Mi modelo favorito de chaturbate

Mi modelo favorito de chaturbate
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Donna walks out to the balcony of her penthouse and overlooks the citywith glass of Glenfiddich on one hand and a smoke on the other and slowly sighs, as she takes a long drag of her smoke and slowly exhales, she was on hormonal therapy for the past 30 years but never got around to getting the gender correction surgery done, at the age of 56 she had made quite some money for herself&hellip.

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With 3 tech companies to her name, she was quite the successful business woman, however with all that it meant she had little time for her personal relationships, her family disowned her when she was 12after dropping out of school she lost touch with her friends, all this success yet on this night she felt so alone. As she took another sipshe thought to herself&hellip.


" i'm tired of being aloneI want to share my life with someone…someone I can support and mentor " but she didn't know where to start. So she went to the one place she knew had all the answers&hellip.

"Google" … and after a couple of hours she landed on "seeking arrangement.com", she made an account and started looking for prospective partners.


After weeding out many fake and desperate profiles, she came across a profile. It was of a student, she was 18 years oldhad a moderate Gothic look going on with her attending a university mastering in computer security.


This particular uni was a 10-minute drive from her apartment, so she emailed the girl asking for her contact info and turned in for the night. The next morning while enjoying her breakfast she was checking on her mails to see that Megan had responded, she had send her contact number and had said to call her as soon as you got the message.

Donna promptly dialed the number, and on the third ring Meghan picked up, "Hello?" "Hello Meghan this is donna I emailed you last night" "ohh&hellip. Hello donna" she sounded very calm and collected… "I have to ask due to past experiences with others&hellip.do you have any problem with me being a fat girl?" Donna chuckles "not at all… in fact i'm quite curvy myself" Donna hears her smile as her voice starts to sound much happier "have you had a sugar baby before&hellip.and what are you looking for here?" Donna chuckles "no I have not had a sugar baby before this is quite new to me, i'm sure you have a lot of questions why don't we meet somewhere and talk things over?

Name you time and place I don't have much to do today anyway" "ill text you an address be there in an hour" Donna smiles "okay I'll see you soon " As she ends the call, moments later the phone beeps with a text message, which reads the address to the nearby Starbucks." And hour later Donna pulls up to the Starbucks and walks in and immediately notices who she is looking for sitting by a window sipping her coffee, she was wearing a red scarf, a linkin park shirt, a black rocker jacket and boots, the tips of her hair was colored red.

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In addition, she wasn't lying about her curves, from the wide she had the body profile of actress Ariel winter, only much more chubbier than her. Donna slowly approached her "hello you must be Meghan"…as she extended her hand to the girl, as she looked up at Donna with her blue eyes Donna went weak at her knees. She then smiled and took Donnas hand in hers "that must make you donna", Donna blushed like a little girl, "may I take a seat?" Meghan shows the empty chair opposite to her with her free hand "please do".

Meghan leaned in "so tell me why did you get into being a sugar mamma?", Donna spends the next thirty minutes telling Meghan her life story.

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And then finishes with " im 56 now with more money than I could ever hope to spend, and after all these years I feel lonely, but I don't want a partner&hellip.i want someone I can guide and support ,maybe even take care of up to some extent". Meghan listens and nods her head, and she leans in keeping the empty coffee cup on the table…"and for all of that what do you expect in return?" Donna looked taken back "i hadn't really thought about it if i'm honest, i suppose a bit of help around the apartment in cleaning ".donna thought for a bit."How good is your driving?" .meghan chuckles and replies "im pretty good" .donna smiles leaning back as she takes her car keys out, and looks at meghan…"up for a little test?" Meghan nods, as Donna throws her the keys and walks out the shop to her car, Megan follows behind her, and nod in approval as she sees the car "a 2018 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG, maybe we do have a few things in common after all".

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Donna smiles as she hits send on her phone, and Meghan 's phone beeps in response, she opens it up to see a location update&hellip."take me there. You have 10 minutes.

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And if i feel the slightest bump the deal is off, and sweetie this i just my daily&hellip. Wait till you see my collection" as she closes the door behind her grinning. {this will be a story that develops over time and not like my other saga.if you want more to come out.just leave your thoughts in the comments below.

;) }

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