Cute brunette masturbates on cam

Cute brunette masturbates on cam
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As Becky looked around the room at all those guys, more than 15 of them, she felt her nipples get even harder, if that was possible. She squirmed at the thought of them fucking her, one after another.maybe, no.certainly several at once, remembering the awesome sensation of being double-stuffed with cock the other day. Becky moaned softly as her whole body tingled with sexual energy, then grinned at them, drawing her knees up and apart, letting her thighs fall open, arching her back and giggling at their applause as she gave them a real good look at her shaved teenage pussy, still glistening with her earlier climax and new arousal.

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They were all standing there, some of them open-mouthed, and she loved it, loved the thought that they were willing to pay to fuck her. Becky raised her cute little butt off the mattress and ground her hips, earning wolf-whistles.

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As she was teasing them with her tight young body, loving the way she was naked and vulnerable in front of all these older men, her wrists still tied tightly to the head of the bed, she saw several boys her age came in the door.

With a shock! she realized she knew one of them. It was Kyle from next door to where she lived! Becky blushed, a crimson flush making her cheeks hot, the redness spreading down her neck and over her breasts.

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She hated Kyle, he was a bastard, he played tricks on her whenever he could, always had, since she was little. As she looked at him her eyes began to tear up, realizing as he slowly, teasingly pulled his zipper down that like all the rest of them, he was there to fuck her.

She stopped teasing the men, her arousal dampened as she closed her thighs and twisted to the side, trying to hide her naked body from him. Her mind was numb, she couldn't believe this was happening. But it was, and she glared at him as he nudged his buddies, grinning meanly. Both of them she now realized had teased and bullied her at school, had been there with him several times, laughing as he ridiculed her in front of her classmates.

They were both overweight, a fact made plainer when the dark-haired one pulled his greasy t-shirt over his head, then pulled his shorts and underwear down. Becky felt bile rise in her throat at the sight of his flabby white rolls of blubber and his pathetically small cock.

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Kyle and the other boy started taking their clothes off too, and she looked quickly away, her skin flushing even redder with embarrassment. But the older guys didn't know anything was wrong, she realized, as they came forward to the sides of the bed. Becky shivered as several men who must have been at least 30 reached out to caress her teenage flesh, one crawling onto the bed with her, laying down beside her, bending down to suck gently on her left nipple. Kyle and his buddies were hidden from her view.

Becky squirmed as the guy sucking her nipple slid his hand up between her thighs and drew his finger along her wet labia. She moaned and relaxed a little, letting one of the fatter guys pull her knees apart.

The other guy quit sucking on her nipple and slipped his left hand up her neck to pull her head around, and she looked into his eyes, panting now as he slipped his finger inside her wet pussy, and eagerly met his lips in a hot french kiss. Becky kissed him passionately, enjoying the taste and feel of his mouth, his tongue. She moaned into the kiss as someone's mouth engulfed her right nipple, moaned louder as she felt him chew softly on her breast, his tongue flicking over her nipple between bites.

She wanted to look to see who was chewing on her but her kissing partner held the back of her head and kissed harder, and she forgot as she felt her arousal return. She gasped as he kissed her, now feeling another guy's fingers joining his in her tight pussy, whimpering through the kiss as the invading digits stretched her a bit. Becky squirmed as she heard Kyle say from nearby, "This is wild, dog. Becky the Bitch is a Whore! Gonna be sweet to finally do her up the ass." Becky groaned as someone slapped her thigh, thinking it was Kyle, but as she broke the kiss and looked it was someone else, another older guy who seemed to like the red welts on the back of the thighs.

She winked and smiled at him, arching her back as he pinched her sore flesh but enjoying his cruel touch. Maybe it was because two strangers were slowly fucking their fingers in and out of her pussy. Maybe because the guy who had been kissing her was now nuzzling at her neck, sucking at her skin and making her really horny. She turned to her left and a guy was waving his semi-erect cock right there in her face.

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Becky couldn't take her eyes off the sight of a glistening drop of precum oozing out the tip.she was mesmerized by it. "Suck me, gorgeous", the man said, and Becky felt a hunger rise within her.

She leaned sideways, feeling the ropes tug at her wrists where they were tied to the headboard, not caring, liking the slight pain of it even as he teasingly avoided her mouth, making her giggle. Then he brushed the head across her lips, and she looked up at his face, looked into his eyes and licked the salty-sweet juice from her beautiful lips, it's taste bringing a sexy smile to her face.

"Mmmmm, yummy", she said, then giggled, still looking at him, wanting to please this stranger, to suck his cock and swallow his seed, to feel him inside her later. She looked back down at his cock, darted her head forward and kissed the head quickly, then let it slip just inside her mouth, her lips locked around the uncircumcised head as her hot little tongue lapped at him, feeling a thrill as she heard him moan. Then she whined again as the other guy, the sadistic one, pinched her thigh once more.

She let the cock slip free and turned to glare/ grin at the sadist. He had sat down on the edge of the bed and now leaned in to kiss her. Becky was shocked he would kiss her when she had just been sucking on another guy, but it turned her on alot too, and she kissed him hungrily, moaning when he started to twist on her right nipple but loving it. Then the guy she had been sucking grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her head back to him, breaking the kiss.

Mr. Sadist lowered his head to go back to biting/ chewing softly on her breasts, and Becky groaned from the pleasure/ pain he gave her even as her lovely lips closed around that cock again.

It was difficult to concentrate on giving the guy a good blowjob with someone abusing her boobs, and with two other guys trying to see how many fingers would fit in her tight teenage cunt, but Becky did the best she could, slurping and sucking at his average-size prick, letting him shove it down her throat often, liking the casual way he fucked her face.

She shivered through a short orgasm when the guys forced two pussy-juiced fingers up inside her ass, but with a cock lodged in her throat at the time she didn't make too much noise.

The extra cum only made it easier for them to stretch her, fill her young cunt with thick wriggling fingers. Becky felt her clit throb as her pussy was invaded, wondering how many fingers could fit inside her body. She whined around her meal of cock as another, a third finger, was forced into her tight butt. As the minutes passed the guys laughed, shoving harder, and finally the young girl screamed around the guy's cock, experiencing a mind-bending climax. She wrenched at her tied wrists, choking on the cock that was being forced into her throat again, unable to breathe.

Even that contributed to her orgasm, and during her spasms she realized a forth finger had been shoved into her butt, her anus burning, her pussy feeling stuffed, stretched, filled. The climax shook her body again and again, Becky crying with pleasure as it tore through her.

Somewhere during that the cock in her throat swelled and pulsed, the guy pumping spurt after spurt of his cum right down her throat, moaning and grinding his crotch into her face. She choked, then her climax passed and her eyes grew wide, she was choking, unable to breathe!

The guy pulled out of her sore throat, Becky coughing and gasping. The other guys pulled their fingers out of the girl as well, leaving her feeling empty, but she smiled at a naughty thought.bigger things than fingers would be inside her soon. "Oh, wow", Becky groaned, turning her head to cough into a pillow. The two guys who had been finger-fucking her now untied her, and she realized her wrists were raw.

She had badly abraded the flesh thrashing around during her wonderful orgasm. But the sight of her damaged skin turned her on even as she winced, rubbing her wrists and liking the fresh pain she felt. Becky wheezed, covering her mouth as she coughed again. She took several deep breaths, then started giggling as the guy she had been sucking shot a final watery spurt and it hit her right in the face.

She looked around as they all laughed with her, then sat up, and after wiping her face, she earned new applause by sucking greedily at her cum-covered fingers and hand. She liked the taste of cum, and just didn't wanna waste any. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "My turn baby", another guy said, laying down beside her on the big bed and slapping his thighs, indicating to her he wanted her to ride him.

She noticed he was pretty well hung, smiling at the sight. Becky rose to her knees on the bed, a little shaky after her orgasm, but then decided to tease them a bit. She turned and slid her leg over his, reaching both hands back to caress her ass.

She looked over her left shoulder and shook her shoulder-length hair out of her eyes, licking her red lips before saying "Don't be bashful guys, jump right in".

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She giggled as they moved forward. "Those fingers sure felt good in my butt, but now i need something bigger". As she turned back and wriggled forward, looking down at the guy beneath her, Becky grinned wide as she heard them all laughing and coming closer. She wrapped her small hands around his shaft, figuring him to be at least 9" and nice and thick, knowing it would feel wonderful to have him up inside her.

He groaned and humped his hips up at her as she nestled his cockhead between her thighs, savoring the sensation of the fat head against the lips of her pussy. As she wiggled a little her distended labia parted and engulfed the head of his cock, eliciting a gasp from both him and herself.

She slid forward and down, feeling him enter her properly and loving the feeling of it. His cock was a hot, pulsing thing, and she was wetter than she could ever remember being. He slid up into her hot gripping cunt easily, yet his dick stretched her as well, and she squirmed as she rocked her hips, sliding lower and moaning in pleasure.

The spell was broken as Becky felt other hands caress her flesh, and she looked down into the guy's eyes and shrugged, making him laugh and her giggle. Guys were already rubbing her back, stroking her hips, twisting her stiff nipples.

She turned her head and a guy in his forties laughed as he forced his fingers into her mouth. Apparently he liked the way she sucked greedily at them, because he groaned with lust and removed them to suck hungrily at her tongue. She loved to kiss and returned the favor. Guys were shoving fingers into her butt again, and she squirmed at how much better it felt when there was a cock in her pussy.

A cock that was almost all the way up inside her now, even as others pulled, pinched, and sucked at her tender flesh. She groaned as the old guy stopped kissing her, but smiled at him as he took her left hand and kissed her palm. She dropped the hand to his waist, and it was his turn to groan as the young girl began to stroke him.

Becky giggled as her other hand was put to the same use by someone to her right. Then she sighed contentedly as she felt her crotch settle against the man beneath her, and just sat there, savoring the sensation of finally having a cock stuffing her tight pussy.

She realized she had stopped stroking her two other.clients. Becky giggled and began again, also starting to let the guy beneath her slid out again as she rose up.

The fingers were removed from her butt and she grinned in anticipation, and was immediately rewarded with the sensation of a stiff cockhead probing between her cheeks.

Becky arched her back as her anus was stretched until the guy's cock popped inside. She whined as she slid her pussy back down, because the guy behind her roughly shoved into her.

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It felt wonderful though, because she was one of those girls who really love two cocks at once. The way they filled her, made her feel stuffed, was better than anything. She looked over her shoulder, sweaty and horny, wanting to admire the man fucking her ass. A cold shock made her skin tingle all over.


It was Kyle! He grinned at her and leaned against her back, whispering "God, bitch, this ass is sweet!

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The best part is i can fuck it whenever i want.whore." He kissed her cheek as he said those words though, making her mind whirl. She was disgusted at the thought of him fucking her, doing anything sexual with her for that matter, but as he slid deeper into her ass the sensation of two cocks made her whine with lust.

And that made her want him to fuck her. She turned away, finding a rhythm that allowed the her to fill her, then pull out, then back IN, mmmmm, then out, then IN again, wow. One of the guys she was jerking off shot his load into her hand, and she raised it to her lips automatically, bringing shouts of "What a slut!" and "Suck that spunk, bitch!" from the men around her.

Becky felt an orgasm approaching, and leaned back into Kyle as it overtook her. He had begun to slap her ass, and that made her cum alot better. She had ceased to care what he had been, how he had treated her in the past, now all she wanted was to please him, make him cum. She leaned her head back and panted as her body shuddered, the contractions of her tight young cunt making the guy beneath her cum with her, and Kyle soon after.

They shook together, Becky loving the sensation of thier cocks swelling inside her body, the hot spurts of cum filling her, making her climax even harder. Women have better orgasms, proven by how she was cumming long after they stopped. Becky was still shaking with orgasm when they pulled out, the guy under her rolling her off him and making Kyle's cock pull out with a loud sucking noise. As she lay there on her tummy the forty-year-old guy turned her head to the left and pushed his smallish cock between her lips.

"Mmmmmmm", she moaned, starting to suck him as her climax finally faded. He didn't last long, filling her mouth to overflowing. She choked then swallowed hungrily, loving the sour taste of this guy's cum. When he was done she even licked up what had run off her chin. The crowd laughed. Becky giggled and sat up, then twisted up onto her knees and let her thighs slide apart on the sheets, facing them. As she did this alot of gooey cum flowed from her pussy, and the guys whooped and hollered as the young teen caught the spunk in her cupped hand, then raising it to her lips slurped and licked it up.

When she finished she stretched with her arms over her head, grinning at them with her beautiful cum-covered lips.

She noticed there were alot of men in the room, most of them naked. As they moved around she saw more in the hall. Becky giggled cause she knew this was gonna last all day, and she knew she was going to love every second. She saw Kyle's two fat friends standing off to her right, and looking at the really fat one made her horny, not disgusted like before.

Well, maybe a little, but she realized this just made her hornier and more eager to please. She crooked her finger at Tubby, licking her wet lips. "Cum'ere, baby, let me taste that yummy cock". He moved forward with a cruel grin, but she didn't mind what he thought of her, as long as she got to suck him. As his friend moved forward she slid down to the foot of the bed, laying on her back and spreading her thighs, letting her head hang back over the edge of the mattress. Tubby was more than willing to oblige.even as he was sliding his short cock into her mouth his buddy was shoving a considerably bigger prick into Becky's sloppy pussy.

She gurgled happily and lapped at the sensitive cockhead in her mouth, Tubby groaning as she reached up to caress his balls. His friend was doing better than she had expected, stroking into her and hitting Just the right spot, making her moan around Tubby's cock. Suddenly her mouth was empty as someone pulled Tubby away, his protest cut short as Becky watched him.upside-down as she was on the bed.take a fist in his ample stomach with a "Whoof!".

She giggled at the sight, then licked her lips as the well-hung gentleman stepped up to her. "Mmmmm, much better", she said as she licked slowly at the large head of his cock. She was having trouble getting her lips over it, but as her head was tilted back in the perfect position he decided to help her.

Suddenly her mouth was full of hard cock, Becky moaning around the big shaft as he slipped it right into her throat. He totally filled her throat, probably the biggest she had ever taken. She was enjoying the abuse so much Kyle's friend came inside her and pulled out without her even noticing. Becky loved having her mouth/ throat fucked, and the guy knew it.

It was the naughty thought of how nice girls don't do this that turned her on so much. Becky whined shrilly around the prick in her throat as someone else shoved what seemed like a log between her young thighs. She was unable to see the cock that was being forced into her pussy, and also unable to see the huge guy who was forcing it.

If she had she might have fainted at the sight of the enormous shaft between his legs. Or knowing Becky, salivated. Her pussy was well-lubricated with cum, alot of it, and the oversized dick went in ok, albeit slowly and painfully. She was choking on the cock in her throat, but the guy slid out long enough for her to get a breath, then shoved his meat back down her lovely throat. Becky tried to suck him, but she was almost crying from the pain of her poor pussy being stretched so much.

The guy fucking her throat didn't care about that though, in fact he got a little harder at the sight. The guy shoving the fence post of a cock into her finally felt his cockhead push at the young girl's cervix, and sighed. He had almost twelve inches inside her, it would have to be enough. As he began to stoke in and out, her small hands pushed at his chest, at first in panic but then with lust as Becky began to enjoy the freakish size of the man inside her.

She moaned happily through her cock-filled throat as both men fucked her.


But then her mouth was empty. The guy knelt beside her, holding her head up so she could see what was going into her pussy. Becky gasped when she saw the size of it. Inside her! The guy holding her head looked up at the guy fucking her and said, "Roll back and let her ride you. I wanna fuck her tight little ass." Becky whimpered at the thought of the two of them inside her at once. But everyone else in the room thought it was a great idea.

She saw someone fiddling with a tripod-mounted camcorder in the corner. As the big guy effortlessly leaned back, with his hands on her hips, and pulled her petite body up on top of him, the other guy got on the bed behind her. Becky felt him slip his dick between her ass-cheeks and after a few seconds of shrill whining from her, he was inside.

As they shoved into the teenage girl at the same time she passed out. And the fucking of Becky continued.