Man fucks mature in big ass

Man fucks mature in big ass
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I was in a state of conflicted thought.thrilled I would be the center of attention, but afraid of the possibilities. We had a group of 4 couples that gets together once in a while to "party". We were all horny couples, secure in our relationships, and open with each other in every way. Tonight Fred and Ethyl, a couple in their late 20's were hosting the party.

My wife (and sometimes Mistress) Michelle said we had to be the 1st to arrive tonight, and that I was her slave tonight, and I better not let her down.

Show me your devotion tonight Sam Our love is deep, and I loved to serve her occaisionally, although we have a "normal" relationship most of the time. Mistress laid out my outfit for me.a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and a cock cage. I really began to sweat.I obviously was being bound tonight, and it didn't look like I was planning much fucking either.

Mistress had on a very sexy red leather bra and skirt and a pair of matching 5 inch heeled sandals.

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She looked HOT, and I told her so. We arrived at Fred and Ethyl's and I was led into the great room.

In the middle of the room was a bench of sorts. I was laid on the bench, and my wrists and ankles were attached to rings on the bench. I was naked, and very vunerable. The other 2 couples arrived together. Sally and Wayne, and Betty and Barney were both very sexy couples, and were dressed in sexy attire. When they all gathered in the room surrounding me the night began. Ethyl explained the plan to the 8 of us. Every load of cum tonight needed to find it's way into my mouth, and I was to swallow every drop.

If a man came in a wife, she may sit on my face, and get cleaned. If a load was dropped on a boob, it would be licked up by me. If a lady took a load in her mouth, she would hold it and spit it into my mouth.

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I was available to lick pussy, but no cocks were to fuck my mouth, however a guy could masturbate directly into my mouth. To start the everning, my wife got on here hands and knees above me, her sexy pussy inches above my face. Warm me us Slave she sneered, as she lowered herself onto me. She was wet already, and I sucked here already hard clit to a quick orgasm. Barney.fuck my pussy and let's give Sam something to eat.he seems hungry.

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Barney moved in and stuffed his huge cock into Michelle. I had a close up for some hot fucking. They both erupted into a powerful climax, his cock pumping cum into Michelles pussy.

As Barney pulled out, Michelle dropped onto my mouth, and I lapped up a big load of salty spunk. I made Michelle cum again, before she hopped off.I need to suck a cock she told me.but not yours, honey. As I looked around, the others were sucking and fucking each other.

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What a sight. Betty was sucking Wayne, and Fred was fucking Sally, while Ethyl was getting licked by Barney.


Soon Betty was next to me, grinning. Wayne shot a big load, wide. She then opened her mouth an inch or so from my mouth and let the cum drool into it. She kissed me and pushed out the rest. Sally was full of Fred's cum, and mounted my face.clean me up she said, as I licked her and swallowed more cum.

Barney was hard again, and the group urged him to masturbate into my open mouth, as entertainment for the others. Barney straddled the bench facing me, and the others sat and stood closely around. Barney began slowly stroking his cock. Sally grabbed his balls, and Ethyl squeezed his ass. Michelle strted pinching my nipples, and then Stuck a vibrating butt plug in my ass. I was unable to get erect and was in pain because of the cage, but was having the time of my life.

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Barney began to erupt, holding the pulsing head of his dick just beyond my gaping mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed, and when I opened, Wayne's cock was in the same spot.looking about to spit, which it did.

Next Sally sat on my face, but I had to suck cum out of her ass, as she had just taken Fred's load. After I had taken three loads from each guy, Mistress announced she was pleased in her cum bucket, and was taking him home for a special reward. I was so I was released. The cock cage was not removed, but the plug was.

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We made our way to the car without any cover-up for me. I would be naked for the ride home. In the car Mistress gushed about how sexy I looked, and how hot it made her to watch me tonight.


She let me finger her as she drove, and she was soooo wet. When we got home, we jumped into the shower together. She took the cage off, but tied my hands behind my back- afraid I would masturbate and cum.

Michelle washed me, and lavished my erogenous zones with attention. My whole body tingled, and my cock was purple and throbbing.but she kept me from coming.

I licked her dry, and brought her to another strong gushing cum while we were in the bathroom.


The 1st part of my reward was to be allowed to masturbate to orgasm, quickly spraying a huge load onto her pussy. Of course I was required to lick it up.

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Michelle then began to rub herself which got me hard again quickly. She them mounted me and rode me until we erupted together in a mind blowing climax.

I was spent, as was Michelle, but I knew I had to get the last load of the evening, and licked her clean.