Uk gloryhole boy sluts bareback

Uk gloryhole boy sluts bareback
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Fbailey story number 757 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I almost never write a story longer than one part. I have had many requests to do so. This may be my only time and as far as I'm concerned each part will be a standalone story. That way I can end it anytime that I want too without annoying you readers too much. Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 02 = Donna and Troy Well, I had heard about a group being formed where they go on just one date a week.

The date starts on Friday whenever the two people can get together. It lasts util late on Sunday and sex is guaranteed. In between sex the couple tries to get to know one another and see if they might be compatible.

Part 02 is about Donna and Troy. After her 'date' with Steve, Donna was looking forward to Friday. On Monday she was told that Troy would be picking her up at eight o'clock on Friday. She had never been picked up that late before and was wondering what was up. She was ready when he called from his car and told her to come out.

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That was certainly not what she was expecting. She put her suitcase in the backseat and climbed in the front seat.

The car took off before she could even close the door much less put on her seat belt. Then Donna looked over at the driver. It was just a kid. It couldn't possibly be her 'date.' Troy said, "I know what you're thinking but I can show you my identification that says I'm eighteen." Donna figured that it was a phony identification card and there was no need for her to look at it.

Troy took her out of the city, into the country, and then turned off into a forest. He asked her age to which Donna replied, "Forty-seven years old. I'll be forty-eight in September." Troy said, "Wow!

You're the oldest fuck I've had so far." She knew right then that she was in for a very long weekend.

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He was obviously only interested in sex and she could still remember her brothers at that age. Oh well…sex was guaranteed.

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Donna asked, "So how old are you really? And how many 'dates' have you been on?" Troy had nothing to loose at that point so he said, "I'm almost sixteen and you are my tenth fuck. I lost my virginity to some twenty-five year old stripper. God could she suck cock." He pulled into an abandoned cabin and stopped. In his trunk were a box of canned food and two cases of soda. The cabin was filthy, there was no running water, and he told her that she would have to pee in a bush. There was no toilet paper either.

He told her to use a leaf. Then he told her to get naked.

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He already was and he was hard. Donna smiled at his tiny dick. It was no bigger than one of her last date's fingers. He was in a hurry to fuck her and claim her as his own.

He was like a big jungle cat marking his territory.


She would not get down on the dirt floor so he told her to get on the cot. He was nice enough to wipe away some cobwebs. She just spread her legs and let him in. There was not much feeling but she moaned every now and then to stroke his male ego. That little bastard fucked her almost ever hour until long after dark.

Then first thing in the morning he wanted it before he would let her go out to pee. When she was squatted down doing her morning business he shoved his cock into her mouth to suck. She was sure that he was going to pee in her mouth but he didn't and she wasn't going to give him that idea.

Donna had plenty of anal sex in her life and never really cared for it. However, when Troy put his cock in her ass it felt good. After that she kept begging him to butt fuck her.


She was able to wear that teenage stud out before dark that night. Sunday started out with his cock in her cunt as she was peeing outside.

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She had managed to sneak out without waking him but he missed her right away. She was squatted and just about to start her flow when he pushed her over and stuck his cock in her pussy.

He got so mad at her that later he had her lay in the dirt while he pissed on her tits and face. Donna used one his T-shirts to clean herself up with and that pissed him off.

When she threatened to turn him in as being a minor and mistreating her, he became much nicer to her. After all he had a good thing going and he sure didn't want to spoil it. He made sure to fuck her just as often as he could before taking her home.

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He even stuck it in her while she was laying on the back seat of his car close to the main highway. It was almost as if he wanted to get caught.


He even followed her into her house and fucked her in her own bed. On his way out he said, "You know, for an old lady, you're a pretty good fuck. By the way, my grandmother is only forty-eight years old." After he left her Donna call the emergency number that she had been given to report any incident that she felt uncomfortable with.

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A woman named Beverly calmed her down and said that she would take care of Troy herself. Beverly then told Donna that her next 'date' would be with a fifty-year-old widower, named Greg. Part 03 will be about Troy and Beverly. The End Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 02 = Donna and Troy 757