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I - The Discovery James was bored. The teenager was about 5'7", slim build, with unruly brown hair cut short around his head, which seemed to help his green eyes sparkle out from his face. While active, and athletically inclined, the teen, much to his parents' dismay, was not interested in the usual pursuit of sports by boys his age.

It was just in the last couple of years he had changed, soon after getting his driver's license.

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Now he spent most of his time avoiding his peers and taking long drives. He had long ago lost interest in girls, as he developed and felt that his tastes were along a different path.


However, he couldn't quite find an answer. His folks tried to help him, cajole him into going to parties where they knew alcohol was served, in an attempt to socialize their son with other peers. He would go, sometimes drinking, but usually he returned home and was glued to his laptop by 2 AM, searching for something.

Tonight was no different, and James stumbled upon a collection of IRC rooms, far from the mainstream sites. Google couldn't find it, he had to go through several clicks of other sites to get there.

It had appeared interesting, different channels titled things like "Sexual Slavery" and "Female Humiliation" and "Bi-sexual." Curious, James created a pseudonym, feeling that anonymity would help him here, and signed in as 'JTeenToy' with a description of 'teen, m, IL, looking for something different.' He idly flipped through the list of online users, until someone named 'DrkMaster' popped up on his screen.

<<Sounds like you need to chat with someone who knows what you want>> James was curious about the message, and was bored and horny enough to chat some more. After a few pleasantries, DrkMaster came around to ask <<are you a good boy James?>> <<yes>> <<yes SIR>> <<sorry, sir, yes I am a good boy sir>> <<answer my questions then.

He honest and responsive, or I'll quit. I have no patience for posers or fakes on here.>> <<yes, sir.>> <<where do you live?>> <<Chicago sir>> <<how old are you?>> This made James pause. He knew that no one could have sex with him, as he was underage, but if he lied and DrkMaster found out, he could easily leave James alone, and James felt that there was more going on here than just idle chat. Well, he had requested his obedience, so James would comply.

At his response, the other side was quiet a moment, before continuing, <<are you home alone James?>> <<yes>> <<give me your phone number.>> James' heart skipped a beat. Give him my phone number? What if my parents found out?

They'd murder me for sure. Why did he want my number anyway? Could I trust him? These thoughts ricocheted through his brain as he considered whether to respond. However, while the risk was scary, it was exciting too, and was appealing to James in a way that other people hadn't been able to offer him yet.

As he turned over the request, he realized he wanted to give up control to this mysterious man, and see where it could lead. James nervously typed in his number. <<I will call you in one minute. Be prepared to answer.>> That minute seemed to drag on forever, until finally the cell phone beeped next to him.

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"Private Call" was listed on the screen, and as James tapped to answer he heard the first sound of a new voice, deep and sonorous. 'Hello James." "Hello. sir." "Good boy, now let us begin. First, describe to me what you are wearing." James relaid that he was in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. "And under the jeans?" "Boxers. White. Cotton." "Nice. Strip down, take everything off." James hastened to comply, stripping the shirt off with trembling hands.

James unbelted and unbuttoned the jeans, letting them fall to the floor, quickly followed by his boxers. He described his motions over the phone as he went through them, finally standing naked in his bedroom. The voice asked him, "How do you feel boy?" James blushed, "exposed, nervous. and excited sir." "Excited eh?

Describe yourself to me boy." James went through his stats, pausing after his green eyes. "Your cock too." Blushing more, James relayed over the phone, "I am about 6 inches long sir, fairly thick, circumsized.

I am not shaved, so I have a small patch of thick pubic hair, and hairy balls too. And. I'm currently aroused." The voice laughed. "Do you have any toys around you boy?" Toys? toys like what? "What do you mean sir?" "Sex toys, idiot. Dildos, vibrators, the like." James felt dumb for not knowing those were the only toys that the voice would bring up. "No sir, no real toys like that." "A pity.

Go find something useful. You have one minute, no more." That sent James scurrying downstairs, as quietly as he could in the darkness, and pulling out a carrot from the fridge. He creeped stealthily back to his room just as the voice came back through, "have it yet boy?" "Yes sir, I have a carrot here." "That'll do James.

Now, lube it up and get it inside your ass, as deep as you can." James looked at the vegetable, gulping. He had never tried putting anything in his ass like that before, only a fingertip one or two times, and this carrot looked a lot bigger. Still, he was in this far already, might as well continue on with it. Besides, hearing the command to insert the carrot into his ass made him tingle, his cock straining even more.

James grabbed a bit of lotion from beside his bed, which he used to jerk off, and worked it along the length of the carrot. Slowly, he eased it into his butthole, pushing it further and further inside as his ass stretched to accommodate it.

It filled him nicely, he felt, as it got all the way in. "Have you worked it right into yourself?" 'Yes sir' 'Now fuck yourself with it - good and hard.

Pull it all the way out then plunge it all the way back in. I want to hear you being fucked. Don't hold off - imagine I am there." James started to move the vegetable in and out of his tight ass. He couldn't help but moan and grunt as he worked it in and out. The arousal was causing sweat to break out over his smooth chest, and his cock grew harder and harder.

His moans filled the room as he continued. "Yes sir, that feels so good." "Good boy, keep it up. Plunge it all the way in." His command was met with a sharp grunt.

"Now take it all the way out of your ass, and ram it in hard. Not gently like before, plunge it deep inside you again." "AHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH" "Good. Now take it all the way out." James did as he was told. "How do you feel boy?" "Good sir, though a bit empty somehow." "That is how you should always feel when your master is not inside of you or commanding you.

Now, eat the carrot." That command took James by surprise. Looking down at the vegetable, James could see that some of his ass hairs were trapped on it, as well as a slick coating from the lube and his own ass juices from being fucked by it. "I cannot, that's disgusting sir." The voice grew quiet, with a steel behind his words, "I didn't ask for your fucking opinion boy. I gave you a simple order. Now do as I say, or I will disappear from your life forever." James somehow couldn't let him go, and so he slowly chomped on the carrot, trying to get it down as quick as possible.

When he was about half-way done with it, he heard the voice come back on. "Good boy James. You have been good tonight. I never thought you would actually eat the carrot, you really are a filthy slut.

Aren't you?" " Yes sir." "I couldn't hear that James. What are you?" "A filthy slut sir." "Who's slut?" "Your filthy slut sir." "Good boy. Now, remember. I own you now, and even more than that you want to be owned by me.

You might not want to face the facts, admit it to yourself, but in reality you are now my little fucking whore. I will be making good use of you, no doubt about it. Good night boy." And the phone went dead. The next morning James woke up, remembering every detail of his interaction last night with the mysterious stranger.

At first he brushed it off, thinking it a one-time thing. No one owns one another anymore, do they? This isn't olden times. Chuckling at his train of thoughts, but still aroused by what the man was able to make him do, James he walked over to his desk, with the half-eaten carrot still sitting there, and saw his phone beeping. It was a text, saying only, "Get online when you awaken slut." James felt his stomach drop. The man still had his phone number. What would he do?

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Nervously the teen signed back online, using the same name as yesterday, and almost instantly DrkMaster popped up on his screen. <<Good morning boy>> <<Good morning to you sir>> <<You gave quite a good show last night. I want you to show me more today.>> James looked around.

It was summer, and a Sunday, so his parents would be out at church for some time.

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He responded slowly. <<what can I do for you sir?>> The reply was short and quick. <<turn on your webcam.>> The boy looked worried. What did the man look like? What was he going to do to James? How long could James keep this a secret? But there was something in the voice on the other end that compelled him to obey, and so James clicked on the webcam. As the screen came up, the reciprocal screen was dark, but the voice echoed from the blackness quite eerily.

"That's so much better. You cannot see me, for you are not worthy yet of seeing your master. However, I can quite easily and comfortably see you. How are you this morning boy?" James felt dumb talking to a computer, especially to someone he couldn't see, but still answered, "I'm well sir, thank you." "That's good.

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After I left, did you cum last night?" James blushed. He had jerked his boy cock furiously after eating the carrot, lying back in his bed, letting one hand play with his recently penetrated ass while the other worked his cock up and down. He had cum harder than ever before in his life, wave after wave of oozing cum splashed all over his chest and stomach.

He had fallen asleep with it still there, too tired to bother cleaning it up, and with a jolt James realized that his master could see the dried cum spots on his chest, right over his nipple. "Yes, yes I did sir." "And did I tell you you could cum, slut?" "No, sir, you didn't." "That's right. You are never to play with your tiny pathetic cock unless I tell you otherwise. You may never cum without my permission. Do you understand me?" James hung his head, surprisingly ashamed that he had let his master down so quickly.


"Yes sir." "That's good boy. Now, how can you make it up to me?" James stood there silently, wondering what would happen, until his master's voice rang out, "'Now, pick up that belt." James looked around, seeing his leather belt draped over the dresser, and went to retrieve it. The voice from the computer rang out, "I want to hear you give yourself 10 lashes with it.' James got a tight grip, and in one motion hit himself across his upper thigh.

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"Higher up boy. And harder. I want to hear you cry out by the end" James lashed himself a second time, harder, right across his hips, slapping the base of his cock at the same time, making him cry out a bit and wince. Three more lashes, half-way there, and his thighs and groin were turning very pink.

James was panting, each motion making him grimmace in pain. The last two he could barely bring himself to do, he was really pushing himself, and his thighs already had welts on them from the lashing.

The computer was silent as James stood there, breathing heavily from his self-punishment. The voice came through slowly, "very nice boy. Now, that is how you punish yourself if you even think about touching and pleasuring that tiny cock of yours." "Yes sir." "Stay nearby. I'll be calling you soon boy." And like that, James' master was gone for now.