled at her. There was desire in his eyes. She saw his cock twitch, then begin to grow. Her eyes widened in amazement. It was huge! Thick and heavily ridged with exposed veins. She stared at the enormous erection, frankly, licking her lips. It's nine inches long and seven inches thick! How did I know that, she wondered. But she knew it was accurate.

His prick was magnificent. She tried to swallow; her mouth suddenly dry. But only her mouth was dry. Her body had sent a signal to her brain and her cunt was flooded anew with a gush of fresh love juice.

She could feel the lust flow through her body. The adonis held out his hand, and slowly she reached for it. Hubert snapped his fingers again. They were in her bedroom, on the bed, locked in a tight embrace; the urgency of their needs surging through them.

Hubert sat on her hope chest, at the foot of the bed, smiling his inane smile. She didn't care. Adonis had large, strong hands and they roamed her firm body at will; squeezing, kneading her hot flesh. He sucked on her nipples and she yelped in pleasure as he roughly nibbled at them. She was panting. Her hands gripped his thick shoulders, ran down his bare back to his hard ass. He had beautiful buns.

She could feel his stiff cock press against the sensitive skin of her squirming thigh. "Oh, yesss," she moaned, "Yesss! Suck my titties! Yeah! Oh, God, my pussy's creaming!" Adonis pulled her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Her entire cunt was exposed. He lowered himself until he was kneeling beside the bed, his breathing heavy and shaky.

"Oh, sweet, sweet pussy!" he exclaimed. "I'm gonna eat you all up." She gasped at his words, almost losing control. She had never had her cunt eaten before.

She wanted it badly. She stifled a gasp as his thumbs spread the spongy edges of her thick pussylips and pushed them apart. His breath was hot against her open crotch. He gave her clit a short, fleeting, flick of his tongue.

A shock wave rippled through her body, sending an electric sensation all the way to her toes. Her fingers dug into the satin comforter that covered the bed. "Mmmmmmm," he whispered, kissing up and down the inside of her cunt, tasting the sticky juice that flowed like hot sap.

He nuzzled the thick hair aside and slipped his long tongue into her hot box. She moaned out loud, unable to stop herself, not wanting to.

She shoved her cunt deeper onto his squirming tongue, and the pleasure began to wash over her like waves on the shore. Through slited eyes she saw his blond head bobbing between her thighs. She wrapped her long legs around him and pulled his face deep into her gushing cunt.

He growled softly, drinking her rich fuck-juices, as he licked out her contracting pussyhole. Without warning, he roughly sucked her clit into his mouth and began racing the tip of his tongue over the super sensitive love bump. She screamed. "Cummin'.


. . cummin'. . ." Her voice failed her. Her head swam and she nearly fainted. The shock, the over powering pleasure, the sheer excitement made her body arch up, tense and rigid. Then she exploded. "Aaaaaahhhhh," she wailed, her saliva caught in her throat, cutting off her cry of passion. Her body shook as uncontrollable tremors tore through her flesh. Her legs locked in a death grip around his head; fingernails nearly tearing through the sheets.

She was holding on for dear life, and it took all her strength to resist the impulse to grab his head and crush his face against her sizzling, pleasure-raw crotch. Toes curling, hands grasping the sheets, her hips flopped wildly against the mattress; her pussyjuice squirting against his face and nose, smearing his handsome features with thick love cream.

Her head thrashed back and forth. She suddenly found her voice. "Aaaaaggggggg. . Unnnggghhh. . ooowwwwww. . OH!. . mmmmmmmm. . good. . good. . ." "Oh, baby," adonis said, his voice muffled by her thick thatch. She felt her legs spread wider. He was actually lifting them up and pressing them to her tits.

He bent over her crotch and started slurping, lapping up the pussy-nectar that bubbled madly from her throbbing cunt. His tongue slipped between her asscheeks, licking the down length of them, tasting the tangy sweat from her pink, twitching asshole.

His tongue probed her asshole and entered it. Her body reared and stiffened. She couldn't believe this was actually happening; couldn't believe the sensations his asshole reaming was giving her. She panted with each flick of his tongue against the sensitive walls of her bunhole. Her toes spread and clutched and wiggled. She started to squirm, wiggling her ass, rubbing it in his face.

He jabbed his tongue back in her hot cunt, then quickly back into her ass, and back to her pussy. She never dreamed such pleasure was possible, pleasure so intense it verged on pain. His tongue hit the ultra-sensitive spot in her cunt and immediately she was on the verge of another orgasm. Her eyes over-flowed with tears, her pleasure and excitement close to making her lose consciousness. In the recesses of her mind she realized the pleasure she was receiving had almost been lost; almost never was.

Her mind vowed to share; to give as well as receive. She would make up for lost time. She would be The Courtesan! Her body exploded again. Time lost meaning. She didn't know how long she laid there panting, trying to control her heaving chest.

But when she slowly opened her eyes, Adonis was standing by the bed holding his huge cock, slowing moving the skin back and forth. She could see the wicked single eye peeking at her. What does it taste like? What would it feel like in my mouth? "Can I suck it?" she asked, not of Adonis, but of Hubert, "I want to suck it so bad." "Of course you can, my dear. That's what it's there for." "It's so big.

I won't be able to get it all in my mouth." "You'll do fine. See, it's twitching already, just waiting for your lovely lips." With trembling fingers she closed her hand around his throbbing cock. It was so hard. And she couldn't get her hand all the way around it. She slid her fingers up and down the ivory-smooth shaft.

It was hard a marble. It throbbed inches in front of her face. She could smell his musky man odor in her nostrils. The scent stirred her juices again.

Adonis placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed forward. "Suck it, sweet thing! Lick it all up and down and suck it!" he said, his voice very tight.


With hands trembling, she began lapping at the massive cockhead, tasting its salty moisture; her tongue teasing the glaring pisshole. Her hands began sliding up and down, working the foreskin along the shaft. Her mouth ovaled and she engulfed the head and a few inches of the shaft.

It was so huge she couldn't swallow much of it. Adonis rolled his eyes in passion; tingling sensations running through his body. He humped his hips forward and felt his shaft go deeper into her silky mouth. "Oh, baby, baby!" he moaned. "That's the way! Suck my prong! Eat it up! Good, baby, good!" She was frantic with desire. She lay on her side, cradling his big prick, playing with it and sucking it as if it were a giant toy; a Christmas present all her own.

She was in heaven! Like magic, her throat muscles relaxed and his massive pike slid easily into her hot, sucking mouth. It's in! All the way in! Pride swelled in her chest. His crinkly pubic hair rubbed roughly against her squirming, prick-filled face. She cupped his huge, swinging balls; kneading them. Her powerful jaw muscles squeezed and sucked at his throbbing cock, and she felt his passion, his life force being drawn for the large ballsac she was playing with. "Suck! Suck!" he panted.

She felt his cock harden, felt it quiver in her mouth, sensed the peak of eruption. The huge cock flexed, shuddered and hot, burning cum shot into her throat. "Ahhhhhh!" he screamed. "Ugggggg. . yeahhhhhh!" Hot, sticky wads of cum smashed against her tongue and tonsils, flooding her full mouth to overflowing. Gobs of rich cream dribbled down the corners of her mouth. She pulled his still spurting cock from her mouth. Cum splashed her hair, her eyes, and her nose. She smeared his love-juice all over her soft skin, reveling in the feel of it.

As it slid down her throat, she thought it tasted like oysters. Her hands kept jerking and her mouth kept sucking until the last gobs had oozed out. She had expected his cock to go soft.

It didn't. She looked at Hubert in anticipation. Again, he read her mind. "A soft cock wouldn't do now, would it?" He was smiling, like a teacher with a star pupil. That's what I am, she thought. A pupil. And I can't wait for the next lesson. She smiled at Hubert, who nodded, and at Adonis, who leered at her. That's it, she thought, looking at the lust in his eyes, Want me!

Want to fuck me! Prong me! Cum in me, like your life depends on it. That's what I want you to do. "Fuck me!" she demanded, her body throbbing with renewed lust. "Fuck me good!" Adonis smiled and began stroking his massive fuckpole.

She pushed herself back up on the bed, lifting her legs up to her shoulders, opening herself wide. The pink meat of her cuntwalls glistened with her dewy juice, beckoning. She slipped two finger in her cunt and twisted them around, saturating them.

Slowly, provocatively, she put them in her mouth and began sucking on them. Adonis jumped on the bed; his steel-like cock bouncing in front of him, his breath ragged.

He wrapped his hands around her slender waist and pulled her twitching ass towards his cock. Her legs rested on his shoulders.

His fuckpole kissed her pussy and rubbed the fluffy cuntlips. Electricity pulsed through her; tingling sensations running up and down her spine, making her squirm.

"Stick it in! she growled. "Ooooooo fuck me!" He leaned forward and pushed his cock in slowly. Her mind screamed in desire. Bastard! Bastard! "FUCK ME!" His huge cock sank into her tight hole. "Aaaagggggg! Oh, God! Oh, God! Yesssssss!" It was enormous, thick as a tree trunk, but it slipped in easily, disappearing inside her to the hilt.

Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy; head twisting from side to side. Her heels pounded his back. Her fingers dug into his tender flesh, raked his arms and back. He began to hump his dong in her and her cunt contracted immediately, sending spasms of raw pleasure through her.

Pussycream welled up and over-flowed her cuntwalls, seeping down her asscrack. She went from one orgasm to another without stopping. Her body bucked and convoluted, almost out of control; her mind whirling in a kaleidoscope of blinding colors and lights. Adonis ran his prong in and out of her. All ten inches! Up to the very tip of his cockhead, then plunging down to the hot, secret depths of her pulsing pussy. She gasped as he pulled his cock all the way out of her, and immediately felt its loss.

He spun her around roughly, setting her on all fours, then, without mercy, stuck his cock back into her steamy hole. She came instantly. Cum was running down her thighs like hot, melted butter.

Her body was clammy with sweat. She was definitely making up for all those lost years. Eyes slited, face contorted, she tried to call Hubert.

Her mouth gaped as she tried to talk, to scream, but nothing came out. "I'm right here, my dear." her Guardian Angel said, his face inches away from hers. "Is something wrong?" ". . need. . need. . cock. . mouth. . please! Give me. . yours. . ." "Oh, my, you are getting into it. I'm so happy! Of course, I can't help you myself, but - " he snapped his fingers - "I'm sure he can." She felt a hard prick slap her face and push at her lips.

Her eyes opened wide. Another adonis, almost a clone of the first, but with dark hair and olive complexion was waving his big cock in front of her face. Her mind smiled and her tongue snaked out, laving the thick, purple cockhead. Time and space began to lose reality.

Her body soared, floated, ebbed, then soared again. She sucked cock, swallowed cum, gallons of it, she thought. Her cunt was rubbed ragged by first one huge dick, then the other. She sucked both pricks simultaneous, washing her face, hair and body with their secretions. She fucked on her back, on her knees, on her side, upside down. Every piece of furniture was used to support her body as she was speared time and again. And still she craved more. She lay on her back, gently licking Adonis' cock shaft, running her nimble tongue over the hard ridges.

Adonis II was between her legs laving her burning pussy, trying to quench a fire that couldn't be put out completely. He held her hips up with his strong hands, exposing her cum-drenched asshole, and blew softly on it. The pink wrinkled hole involuntarily contracted.

"Oooooo," she sighed, as his tongue began gentle exploration. It swabbed the hole, lubricating it with spittle, then slowly entered it, twisting as it went. His tongue was long and slender and went in a long way. A new sensation rippled through her and her body shivered with delight. "Agh!" she cried, as his drooling tongue began to twist and turn in her ass. "Ooowwwwwww. . oooohhhhh!" She gasped when the invading tongue withdrew, somehow disappointed that it was gone.

The small part of her mind, still rooted in reality was horrified by the unnatural act; the other part, the larger portion of her mind; the one steeped in primal pleasure, longed for the slippery eel-like tongue of her gorgeous lover.

His steaming hot breath, and a slick wet finger poked at her asshole again. A small rebellion in her mind erupted. It was quickly extinguished, and she surrendered to the invasion, relaxing the muscles there and sucking his twisting finger into her ass. Her body arched as the thrills intensified. The thought of his driving finger reaching straight up from her asshole to her brain drove her to the brink of a breathtaking orgasms.

She felt his finger wiggle and squirm up into the red-hot walls of her tight asshole. "Yeah. . yeah. . .YESSSSSS!" she cried out, suddenly addicted to the sensation of his finger.

She yelped in pain - the first she had felt - as he popped his finger out, then drove it back in along with another in her heated pussy. Both fingers churned in her orifices. Showers of electric sparks burst in her brain, like a hundred Roman candles, and another flood of juice was released from her ever-full well.

Her hips churned lewdly, pushing Adonis II's fingers deeper into her demanding body. Her mouth gobbled Adonis' semi-erect prick and she sucked on it greedily. Hubert, sitting quietly on her hope chest, smiled in satisfaction.

He watched with detached fascination as the two men plunged fingers and cock in her twitching body. She was climaxing again; her body flailing away as the spasms racked her; her voice choked by the thickness of the huge cock in her mouth.

The men wasted no time. Even before the tremors ceased they had repositioned her. One man lay on his back, his rampart cock stiff and erect. It nuzzled the opening of her pleasure-raw cunt and sank out of sight as she was lowered on to it by the other man.

Hubert made a mental note to give these people names, the next time he had to use them. She was panting heavily, her mind still foggy and far away in some Eden. She felt her hot cunt fill up with cock and she sighed.

A stray breeze chilled her sweaty body, sending a delightful shiver through her and giving her gooseflesh. She sucked the fresh air into her lungs. Then felt a hot mouth on her sensitive nipples, sucking them hard; making her tremble with desire, again. The first Adonis, the one with his cock in her, pulled her forward and grabbed the firm globes of her asscheeks; kneading them. He smiled at his partner. She was shaking; her body on the verge of another explosion.

Hot pussyjuice ran down the insides of her thigh. The dark haired one slid his cock between her thighs, greasing it with her slick cream. He rubbed his cock up and down between her asscheeks, greasing her cleft and bunhole. She tried to tear the mist and fog from her mind, but wasn't successful. The thick knob of his cock stretched her virgin asshole and started to slide in. He stopped as she screamed. "Don't! Shit.

. it's too fuckin' big! You'll kill me!" she wailed in real terror. Hubert was next to her in an instant. "Relax, my dear, relax. I'm here. You can do it! Open your ass to this new pleasure; this new sensation. Let yourself be debased, and you will enter an entirely new dimension of lust and pleasure. That's a good girl," he cooed, as he saw her sphincter muscle opened allowing the huge cock to enter her ass easily. He patted her head and went back to his seat.

It took several seconds to sort out everything in her fuzzy mind. She had done it! He was all the way in! She felt the same pride well up in her as she had when she had taken his cock - or was it the other one - all the way down her throat. "Ahhhh. . ." she sighed in pleasure, releasing her ass muscles, feeling his hips flat against her ass, his cock fully seated. The feeling was fantastic. The cock in her pussy began to slide in and out of her hot cunt.

It grated against the thin membrane separating the two lusty pricks. In a moment, the cock in her ass started to move in unison with the cock in her cunt. Her toes curled and her fingers dug into hard flesh. Her mind exploded in a panorama of brilliant colors and flashing lights, bringing her to the edge of sanity.

She blacked out as the intense wave of pure pleasure crashed over her, like a huge tidal wave. She floated in a soft, warm sea; her body aglow, alive for the very first time in her life. Her mind was almost blank; beautifully, wonderfully blank. Nothing could touch her. She wanted to enjoy this feeling forever but a faraway voice intruded; soft but insistent.

She tried to ignore it but she couldn't. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Hubert was sitting on the bed, smiling at her. "Well, hello, there," he said. "I was beginning to worry about you." She was groggy and disorientated. "Wha.

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. . what happened? Where's everybody?" "Your playmates? I sent them back. They served their purpose." "Was I dreaming? Did. . did all that really happen?" "Oh, yes, my dear, all that was absolutely real. Now, I've drawn you a very nice, hot bath. Go soak for a while and then we'll talk. By the way, let me be the first to congratulate you. You were magnificent!" She nodded, then zombie-like, she got up and followed his directions.

The bath was hot and steamy, and wonderfully relaxing. She immersed her body up to her chin, letting the soothing water gently revive her. Her skin tingled and glowed. She was very aware of its sensitivity. Her eyes wandered over the hills and valleys of her new body; the full, upright, big-nippled tits; the flat stomach - she could actually see the defined muscles - the long, taut, shapely legs.

Absentmindedly, she played with a strand of her raven- black hair. If this was a dream, she didn't want to wake up. She closed her eyes and images of Adonis and friend flashed through her mind. Like a newsreel, she saw their large, beautiful cocks entering every opening in her body. She saw the look of lust and passion on her face - Did I really do those things? - her body surging with unbounded pleasure. A warm glow began to spread upward from her cunt.

"Well, my dear, how do you feel now?" Hubert sat on the commode, still dressed in his long overcoat, apparently oblivious to the steamy humidity. She shrugged. "I'm still not sure if this is real or not. It's like something happening to another person." "Actually, that's one way of putting it. You are another person; or really, the person you're suppose to be." "Those men.

. I really did let them. . ." "Fuck you," he finished for her. "And you sucked their dicks and did all sorts of wonderfully sexy and debasing things.

You had a lot to catch up on." She gestured with her arms, them movement causing her tits to break the surface of the water, like twin periscopes. She made no movement to cover herself. "I still don't understand, Hubert." Her Guardian Angel looked pensively at her, "Well, let me review things for you." He paused a moment. "Good help is very hard to find these days, I'm afraid, and a rather inept clerk forgot to make the proper notations on your career path.

So, in the absence of that information, you sort of drifted off in the wrong direction. Instead of becoming a highly sensual woman; free and uninhibited, you became almost the opposite.

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"When we realized the mistake, my superiors gave me the assignment of rectifying things. The first thing to do was get rid of all those middle-class inhibitions - you humans do saddle yourselves with a great deal of them, my dear - then, you had to be shown just what you've been missing. So that's what I did. If I do say so myself, you are a very apt pupil." "All that. . pleasure; it was just for me?

To see what I've missed?" "Exactly! How can you share the wealth if you don't know what the Treasure Trove holds? Now that you do, you can go spread the word; or rather, share the pussy." He smiled at his own humor. She stood up in the tub and reached for a towel, water cascaded down her firm body. A smile lit her face. "I owe you a great deal, don't I?" He shrugged as if it was of no consequence.

Her hips rotated, sensually, and she thrust her cherry-tipped tits at him. "Are you sure you don't want a little? After all, you created me." Hubert smiled and wiggled a finger at her. "That's the spirit, my dear. Everyone is fair game. You'll do fine," he said, his voice emotional with pride. "Am I going to do anything bad, Hubert? I mean. . you come from. . down there," she said, pointing toward the floor. "How is pleasure giving going to help you? I mean, it's so good, you'd think it would come - she pointed upward - from up there." "Quite the contrary, my dear.

We're the ones in the Pleasure business, not them. They're in the denial business. It's like the difference between Burbank and Los Angles. The latter is alive, the former is boring. If you spread our pleasure doctrine - and you will - the world won't have time to destroy itself by beating its breast; trying to gain something it doesn't want to begin with." "I don't understand.

If you come from down there, you're suppose to be evil. Everything you've done for me so far as just felt good. Don't you want me to sell my soul or something; sign in blood." "Oh, my, you do have an active imagination. Who says we're evil? And who says Hell is a fiery inferno? Not us! Our competitors and us are in a fight to capture men's minds; that's true, but it's a conceptual fight.

They say what's good is bad. We say what's good is pleasing and should be enjoyed." "I'm still confused, Hubert." "Don't worry, my dear. It will all be clear in its own time and in its own way." * * * She lay propped up on her big, king-size bed, gazing out the sliding glass doors to the bedroom terrace. It was twilight and the drapes were open.

Her hand held a large black dildo and she gently rubbed it over her body. The flesh tingled everywhere she touched herself. Her cunt was dewy with new juice. A small private smile curled her lips. She was always wet, now; always ready. She could make herself cream just by thinking of cock - or pussy - yes, pussy. Hubert had told her, before leaving, that everything and everybody would now become sexual to her. Female pussy was the first thing that had entered her mind.

Warm, wet, succulent pink meat; thick tangle of pubic hair; the tart aroma of cunt-scent. The wonderfully obscene dildo slowly traced ziz-zag patterns over her body, lingering over the slit of her cunt. Her eyes focused. She was looking across the street at another building; another apartment.

Her neighbor - Nancy was standing in her bedroom, the drapes parted, dressing; no, undressing. She watched as Nancy slid her skirt over her shapely hips and let it drop to the floor. The half-slip followed. She saw that Nancy favored garter belts and hose instead of pantyhose.

She liked that. It was more feminine. Nancy, dressed in high heels, bra and panties, began brushing her thick brown hair. The movement of her arms caused her tits to bounce provocatively. She slid a trembling finger over her extended clitoris and shivered as the electric current zipped through her heated body. Her tongue licked the tip of the phony penis but her eyes never left the window.

Nancy put the brush down and unclasped her bra. It was one of the old, behind the back ones. Nancy's tits were large, well rounded. She massaged the heavy globes. Her breathing became ragged as she watched; a voyeur caught up in the sexual pleasure of peeping. The dildo parted her cunt-lips, but she didn't put it all the way in. She was teasing herself, waiting for the next scene; a better scene. Nancy was still rubbing her tits when a man - her husband - what was his name?

- came up behind her and cupped her breasts with his hands. His pants bulged with his erection. He kneaded her tits, rolling the nipples around in his fingers, kissed her neck. One hand moved to cover his wife's mound. He ground his hard-on into her ass. She saw the look on Nancy's face as she began to surrender to her husband's hands and mouth; the look of sexual excitement.

Her own juices began to flow freely. The sheet beneath her ass was already very wet. The man turned his wife to him and kissed her passionately. Her arms went around his neck and hips began to grind together wantonly.

The man's hands went to her ass and squeeze them. He pulled her to the bed, out of her line of vision. She squeezed her tit painfully and shoved the big, black dildo all the way up her pussy. Her strong cunt muscles clamped, viselike, on it. Her cum was immediate and powerful. Her body thrashed around the bed, almost out of control. She sucked on her fingers; humping her hips against the captured dildo. Her mind pictured Nancy and her husband; licking, sucking, fucking. She had to have them!

Both of them! Slowly, the tremors began to pass. Her breathing was almost normal. Across the courtyard the drapes blocked her view. Enjoy yourselves, my loves, she thought. You'll enjoy it even more after I through with you two. She curled in a ball, the dildo still stuck in her pussy, and she slept. * * * The next morning, after she had showered, she was surprised at the contents of her closet. All her own clothes were gone. In their place was a whole different wardrobe: chic, expensive, and very sexy.

Leather mini-skirts, silk, see-through blouses, low cut dresses. Even her lingerie was new and provocative: wispy panties, almost nothing bras, garter-belts and stockings. And everything fit! She ran from drawer to drawer, like a child at Christmas, finding new and exciting treasures. "Oh, Hubert!" she cried aloud, "You thought of everything." She whirled in front of the full mirror, a slinky black cocktail dress held up in front of her naked body.

The doorbell rang. She dropped the dress on the bed, saw the long silk robe hanging in the closet; shrugged it on and belted it loosely.

The doorbell rang again. She opened it without hesitation, without her usual caution. The man was huge - six foot four, and probably 250 pounds - and flat black. A thick, square mustache covered the upper lip of a face that showed the influence of Arab or White blood.

He wore the uniform of a Postman. She felt her cunt contract. "Yes?" she smiled, sweetly, not trying to close the robe that gapped open, displaying a large amount of cleavage.

She saw the intake of his breath; where his eyes were drawn. "Yes?" she asked again. "Wha. . oh, I have a COD package for you, lady," he said, reluctantly pulling his eyes away from her almost exposed tits; thrusting the package at her.

It was heavy and she almost dropped it. The movement caused the robe to open more, giving the black giant an even better look at her tits. She knew, from his wide-eyed expression, that he could see all the way down to her hardened nipples.

He moved quickly, catching the package before it fell from her arms. He was close and she could smell his aroma; the tangy smell of sexual excitement! "You had better put it on the table," she said, finally closing her robe, and pointing inside.

"Yeah," he croaked. She looked him up and down as he put the large package on the coffee table in the living room. His shirt stretched across his muscular back.

She thought she could see the muscles ripple. He turned, holding his clipboard in front of himself, trying to hide his growing erection. He has a huge cock, she thought wickedly. I wonder. . "Er. . the bill comes to $52.95," he said, shifting his weight nervously, trying to keep his prick from tenting his tight pants. Crazy bitch, he thought; open the door with hardly nothing on, give a guy a hard-on that won't quit, but he knew that she'd scream bloody murder if he made one false move.

Why did White chicks like to fuck up the heads of Black men? "$52.95?" she said, suddenly wondering who sent the package and what was in it. She didn't remember ordering anything. "I'll have to get my bag. Have a seat," she said climbing the stairs, giving him quick, exciting glimpses of her long, naked legs. He shoved his rampart cock down and to the side, wishing he had worn jockey shorts - anything - to hold his cock in place.

Shit! What a woman! Like to throw a hump to that one, he thought. "Can you bring that package up here for me, please." Her voice floated down from upstairs. Shit! Now I'm a fuckin' servant, he thought, but he really didn't mind.

He hoped to see those tits again. He knew she was naked beneath that robe; the way it clung to her, nothing could be hidden. Shit! His girl was going to get a reaming tonight. She was standing with her back to the streaming sunlight. If he had any doubts about what she had on, they were dispelled by the translucent material of her robe. Her body was completely silhouetted - naked, for all practical purposes - against the back light.

He swallowed hard. "Put it on the dresser," she said, rummaging through her bag. "Does it say who it's from?" "Er. . a Mr. Hubert Angel." "Do you accept credit cards?" He shook his head, trying not to stare at her body; willing his cock to stay down, and losing on both counts.

"Is something the matter?" she asked innocently. Bitch! Cock-teasing, bitch! He shook his head. "No!. . and no, we can't accept credit cards. Checks or cash only." She smiled at him, frankly this time.

Slowly, almost deliberately, she began to write out a check. Leaning forward, the robe fell away, giving him a spectacular view of her naked tits. She heard him wince. "Something is the matter," she said, tearing the check out of the book. "Do I unsettle you?" She was very close to him now, only inches away.

He was breathing heavily. She put a hand on his chest. Her touch felt like fire. Twenty years in Levenworth, he thought, restraining the impulse to grab her and fuck her ragged. Her hand moved sensually over his chest and arm.

"I don't like to see another human being in misery," she said softly. "Please tell me what's wrong. I want to help." "Look, lady." He was gasping. "Just give me the check and let me get out of here." "Not until you tell me what's troubling you.

Is it because you have a hard-on and think you can't use it? It really looks like a lovely one. Is it as big as it looks?" He knew it! A cock-teasing honky bitch! She sat on the bed, arms back, tits thrust forward, the nipples clearly visible. Her legs crossed and the gown fell open. He could see all the way up to her black haired pussy. His cock bulged and threatened to explode from its captivity. "Just give me the fuckin' check." His voice was a rasp.

She opened her legs, baring her naked pussy to him. Quickly, she stuck the check between her legs and closed them again. It took only a split second. "Come and get it!" Her voice was thick with suppressed passion. The giant Black groaned in misery. The dam broke. He dropped to his knees, pulled her legs apart roughly and jammed his face in the thick turf of her wet pussy. "Agggggg!" she wailed, as his hot tongue pierced her cuntlips and entered her juicy hole. "Oh, yessss!

Suck my white cunt! Oh, you beautiful black bastard, suck it!" Hands entangled in his kinky hair, legs straight up and wide apart, she shoved her throbbing cunt at him, smearing his face with her love juices.

"Sweet cunt. . sweet cunt," he murmured, his tongue flicking furiously over the lips of her pussy; his thumbs pulling them back and apart, exposing her distended clit. He clamped his mouth on it. "Oh, yes, yes, yessss! Eat me!" she panted, her hips bouncing, thrusting lewdly at him. She was on fire!

She tugged at his shirt, helping him, as he tried to undress without taking his mouth from her watering cunt. It was the sweetest pussy he had ever eaten and he wasn't about to let it loose. He sighed in her cunt as his cock leaped free from the restraining pants. "Don't stop!" she pleaded.

"Don't stop eating me! Suck harder." Her body jerked and churned as his snake-like tongue probed her heated pussy, twisting up and around. Electric shivers rippled from her toes to her brain as each swish, over her super-aroused clit, sent waves of pleasure crashing over her. Cuntjuice leaked like hop sap in between her asscheeks. She was flowing like a river. Having her pussy sucked by a black man - a complete stranger - was making her pop like a machine gun.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Cum! Cum! Cum! She saw his black arms around her legs, holding her cunt wide, the contrast startling; exciting. She humped her cunt harder against his mouth. "Fuck me!" she gasped. "Com'on, you gotta fuck me! Stick that black cock in me! Fill me up with black cum!" "You honky bitch!" he yelled. "I'll fill you, all right. It's gonna come out your mouth!

I'm gonna fuck you ragged!" "Yeah! Fuck me ragged! Make me cum!" He pushed away from her. Her eyes opened in amazement. It was the biggest, blackest, thickest cock she had ever seen. Bigger than either of her two Golden boys. She licked her lips hungrily; her body trembling in anticipation. He waved the huge fuckpole at her. "Well, sweetness, what do you say now?" his voice taunting.

She pulled her legs up and back to her tits in reply. The Black giant smiled. "You're somethin' else, baby. A real fuckin' machine. Gonna give it to you slow and easy like, an inch at a time; make you beg for it." "It's you who's going to beg, my big black buck.

My pussy's going to gobble you up and squeeze you dry. You're going to cum like never before. Stick it to me, big man. You're in for the ride of your life!" Angrily, he rammed his cock forward! In the end, he cried and begged for mercy; his cock sore and swollen. He had lost count of the times he came; his mind boggled with the pleasure, the pain, her squirming, ever juicy, cunt gave him.

She wouldn't let him go soft. He'd pop and she'd be right there to suck him hard again; or massage him with her powerful cunt muscles - she had actually jerked him off, just using them and nothing else. Her throat seem to go on forever, taking every inch of his huge prick in; a fiery vacuum that sucked him dry, wringing the very life force from his body.

His cum coated her throat, her face, her tits; everywhere she could smear it. She gloried in it. She had jerked his cock up and down with a strength that he found unbelievable. Her grip was actually painful. And her ass! Her perfect ass!

Twin globes of flesh hiding a secret valley; the pink, puckered asshole beckoning to him; grasping, clutching, pulling him deep inside her; all the way in to her hot bowels. He had almost passed out when he came. He lay quietly beside her; the images of them floating softly in his mind, her body nestled against his, an arm draped over his chest. Her color was vivid against his. A startling thought occurred to him. He wasn't angry anymore. Not at himself, not at all the White people, not at the world.

He was at peace. He marveled at the strange feeling of serenity. When had it occurred? How? "Feeling better?" she asked, her face framed by the wild tangle of her raven hair; serene and beautiful. He nodded his head, suddenly afraid to speak. "You had a lot of anger in you! Is it all gone now?" "How did you know?" She shrugged, her tits moving delightfully as she did.

He had made her cum in a gush just by sucking on those beauties. Like a Mother's love. "Does it matter? The only thing that counts is that you're no longer angry at the world. You're at peace." "Yeah," he said in astonishment. "I am. I really am." "It's the doctrine of pleasure.

The hope for all mankind." He didn't know what she was talking about, and didn't care. He only knew how good he felt. He wished the world felt this good. "Hey, I don't even know your name. What is it?" She smiled a strange smile. "Let's leave that a mystery." she said. "You know where I live.

Feel free to drop over anytime. Maybe, you'll bring a friend. Male or female." She winked at the huge, Black, naked man. "Yeah," he said, a glint in his eye. "Maybe I will." She spent the rest of the day glorying in herself; feeling the wonder of her new insight. When had Hubert given it to her? She didn't know and didn't care. She just knew she had it, and it was hers to share. In the tub, rich with bubbles, she touched herself all over acutely aware of her sensitive body.

She tingled, she hummed; she was alive! Her clit took just two swift strokes of her finger to explode in another stomach-clinching cum. Afterwards, she busied herself with her new wardrobe, admiring her ripe, taut body as she did; her mind drifting over her sudden wantonness, her passion, her conversion.

She felt wonderfully excited. She had to share.


Nancy! Her neighbor! She would start with Nancy and her husband and then she would . take on the world. She smiled at the wonder of it all. And she had her Guardian Angel to thank.