Amateur AnalSex With Excellent Ex Girlfriend

Amateur AnalSex With Excellent Ex Girlfriend
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Night at the Bar Ok it's a Saturday night and you decide with nothing really going on & not really wanting to sit around lying on the couch you decide to head down to the local bar for something to drink, dinner, and watch the first period or two of the hockey game.

You enter the bar and its pretty quiet, but, early yet though so you decide your best seat is up at the bar, and grab a stool. This gives you a good view of the big screen. The bartender approaches and asks you what you would like to drink, "Give me a beer please and can I see a menu?" "Sure, be up in a minute" replies the bartender He returns a few minutes later with you drink and a menu.

You decide on the steak and sit back in your chair and start watching the game, which has just started. The bartender returns and takes your menu "So what will it be tonight?" "I will have the steak sandwich" "Okay" and walks away stopping to answer the phone on the back of the bar. Just then you hear the bar door open and close and in walk a blonde and also walk toward the bar and grab a seat 3 stools down from you on your left. The bartender hangs up the phone and turns to speak to her.

"Hi I would like a gin & tonic please and can I get a burger too?" "Sure no problem put I will put your order in and be right back with your drink Hun." Getting comfortable in her chair she turns to her right and your eyes meet you are not staring at her on purpose you have to look past her to see the game on the TV.

You both smile and you nod politely. You go back to your beer and the game not really paying much attention to her. A short time later the bartender brings out both of your orders from the kitchen, and asks "Another round?" "Sure I will take another. " She replies Looking at you he looks at your almost empty glass and you nod in agreement for another. You were looking more at the back of her head as she is watching the game too, but now both your focuses have turned to your dinner.

You then realize your nostrils are full of a smell of perfume and you look up to see the blonde standing beside you. "Sorry could you pass me the pepper please" you look to your right grab the salt and pepper and pass it to her. "Thanks." she smiles and walks back to her stool. Now you are looking what a cutie and thinking hmm she is by herself I'm by myself and your mouth opens before you know it.

"Excuse me my name is John would you like some company while you eat and we can watch the game together?" "Sure that would be great I'm Dorothy, but most people call me D." and With that you slide your food and drink down the bar to the stool right beside hers. You both enjoy your dinner watching the game and exchanging some small talk.

The bartender comes back and takes both your dishes and you look at her. Smiling you say, "I'm sorry if you will excuse me I am going to go grab a smoke." "Oh, perfect, if you don't mind I will join you, putting on your coats you tell the bartender you will be right back he smiles and nods, busy doing other orders.

She starts walking ahead of you slightly and heads for the back door of the bar. You follow and opening the door behind her you find yourself in the back alley of the bar. There is a small roof over the door and an ashtray set up for smokers.

The weather is cold and being back here gives you some shelter under the little roof over the door. You both are enjoying your smokes standing a little close as to stay dry from the weather when, suddenly a car comes down the alley and she moves even closer to you touching you. The car passes and continues farther down the alley red tail lights lighting the cement walls around you.


She is so close and you can smell her perfume again and she is not moving away. Looking up at you she smiles and says "Sorry you are so warm I hope you don't mind if I stand this close to you?" Smiling down at her you reply "No not at all, here this might help." and you reach out putting your arm around her pulling her tight.

Looking down you look into her blue eyes and the urge to kiss her overwhelms you and both of you move in for a kiss. It starts off slow and turns deeper very quickly.

Holy fuck! You think to yourself I want to fuck this chick and now. You can feel your dick growing and moving in your jeans. Your tongues are moving in and out of each other's mouths wildly. She has a tongue ring how had you not noticed it before and it tickles your tongue with delight only enticing you more to take her, but where and how.

You let your body take over and turn her around push her to the wall. Pulling her jeans down you move quickly and then undo your zipper and pulling your dick out. Your one had moves to the mid of her back pushing her to the wall harder, the other now having your dick free of its confines reaches forward and you caress her soft ass cheeks looking down you see what a great ass she has both in and out of her jeans and this only urges you on even more.

Still rubbing her ass, her breathing quickens. Your hand continues down and forward touching her lips of her cunt and they are already wet and swollen.

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You play with her pussy with your fingers spreading her juices around and exploring the folds of her cunt as it continues to get even wetter. Soft moans escape her mouth and then and ever so slight a whisper barely loud enough for you to hear the word "Yes" as it hangs in the air between you. That is your signal and you move in pushing your dick into her wet and waiting cunt. Thrusting hard your body pushing her into the wall for support. She cannot move or get away and you take her with a force and need that you have never experienced in your life.

The need to empty your load takes over and you pump harder and faster. She is moaning and you feel her knees shaking the pressure of your body pushing her against the wall keeps her standing straight up. She lets out a loader more intense moan and feel a warmth envelope your dick sending you over the edge and unloading fully deep inside her, yet you continue pumping and fucking her till you know every drop is deep inside her wet and juicy pussy.

Leaning against her trying you are both trying to catch your breath you are kissing her neck. As the feeling passes slightly you take a step back and she turns leaning on the wall for support and you begin to adjust and do up your jeans.

She reaches down between her legs and her hand returns up towards her mouth; her fingers are coated with both of your juices. She smiles and puts her fingers into her mouth and sucks and licks them clean. Once done she also reaches down and pulls up her jeans. Looking at her you reach in your pocket and pull out your cigarettes and light one and hand it to her now she has redressed and still leaning against the wall.

You then light one for yourself. Both smiling you look at her "I'm sorry I have never done that before" she smiles and nods taking a long drag off her cigarette "Well if that was your first time it was really good." You both start laughing and her smile melts you. You want her more and are trying to figure out a way of getting out of the bar and away with her somewhere more private where you can enjoy this even further.

Smiling she looks up at you leans in and says "Can I buy you a beer?" A little disappointed you agree you just want to get out of here and take her with you. Opening the door you enter and say "I will be right back just need to go to the men's room." "Yeah good idea I need to clean up a little." and you start for the bathroom door. Entering you walk towards the urinal and realize that the bathroom door opened wider just after you came in turning you see her standing there the door closing behind her.

She has a devilish smile on her face moves toward you takes your hand and leads you toward the stall at the back and you follow willingly.


You both enter the stall and close the door behind you. Even though there is not a lot of room and she moves closer to you kissing you and locking the stall door behind you. Her hands are quick and are now on your zipper and button of your jeans undoing them and pulling your dick back out and in the same motion she is falling to her knees in front of you and begins licking and sucking on your dick cleaning the now drying combination of juices.

Your hand snakes around to the back of her head holding it pulling it forward to force her to take you deeper into her throat.

It feels so good and again for a brief second you cannot believe this is happening. You just came to catch the game and have a quick bite. The more she sucks and licks the more your need increases to fuck this blonde again! You pull her up back to a standing position.

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Still holding the back of her head you pull her toward your mouth and begin to kiss her deeply. Again tongues jutting in and out of each other's mouths wildly. You fumble with her button on her jeans you're nervous this time but why, you weren't 20 minutes ago when you took her in the alley.

She helps and slides her jeans to the floor kicking them off into a ball at your feet. She pulls away and turns her back to you pushing her ass towards your hard and dripping cock rubbing and teasing. "Really?" you say. She looks over her should smiles and nods.

You reach down between her legs again she is dripping and she moans as your finger enters her cunt once again. It is so soft and smooth wet and her lips are swollen. The other hand goes up her shirt and moves her bra out of the way were you massage and pinch her rock hard nipples. You put in one then a second she is so wet. You finger fuck her in the stall bring her to yet another orgasm and a loud moan escapes her mouth.

You can't wait any longer and run your fingers along her pussy and up to her waiting ass.

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The wetness from the both of you will be enough lube to get the job done. Your one hand moves to find her hole, the other holds your dick ready for the approach finding it and ensuring its wet you push your dick up her ass slowly moving inch by inch holding yourself back from Cumming before you have had time to fuck her. You brace yourself with one arm against the stall wall the other is around her waist to support her she moans as you push and find yourself deep within her willing ass.

It's so tight and warm you have to fuck it. You begin to increase your thrusts harder and faster. You fuck cannot help but fuck her this way. To go slow would not be as satisfying. And then is Cumming again and you reach around to feel her juices drip down onto your fingers. Just then you hear the bathroom door open and voices from the bar drift in along with the sounds of two men in a conversation laughing. A roar goes up from the bar just as the door closes, guess someone scored.

While you are doing ok at the scoring part. You slow your fucking as to be as quiet as possible. Your dick never leaving her ass. The men continue to talk and don't even seem to realize there is anyone else here.

They finish and you hear the door open and close behind them again. This is sending you mad and again you resume fucking her as hard and fast as possible. She is trying to be quiet but you can tell that she is holding back the need to scream and moan loudly. With one more hard deep thrust your balls bouncing off her swollen cunt lips you unload in her ass. And wrapping both arms around her waist you lean forward on to her back.

Drained yet still wanting more. Giggling you both help each other redress once again for the second time in less than half an hour.

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Smiling she touches your cheek and kisses you on the lips. "I'll buy you that beer now.

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Meet me back at the bar just got to go freshen up." "Ok I will be there in a minute." You take your time in the men's room knowing she will be a few straightening herself up. Walking to the sink you wash and look into the mirror. Looking at yourself thinking really twice in half an hour shit what a good night. You leave the bathroom the bar has gotten more crowded as the two of you have been busy. You approach the bar and the bartender comes to you with a beer, and says, "That blonde you joined bought you a beer and left you this note.

Oh, and she paid both the tabs too." "Thanks" you take the beer and the note. Disappointed that she is gone and didn't say goodbye scared what the note will say and yet in the same token excited as to what it might be. You take a sip of beer and open the note and it reads&hellip.

Dear John; Thanks for the great evening. I really enjoyed myself hope you did too. D xxx PS> Babe on your way home please stop and pick up cream for the morning coffee as we are out. Smiling you take another sip of beer wave goodbye to the bartender and head out of the bar towards your truck.

Wondering what is in store for you when you get home if she was that frisky at the bar tonight. Getting in the truck you smile fuck the cream she can drink it black it's not the first time and you're sure it won't be the last.

You race home to see what's next and pay some attention to those waiting nipples.