This slut got it hard

This slut got it hard
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CHAPTER 4 Sheila didn't make her deadline, but she was close. She left at 7:45, crying even worse than when I had tortured her. I guessed that sometimes you had to lose something before you realized how much it was worth to you.

I had always treasured her and I'd never even think of cheating. Too bad she didn't feel the same way. At some point I expected to have long conversations with my parents and hers, but what to say? I doubted they'd believe me if I told them the truth. However, I did have the video and her signed admissions. I locked them in my safe until tomorrow when I'd place everything into a safe deposit box, giving the spare key to my attorney.

The next three days passed faster than I could have believed possible. Monday morning found me back at work. As the star salesman, with annual sales of more than $100 million all across the world, I had my own office, an assistant—Nan--and my own secretary.

I asked both of them and my boss, Mary Ann Radnor, to meet with me briefly in my office. Mary Ann commented that she hoped everything was okay with my family. "Thanks, Mary Ann, but the problem was nothing like you could imagine.

I'll explain in just a second." I removed my tie and started to unbutton my shirt. "Saturday morning a week ago Sheila tricked me into a torture device, one that could shock my testicles then she beat me first with a paddle and later with a riding crop and a cane. My body looks like this from my neck to my heels." They gasped when I turned around, exposing the blue and purple and yellow bruises in addition to the criss-crossed welts from being beaten with the cane.

I continued once I had returned my shirt to my body. "She was having an affair and tried to make me into a slave for her and her lover.

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I played along until I was able to escape. I'm telling you this for two reasons. First, I don't ever want to take a phone call from Sheila. My attorney should be meeting with her as we speak. Second, you can fire me if you want, but I plan on seeing Nan socially." Mary Ann hesitated for less than five seconds before responding, "Okay, you heard the man—no calls from his soon-to-be ex." Mary Ann rose and the meeting was over. Nan stayed behind to discuss several big contracts.

We had just finished about an hour later when she looked up at me. "Who said I want to see you socially?" "You have, maybe a hundred times." "I don't think it was that many; ninety maybe, but not a hundred." "Are you this funny normally?" I hesitated then asked, "Dinner tonight?" "You can find out after dinner. How's seven for you?" "Seven's good; I'll have just enough time to go home, shower and change into something a bit less formal and uncomfortable than my business suit." I moved her chin up with my finger and placed a tender kiss onto her soft plump lips.

I broke it and pointed to the door. She had contracts to prepare and I had phone calls to make. The rest of the day was so busy that it was five o'clock before we knew it. I walked Nan out to her car, but refrained from kissing her in front of the other employees.

We'd been given a pass by the boss, but that didn't mean we should rub it into everyone's faces. I phoned my attorney on the way home. Steve took the call himself.

He had walked into the church office just before nine that morning. Throwing the large manila envelope onto her desk he simply commented, "I'd just sign and FedEx it back if I was you. If any of that information became public you'd be ruined. I can't see the church keeping you on and you'd certainly be indicted on felony charges.

Just some friendly advice although why I'd want to help you is a mystery and why Tom is being so easy on you I'll never understand." He told Sheila that the offer was only good for seventy-two hours.


He'd be in touch with me by noon Thursday. In fact, he phoned Wednesday afternoon to let me know that he had the signed documents on his desk.

The next and final step would be to file them with the family court. I knew where Nan lived, having driven her either to or from work when her car was in the shop. I rang the bell at two minutes before seven. Nan answered in a T-shirt and pair of tight knit shorts.

I had to admit I was perplexed. She led me into her living room and turned to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Into the bedroom and get naked!" My mouth dropped to the floor. Nan laughed. "No, not that…not yet, anyway; you need a massage. I phoned a good friend--a nurse in the Emergency Room at County--during lunch today. I described your wounds and she told me what I should do—got the prescription from a doctor there. She also said it sounded like you had been tortured.

I almost choked, but she did tell me just what you need. Now, off you go." "But&hellip." "Really, Tom I think I saw everything in those videos. I'll order a pizza once we're done. I've already spread a sheet on the bed. Just lie on your stomach.

I'll be there in a couple of minutes." She pointed toward where I knew the bedroom was-- a steely look in her eyes. I shook my head and trudged down the hall.

I shrugged out of my shirt and slacks, kicked off my shoes and stuffed the socks inside. I rolled onto the bed face down clad only in my boxers. "Tsk, tsk…no wonder you got shocked so often. You don't follow directions very well, do you?

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Okay, lift your hips; I know your butt is even worse than your back and legs." "It hardly seems fair. This is like some cheesy porn movie with you completely dressed and me naked." I wasn't really complaining. I raised my hips and Nan gently removed my shorts. "Oh my God—no wonder you were wincing all day.

I'm surprised you didn't kill them. I know I would have." She moved behind me and I couldn't see her until she carefully climbed over my body. "Is this better?" She leaned down with the greatest care until her naked nipples skimmed along my back.

"Well, it feels a lot better. Now, if I could only roll over." "There will be plenty of time for that 'AP'—after pizza. I need to learn how I can touch you without killing you. Hold still." I could feel her warming the lotion in her hands then using her gentlest touch she began to rub it into my shoulders.

She slowly worked her way down my body, kneading my sore muscles as her hard nipples ran up and down my back. In time she made her way to my ass--my aching, blistered butt complete with scabs and probably even scars from the savage beatings I'd received. I could scarcely believe Nan's tenderness. If I didn't know better I would have sworn she planted a kiss on each cheek. Thirty minutes later she was done.

I hadn't felt so calm and serene in weeks. Nan leaned down to kiss me then pushed a nipple into my mouth. "That's your reward for being so good. I'm sure that hurt a lot." "Not as much," I mumbled, my mouth full of delicious tit, "as the first time around, plus this is the best reward I've had in…I don't know…ages." "Like sausage on your pizza?

I'll have it delivered." "Sausage is great; how about extra cheese?" Nan laughed, pulled her breast from my mouth, and walked to the kitchen. "I'll bring back a beer." I could hear her on the phone and she was back with a can of Yuengling.

I leaned up on my arm and saw for the first time more than ninety percent of her glorious five foot nine inch body—she was clad only in the cutest pair of lacy panties I'd ever seen. They looked to be glued to her taut body. She placed the can on the night table as I pulled her down for our first real kiss. Her plump lips parted for my tongue. I tried to pull her body to mine, but groaned from the pain even that simple movement caused. Nan moved in to my body, again showing the tenderness and care she'd shown during the massage.

She held my head, her fingers entwined in my hair. Breaking the kiss she whispered, "I don't dare hold you anywhere else, except maybe&hellip." Her hand dropped to my groin; her fingers brushed against my cock, making me hard almost instantly. "How long has it been?" "I'm not sure—not since all this started, for sure. I can't lie on my back or even sit without hurting myself. I don't know when I'll be able to." "That's okay; I have some ideas on the subject.

I think I should get ready. The pizza guy will be here soon. I'll let you know when so you don't have to dress." She walked to the closet and donned a robe. I looked at her in wonder. I'd hired Nan right out of college where she'd been a Marketing major. Unable to obtain a decently paying position in that field she had applied for the job as my assistant. I was impressed during her interview, not with her experience because she had none, but with her energy and her willingness to learn and do whatever was necessary to be successful.

I had thought originally that I'd train her to be a salesperson in the firm, but she had made it clear several years ago that she enjoyed working with me. She was earning more than she'd dreamed possible as I'd convinced Mary Ann that she should receive a small percentage of my sales as commission. Last year she had earned a bonus of more than $20,000 in addition to her $35,000 salary.

I'd never thought during our seven years together that we'd ever be a couple. Now she was twenty-nine and I was thirty-six and it just might be possible. She was certainly attractive at five feet nine inches to my six feet two.

I doubted she had added more than ten pounds to her slender frame since we first met. Her large firm breasts were, I guessed, C-cups. We both worked out at the company gym, but she usually hid her body in a loose floppy shirt and baggy shorts or pants. Jan had flirted with me, probably knowing how safe it was. I had told her back when she had just started how important integrity was in business.

Not only had I told her; I also showed her every day. She knew I'd never cheat on Sheila. I never dreamed that she would cheat on me, but now our relationship was history. I heard the doorbell and Nan paid the young man who made some crude comments about her being in a robe. "I wouldn't get too smart if I was you. My boyfriend is in the bedroom and he could crush you in one hand." The kid took the hint and left just as I walked gingerly up the hallway. "I'm glad he didn't take your challenge.

I don't know that I could beat the Pillsbury Dough Boy in my current state." "I think you'd be a real tiger if you got angry enough, besides what this kid doesn't realize that I know the owner fairly well. He is going to be history by tomorrow afternoon for those off-color insulting remarks. C'mon, let's dig in then I'll share my thoughts on your penis and how to take care of it without hurting you." She reached up to kiss my cheek and led me to the dining area.

It was small, just off the kitchen and open to the living room. I eased down, and when I cringed, Nan brought me a pillow from her closet. It was a relief to sit without a mountain of pain. Nan sat next to me, and I do mean NEXT to me. She gave me the first slice and delivered it with a gentle kiss. We kissed more during our first dinner together than Sheila and I had shared over the past two months. We talked and laughed and kissed and an hour later the pizza was as much in the past as Sheila was.

I offered to help clean up, but Nan refused my help. Instead, she led me to her bathroom door. She disappeared for a minute, returning with a steel bar that fit securely into notches high in the door frame. "I use this for some of my exercises so I know it's really secure. Hold on and don't let go." She kissed me again and this time it was one of the most passionate kisses I'd ever had, her tongue wrestling with mine for more than a minute.

Nan worked her way down the front of my body taking extraordinary care not to touch my back. In less than a minute her sweet lips found my cock. Oh God, she felt so good! I think I became hard in a millisecond, my organ swelling into her throat. It had been so long since I'd really felt loved. "Nan, I'm not going to last very long." "Don't you think I know that?

Just relax and let nature take its course." She kissed the tip of my cock and then it disappeared again into her mouth and throat. Dear God, it was heavenly!

She sucked hard as her tongue wrapped around my shaft. I was appreciating her efforts when I suddenly lost control—completely. Semen burst forth from my cock over and over as my hips bucked and bucked. I doubted I had ever cum so hard or for so long. Finally, I hung from the bar completely spent, my legs too weak to support my body. A quick look down showed Nan still wrapped around my deflating cock, streams of semen running down from the corners of her mouth and landing on her soft fleshy breasts.

Nan stood and helped me back to the bed. "Time for another massage. Just wait a minute until I clean up a bit." A few minutes later she returned from the bathroom, her face and breasts sparkling in the dim light.

I was already on my stomach in anticipation. She straddled my back taking the same level of extraordinary care to avoid pressing her legs against my sensitive skin and muscles. Nan rubbed the thick lotion into my body, starting at my neck and moving down slowly.

"What is this stuff?" "A creamy lotion with a pain reliever and muscle relaxer; my friend said it's really great. Of course, you'll need many repeated applications—every night this week, I think and probably next week, too." "I see you have my future well planned." I had to smile in spite of my discomfort. "Of course… I plan on taking every advantage and when I've cured you you'll be so grateful you won't ever want to let me go.

Don't you think I've dreamed of this for years?" "I thought all that flirting was just innocent fun." "It was until this happened and then I realized that you were what I wanted all along. Why do you think I don't have a boyfriend or a husband?

I've had plenty of opportunities, but I always dumped them once they got serious. My parents think I'm crazy. Maybe that will change now. I hope I'm not jumping the gun. I have everything planned out and I haven't given any thought to how you feel about it." I smiled as I replied, "I'm feeling just fine about it.

I probably know you better than I thought I knew Sheila. I've always loved you as a person and co-worker. Now I'm looking forward to the next step. So, I assume we're on for tomorrow night? Massage first and then I insist on taking you out for dinner—someplace with lots of padding on the seats." I saw Nan every night that week, receiving loving massage after loving massage. In between I took her to one restaurant after another until on Friday night she insisted that we eat in over the weekend.

We had just returned to my house when she complained, "Not only is it too expensive, but there are too many calories in it for both of us. I have one very good reason for keeping my figure. How are you feeling?" "A lot better—I can sit now without too much pain. My back—well, put your left hand here and your right hand here." I indicated two opposing sides of my back and when she gripped me there I pulled her in for a long lingering kiss, pressing our lips together with incredible love and passion.

Tentatively, she moved her hands across my back and down to my butt eliciting only slight groans of pain. "A definite improvement, I think," she whispered as she broke the kiss. "I have to agree. Soon I think I'll be back to normal." "Hmmm…I hope you mean you'll be back to your normal horny self. I'm looking forward to our first time together. God knows I've waited long enough for it and to grease the way…I'm on the pill, I'm STD free, and I'm ready, willing, and eager whenever you are." She looked up at me and I realized—not for the first time—how beautiful Nan really was.

On the physical side she'd never compete with Sheila who vied for Miss America before we met, but Nan had something Sheila would never have. Nan's beauty was defined by who she was. Her beauty was internal—a part of her being. Sheila's beauty was all on the outside; internally she had demonstrated herself to be rotten to the core. She had no integrity, something I prized more than any other personal attribute.

I laughed as I gently stroked her silky hair. "I've always been horny. Now it's going to be directed to you…and only you. I'm feeling well enough that I want you to stay over." "I didn't bring anything to wear or to brush my teeth or do my hair." I grinned wickedly as I replied, "You won't need to wear anything. I have a spare t-shirt though, if you're shy." Nan looked down at her abdomen before chuckling.

"Okay, t-shirt it is, but only if you're wearing one, too. What about my teeth and hair?" "I have a few spare toothbrushes and we can wash and brush your hair in the morning, if you wish." Nan smiled. "I guess you have everything covered." I leaned over to kiss her again, our lips parting, our tongues celebrating our impending union.

I rose and pulled her from the couch. Once standing I stooped to lift her into my arms before carrying her down the hallway to my bedroom. We'd been here before, but only to address the issues of my back and butt. I placed Nan gently on the side of the bed and knelt to unbutton her blouse. I had just laid it on the chair and moved my hands to her bra when she leaned forward to kiss me again. I could see the desire in her eyes when I broke the kiss just as I was sure she could see the need in mine.

My experiences with Sheila had given me an overwhelming need to be loved and appreciated. It would have been easy to become cynical and to develop a hatred of all women, but Nan's love had shown me the way. I rose, pulling her with me as I removed her slacks and panties. My own clothes fell to the floor in record time. We stood naked before each other as lovers for the first time. For some reason I was hesitant—unsure—until Nan fell back onto the bed, inviting me to join her with a waggle of her finger.

I knew then that there was no reason to delay. We embraced and I rolled over, pulling her onto me. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you." "I'm sure," I whispered before joining her in another sensual kiss as our bodies rubbed against each other for the first time.

I loved the sensation of her soft smooth skin against mine.


It seemed like only a minute later that she pressed her slit into my rock hard cock. When she moved up to straddle me I entered her slowly as she stretched around my thick organ. Dear God, I couldn't believe how tight she was—just like a teenager! It took me at least five thrusts to fully enter her vault even though she was wetter than wet and I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying the experience as much as I was. We began a slow rhythm as Nan ground her clit into my abdomen.

I noticed for the first time how neatly trimmed her pubic hair was. Her clit was as thick as it was long. It was dark, engorged with blood, as she pushed it repeatedly into me. We gained momentum, and then…I lost it, blowing forcefully into her until semen oozed from her cunt.

"I am so sorry. I&hellip." "Shhh…that was exactly what I expected. You haven't had real sex in weeks…remember? Let's rest and then we can try again." She kissed me, but kept moving slowly on my cock. I moved my hands to her back, rubbing them up and down from her shoulders to her firm butt, but she moved them to her breasts. I massaged them gently but firmly, glad to have the opportunity to repay her for all the massages she'd given me over the past week.

I loved the feel of her breasts. They were heavy in my hands and her areolas and nipples were unbelievably sensitive. I raised my head to lightly blow on them, eliciting a moan of rapture from Nan's lips. She arched her back when I nibbled on her tender tissue.

We lay there on top of the bed, semen leaking onto the blanket, for more than an hour. You might think we'd tire, but you'd be wrong. Slowly I recovered, my cock increasing in both length and girth until I was rock hard once again.

I began to move within her and Nan gave me a knowing smile before she kissed me and pushed her tongue into my throat. Nan's tongue fucked my mouth as swiftly and strongly as I was fucking her cunt. I knew I'd take much longer this time but I also knew that I'd enjoy making love to Nan all the more, savoring the hot silky texture of her cunt as she gripped me tightly. Even the presence of what seemed to be a gallon of semen could not reduce the friction between us. On and on we went, increasing our pace until Nan threw her head back and growled like a she-wolf, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm went on for several seconds.

Finally, she fell to my chest exhausted. I rubbed her back and her butt as I kissed her cheeks and nuzzled her neck. She spoke in a whisper after almost five minutes. "Oh God, what was that?

I've never cum like that before, Tom." "I'm glad. Shall we get up and watch some TV or what?" "Let's just go to sleep. I think I'll pass on the t-shirt.

I like the way you feel. Maybe we'll wake up and want to do something." "Something," I asked--a smirk on my face. "Okay, the same thing with the same result. I have a feeling it's only going to get better and better." She slid off me resting her head on my shoulder and her leg on my thigh.

I pulled the blanket back and over our naked bodies. I slept once again like the dead. It was great. CHAPTER 5 That weekend was a turning point in my life. I fell in love with a woman I already loved. I had loved Nan as my assistant. She was everything I could have asked for—reliable, trustworthy, industrious, and thorough.

I had my contacts at every major construction company and retail outlet around the world and I knew I could count on Nan to manage all the details. Quantities and specifications were never wrong. It had been a recipe for success for more than seven years. Now I was looking forward to expanding our partnership. All I had to do was dispose of my bitch wife.

I was expecting a phone call the following Saturday morning and I wasn't disappointed. The phone rang at exactly 9:00 just as it had on the first Saturday of the month for years. I asked Nan to get it, but to remain silent while I spoke, already bored with the conversation I knew would ensue. "Hello, Morris." (Why are you answering? Where is Sheila?") "She's not here, Morris.

She doesn't live here any more. We're getting divorced." (Why? What have you done to her?") "I knew it would be my fault. Let's face it, Morris—you don't like me and I don't like you.

However, you couldn't be more wrong this time. Tell you what—I'll send a video to your email, but I suggest you not allow your wife to see it. Then you'll understand why Sheila is gone.

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It's an uncontested divorce if that tells you anything." ("I'm sure this is all your fault. You were never good enough for her.") "Then you'll have your fondest wish fulfilled. Sheila will be able to find someone you actually approve of, but only if she doesn't wind up in prison.

Do both of us a favor and never call me again." I ended the call and handed the phone back to Nan. "I take it that was your father-in-law." "Yeah, although he's been more in name than anything else; he's hated me ever since we first met. I doubt that God would be good enough for his daughter. I know I never was." "I doubt you'll have that problem with my father.


He'll be thrilled." "Then I think I should ask you. Will you marry me as soon as I'm able? I realize how much I love you and how much I need you." "You already know my answer…emphatically YES! I think I first loved you way back when you hired me, but then it was something else. I don't know what—hero worship, maybe, but over the years I've come to respect you and love you, first as my boss, but recently as my partner.

I'll never want anyone as much as I want you. I also think I should just shut up and kiss you." She climbed over my body, gripped my head fiercely, and gave me a kiss for the ages.

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We stayed in bed for more than an hour kissing and making love until we both felt the need to rise and pee. With Nan that always meant the toilet, not my mouth. After taking care of our biological need we stepped into the shower together. I rubbed the soap over her body taking special care of her supple breasts, sucking her nipples once I had rinsed them clean.

"Oh no, not again…not until you've fed me anyway." Nan chuckled. My response was to run my soapy hand up and down her butt crack, teasing her anus with my fingers. Nan fell into me, purring like a kitten. "Damn…you sure do know what buttons to push, don't you. Push me against the wall and lift my legs onto your shoulders then fuck me…fuck me hard! Oh God, please fuck me hard." I lifted her thighs, spreading her legs as they rose onto my strong shoulders—shoulders that were now, thanks to Nan's therapeutic massages, free of bruises and pain.

Nan kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth and wrestling with mine as her hand found my cock. She rubbed it into her slit until we were both lubricated then she placed it at the mouth of her sensationally tight cunt. She rocked into me as her hands locked around my neck. You'd never know we'd fucked three times since last night from the ferocity of our movements as we expressed our love and passion for each other.

I doubted I'd be able to cum, but Nan had other ideas. She squeezed me so strongly with her vaginal muscles there was no way I could resist. Her tunnel suddenly became only half the diameter it had been only seconds earlier, and that was just about the tightest pussy I'd ever experienced. Semen exploded from my cock just as Nan experienced a massive convulsion from her orgasm. I was just about to release Nan's legs when she protested, "Not yet…I don't think I could stand.

I'm too weak," then, smiling madly, she continued. "Did you like my surprise? Now that we're officially engaged I'll do it all the time. I practice flexing every day. I'll bet I can get you off without even moving. Maybe we should try that later…after you've actually given me something to eat." "You are insistent, aren't you?" "No…I'm starving. Making love non-stop for hours and hours makes me ravenous for food. I'm already ravenous for you.

Okay, I think I can stand now." I gently lowered her legs, holding her carefully. "Let's finish up and then I think we should go out for brunch. I know a really great buffet—all you can eat—which I think is right up your alley." We washed each other again then exited and dried each other stopping often to hug and kiss and even tickle each other.

We dressed and I led Nan out to my car. Twenty minutes later we were seated at one of the area's premier weekend buffets.

Nan jumped up as soon as we ordered iced tea, almost shoving a blue-haired grandmother out of her way en route to the boiled shrimp. Why hadn't I seen this side of her years ago? Of course, I knew the answer—I was totally involved with Sheila so I wasn't looking, any more than I'd look beyond Nan now. Nan returned a few minutes later with a huge platter of shrimp and cocktail sauce.

She sat by my side and fed me, bit by tasty bit. It was so sexy I wondered if everyone was watching—if not everyone, the men at least were jealous. Nan mixed a kiss with every few shrimp. Man—it was so great being in love. Later we shared an omelet and about a pound of crisp bacon.

We returned home about an hour later sated—for food--not for each other. I sat in the living room while Nan phoned her parents. She told them that she'd like to visit next weekend and that she was bringing a "friend." That was all she told them.

I went to my computer to make flight arrangements, leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday evening. We'd travel business class from New York LaGuardia to Columbus, Ohio.

From there it was only a short drive to her hometown of New Albany. I resolved to do two things Monday. Nan officially moved in on Sunday. We spent almost four hours moving her clothes and personal items from her apartment to my—our—house.

I was concerned that Sheila had selected most of our furniture and I wanted Nan to have a say in the house so I offered to buy all new stuff and redecorate. She agreed in principle, starting with the bedroom. "I want it to be for us," was all she had to say. Now I had three things to do on Monday. We were busy Monday morning as I closed a huge deal with a contractor building a new dam in Africa.

A typical dam would have millions of dollars in electrical equipment and that did not include the massive turbines, something we neither manufactured nor sold. As I gave Nan her instructions I was struck with the fact that she had never once taken advantage of her new status as my girlfriend and fiancé.

I phoned my lawyer as soon as she had closed my office door. We talked about the divorce for almost twenty minutes. He had filed the documents with the family court. Normally, he had told me, the process would take six months or more, but for an uncontested divorce he expected all to be completed within ninety days.

I decided this was the time to advise Mary Ann. I called to ask for an appointment. She told me she could meet with me immediately. I had just closed her office door when she asked me about the Africa deal. "I have Nan finalizing the contract as we speak. It'll come to almost $25 million not including shipping expense. I estimate that at an additional two point five million because of the distance involved. We should be able to start delivery in sixty days.

All told we'll ship every month over the next two years." "That's great. We've been trying for their business for more than a dozen years. Hopefully this will be the start of a long relationship, but I suspect that's not all you wanted to tell me." I had to laugh. There was no pulling the wool over Mary Ann's eyes. She was a brilliant executive, even better than her husband who had unfortunately died young from a hereditary disease.

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"No, I also wanted you to know that Nan and I are engaged." "You're not wasting any time, are you?" "No, I probably know her better than anyone. You saw how bad my back was. My butt and thighs were even worse. All she did for the first week was massage me with some special lotion she got from a nurse friend. She asked nothing for herself. I doubt I'd have recovered in twice the time if not for her help.

I think you know how I've felt about her here in the office. She's like my right arm. Over the past few weeks I've learned that I am in love with her." "How is this going to affect your working relationship?" "It hasn't—not at all—and I doubt it will. It's not Nan's nature to take advantage. On the positive side we'll only need one room when we have to travel." Mary Ann actually laughed and I left and returned to work. After a busy morning I welcomed the chance to break for lunch.

I took Nan by the hand and led her out the door to my car. "Everyone's going to talk." "I don't care. I told Mary Ann about us so there's no reason for us not to go public. We have a stop to make before we go to a restaurant." I leaned over to kiss her before driving into town.

I stopped at Kaler's Jewelry. I'd used Norman for several purchases over the years and he'd always done well by me. "I think you need a ring, darling. Let's go shopping." I took Nan who never asked for anything by the hand. We examined at least twenty rings before she found one she just loved—a 3.5 carat solitaire with four baguettes totaling another carat, two on each side of the band. It was beautiful and it looked fantastic on her hand. She was hesitant because of the price, but I slipped it onto her finger and handed Norman my credit card.

Ten minutes and $25,000 later we were in a family restaurant for a quick lunch. We returned to the office at one sharp. That evening we had just finished dinner when the doorbell rang. I answered it and was surprised to find Sheila standing there, her clothes disheveled and crying her eyes out. "I don't want to be divorced. I don't know what to tell my father and mother. I'm miserable without you." I stepped back and slowly swung the door until it was closed. I was just about to return to the living room when Nan stepped up behind me.

"Don't, Tom. She treated you terribly, but it's not in you to be cruel. Talk to her." She opened the door, standing by me as Sheila's mouth dropped.

"Okay, Sheila…as you can see I've moved on and I suggest you do the same. You and I are getting divorced and, as they say, that's that. So far as your parents are concerned why don't you just tell them the truth?

I sent your father an email with the video of Saturday's festivities so he already knows you're a lying cheating whore even though I'm sure he holds me responsible. What would you have done if you married Ronny and made me your slave?

How were you going to explain that? "Nan's here with me because I've learned that I'm in love with her and she's in love with me. We'll be married as soon as our divorce is final. I will offer you our bedroom set if you want it. That's all I really want to say to you, Sheila. You and I are finished. You lied and you cheated and that wasn't enough. I told you that I'd hate you if you went through with that slave bullshit, but you did it anyway even beating me within an inch of my life.

I loved you once, but now the sight of you disgusts me. Please leave and don't come back." This time I closed the door with a finality even Sheila recognized. I never heard from her again—not directly, anyway. Nan and I returned to the couch. I was obviously upset, so much so that I was shaking. Nan held me, moving my head to her lap. "I know how much you hate her, Tom and I don't blame you, not even a little, but don't allow her to destroy you." I looked up amazed.

"How'd you get so smart?" Nan leaned down to kiss me, whispering, "I had a great teacher," once she was done. "C'mon, I know just what you need and I'll always be willing and eager to give it to you." She helped me up to a sitting position before leading me to our bedroom.

Once there she sat me on the bed while she knelt to remove my shoes and socks. My slacks were next and soon I was completely naked. "You know," she said as she removed her blouse and bra, "I want a smaller bed when we buy a new set. A king is much too big. I want to know that you'll be close to me all night." Nan rolled me onto the bed and lay on top of me.

She rubbed those glorious round breasts over my chest then pushed her hard nipple into my mouth. I suckled madly and as I did I lost all the tension that Sheila had created.

Finally, Nan slid down my shaft and I knew all would be perfect. I had found, and would be with, my true love forever. CHAPTER 6 The week passed swiftly. Nan and I were busy.

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I'd completed two more major contracts, one I had tried to close for more than a month. It was really big, one of the biggest contracts I'd ever placed. Mary Ann was thrilled, so thrilled that she gave us Friday off. We used it to fly early to Columbus where I rented a car for the short drive to New Albany. We pulled into her parents' driveway twenty minutes later even though we stopped to buy flowers—a big bouquet.

Nan held my hand tightly as she rang the bell. Her mom answered the door. "Nan! We weren't expecting you until much later. Is this your friend?" "Mother, this is my boss, Tom Hamilton." For the rest of her introduction she simply held out her hand showing her mother her ring. I extended my hand, but Mrs. Desmond was too shocked to accept it. "What, Nan? Is that an engagement ring? Is this your fiancé? Oh my, this is so sudden." I reached out with my other hand to support her.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Desmond? You look a bit pale. I think you should sit down then perhaps Nan can explain everything." I helped her to a chair in their living room. Nan had explained that she grew up in a small house—a Cape Cod—in a bedroom upstairs in what might have been an attic had it not been finished off.

Her dad worked as a clerk in a big department store and her mom was a stay-at-home mother in spite of their limited finances. I knew that Nan sent her parents a significant portion of her paycheck every month, something I'd continue once we were married. Nan ran to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"I'm so sorry, Mother. Maybe I should have warned you, but I just couldn't find the words on the phone." "It's okay, Nan. I think your father's reaction will be something to remember. He's wanted you to get married for years, but I don't think I really need to tell you that--do I?" "No, Mother…he's been hinting for at least five years and some of his hints have been downright blatant!

I'm surprised he didn't try pushing me down the aisle with the first man he met on the street." "Oh, here we are talking and I'm ignoring your boyfriend. I'm sorry, Tom, but this is such a shock. Nan's never been serious about any man before." "That's been because I realized a long time ago that I loved Tom. Unfortunately, he was taken." "Taken? Are you married?" "Yes, ma'am I am presently married, but that will change in about ten weeks.

Nan and I have worked extremely closely for the past seven years, but it's only in the last month that we've been involved. I don't cheat at anything, but my wife did cheat and lie and then she and her boyfriend tried to make me into their slave.

She beat and whipped me&hellip." "Don't, Tom," Nan interrupted, "I know how even talking about it affects you. Mother, the back of Tom's body from his neck to his calves was completely bruised and his butt will probably be scarred for life. I don't want him to even think about it.

I took care of him when he was injured and I know how much even the lightest touch hurt him." I leaned over to kiss Nan's cheek, but she turned her head and took what started out to be a simple peck full on the mouth. She held the kiss for almost a minute before hugging me tightly. We had a pleasant chat until five when her father returned from the store. He seemed to have mixed emotions about Nan marrying me until he asked what had caused the failure of my marriage.

"Go ahead, Tom; tell them the truth—just this once. None of it was your fault." She gripped my hand tightly in support. "It all started on a Saturday morning about five weeks ago. I usually sleep like the dead and when I awoke my pubic area was shaved and my genitals were encased in a stainless steel penis cage." They didn't ask any questions so I continued.

"I found my wife and asked her to remove it; she agreed, but demanded that I kneel on the floor. She distracted me by kissing my neck and rubbing my testicles. Next thing I knew my hands were cuffed behind my back and my ankles were cuffed, too. She pushed my head to the floor, removed the cage, and secured my testicles in a device that made it impossible for me to do anything but kneel.

Worse, she could shock me at will. She told me she wanted me to be her slave. I told her that I'd hate her if she tried it, but she moved forward anyway. I couldn't understand why, but I found out that evening. She tried to get me to drink her urine, but I refused so she shocked me several times until I couldn't take any more.

In the afternoon she tied me to our ottoman and beat my butt with a paddle for more than thirty minutes. I was bawling after less than five. "She gave me dog food for dinner and she pissed on it, telling me that I wouldn't get anything else until I had eaten it. I needed my strength to resist so I ate it all. After dinner she led me to the patio where she tied me up and washed me down with the hose. She was dressed in sexy lingerie when she brought me back into the house.

I met her lover for the first time after she had tied me tightly to the bed and her dresser. They had sex and she wanted me to clean her.

Of course I refused and she shocked me. Later she tortured me again. I slept on the floor, my hands still cuffed behind my back and my ankles shackled.

"The following two days were more of the same except that she beat my back and legs with a riding crop and a bamboo cane until I could barely move, but Tuesday morning she made a mistake, tying me in the bedroom again, but with my hands in front of my body. I was able to push the device away from my legs&hellip." "Didn't that hurt," Mrs. Desmond asked. "I would have been forced to stop under normal circumstances, but the shocks she'd given me were even worse.

Bottom line—I freed myself and overpowered her when she returned from the store. Later I was able to saw the lock and remove the device. Then I beat my wife in revenge. That night I captured her lover and beat the living crap out of him. I contacted his wife the next morning.

She came and we decided that she'd take possession of him over the weekend. I doubt she'll release him until she gets a really favorable divorce settlement. I asked Nan to come over the following afternoon to notarize some documents I had my wife sign in which she admitted her maltreatment of me.

Then I kicked her out. She took her clothes and jewelry and her car. Monday morning I told our boss what had happened and showed my back. That night Nan gave me her first of many massages to help me heal. "I had always appreciated Nan and loved her as a coworker and as a person, but during that week I realized just how much I did love her—how much I will always love her.

My attorney filed for divorce that same day. I proposed on the following Saturday. I guess that's it." "Daddy, Tom's wife and her lover made videos of their sessions. I saw what they did to Tom; it was inhuman. I'm surprised he didn't kill them when he had a chance. I realized when I saw them that it was Tom I had always loved. My heart broke when I saw what he'd received. I realized then that he was the reason I had never gotten serious with anyone else.

Tom would never cheat on Sheila so if this hadn't happened I'd probably die an old maid. All I know is that I love Tom with all my heart." She leaned into me again, held my head and kissed my cheek. It appeared relatively chaste, but I knew there was promise behind that seemingly meaningless peck. I offered to take them out for dinner, but Mrs. Desmond had already prepared a roast beef for the night's meal.

I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere during dinner and drinks that followed. Nan and I took our leave around ten, driving to the nearby Hilton where I had made reservations.

Nan led me to the shower. We kissed as we washed each other. Somehow my hand found her butt crack, my finger her tight rosebud. "Damn, Tom…not again. I already had something special planned for you. If you keep that up&hellip." I rubbed some more soap onto my finger and slowly pressed it into her.

"Oh, fuck!" Her breathing became erratic—fast and deep as she panted wildly. I fucked her sweet ass with my finger and Nan collapsed into me, her eyes showing her desire. "I've never had anything in there, Tom, but I want you. Please be gentle." I kissed Nan tenderly then applied a load of soap to my cock. When I lifted her legs Nan took my organ in hand, but this time moved it to her pucker. I pushed up slowly and easily.

My cock slid in—not easily, but not painfully either. I fucked Nan's ass slowly, but deeply until she began to go wild on my cock. She pulled herself up and down faster and faster and when I moved my finger to her clit she exploded, which was good because I wasn't far behind her. My balls emptied into her rectum. I collapsed into her exhausted; we were both physically drained.

My shriveling cock slipped from her sphincter a minute later and a minute after that Nan managed a groan. "Oh God, Tom—is that what I have to expect with you? I have never cum as hard or as often as I have in the past two weeks. I never dreamed I'd do anal, but it was incredible. My whole body is still tingling. I can't believe how intense that was. I love you." I laughed. "It always means more after cumming. I love you, too.

There's not a night goes by that I don't thank Sheila for what she did. I'd go through three times the torture if it meant spending the rest of my life with you." "Oh, Tom please don't talk like that. I cringe whenever I think of what she did to you.

Can we agree never to talk about it again?" I agreed then finished washing my love. I dried her and we went right to bed. Just before falling asleep I heard Nan whisper, "I hate these king beds." I pulled her extra close under the blanket and we were asleep in seconds. I felt Nan moving on my body the following morning.

I opened my eyes to find her face hovering over mine. 'Good morning," I whispered. "What time is it?" Nan answered, but first she kissed each of my eyes. "It's about 8:30." "Do you think we should get going?" "Not yet," she cooed, "I still have my surprise for you. I hope you like it as much as I liked yours." She smiled then kissed me and during the kiss my cock disappeared into her slender body. In seconds I had the most intense sensation surrounding my organ.

Nan wasn't moving an inch, but her pussy was massaging my cock with pulses that moved up and down my shaft. As tight as Nan was, this was so much tighter. It felt as though my cock was being forced through a metal washer that was two or three sizes too small. I couldn't believe that Nan was able to continue this for minute after minute.

"Nan!" I was barely able to speak and then it was over. Nan had milked me, emptying my balls, and she hadn't moved even a millimeter. I was amazed. She rested on top of me as I recovered, kissing my cheek and nuzzling my neck. "How on earth did you learn to do that and how can you do it for so long?" Nan giggled, "What's the saying…practice, practice, practice? I've spent too much time with vegetables, but from now on I'm spending all my time taking care of you. Did you like my surprise?" "No…I loved it, but I would have liked to take care of you." "Don't you ever worry about that.

You do a wonderful job of taking care of me. Didn't I tell you last night about all the orgasms I've had with you. They've been wonderful and I have a feeling that they're only going to get better and better." She kissed me again and suggested we shower and grab a quick breakfast before going to meet with her parents around ten.

We'd have to move quickly to make that appointment. I had always known that Nan was efficient, but this morning she far exceeded herself. She washed me and herself, dressed, and did her hair in less than twenty minutes. We held hands all the way to the restaurant.

Half an hour later we were out the door and in the rental car. We spent a lovely weekend with Nan's parents and Sunday evening we were back home. Over the next three weeks we must have looked at a hundred bedroom sets, finally deciding on one that included a triple dresser for Nan—"I don't have that many clothes!"--an armoire for me, and a sleigh bed all made of exquisite Brazilian rosewood, the deciding factor being as Nan so nicely said, "Just think of what you can do to me when you have a footboard so strong to push against." I just shook my head and laughed.

I'd had the exact same thought. We had been home for about two and a half weeks when I received a phone call from Rita Marlowe. She asked if I could come by Saturday morning to see how her life had changed. I was hesitant, but did finally agree.

Nan was upset when I told her about it and became actually angry when I told her she wasn't invited. "I'm sure she has been torturing Ronny and I know how upset you get when you see stuff like that. I promise I'll keep it short and when I return I think I should buy you something frivolous and expensive." Saturday morning I left around 9:30, arriving at the Marlowe residence just before ten.

Their home was in the best part of town and I thought the house was magnificent. It was in the French colonial style and must have had at least five bedrooms. Just the grounds would have cost at least ten years' of my salary.

I rang the bell and was surprised when a maid in a tight risqué uniform answered the door. She looked somehow familiar, but I couldn't place her. What shocked me most were the shiny black four-inch heels and the short silver chain between her ankles that restricted her ability to walk to tiny mincing steps. I followed her into the mammoth living room where Rita awaited me. She rose to hug me and kiss my cheek.

I was invited to sit, requiring the maid to stand silently nearby. "You would not believe everything that has happened since we last met.

Ronald has retired from his position at the dealership. A young executive I heartily approve of—he is very faithful to his wife—has taken his place.

Ronald has also ceded ownership of everything to me. Quite a change from my earlier financial situation, wouldn't you say? But I think I should start at the beginning. "I ordered a large dog cage when I left Ronald with you. That is where he slept when I wasn't punishing him. It took three long days and nights of extreme beatings to completely break him, or perhaps I should say her. Have you taken a close look at my 'maid?' Come here, Veronica.

Remove your uniform. I sat there dumbfounded as I realized for the first time where I had seen the maid before. It was Ronny and when I saw the tits I could barely speak. There on his/her chest were a magnificent set of big firm breasts.

The nipples were enlarged and had been pierced with large stainless steel rings. I stood for a closer inspection and could see that they had been sealed shut with solder. "You might think that my actions are extreme, but I assure you that this is just what Veronica deserves.

You have done me and your wife a tremendous favor. Ronald was extremely sweet and considerate when we were dating. I thought I was the luckiest woman in the world when he asked me to marry him. He changed completely once we were actually married. He first beat me on our wedding night and he never stopped. He'd never hit me where a bruise could be seen, but I've had bruised ribs, swollen kidneys, and worse. He only fucked me after a beating. I say fucked because it certainly wasn't making love.

Most of the time it was so brutal I would be lucky to be able to walk the following day. I actually looked forward to his philandering. He'd leave me alone then. That was the only way I'd get any peace. You actually did your wife a huge favor, and me, too.

"I keep Veronica on a short leash as you can see. The collar around her neck can shock her entire body. I've done it dozens of times and see the ring around her ball sac? That will also shock her. It's hilarious watching her thrash around on the floor in pain. Now…I'm sure you're wondering about the tits.

A woman doctor did them as a favor. She's into female domination. One of the things Ronald told me was that he wanted bigger tits than I was able to give him. That was one of his justifications for cheating on me.

Now he has what he always wanted. These are double-D's, but in a couple of weeks I'm going to have them enlarged, eventually they'll be HH.

I want something really big to torture. Come here, Veronica, and kneel." I watched amazed as Rita attached what looked like heavy weights to each nipple ring. "Now Tom I have a favor.

I think if would be poetic justice to make Veronica watch as you and I fucked. After all, she did make you watch, didn't she? That tube around her cock is never coming off.

It's actually cold-welded to the ring around her sac and if you look closely you'll see a rivet that runs right through it and out the other side. A blacksmith did it for me. It is amazing what one can do with money. I will never fuck Ronald again, nor will I miss it.

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Furthermore, Ronald will never inflict himself on some poor unsuspecting woman again. I know you've seen how small and insignificant it is." "Yes, he did make me watch, but a lot has changed for me, too. I'm divorcing my wife and I've recently become engaged to my assistant. She's everything Sheila wasn't. Under other circumstances I'd be thrilled to make love to you. You're an extremely attractive and sexy woman, but I won't cheat on my fiancé—not under any circumstances.

Thanks for inviting me. This has been a very instructive experience." I rose, kissed her cheek, tugged on Veronica's weights, enjoying the sounds of her painful groans, and left.

I couldn't wait to get back to Nan.

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She could tell that I had been shaken. All she had to do was hold me. We stood together just inside the front door for more than ten minutes until I spoke. "I promised you a nice lunch and an expensive gift--didn't I?" "I'll take the lunch. I don't need the gift." "I know, but I'm buying you something extravagant and expensive.

You deserve the best." "Didn't you buy this ring—3.5 carats, not to mention the baguettes on either side? And what did this cost you? You don't need to answer. I know it was more than $25,000. I don't need anything else." I pulled her even closer, promising myself that Nan would have only the best—the very best I could afford. It was only appropriate; she was the very best thing that had ever happened to me.

We went to lunch at an expensive restaurant and then, over Nan's strenuous objections, to Kaler's jewelry store. I bought her a gold tennis bracelet with more than eight carats of quality diamonds in twin rows that extended the full length of the bracelet.

Next: Nan and I move forward as Sheila's life takes several turns for the worse. I will allow comments at the end just as I have done with other stories recently.