Screw with cute legal age teenager hotty

Screw with cute legal age teenager hotty
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135Maggie Duncan recently turned 20 years old. She is tall like her Daddy. About 5'10".

She weighs just a tad over 135#. She has big brown eyes and long golden curls down to her shoulders. Her passion is running marathons. To keep her body fit, she runs daily. She also works out with her Daddy, in their basement gym, when they both have time. Bob Duncan is 46 years old. He is 6'2" tall. His weight fluctuates at around 190#. He is a 'Business Lawyer' by trade.

He loves his daily workouts to keep himself fit. His passions are, living the high life, his wife of 22 years, and his only child Maggie. She is also the apple of his eye. Jacki Duncan is 44 years old, and had been a flight attendant, when she had met her future husband, Bob, on an overseas flight, to Japan.

After a whirlwind romance when she was 21, they ended up married just one, short, year later. Jacki is 5'9" and weighs 125#. She is fortunate enough to have kept that weight, all these years later.

She has coal black hair, and flashing brown eyes. She was a hottie when she met Bob. Even now, 23 years later, her husband still calls her his hottie wife. After all these years Jacki still heads out, and is gone 5 days a week, sticking to the trade of flying she loves so much. On Wednesday afternoon Maggie came running into the house, after her daily run, and headed downstairs to chat with her Daddy for a few minutes.

Soon she would need to get ready for her date tonight with her boyfriend Billy. Strolling into the weight room there was Daddy. He was lying on his back, and lifting weights, just like he did everyday. Maggie stood silently watching him. Then her eyes locked in on something she had never seen before.

Her Daddy was wearing an old t-shirt, and baggy shorts. She squinted, then moved a little closer, to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. It was definitely no trick. She certainly saw something to admire. As her Daddy continued lifting his weights, the legs of his shorts would move from side to side.

Her big brown eyes were riveted to the thickest cock she had ever seen. Bob lifted the weight once more. Then, he set the bar on the overhead rest above him. That was when he noticed his sweet little Maggie standing there.

"Oh! Hi honey. How long have you been standing there? Did you have a good run this afternoon?" Maggie shuffled her feet back and forth. She found herself unable to remove her eyes from her Dads magnificent cock. "Uh! Oh! Um! I've been here a couple of minutes I guess Daddy. My run? Oh yeah. It was okay. I guess." Bob sat up on the bench. He looked at his daughter. Then he moved his eyes in the direction she was looking. "Oh Whoops! I'm so sorry about that honey. These were the only shorts I could find.

They are loose aren't they? But, they are pretty damn comfortable." Maggie stuttered. Still staring. Then, her cheeks turned beet red. "Um! Uh! Daddy! I guess I only have one thing to say. I finally know the reason I hear Mom screaming so much when she comes home from her weekly flights.

It's that thing isn't it?" Maggie blushed. Then she pointed directly at his fat cock. She turned on her heels and darted from the room. "I have a date with Billy tonight Daddy. There is no need for you to wait up okay?" Minutes later, Maggie was standing under the warm spray of her shower.

She could not get the image of that fat cock out of her mind. There had been no mistaking what she had seen. It looked to be several inches longer than the one on her boyfriend Billy. It was most certainly longer than any other cock she had ever seen.

Shaking her head, she stepped from the shower. Then she toweled her hot little body dry. Her boyfriend Billy might not know it yet, but tonight that boy would be getting a fucking he'd never forget. Unfortunately, while she was riding Billy like a brama bull, she knew there would be images of that great big cock of her Daddy running around inside her head. Thirty minutes later she walked in the den where her Daddy was sitting.

As usual, he was reading his newspaper. Bob peered over his evening paper when she walked in. He dropped it in his lap, and then he scanned his daughter from head to toe. "Nice outfit Maggie. Your boyfriend is a very lucky man." Then his eyes moved to the bottom of the skimpy skirt that hugged her tight little ass. He cleared his throat. Then he looked Maggie in the eye. With a shake of his head he said, "I sure hope you don't have to bend over tonight to pick anything up little girl.

You could be in big, big, trouble if you do." Maggie giggled like a school girl. "Oh Daddy! All girls wear short skirts now.

Don't you like it?" Then she twirled around. The small pleats blew out and flashed her tiny bikini panties. "I thought all men loved girls in short skirts Daddy. Billy loves it when I wear this skirt." Without hesitating Bob smirked. "Oh right! I just bet he does! I love it too. But that does not mean I like every man in the country staring at your ass. You do know that I'd give that young stud a run for his money if I were 20 years younger?

And, not being your Father of course." Maggie rolled her eyes. "Oh Yeah! Right Daddy! Sure you would. You couldn't handle all this." Then she let her eyes drop down to his lap. "Oh wait a minute! I forgot. You could handle it just fine by the looks of what I saw in the basement a few minutes ago." Then her cell phone rang, and she looked to see it was Billy calling. Flipping it open she whispered, "Hi Billy. Oh No! Huh?

You're kidding? That's just horrible! Of course I understand.


Sure it's okay. Call me later when you have time and let me know how she is. Okay. Bye Billy." Maggie clicked her phone shut, and had tears in her eyes. "Oh Daddy! Billy just got a call from his Dad in Florida. His Mom had a bad accident. She fell down a flight of stairs. She broke 3 ribs, and one of her arms. She's going to be okay though. Billy is flying down there tonight. He will be gone for several days. Or, at least until his Mom is in the clear.

That's just horrible Daddy. I was looking forward to my big night out on the town with Billy." Bob stood up, walked over, and pulled his daughter against him. He tried to reassure her. "Everything will be okay honey.

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I know you and Billy had big plans tonight. You look so damn sexy in that outfit. It would make me proud to be your date for the night, if you still want to go out. We can go anywhere you want to go. The city lights are yours for the taking tonight.

Cheer up Maggie." Maggie gazed up at her Daddy. Sighing hard, she whispered. "I'm really out of the mood to go out now Daddy. But I would love to order pizza. Maybe we could watch a movie or two. I do have one favor to ask though. Billy was going to order me a Harvey Wallbanger tonight. He said I wouldn't be able to handle more than one drink. I bet him I could drink at least two of them. I don't even know what a Harvey Wallbanger is. But if you have the stuff to make them, could you please make me one just to try?" Bob reached over and ruffled her curly locks.

"You little minx! Just one of those drinks will make your toes curl. But, if that's what you want to try, who am I to say no. I think I can find all of the ingredients to make one for you. What was it that you and Billy were betting anyway? I'll double the bet you had with him. I don't think you will be able to drink more than one of them either.

You'll be passed out before you finish the first one. I guarantee it." "Oh Daddy!" Maggie blushed. "It's really not important what we were betting.


It was just a stupid old bet anyway." Bob lifted her chin. "The bet Maggie. What was it? Come on now.

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Tell me what the bet was. I told you, I am willing to double his offer on the bet." Maggie took a deep breath. Then she looked her Dad in the eyes. "Well, this is kind of embarassing to say Daddy. But I guess I'll tell you, if you really want to know. The bet was, if I was only able to drink one of those Harvey Wallbangers, I would have to give Billy the best blow job of his life.

I also promised to swallow every drop of cum he sprayed down my throat. But, if I won, he had to shave my pussy bald. Then, he had to lick me until I squirted all over his face. I bet you didn't know I was a squirter did you Daddy? Then he promised to fuck me until I screamed for him to stop. I guess you didn't really want to hear all that did you Daddy?" Bob gulped.

"Well! Well! Well! It sounds to me like old Billy was getting the best of both worlds in that deal. But, my offer still stands. My double offer that is. If you are only able to drink one, then you have to give your old man two blow jobs.

The first one I get to spray down your throat, little lady. You have to promise to swallow every drop. The second one, you have to suck me until I'm just about ready to cum. Then I will pull out, and spray your slutty face with it. But, if you win, I will shave that hot little cunt of yours as bald as the day you were born. Then, I will lick your sweet pussy until you squirt all over my face.

Two times Maggie. Then, after that, my little fuck toy daughter, I will fuck your brains out, until you scream in orgasmic bliss.

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I guarantee your pussy muscles will grip my long, fat, prick like a vise while your twitching, and grunting through the most awesome orgasm of your life. So how about it little girl? Do we have a deal Maggie?" Maggie was shaking like a leaf. She was so turned on. She loved hearing her Daddy talk so fucking dirty. So fucking nasty. Her pussy was throbbing already. Did he say he was going to make her his fuck toy? "OMG! Daddy?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! We definitely have a deal. Now please make that drink for me. I am going upstairs to change into something I just know you are going to love Daddy." Maggie ran up the stairs two at a time. She ran into her Moms closet, and rifled through her lingerie.

Tossing her own clothes in several directions as she undressed, she slipped into a satin baby doll top, and a pair of tiny bikini bottoms. She took one last glance in the mirror before dialing to order the pizza. Then she dabbed perfume between her luscious tits.

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Then she patted a drop on her upper thigh, right next to her aching, young, cunt. Then she headed back downstairs, to the den, where her Daddy was waiting for her. Posing with her hands on her hips, she smiled. "What do you think Daddy? Will this old thing do?" Bob looked up from the drinks he was mixing. His jaw dropped. Where his little girl had stood minutes before, was now a wanton woman.

A woman who was going to get the fucking of her life tonight. His hot, nubile, daughter Maggie stood before him in the sheerest baby doll top.

It showed her melon shaped tits to perfection. Her long, stiff, nipples stood out like pencil erasers. They were hard enough to cut diamonds. Her bikini bottoms hugged her hot little ass like a second skin. They were stretched tight between the puffy lips of her young cunt.

She was showing off her sexy body to perfection. "There is just one thing I need to know Maggie. Just who are you, and what have you done with my little girl? Your stunning Maggie. Absolutely young, hot, and oh, so fuckable." "Oh Daddy!" Maggie giggled again. "Your just saying that. Now give me my drink. I believe you and I have a wager we need to work on don't we?" Taking the small glass from the table top, Maggie lifted it and swallowed about half of it in one big gulp. "Not too bad Daddy.

I do believe your going to lose our bet though." Bob chuckled. "We'll see about that big shot. Now come over here, and sit down by me, before you fall down. Have you thought about any specific movie you'd like to watch when the pizza gets here Maggie?" "Welllll!" Maggie thought for a second. "I was thinking maybe one of the movies you have hidden in your closet upstairs. You know? The ones you and Mom watch when you think I'm sleeping?" She tilted her head to one side and fluttered her eye lids.

Then she giggled, and gave her Daddy a little wink. "Well Daddy? How about one of those?" Then she tipped her glass, drinking about half of what she had left in the small glass. "Wow! It gets a little stronger near the bottom doesn't it Daddy? My head feels kinda funny now too. Whew!!

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Wow! What a fucking drink!" Bob chuckled. "I tried to tell you big shot. Little girls can't drink big girl drinks. But it is kind of nice to know, that in just a little while, I'll be feeling those hot lips of yours sliding over the head of my cock.

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You are going to suck my cock like a whore Maggie." "Oh, Pooey Daddy! I haven't lost the bet yet. Are you really gonna treat me like your personal fuck toy? Billy fucks me too you know?

But he don't fuck to good.


No sir re Bob. He don't fuck your little girl any good at all Daddy. Whew! Wow! This drink is pretty strong. How big is it Daddy?" Bob just stared at her. What the hell did she mean by that? "You are about to lose it little girl. What do you mean?

How big is it? How big is what Maggie?" "Now your being silly Daddy. Your cock of course. That great big, fat, beautiful, cock of yours.

The one I saw downstairs. How big is it? It looks huge. You and Mom always told me her screaming was just her having bad dreams. But now I know better. You were fucking my Mommy with that big dick of yours, weren't you Daddy? So how big is that bad boy Daddy?" She took another big swig of her drink. "My drink is almost gone Daddy. I am going to drink two of these you know. Or maybe I'll surprise you and drink three of these good old Harvey Wallbangers. WooHoo!!!" Bob leaned back on the sofa, and pulled Maggie closer to him.

"You will never get three of those drinks down Maggie. But if you want to know how big your old mans cock is, well, your just going to have to pull it out, and measure it yourself. I will say one thing though before you do. I have never had any complaints from a woman on the length or thickness of my cock." Slurring her words now, Maggie giggled. "Aww Daddy. What do you mean any woman?" Then she leaned over and rumaged through the drawer of the coffee table.

Quickly, she was holding up the measuring tape she already knew was in there. "Ta Da! Time to measure that big boy now Daddy." Bob gave her the eye. "Oh really Maggie. What makes you think there haven't been other women in my life since I met your mom?" Now, Maggie was on a mission.

Sliding off the sofa, she kneeled between her Dads legs. Sliding his zipper down, she reached inside, and curled her tiny fingers around the girth of her Daddys very hard cock. "Wow! Yummy! It's so long and hard Daddy! Look Daddy! My tiny fingers don't even fit around it all the way." She yanked his stiff prick from his pants and stared at his big, bulbous, cock head.

"Oh fuck Daddy! Your cock is as fat as my wrist." Then she leaned forward and flicked the tip of her tongue against the cum bubble at the tip of his engorged prick. Sliding the end of the measuring tape down to his balls, she stretched it along the underside of his long meat stick. "Oh! Oh! Fuck Yesss! Nine? No. Wait a second. This big boy is nine and three quarter inches long Daddy. Holy shit!" Wrapping the cloth tape around the girth of her Dads big snake, she squinted.

"OMG Daddy! Is this real? Six inches around the head? You "ARE" gonna fuck me with this like you do Mommy, aren't you Daddy? Oh pleeeease!" Tipping her head back, Maggie sipped the last drop from the bottom of her glass. Then she lowered her head to the tip of her Daddys stiff prick. In one quick move, she swallowed the entire length to the back of her throat.

She lashed the sides of his meaty man stick with her swirling tongue. Slithering along the length of her Daddys thickness like a snake. Bob gasped when his sweet little Maggie swallowed his fat prick all the way on the first try. "My God Maggie! Where in the fuck did you learn to suck a cock like that?" Lifting her face, she smiled at her Daddy and winked.

She then licked the length of his fat prick. Glancing up again, Maggie purred lightly at her Daddy. "Are you sure you want to know the answer to that question Daddy?"