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Gay boy sex tubes free and young gay black boys going at hardcore sex
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I have had an ongoing fantasy of watching another man fuck my girlfriend, preferably a black man with a big dick. I love the contrast of skin and nothing turns me on more than a tight pussy creaming on a big dick and it just looks so hot when it is on a black cock.

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My girlfriend Ashley is a petite girl, around 5'2" 125 and a beautiful ass! I told her about my fantasy one time and we had some hot sex afterward, I did not tell her about the other man being black because I was embarrassed enough that she knew I wanted to watch someone else fuck her.

One day I went into the local porn store looking for a dildo to try to help fulfill my fantasy, I found a black dildo with a suction cup at the end, it was fairly realistic looking and quite large (compared to me) about 8", so I figured I would buy it. I felt very awkward walking up to the counter with it but at the same time wanted to see Ashley get fucked by this thing I was already getting hard.

I got the courage to tell her about it pretty quick, the only thing on my mind was seeing her pussy with this big black cock in it and it was driving me crazy! She agreed to play along with my fantasy and dress up a little.


I put the dildo in my jeans with the zipper down, She came out in a skin tight dress that would make any man drool, we played out a fantasy where her friend, that was a black man was hanging out while she was doing yoga and she caught him touching himself. She saw his cock and could not stop looking at it, long story short she sucks him off but not before saying she had "never been with a black man before" then after sucking on it leads him into the other room by his cock.

I could barely get the head in but went slowly and very gentle for a while until she started to get more comfortable, I could tell she was enjoying it because she started to cream on it.

She started to pull me in further and was creaming more than I thought was possible, she was cumming hard and even squirted! I fucked her with the dildo for over an hour and she looked like she was on something, sweating like crazy and her eyes partly rolled back.

It was fucking hot!!


We used that black dildo all the time and rarely had sex without it, she did not seem to mind and even started to get into it more saying things like, " give me your big black cock" and "I love your big black dick", It was awesome! We did this for a while and I even made some videos that looked pretty real. But it wasn't real! I wanted more! I did not want to let anyone I knew know my fantasy so I started to think how I could make this happen with a black man that I knew had a big dick and would be cool with me watching him fuck my girlfriend and still be somewhat safe.

Lucky for me Craigslist has everything. I searched the personals for m4mw and got tons of listings so I searched it again with bbc attached and still a lot came up.

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I found a listing that said he was ddf and professional, Dante was his name and his pics showed he worked out, was very dark and pretty tall, 6'2" most of all he had a tape measure on his dick that didn't look completely hard and his length was 10"!

Now how do I get this set up? I sent the man pics of my girl and told him what was up, he came up with a great idea. He lived in a city about 2 hours from us that I had lived in before, he said we should come to town and get a hotel then go out drinking and just so happen run into my "good friend" and we would hang out for the weekend, throw some drinks back and maybe he can get her to invite him to our house for a weekend where she would be more comfortable and he could fool around with her and eventually fuck her.

Ashley and I planned our weekend, booked our room for the weekend and got packed. We weren't planning anything special, just be able to go out and get tipsy without worrying about driving, or so she thought!

We got settled in and went to the nearest bar, it was pretty laid back and not too loud so we got some drinks and relaxed in a round booth in the far back corner of the bar. Dante thought it would be a good idea for Ashley to be buzzed when they met so he did not come right away, I made sure she was getting tipsy, tipping the bartender to make her drinks stiffer and mine weaker, it was definitely working she was already making sexy movements with the music and getting loose. Finally my "good friend" Dante came in sat at the bar and ordered a drink, I leaned in to Ashley and said that I thought I knew him, we sat for awhile until we mad eye contact then me and Dante said each others names and he came over to our booth, I noticed her checking him out right away!

She was very flirty when I introduced them and I could see her staring at him when he and I were talking. We drank more and did some shots, she started moving to the music more and wanted to dance, I said "you know I don't dance baby, but I bet Dante will if you ask him nicely" She looked at him with fuck me eyes, put her hand out towards him and said "will you cum?" She sounded so slutty when she said it, it made me hard!

They moved out to the dance floor and I must say it looked so hot to see her with this large black man, they kept their distance at first, but the more shots she did the closer they got to each other. A slower song came on and they caressed each other like they had been together for years, she had her arms draped around his neck and he was alternating his hands from her waist to her beautiful ass. I could see them talking and it looked like they were having a good time, I saw her start to kiss him and then pull away quickly and hurry back to the booth.

She scooted in to me and put her arms around me and said "baby I'm sorry, I kissed your friend, I didn't mean to, I am buzzed and got a little lost in the music" I said "I don't mind baby, we are on vacation, enjoy yourself, Dante is a good friend" Just then Dante came to the table apologizing to us saying he was going to get going, he had too much to drink.

I told him to sit and that neither one of them should be sorry we are all friends having a good time. He sat down next to Ashley and told her how sorry he was and that he had not been around a beautiful girl in awhile and he could not resist. She blushed and said it was her fault, she said she had way too much to drink and thoughts were running through her head about the myth that goes along with black men.

You could tell right after she said it she thought she said too much, But it was the ice breaker!

Dante scooted closer to her and put an arm around her smiled as he looked in her eyes and said, "it is not a myth baby" as he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock.

To my surprise, she did not pull her hand away, instead she started to rub his cock under the table, teasing him through his pants. They were staring into each others eyes and started to kiss, it was so fucking hot! Dante had one arm around her, took his other arm and reached it under the table and put it up her dress, her eyes rolled back and she tilted her head back and let out a pretty loud moan, he started kissing her neck and both of their hands started moving frantically under the table as she pulled his cock out they started making out pretty heavily, you could tell they were lost in lust wanting each other so badly then she started to straddle him.

They were oblivious to everything around them and so was I, I was enjoying what I was seeing so much, Ashley had her dress hiked up and I could see his big black hands kneading her ass, running one hand up the back of her dress while the other one went toward her pussy. They were kissing and sucking each other I could see her arm moving jerking him off when I noticed her start to raise up, he pulled her panties off and pulled his cock through his dickies the rest of the way, I realized she was going to start riding him and wanted to get a better view so I pulled the table out so I could see better.

She was grinding her pussy on his cock and I could see how wet she was already and he hadn't even put it in yet, my heart was pounding out of my chest! I could see his long fingers reach around her ass, slip into her pussy and play with her asshole too. Finally I saw her grasp his cock and perch on top of it slowly lowering herself down on it.


She got about half way down it and rode him slowly, after the second stroke she started creaming and she was moaning pretty loud already. She kept riding him slowly while they made out taking a little more of his cock every few strokes, I had never seen so much cream! I quickly pulled my phone out so I could capture this amazing moment. She slowly rode him for at least a half hour before he was buried all the way in her, she was getting pretty loud now and you could see they did not care what was going on around them and neither did I apparently.

She started riding him faster and moaning louder, I heard her say "Oh baby you're so big, you feel sooo good, I want you to fuck me!" Dante lifted her up and laid her back on the table we were sitting at shoving empty shot glasses and drinks out of the way. He grabbed her waist and started fucking the shit out of my girlfriend harder and deeper than she had ever been fucked before! He grabbed her dress and freed her tits the rest of the way as he leaned in and started sucking on them she would not stop creaming, he started to pull his cock out all the way and shove it back in deep which made her start squirting.

Dante started grumbling loudly saying how tight she was and how he could feel her white pussy clenching up on his cock, he was fucking her hard and fast and I could tell he was about to cum.

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Both of them were moaning loudly and Ashley was talking dirty now saying, "I love your big black cock" and "fuck my little white pussy" It pushed him over the edge, he started groaning loudly and I could tell he was cumming, he shot the start of his load in her which really made her cum hard and as he pulled out she squirted both of their juices combined and he finished off on her shooting thick white streams of cum all over her body, It was an impressive load shooting all over her pussy, stomach and tits, some even reached her face!

His dick head was pulsing and looked huge, he rubbed it on her clit and shoved it back in her fucking her with long hard strokes again. Her pussy was gushing with juices, cream pouring out onto the table as he went for round two. Thats when I realized we were in a public place and should get out before we get arrested.

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It took me a while to get their attention but I was finally able to snap them out of their sexual transe and convince them we should continue back at the hotel.