I need a naughty boy who loves jerking off to feet

I need a naughty boy who loves jerking off to feet
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Here is part two of my story between Devin and Kas. Sorry this part is so short. I hope to make up for it in part 3. Four days passed and still there hadn't been a "Next Time". Four days also gave me plenty of time to think, and the more I thought, the more I doubted. What if Carol and Dad found out? What if Devin didn't like being with me? What if I am pregnant? Things between Devin and I were still slightly awkward, mostly because I wasn't sure how to respond.

We spoke more and even joked a little, but it felt like we were pretending again. Pretending it never happened. Besides Devin had a girlfriend, Sarah. Maybe he was satisfied with her, maybe she gave him more. It was more than I could say of my boyfriend Grant. The more I thought about Sarah the more I realized I was jealous. Plain and simple. I hated her guts, even before my recent evening with Devin. I decided that I would do something about it.

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On the fifth day I awoke to the sound of my dad shutting the front door. Both he and Carol went to work early. I glanced sleepily over at my clock which flashed 6:30am in big angry red letters.

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It was the middle of January and the house was very chilly in the morning so I burrowed further under my covers and and snuggled up to my collection of stuffed animals. I still had an hour and a half before I needed to get up for school. However no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get warm.

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I gave up and decided to start my day early. I did the band-aid pull and yanked the covers off of me then snatching my robe from the door and to the bathroom.

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I turned on the shower and sat on the toilet waiting for the water to warm up. When steam began to roll off onto onto the tile floor I jumped into the shower and let the scalding hot water cascade over me. It soaked my dark hair and poured down my back sliding sensually. I became very aware of my body and moved the bar of soap slowly across it. I let my fingers stray south and slowly began massaging my clit.


I had masturbated a couple times before, but never like this. I slid my middle finger inside of me where it was very warm. I even let myself whimper silently as my head rolled back against the tile wall. After my orgasm subsided, I rinsed off, pulled on my fuzzy robe and headed back to my room. As I got dressed I heard the faint sounds of Devin awakening in the other room.

He opened his door, went to the bathroom and peed in the toilet. I began to discover I was mad at him. Seethingly so. How dare he leave me hanging like this, wondering, waiting. I dressed in a low-cut v-neck argyle sweater that showed of the lacy cusps of my blue bra, my shortest skirt, and grey thigh-high socks. I slid on a pair of ballet flats and stormed into the kitchen. Devin was already seated at the table eating an orange. I didn't give him the satisfaction of my glance and instead went to grab a bowl from the cabinet.

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Out of the corner of my eye I watched him. He seemed unconcerned and unaware of my anger. He also looked very sexy with his dark hair all massed while his dark eyes remained locked on a text he was sending.

Probably to Sarah. I slammed my bowl on the counter and snatched the cereal from the shelf. After yanking the milk out of the fridge and slamming the silverware drawer shut I finally got a response. "Does your dad know you're wearing that skirt?" He asked not looking up.

I turned to face him angrily. "Um, I think I am capable of dressing myself without my fathers approval." I snapped then poured flakes into my bowl.

Devin casually set his phone down and looked up at me. "I wouldn't be too sure." He shrugged. I paused.

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"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked suddenly feeling very unreasonable. Devin just sat silently for a moment. He gathered the orange peel into his hand and stood up. I watched him through slitted eyes as he threw it away and came over to me. "It means," he said grabbing me by the waist. "I think you should wear something else." It wasn't a suggestion. He was demanding I change into something else. "What does it matter to you?" I challenged.

I knew I was being unreasonable and starting an argument simply because I was upset, but I didn't feel he had the right to order me around either.

Devin yanked me closer so that our pelvises were locked his hand roamed slowly up my back then he pulled me into a possessive embrace so that his mouth was next to my ear.

"I think you know why it matters." He said as his other hand moved from my hip to my thigh then up my skirt to elastic of my panties. I remained frozen as I pressed against him. His hands slipped inside and slid down the curve of my backside. He continued until his fingertips found my labia.

He slid his middle finger against my folds and I tensed pressing closer to him. I felt him smile slightly against my cheek and I closed my eyes in pleasure as he continued. Finally he slid his moist finger slowly inside of me and I let out a small whimper. He worked another finger inside then dragged them slowly in and out.


I spread my legs to allow him better access. "Will you change?" He asked in my ear. It took me a moment to process what he meant but I was able to nod yes. "Say it." He said sliding his fingers out of me and withholding them. "Yes," I moaned softly. "I'll.change." He smiled and pressed his fingers back inside of me adding another one as reward for my obedience. My hips moved slightly, in-sync with his hand. I was holding tightly to his t-shirt for support moaning softly over his shoulder.

"Are you going to come?" He asked using one hand to gently smooth over my hair while his other hand continued to roughly fill me between my thighs.

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"Ye.yes." I said between gentle erratic breaths. He pulled out his fingers and spun me around bending me over the table. I felt my pussy flood and grow heavy at the erotic and vulnerable position I was in. I heard his zipper slide and felt my skirt being bunched up around my hips. I turned my head slightly and watched as he pulled his stiff cock out of his boxer shorts and massage it in a fist. He bent his knees slightly and lined himself up to me.

I whimpered as I felt the head of his cock meet my moist folds.


He slowly pushes into me, filling me completely stretching my as full as I've ever been. The table is the only thing keeping my up as my legs loose their strength and I collapse onto my elbows. He slowly pulls out and I can feel every bulge and the loss of him is great but short. He quickly slams back into me and I grasp the edge of the table and cry out in sweet pain and pleasure. Building a steady pace he thrusts into me from behind as my juices trail down my thigh into my stocking. The thought of him inside of me, making love to me, fucking me, is so erotic, so yummy that I have to focus hard not to come just thinking about it.

I realize that my hips had begun to move in response to his rhythm. He reaches his hand down and rubs slow circles around my clit pressing harder with each circle until I can't stand it anymore.

"Devin!" I call out breathly. He brings his hand up and wraps it around my throat pulling me up until my back is pressed to his front and he is filling me at a new angle. I gasp and he continues to slam into me from behind growling occasionally. I catch a glimpse of our reflection in the kitchen window and that is it for me. I come hard and fast calling and and reaching back to grab at Devin's hair. He slows his pace letting me ride out my orgasm over his hard shaft, then he pulls out, letting me go as I lay back on the table contentedly.

As I lay there catching my breath I realize that Devin hadn't come. Then I hear him grunt and feel the spurt of his hot come drip down my thighs. He jerked himself a few more times then tucked himself back in.

"Go change." He says still catching his breath. "The bus will be here in ten minutes." To be continued