Crazy Fat Bitch Fuck Hard

Crazy Fat Bitch Fuck Hard
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(Names have been changed, but this is a true story, enjoy.) I was about 13 when I started fooling around sexually with my neighbor, Mick. Funny thing is that we are both totally not gay, we just had a very gay experience with each other. We are both happily married to our wives and he has a kid and we are still friends to this day.

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We don't hang out but we say what's up every now and then on Facebook. I remember we used to tell each other "this isn't gay; we are just having orgasms with each other". To us there was no romance involved…We were just two young teenagers getting off and helping each other at it, that was the mutual understanding we had.

After school, when all of our parents were still at work, I would walk over to his house and it was like clockwork. For at least 2 hours we were naked with our cocks out. It seemed like we did it for a few months until we just got bored with it, and became more interested in girls or something.

However, we did eventually just stop, and went about our lives like nothing happened. It sure was fun though, and sometimes those experiences still pop in and out of my head when I masturbate.

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So here is a general rundown of how every weekday for a few months went after school… I walk across the street to the row of townhouses that Mick lives in. I'm horny as fuck and can't wait for that door to open because I know what we are going to do for the next couple of hours, just straight pleasure each other. I knock on the door, within a few seconds Mick opens up and smiles and says "Hey what's up Joey, c'mon in man".

I step into the living room and we sit on opposite couches while afternoon cartoons are on and we start bullshitting and watching T.V. What's funny is that we always did this when we knew we just wanted to go straight up to the bedroom and start fucking around. It was the same story every time.

We would bullshit for a few minutes while watching T.V, then I would just casually pop the question "You want to?" and he would look at me and smile and say "yeah!", and we would dart upstairs into his bedroom. In the bedroom we would strip down to nothing but our socks in about 2.3 seconds, both cocks already rock hard.

We were both in the beginning stages of puberty (could cum, had minor pubic hair, etc…).

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I have a very thick dick, but average length, and Mick had a longer dick but less thick. He could shoot way more massive loads than I could (like 4 or 5 good shots) and my loads were like 1 or 2 good shots and then drizzle.

I digress…Anyway, we usually started just beating off together. We would both lie against the wall on his bed and stare at the other's cock while we beat off. There wasn't a whole bunch of talking during these adventures, just a bunch of sucking and touching.

Eventually, while beating off one of us would reach for the others dick and start stroking it. Our arms would cross each others and we would just start jerking each other.


That's usually when small moans would start to come out of our mouths. The feeling of someone else's hand on your genitals sure beats your own. I remember his dick felt different than mine because it was bent while hard. Not like the bent dick medical condition (Pyronie's) but more like slightly bent.

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My dick was straight as an arrow. So we beat each other off and then transitioned into something else. Ok, 69 is fun and everything, but we didn't have a lot of success with it because whoever was on bottom always had the other's balls fall right onto their nostrils. Cock in mouth and ball sack on nostrils isn't a very good mix for breathing properly.

So we always just took turns sucking each other off. I remember he would lay on his back, spread eagle and I would scoot down the bed and get in between his legs and open my mouth and take his 7 inch cock as deep as it would go, careful not to let my teeth chafe his shaft. At first it was weird having another dude's dick in my mouth, but ultimately it just tasted like skin.

Occasionally, the pre-cum would seep into the back of my throat and it was very salty, but not strong enough to make me stop sucking his dick. One time we decided to cum in each others mouths.


Keep in mind this dude shot huge loads! A deal was a deal though.

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I remember I was bobbing up and down for a few minutes on Mick's cock and he says "here I go man". I was thinking "oh shit, this is gonna suck" and (Sploooooge splooooge) <slow motion) He's looking down at me moaning and groaning in pleasure and I'm just taking shot after shot from his load into my mouth.

It starts running out the sides of my lips and sliding down his cock into his pubes.

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I was a trooper though, because it tasted like shit but I kept bobbing up and down until his orgasm was complete, because I hate it when people take their fucking lips off your dick when your orgasm is only halfway finished just because you've started cumming.

We laughed our asses off that day because I jumped up and spit and spit and ran into the bathroom and rinsed out my mouth while he busted out laughing. It was my turn next though, and when I cummed he immediately started to gag and ran to the bathroom heaving into the toilet while I was in tears from laughing so hard.

I remember after we would have our first orgasm we would talk about fantasies of fucking each other's mothers, and girls in school that we wanted to fuck which would get us horny and our dicks would get hard as rocks again. He would let me go into his mom's room and grab a pair of her panties and smell them every now and again so that I could imagine her pussy and fucking her while I was messing with him.

We tried anal sex but it just hurt too badly. We were too young and stupid to know that lube was needed. Dry dick and dry asshole doesn't work very well together. However, we did find an alternative solution that felt like fucking. In his mother's room she had this spray lotion called "Skin so soft".

He would lay on his stomach with this legs together. I would take the skin so soft and spray it in the region right below his ass on the back of his thighs and in between them.

Then I would proceed to stick my dick in between his legs and fuck him that way.


It was an awesome feeling and we started doing that to each other on a regular basis for our third and fourth orgasms of the day. Those were fun times exploring sexual pleasure with my friend Mick.

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We never fell in love, never kissed each other, it wasn't that kind of thing. It was just two horny teenage boys getting each other off for the shear pleasure of the whole thing. Let me know what you think of my story.

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I've got other sexual adventures in my life that I can share as well.