Ginger haired dudes having gay sex first time The dozens upon dozens

Ginger haired dudes having gay sex first time The dozens upon dozens
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Chapter 2: Samantha's Training Begins Samantha Brunner was on her knees and shaking uncontrollably in fear. She was still naked and her wrists had been pulled up and tied to a metal beam protruding from the wall behind her.

Her ankles, likewise, had been spread several feet apart and secured to a pair of bolts in the floor. Once inside the mansion, the guards had taken her straight down to the basement and into a huge windowless room that had been transformed into a dungeon.

There were all sorts of bondage equipment and furniture, along with cabinets containing whips, canes, and other more terrible torture devices. Once the guards had tied Samantha they'd all left the room, leaving her alone in the silent and ominous room. For the first five minutes or so Samantha had been a blubbering mess, tugging at her bonds in total panic. She'd wanted to scream for help but was too scared of irritating Jalil and the other security guards.

Once she'd realized that escape was impossible, the blonde settled down and just waited in silence for more than twenty minutes. "Ah you must be Samantha," someone declared, startling the young blonde. Samantha looked up and watched nervously as an extravagantly dressed man walked towards her. He appeared quite old, at least in his mid-50s, and was also of Middle Eastern descent. He was flanked on either side by several of his guards, including Jalil.

Also, like Jalil and the others he was very tall and big, but with a much chubbier build. He had the kind of smile on his face that immediately sent shivers down the tiny American's spine. "Who are you?

What's going on? Please, let me out of here," Samantha blurted out anxiously. "Wh—where's Malia?" "My name is Hassan, although you will never address me as that," the portly Arab replied. "And you will never see Malia again so do not worry about her." "No, this is—this is some kind of mistake," Samantha stated. "Malia, she told me, she told me to come here with her.

I'm supposed to meet an agency. An escort agency. Please, talk to her, or let me talk to her." "That is what she may have told you," Hassan snickered. "That is what she was supposed to tell you. You were tricked, my little Samantha. Malia is not who you think she is. She works with us. She has worked with us for many years in fact, luring naïve girls like you to us. You are certainly not the first one she has brought us." "What???" Samantha asked in disbelief.

"What are you talking about? No, Malia is my friend. I've known her for—for awhile. There's no way, no way she would do this." As she was denying the man's statement, however, Samantha felt the dread in her increasing quickly as she realized he was probably telling the truth. She'd only known Malia for a few months and in truth didn't know much at all about the girl. But Malia had always been so nice to her and had seemed very trustworthy and genuine. To think that she'd duped her was very hard for Samantha to accept at the moment.

"Whether you believe it or not Samantha, that is the truth," Hassan stated, as he gazed at the 19-year-old's petite, slender body in appreciation. "No, no way," Samantha shot back. "This is bullshit. Let me go, you can't fucking do this to me." Hassan smiled for a second then glanced over to Jalil before motioning toward the kneeling blonde.

The huge guard quickly bent down and slapped Samantha with just half of his strength, yet it was still so powerful that it sounded like a gunshot inside the room. Samantha shrieked in pain and dismay as her head was jerked to the side. She immediately began whimpering in fear.

"You are no longer in America Samantha," Hassan proclaimed. "You belong to me now and you will learn to behave, or you will be punished, very severely." Samantha's eyes began to water as she stared up at the fat Arab in fear and hate. She was trembling so hard and goose-bumps were breaking out all over her skin.

Her mind was racing as she tried to comprehend what was happening. She still could not believe where she was at the moment. "You belong to me," Hassan repeated. "And you will do everything in your power to please me. As of today that is your only purpose, the only reason you are alive. You are a slave now my little Samantha—my slave. I will do with you as I please. I will fuck you and I will hurt you, and I will give you to my men so they can do the same." "No!! Noooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha screamed in sheer horror, tugging wildly at the ropes on her wrists.

Hassan and his men all began laughing as they watched the appalled 19-year-old. She was exquisitely beautiful in her petrified and shocked state. Hassan was beyond delighted now that he saw her in person.

She was exactly what he was looking for—young, American, blonde, and so petite. He would have preferred her breasts be larger, but the way they jiggled on her chest as she tried to break free from her bonds was actually very arousing, and he was already looking forward to inflicting a great amount of pain on them. "You will be kept here, inside this room," Hassan stated, once the girl had calmed down a bit. "This will be your training room, and Jalil will be the one training you.

As I'm sure you have already learned Jalil can be very violent, so it will be in your best interest to listen to his orders. You will be spending many hours a day with him, as well as my other men of course. He will train you during the daytime, and each night I will see how much you have learned." "Please, this is crazy, this is totally crazy," Samantha implored the old man. "Please let me go. I—I didn't come here for this. Please, talk to Malia. Where is Malia?" "Jalil, again," Hassan said in Arabic, prompting the guard to give Samantha another vicious slap across her face.

"Aaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww!!! Stop!!!" The blonde screamed, cowering away from the evil giant. "You fucking Americans are so stubborn, and so stupid," Hassan said irritably. "From now on you will keep your mouth shut. You will not speak unless given permission. And you will address me, Jalil, and the rest of my men as 'master', is that understood?" "Again," Hassan said to Jalil, after waiting several seconds for a response from the weeping blonde.

"No okay!!! Okay!! I understand!! Please I understand!!!" Samantha cried, as the huge guard grabbed her hair and prepared to strike her once more. "What is my name?" Hassan asked. "Master, master, please, your name is master," Samantha replied quickly, staring up at the Arab in obedience. "Very good," Hassan stated. "I am going to fuck you now slave. This will be the first of many times I will fuck you." "No, please, please master," the little blonde begged, as Jalil and another guard quickly began untying her.

Samantha squirmed around in fear as the pair of giants then dragged her over to a nearby table. It was shaped like a "T", with metal clamps on either side of the cross section. The guards forced Samantha onto the table and began securing her legs into the clamps. She screamed in sheer agony as her legs were forced completely sideways and perpendicular to her body. She was not a flexible girl, and her groin felt like it was about to completely tear apart.

Jalil then pulled the American's arms down and tied them together behind the other portion of the table. "Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssse!!!" Samantha wailed, tears trickling from her eyes as she tried to cope with the burning pain of having her legs spread so extremely wide.

"Look at that pussy," one of the guards remarked in Arabic. "Jalil you lucky dog." "Yes, it was like heaven brother," Jalil replied, drawing laughter from his friends.

Hassan, meanwhile, had completely stripped off all of his clothing and now stood right next to the sobbing American. He was smiling from ear to ear as he soaked in the terror and misery on her face. Samantha was so repulsed by the man's overweight, hairy body that she turned away from him. Hassan's cock was already completely erect, and it was very large, just an inch or so smaller than Jalil's. It was just as thick as the guard's, however, and when he stepped around and pressed it against Samantha's tiny vagina it looked enormous.

"No!! Noooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha screamed, writhing around on the table as the Arab began rubbing the tip of his penis against her helpless pussy. "Oh my Samantha!!" Hassan shouted in glee, as he finally pressed the bulging head of his cock against the girl's sex and began boring into the tiny opening.

"Uuuuaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!" The petite blonde shrieked, closing her eyes and shaking her head as the disgusting Middle Eastern brute penetrated her. Samantha was crying so hard now as Hassan drilled one inch of his dick after another into her. Once again, she felt her vagina stretching excruciatingly wide in order to fit the old man's cock. She was squirming around in protest, but with her legs shackled to the table and her arms tied behind her she was completely powerless to stop the man.

She continued to keep her eyes closed, as she could not stomach having to look at the thick clumps of fur all over his torso. Her pussy was already so sore from the earlier fucking, and burned very badly as Hassan forced his shaft inside the opening. "Wow the whore is so tight!!" Hassan yelled in his native tongue, as he bent over the table and sank nearly his entire cock inside the 19-year-old. "No please!! PLEASE!!!" Samantha begged fearfully, as Hassan gripped the edges of the table by her head and readied himself to begin fucking the blonde girl.

Samantha screamed in total misery as the huge Arab suddenly began hammering away at her little pink cunt. She was thinking—or perhaps hoping—that he would start gradually and work into a rhythm. Instead, however, he immediately began fucking the bound American at a furious pace, slamming his huge cock in and out of her in long and powerful strokes. The rape was so brutal that Samantha looked like she was being tortured. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and was squirming about so hysterically.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! PLEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSE!!" The blonde wailed, shaking her head from side to side while Hassan furiously fucked her. Jalil and the other guards in the room were watching in excitement as their boss absolutely pummeled the little American bitch.

Though they'd seen it hundreds of times over the years, it was always a joy to watch Hassan fuck a new slave for the first time. Just like themselves, Hassan preferred having sex in an extremely rough and violent manner, and especially with Americans like Samantha. The guards could all see how much pain the girl was in, as she was so tiny and at the complete mercy of Hassan's vicious fucking. "Please master!!!

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Please stop!! It hurts so much!! Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssse!!!" Samantha screamed miserably, after a couple minutes passed by and the old Arab continued to pound her aching vagina.

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"Ah!! Shit!!!" Hassan shouted, slamming his palm against the table as he felt his cock about to explode. The fat beast gave one final shove and then roared as a river of sperm gushed from his dick and into the 19-year-old. Samantha let out a bleat of surprise and disgust as she felt her womb being flooded with cum. She was so sickened by the sensation, but at the same time she was glad the old man was finally done with her. Her pussy was absolutely on fire and felt like it had been raped with a rusty pole rather than a penis.

"Oh my that was incredible!!!" Hassan exclaimed, huffing while he lay atop the tiny blonde and finished dumping his seed inside her. Once he was finished, the man pulled out of Samantha and took a few steps back, so that he and his men could admire his work. The girl's vagina was agape and her cunt lips were already slightly swollen. In just seconds Hassan's milky cum began oozing from the American's lovely vagina and down onto her tiny anus. Even though he'd just climaxed, Hassan could hardly wait to sodomize Samantha later in the evening.

"Shit I'm going to be late," Hassan said in Arabic, as he glanced at his Rolex watch. "You all may use her until 2:00. Then I want you to begin her training Jalil. Teach her how to suck properly, and clean her asshole." "Yes sir," Jalil answered, also in Arabic.


There were five guards inside the room, and they all stood still and waited respectfully while Hassan got dressed. Once the elderly man was finished and had left the room, the group of Muslim giants quickly began removing their clothes while they chatted excitedly. They quickly discussed in which order they would take the American, and whether or not to leave her tied to the table. It was just past noon now, and there was plenty of time for all of them to have a turn with the girl.

Samantha, meanwhile, was so distraught that she did not even comprehend what was happening. The moment one of the guards got into position between her legs, however, the girl completely lost it. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOO!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Samantha screamed, tilting her head forward and staring at the brute in defiance.

Other than being slightly skinnier and shorter, the man was very similar in build to Jalil. He was actually the smallest of Hassan's guards, although at 6'3" and 240 lbs he was nevertheless very big himself.

Likewise, his penis was also very large, though not quite as large as Jalil's ridiculous 9" snake. The moment he began roughly shoving it inside the blonde girl she screeched in horrendous pain. The muscular Arab shouted random expletives and other nonsense while he savagely fucked the screaming 19-year-old. Like many other Middle Easterners, he had a natural disdain for Americans, although his hatred for them went even further.

He was of Iraq descent and had several of his close friends and relatives who'd been killed in the War on Terror. Although Samantha obviously had nothing to do with those deaths, to him she embodied the typical arrogance and affluence of the US, and he planned on taking out all of his rage on her.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP!!! STAAAAAWWWWWP!!" Samantha shrieked, as the twisted fiend began fucking her harder than even Jalil or Hassan. The crazed man was bent over the table and was practically jumping up and down while he battered Samantha's devastated cunt. Because some of Hassan's sperm was still left inside the girl's vagina, each time the guard slammed into her it produced the loudest and most sickening wet sound.

He was drilling his entire cock in and out of the girl, and each thrust looked like it was killing her more and more. "No more please!!! You're killing me!! YOU'RE FUCKING KILLING MEEEEE!!" Samantha screamed, gazing at the Iraq man with sheer desperation.

Samantha nearly fainted several times as almost five minutes passed by and the guard ferociously raped her. The searing pain in her vagina was so bad now that she could not even think. She screamed pretty much the entire time and her voice was quickly starting to grow hoarse. By the time the man finally climaxed she was completely devastated, and her vagina and womb felt like they'd been pounded to a pulp. "No!! Oh my God please stop this!!

I can't—I can't take it anymore!!" Samantha squealed, sobbing wretchedly once the man pulled out of her only to be replaced instantly by the next guard. "No stop!! Stop!!! STOP!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The blonde wailed in terror, struggling madly as the mountainous guard began stuffing her poor vagina once more. Just like Hassan and the other man before him, the Arab brute fucked Samantha in the most merciless fashion. Though she did not think it was possible, her vagina felt even more on fire as the vicious guard hammered away at it.

But because her voice was virtually gone, Samantha was unable to scream nearly as loud as before, and the rapist mistakenly thought that this meant he was not fucking the blonde nearly as thoroughly as the others. So he proceeded to absolutely pummel poor Samantha, fucking her harder than he'd ever fucked a woman in his life. "Aaaaaauuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!!" Samantha squealed wretchedly, as the Arab slammed his oversized cock in and out of her pussy like a locomotive.

"Holy shit Amir, don't kill the poor girl!" Jalil shouted in Arabic, watching in wonder while his huge friend beat the brakes off Samantha's cunt.

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Several agonizing minutes passed by before the guard finally spewed his cum inside the little blonde. He was sweating profusely and out of breath as he lay atop the bound American. When he finally pulled out and stepped aside so that the next man could begin Samantha was beyond hysterical. "NOOOOOOOOO!! NO MORE!!! STOP THIS!!

PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!" Samantha screamed, looking up at her new assailant in complete dismay. The 19-year-old yanked hectically at her bonds and sobbed in anguish as the dark-skinned Arab lined his huge cock up with her swollen vagina.

Samantha's scream was absolutely gut-wrenching as the guard rammed forward and brutally drove all 8 inches of his penis inside her cunt. Normally it would not have been remotely possible for the man to skewer Samantha in such fashion, but after having been raped by three massive cocks in just the past 20 minutes her cunt was so badly stretched out and torn. "Please sir!!" Samantha pleaded in despair. "Please stop!! I'm—I'm dying!! I swear to God you're gonna kill me!

Please no more!!" The Arab turned to his friends and laughed before he too began fucking the tiny American like a complete savage. By now Samantha was so drained that she just writhed around weakly and wept while the ugly giant raped her. Somehow, she was able to stay conscious and survive as he and the final guard spent more than ten minutes pummeling her vagina.

When the last of Hassan's men finally finished using her, the blonde looked completely traumatized and was barely moving. "Damn Jalil I know you're going to have fun today," one of the guards remarked in Arabic, as he and the others all donned their suits again.

"Yes it will be very pleasant," Jalil smiled, as he looked at the sniveling little American on the table. "Hopefully Hassan finishes with her early tonight," a different guard stated. "And he lets us fuck her ass." "Yes I hope so too," Jalil agreed, waving to his friends as they all began exiting the room. Once they were gone there was an eerie silence inside the spacious dungeon. Samantha was so utterly devastated that she appeared to be in shock.

Her eyes were closed and her petite body was quivering while she shed more and more tears. Jalil looked down at her vagina and was not surprised by what he saw. The orifice was gaping badly and was smeared with blood while a thick line of cum dribbled from it.

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He gave Samantha just minutes to herself and then began untying her from the table. "Let's go stupid whore," the huge Arab commanded, as he wedged his arms inside the girl's armpits and dragged her back over to where she was originally. "Please, no—no more," Samantha moaned, too tired to resist as Jalil forced her to kneel before tying her wrists into a pair of leather restraints above her head.

The cuffs were attached to a length of rope which, in turn, ran up through a pulley which was fixed to a metal beam high on the wall. The rope was easily adjustable, so that whoever was secured to the cuffs could be left on their knees or lifted high into the air.

For the moment, however, Jalil left the young American on her knees, with her arms pulled up above her head. He stared at the girl for a moment, once again appreciating her fine white skin and tremendously hot little body. "Hey! Look at me whore!" Jalil shouted, prompting the blonde to gaze up at him. "Your training begins now. Today you will learn how to suck dick." Samantha watched nervously as the massive Arab walked over to the corner of the room and grabbed a small stool.

He then moved over to a cabinet containing dozens of whips, canes, and riding crops. After thinking for a minute, he selected a very menacing black whip which was split at the end into four different leather strands. Each strand contained strips of steel inside the leather, allowing them to inflict a great deal of pain on the poor target. Samantha whined in fear as the naked beast set the stool down directly in front of her before taking a seat on it. She began shaking as the man's 9" cock was now just inches from her face, and completely erect.

"Because you are American I think you are good cock-sucker," Jalil declared in his heavy accent. "But maybe not." "No please!!" Samantha cried, recoiling as the man dropped his whip and grabbed her head with one of his giant hands.

"You will put it all in your mouth, or else," the Arab warned, using his other hand to tilt his massive prick down toward the blonde's lips. "If you fail or refuse I will hit you five times, if you throw up, ten times. If you bite me, I will hit you twenty times." Samantha whimpered in fear as the hairy bastard held her head still and guided his huge prick between her lips.

It smelled and tasted so bad, and for a second she thought about biting down on it before quickly deciding not to. She'd never been forced to suck a man's penis before, so she was mortified as Jalil clutched her skull tightly and began shoving one inch after another of his dick inside her mouth. When she felt the tip of the awful penis ramming into her throat the little American instantly started gagging badly and frantically tried to free her head from the Arab's grasp.

Jalil kept the girl's skull in place and continued trying to cram his cock down her gullet while she choked. "Fucking bitch!!!" Jalil cursed in Arabic, jerking the blonde's face away as she was forced to bite down on the meaty shaft.

"Uuuuaaaagggghhhhh!! Please I'm sorry!!" Samantha shrieked, coughing violently as she struggled to take in oxygen. She did not even notice as Jalil rose angrily to his feet and stomped over to the wall behind her. He began turning the handle of a crank, and in turn the rope and cuffs attached to Samantha's wrists started climbing. Samantha yelped in fear as she was quickly and steadily lifted higher and higher, until she was in the air and her little toes dangled a foot above the floor.

"You failed," Jalil stated in a very upset tone, after returning from the wall and picking up the whip. "And you bite me. That is 25 hits." "No, no, no," Samantha responded, her eyes wide in terror as the beefy Arab cocked his whip back. "Aaaaaaaoooooooowwwwwwwww!!!" Samantha screamed, kicking her legs in the air as Jalil viciously swung the whip across her little breasts. "One!" Jalil bellowed, swiftly bringing the whip over his shoulder once more. Samantha unleashed a spine-tingling scream as the Arab again ripped the leather strands across her chest.

The strike was so hard that the American's small breasts jiggled side to side several times from the blow. Jalil counted out the hit once again. Samantha was already starting to weep again as she looked at the Arab and thrashed around in the air in total fear.

"Three!!" Jalil yelled, after slamming the whip against the blonde's tits yet again. "AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!! STOP IT!!!" Samantha screeched, glaring at the Middle Eastern giant in hatred and agony. Jalil's heart was beating in excitement as he continued to pummel the little dangling American. He unleashed seven more horrendous lashes on her, with every single one on her defenseless breasts. With each lash Samantha grew more and more hysterical.

It wasn't long before it felt like the skin was literally being beaten from her chest. The pain was completely and utterly excruciating, and was just as bad as the brutal train Hassan and his guards had ran through her cunt just moments ago. "Ten!!!" Jalil shouted in triumph.

The Arab finally paused for a moment and stared at the tiny, sobbing 19-year-old in the air. Her breasts were already covered with dozens of long, dark red welts.

There were also a few on her torso, directly beneath her quivering A-cup tits. Samantha's head was slumped to the side and her face was pressed against her skinny bicep. She looked totally miserable and defeated, but Jalil was far from done with her.

"I am nice, I will give your breasts break," Jalil chuckled, as he stepped around the writhing American so that he was behind her.

"Aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Samantha screamed, tugging at her bonds as she felt the braids of the whip slash across her buttocks. "Eleven!" Jalil roared, laughing as the petite blonde started flailing her legs once more. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Samantha howled, as the terrible flogger instantly set her ass ablaze once more. The slender American screamed, begged, and wept feverishly as Jalil proceeded to administer the remaining lashes on her small, firm ass.

Her shrieks of agony were almost inhuman, as the scorching pain drove her to the brink of madness. By the time he'd delivered the 25th and final strike, Samantha's once pristine ass looked just like her breasts—crimson all over and covered with blistering welts. The girl was still blubbering as Jalil went back to the wall and spun the crank, thereby lowering her back to the cold floor until she was on her knees again.

"Come on, let's try again," Jalil declared, plopping down on the stool in front of Samantha and grabbing her long sandy-blonde hair. "Open your mouth." The little blonde whined dismally as she parted her lips for the man's enormous cock.

She was incredibly nervous as Jalil held her skull with both hands and slowly inserted his penis into her mouth. When about half of it was between her jaws and she felt the tip pushing against her tonsils Samantha began whimpering pitifully.

She looked down and saw that several inches of Jalil's dick was still outside of her mouth and she started crying. "Remember, you take whole dick in your mouth," Jalil reminded the girl, before he began cramming his penis down her fragile throat. "Aaaacccckkkkkkkk!!" Samantha groaned wretchedly, trying to twist her head away as Jalil's monstrous cock wormed its way down her gullet. The petite American was utterly mortified at what Jalil was trying to do to her.

She had never deep-throated anyone in her life, and simply had no clue how it was possible. When she'd given blowjobs, the furthest she'd ever allowed her previous partner's to insert into her mouth was 3-4 inches. So now, as the Arab fiend packed nearly six inches of his gigantic cock into her mouth and throat, Samantha could not help but start to gag immediately. This time, however, she wisely remembered not to bite down on the penis, even as Jalil forced it deeper and deeper into her throat.

He got almost seven inches inside the blonde's mouth before it was clear that she was starting to choke, at which point he reluctantly pulled out of her. "You fail again!" Jalil hissed at the retching, despondent girl. "No please!! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!!" Samantha begged, coughing intensely as Jalil got up and walked back over to the wall. "No wait!! Stop!! Stop!!! I'll do it!! Please I'll do it!!" The American squealed, pulling at her restraints as she was once again hoisted into the air.

When he was satisfied with the height of the girl Jalil walked back in front of her and grabbed the whip from the ground.

Samantha was already shaking her head in dread as she looked at the awful leather instrument. She already started screaming as the Arab cocked it back before tearing it across her tits. The instant the braids of steel and leather touched her skin Samantha's scream seemed to double in volume.

"One!!!" Jalil called out. "Please please please!!! Let me down!! I'll do it right this time!!" Samantha beseeched the heartless man. "Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!" The blonde wailed, twisting around in the air wildly as Jalil cracked the whip against her helpless chest once more.

Jalil shouted out the number again and quickly unleashed three more agonizing lashes on the American's tits. He then went over to the crank and twisted it until the miserable blonde was back on her knees. Samantha was completely dejected at this point and wanted so badly to just shield her battered breasts with her arms.

"Again!" The Arab commanded, sitting down in front of the girl and grabbing the back of her head. Samantha emitted a long and anguished groan as Jalil speared his big fat cock back into her mouth. She consciously tried her absolute best to loosen her throat and suppress her gag reflex as the massive Arab rammed his prick down her tiny throat once more. This time, however, she could not even last half as long as the previous attempt. In just seconds she started gagging again, and another few seconds later Jalil was forced to pull out.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed in utter horror, shaking her head woefully as the guard marched back over to the wall and turned the crank. "Oh my God please just stop this!! Please no more!!" Samantha implored the callous Arab, who grabbed the whip and disappeared behind her.

Jalil calmly and swiftly dispensed five searing shots on the American's ass, this time not bothering to count aloud. Samantha screamed in abject misery the entire time, of course, and was a blubbering mess by the time Jalil lowered her back to the floor.

Her buttocks burned so badly that it was hard for her to even breathe. As Jalil took a seat in front of her yet again Samantha let out a scream of absolute misery, fear, and frustration. "We do not stop until you learn how to suck," Jalil declared, seizing the white girl's head.

Samantha whined dismally as she spread her lips and allowed Jalil to shove his dick back into her mouth. She concentrated on the blistering pain all over her breasts and ass and was absolutely set on taking the Arab's entire cock inside her throat.

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Samantha's eyes were closed and a look of pure torture was on her face as Jalil slowly shoved more and more of his penis inside her mouth.

He stuffed more than seven inches down the blonde's gullet before she suddenly yanked her head back and puked her airplane food all over the ground. Jalil sighed in frustration and jerked Samantha's hair forward so she was forced to look down. "You fail, and you throw up," Jalil declared, pointing at the floor.

"Fifteen hits." "NO!! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Samantha screamed in horror, tugging at her bonds as hard as she could while Jalil grabbed the whip and marched over to the wall.

"Aaaaaaoooooowwwwwwwww!!! Pleeeeaaaaaaaassssssse!!" The tiny American screeched, squirming around in agony as Jalil beat her breasts with the whip. "One!" The Arab growled, blasting Samantha's tits once more. Jalil was elated as he proceeded to pummel the American's tiny breasts. Although he appeared irritated at Samantha's inability to deep-throat him, in actuality the Arab did not mind one bit, as it gave him reason to batter Samantha's lovely petite body.

The particular whip he was using was of such design that the braids of steel wrapped in leather would not break the victim's skin, but would leave tremendously excruciating welts. As such, it was perfect for prolonged sessions, which Jalil imagined this would be. Nevertheless, he had all day with the American bitch, and she was going to learn how to deep-throat him one way or another.

"No wait!! Please!!!" Samantha wailed, as the Arab prepared to deliver the 8th lash on her. "I'll—I'll suck you!! Please, I'll suck your dick!! I'll suck it good I swear!!! I'll make you cum I swear to God!!" The skinny little blonde wept in terror as Jalil simply laughed before stepping around behind her. Samantha screamed piercingly as the awful braids slammed into her reddened ass-cheeks. Jalil dispensed seven more excruciating hits on the blonde's ass, soaking in her screams of pure agony.

When he was through he calmly lowered the American to the floor and again plopped down onto the stool right in front of her. "No wait, wait," Samantha stated in panic as the Arab took hold of her head.

"Please stop, please listen. I'll suck your dick—I'll suck your dick my way. Please, just let me suck it my way. Please, you'll like it. I swear to God you'll like it." "No," Jalil responded with no emotion, clutching a fistful of the girl's hair and pulling her face towards his giant penis. "No your way, only correct way." Samantha screamed in complete suffering as Jalil forced his cock back into her open mouth.

Her slender neck was straining as she frantically tried to free her skull from the man's grip. At this point she was convinced there was no way in the world she could take his entire penis inside her mouth, and she was no longer interested in trying.

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But as the barbaric Arab rammed his huge cock down her throat Samantha inevitably began strangling on the meaty pipe. "Nooooooooooo!!! Stop!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!!" The American screamed, yanking at her cuffs in fury as Jalil pulled out of her mouth and started walking back to the wall. "No don't!! Stop!!!" Samantha begged, looking at Jalil in terror as he began turning the crank. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The petite blonde screeched, as she was raised high into the air.

Jalil watched in total joy as the 19-year-old sobbed and twisted about like a pathetic whore. He had not even struck her yet with the whip but she was already so frightened. He could see the look of complete terror, pain and anger on her face, and was so tempted to take her down for a few minutes and rape her again. The American bitch was ridiculously sexy as she hung there, naked and glistening with sweat with dozens of searing welts all over her little chest.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!" Samantha wailed, pulling herself high into the air as Jalil raked the whip across her breasts. "One!" The Arab hooted, before viciously striking the small mounds again.

"Stop it you fucking asshole!!!" Samantha bellowed, squirming around in agony as she glared at the sadistic ogre. "You fucking bastard!! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Can't you see?! I can't—I can't do it you psycho motherfucker!!!" After taking more than 50 excruciating lashes on her ass and breasts the little American had finally had enough. Although Samantha was deathly afraid of the colossal Arab, she could no longer contain her rage and frustration.

The man was a complete lunatic and she needed him to know that. Samantha could not understand how it was not clear to him—as it was to her—that she could not suck him, at least not the way he wanted.

"You are wrong," Jalil replied. "You can do it, you will see." "NOOOOOO!! AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Samantha screeched, trying to twist away as Jalil landed another horrendous blow to her tits. The Arab laid two more shots on the blonde's chest. The remainder of her torso was completely unmarked, and while he considered hitting her elsewhere, Jalil loved decorating Samantha's small round breasts and ass too much.

When he was finished he lowered the American back to the floor. As soon as he sat down in front of her and grabbed her head Samantha began bawling like a true whore. "Oh God please!! Please stop!!" The 19-year-old pleaded, in a much more docile tone than when she'd cursed at Jalil a minute ago.

"Listen!! Please listen to me!! I can't—I can't do this! I can't do what you want me to, but I swear to God I'll give you a—a good blowjob! I swear you'll like it! Please just let me—just let me show you!!" "Shut up, and open your mouth," Jalil snapped, holding his index finger in front of the American.

"You will learn how to suck correct way, or I will beat you, all day." "No!! Get away from meeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Samantha screamed, clamping her teeth and jerking her head sideways as the Arab pressed the tip of his cock against her lips.

"You refuse?!" Jalil growled, yanking down on the girl's hair. "You refuse?! Five hits!!" "No wait!! Wait!!" The little American shouted in dread, as Jalil got to his feet and walked back to the wall. "Stop!! Please I'll do it!!

Please come back!! I'll do it!!!" Samantha screamed in complete anguish and regret as she was hoisted back into the air. As the giant Arab disappeared behind her with the whip she still could not comprehend that this was actually happening to her.

Her mind was overloaded with thoughts and she kept praying that this was nothing but a terrible nightmare. As Jalil slammed the whip against her scorched buttocks, however, the mind-boggling pain was a harsh reminder that this was in fact real.

"One!! You refuse again?!" Jalil demanded, pausing to hear back from the squirming little blonde.


"Aaaaaaaaooooooowwwwwwwww!!! Stop!! No!! No I don't!! I don't refuse!!" Samantha quickly shouted back. "Please let me down!! Please sir I don't refuse!!

I'll be good I swear!! Please I'll be good!" "Two!!!" The Arab bellowed, after unleashing another shot on the girl's ass. "AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!


STOP!! PLEASE I SAID I'LL BE GOOD!!!" Samantha squealed in agony. Jalil administered three more brutal lashes on the American's bottom. Unlike her breasts, the bitch actually had quite a shapely and plump ass, especially for how small and skinny she was.

Jalil simply could not wait to stick his enormous cock inside the blonde's asshole and hear her scream when he did. When he lowered Samantha back to the floor and stood before her she looked completely defeated and consumed with pain. She did not resist at all now as the Arab grabbed her hair and pulled her toward his cock. As expected, another attempt to deep-throat the 19-year-old ended in failure.

Samantha begged, screamed, and wept in sheer misery as Jalil raised her into the air and punished her with the whip. This cruel process repeated itself over and over again, as the mighty Arab thrashed Samantha's ass and breasts dozens more times. Gradually, however, the American figured out more and more how to accomplish her task. With each set of excruciating lashes she learned more and more new things, like to lean forward and straighten her throat, to relax and expand her gullet, and how to control her gag-reflex and breathe through her nose.

Finally, after what seemed like the hundredth attempt, she was able to stay composed long enough for Jalil to fit his entire 9" cock inside her mouth and throat. "Very good!" Jalil commended the little blonde, after pulling out of her mouth.

"Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!" Samantha screamed in exhaustion, coughing violently once the awful Arab penis was no longer jammed in her throat. Jalil smiled as he watched the petite girl panting and groaning in relief. She was slumped forward and would have collapsed onto her side if it wasn't for the cuffs holding her arms in the air above her. She was so drained and he could tell from her body language that she thought her misery was over.

The Arab, of course, knew otherwise. He gave Samantha just a couple of minutes of rest before he grabbed her hair once more. "No, please," the American pleaded as soon as she felt Jalil's grip. "Stop, no more.

I did it, I did what you wanted." "Stupid American," Jalil laughed, as he grinned down at the tiny blonde. "Your training is not over. Now you will make me cum. You will use your throat. You will take whole cock in your throat. If you fail—or make me angry—fifty hits." "Noooooo!! God please just leave me alone!!!" Samantha sobbed, her eyes wide with terror as Jalil shoved his prick back into her mouth. To be continued… **I hope you enjoy the story so far.

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