Vintage male medical tube gay I was starting to get the impression

Vintage male medical tube gay I was starting to get the impression
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This is our second story, but this time it is from my husband's point of view honestly because I cannot remember most of it. It was my twenty-first birthday a couple days ago, and we celebrated downtown… The night started with me making my wife a strong mixed drink she finished that and for every shot I took at the house, she took two.

We planned to just have a fun night, but she wore a low cut shirt with a short black skirt that hugged all her curves. She wore tights and these black heels that made her about four inches taller. Walking to the car, I realized how far past tipsy she was, because she flashed me, with out me asking. When we got to the first bar we immediately to the bar and ordered two drinks. I couldn't help but notice how good her black hair contrasted against the pale skin of her tits.

Her hair is long, more than half way down her back and it falls perfectly. I wished her a happy birthday and told her I loved her; she whispered into my ear "I'll do anything you tell me to, right now." I told her to go to the bathroom and take her tights off; when she came back I had another shot waiting for her.

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She threw it back, and I took her out on the dance floor. She guided me to the corner, unzipped my pants and started to jerk me off. After about two minutes, I told her she had to stop or I would risk ruining her skirt and embarrassing myself on her birthday.

She looked me in the eye and told me she wanted to fuck right then.

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She turned around, pulled her skirt up to where her lips where hanging out, you could see the line through her panties. I didn't realize her skirt was that high until I looked up and saw three guys trying not to stare.

I slowly pulled it down a little, to where it was still high but you could not actually see anything anymore.


I pulled my dick out, and slowly eased it in… She was so ready, it slid right in. No one noticed, because it looked like she was just dancing. I looked down, and I could see all the cum on my dick; there was so much.

I started to grip her hair, and rubbing my hands up and down her thighs. I could feel us forgetting where we were. It was only after a few minutes before I remembered where I was, and that her skirt had risen up to her waist and anyone who glanced over could see her standing there in her panties. We had gained quite a crowd of five to eight guys.


some were blatantly staring, and some where just glancing over occasionally. I slowly put my self away, and pulled her skirt down. I had decided that maybe we had become too popular in that bar, so we left and went to a different bar up the street. One of the advantages to living in a borderline college town is that there are whole streets of just bars.

On the way to the second bar, I told my wife to let her skirt ride up just a little too high. Walking into the second bar, there were booths of to the side. We immediately claimed a booth, and waited to catch someone, anyone's eyes.

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With our backs to the wall, I told her to pull up her shirt and flash the crowd until she was sure someone saw. She made eye contact with him, and he seemed to choke on his drink.

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I saw the look of enjoyment on her face and I realized how much it turns both of us on that other guys wanted her. I got up to go get us more drinks, and told her as I left to spread her legs and discreetly finger herself. When I got back with the drinks, she wiped her fingers on me to show me how wet she was from just finger fucking herself in a public place. I could tell she felt safer with me back from the bar though.

She will do anything as long as I am there, but gets nervous when I walk away. She told me she wanted to make this birthday unforgettable, even more than it already was. I agreed and told her to jack me off again. All the excitement from the situation had me standing at a solid eight and a half inches, so I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly leaned her down and shot my load onto her face. She was surprised, and a bit mad; before she could grab for something to wipe it off I told her no that she had to keep it on her face until we got to the car.

She stared at me in disbelief, because it was a large amount of cum and totally obvious to the average passerby. As we got up to walk out, she tried to lower her face, so the fewest amount of people possible would notice, but what worked in the dark bar, did not work under the bright street lights. As we walked to the car, the cum started to drip from her face to her chest.

She then asked me, "Baby can I please wipe it off? I know people are staring at me." "No, you said you wanted unforgettable." She claimed she hated it, but when we got into the car, I put my hands between her legs in a more playful moment and realized cum had been dripping down her legs all the way back to the car.

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I looked at her, and she admitted that the embarrassment and submission had turned her a little more than a bit. I learned something new and my wife enjoyed herself, I would say it was a pretty solid night to say the least.

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