Fabulous Baby Face Student Fucks Daddy

Fabulous Baby Face Student Fucks Daddy
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It had been a long night and an even longer patrol, and Kate was drained. Slipping into the window quietly to find her Holly fast asleep, Batwoman moved quietly for the chair and started to get undressed. Removing the belt with practiced ease, she then took off the cape before she removed the gloves and boots., only then placing her hands on the dresser and lowering her head to rest, before going on. Holly crept up behind Kate with instinctive ease, then like some guard dog she bit on Kate's cunt then chewed playfully on her flesh through her latex while her hands shot forward, and grabbed Kate's tits.

She let out a deep, long moan that resonated through the latex into Kate's cunt as latex covered flesh muffled it. She couldn't resist Kate's succulent position one moment, and she wanted some of that sweet pussy so badly!

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"Ahhhhhhhhhhh., uuuhhhhh., mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Caught off guard, Kate feels the teeth sink into her latex encased pussy and almost falls back over the dresser from the shear pleasurable shock.

Moaning deeply as the pleasure resonates through her cunt, she finally does fall back knocking various kick knacks off the top as she does.

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Holly moaned, and then grabbed Kate's utility belt as she ate her out through her latex then with restraint straps in hand she stood up, grabbing Kate's wrists. She tied them together, then hung her by the wrists from the top of the sturdy dresser mirror.

All the while she had a wild domineering look in her eye. "Lnow what I'm going to do to you, lover?" she purred sensually then licked her jaw line. Bound before she could even utter a protest, Kate found her wrists high above her head and seemingly helpless before her lover. The mirror was a one of a kind that hung from an overhead beam and was separate from the dresser itself so that the dresser could be moved for cleaning, but even as Kate wanted to say something, the tongue slipping up her core prevented her from doing that.

"Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh., noooo., no what?" "I'm going to make you cum.

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and cum. and cum summore, and just when you think you can't cum anymore, I'm going to rape even more cum from you." She slapped Kate roughly, then grabbed her chin and made her look at Holly.

"You like that, my sexy lil' mousie, hm?" She then took more straps from Kate's belt, then tied her ankles to the legs of the dresser forcing them spread, and making Kate even more helpless.

Holly was in one of those moods, much like she was when they first met. It's like it's been age since they had sex, and she had a lot of pent up need, and lust to have Kate enjoy. "Ahhhhhhhh., mmmmmmmmmmm." The slap to her firm breasts hurt so good and in seconds her nipples were showing through the costume's thin material. Her mind reeling from the slap, Kate had no way to resist her ankles being time, placing her aroused body in semi-spread eagle position and totally helpless.

"Ummmmmmm., think you're woman enough to do it?" "Only one way to find out." Holly made Kate watch as she undid her zipper, then slid it off revealing her young body to Kate.

She licked her lips at Kate then grabbed her nipples between her index, and middle finger, then pinched, and tugged on them through her latex. She pulled on them, and jiggled her breasts with them, then grabbed her huge, warm tits in her hands roughly before she started to grind Kate's cunt with hers.

"Mmhmmm." she moaned as her horny, wet cunt covered Kate's crotch with wetness as she rode Kate. Mesmerized by the show, Kate followed the slow progress of the tantalizing zipper only to look back up to her lover's own firm breasts. Watching Holly move in closer, she gasped when her own nipples were pinched and twisted, letting her head fall back for a moment while she gave in to the pleasures being given her body.

**GASP** Snapping her head back up the instant she felt Holly's warm moist cunt slide up the hot latex covering her own, Kate clenched her fists and moaned deeply with arousal, letting Holly know she was in fact getting to her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." "Mmmmhmmm, good girl." She purred, then increased the pace of her gyrations against Kate, grinding, and humping her firmly.


Moans escaped her lips as she enjoyed the sensation, and her tongue slid across her lips. She leaned over, and licked one of Kate's nipples as she squeezed her breasts, then she bit the nipple firmly to make sure Kate could feel it through her cat suit. "muuhhmmmm." she groaned with pleasure. Aroused deeply, Kate felt her own pussy getting wet, heating up her trapped body in the process. Moving her body in time with her lover's, she closed her eyes to get the most enjoyment from the sexual play The instant her nipple was bitten, Kate gasped again, hoping her cries of pleasurable pain were not loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Holly purred in sheer delight, then removed her cunt from Kate's. She replaced it with an empty champagne bottle's neck, moving the lip of the bottle up, and down Kate's cunt, and now and then she pushes it into Kate's pussy shallowly as her latex impeded.

The tip is used to stimulate the rim of Kate's pussy, teasing her. Holly straddles one of Kate's thighs, and starts to ride it like the horny slut she is, and let out soft moans as she nibbled on Kate's latex clad tits.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you.bitch., uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh., you know how to get to me, know this costume makes it just that much more intense for me. I.ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh." Building to a hard orgasm with every passing minute, Batwoman tried to resist the urges to beg, to plead for release, knowing Holly would only tell her no as a means of further torturess pleasure. "Mmh, I know, lover." she moaned huskily as she rubbed Kate's cunt with the tip of the bottle, shoving latex between her pussy lips, and letting the rounded rim work over her clit as the rest of the smooth bottle neck rubbed between her pussy lips.

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She gives Kate's breast a long, lingering lick from the bottom to her nipple, then started to club her nipple with her tongue rapidly. "nnnnnnn" she moaned looking up at Kate with a wicked smile, obviously enjoying Kate's torturous pleasures. Her body squirming against the bottom of the dresser, Kate tired everything she knew to hold the orgasm back to make it all the harder when it finally did arrive.

Her nipples were already harder than she could ever remember them and her mind was near mush, but still, she managed to hold it back if only just, but there wasn't much ,ore she could take. She stuffed Kate's pussy with the mouth of the bottle shallowly, and rapidly using the latex to rub the rim of her pussy.

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Holly tossed her head back, and moaned out loudly "Ohhhhh, god." she licked her lips, then her head was soon hovering over Kate's cunt. She pushed her tongue into the latex, and began searching for Kate's clit while her free hand tugged on one of Kate's nipples. Holly moaned again as if she were eating a delicious meal as she nibbled on the second skin that covered Kate's clit as she shallowly bottle fucked Kate.

"MMMMMHMMMMMMMNNNN!!!" Her mouth watered as if she could sense her prey in a state of weakness.

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Kate threw her head back and forth while her hot body slid toward an orgasm. Holly knew exactly where to touch her, what buttons to push and the lovable vixen was pushing every one perfectly.


Groaning deeply when Holly found her clit, Kate let her head fall off the back of her shoulders and exploded, sending her extremely hot juices sliding down her inner thighs, an action that only served to make her that much hotter. Holly purred at Kate as she stood and cupped one of Kate's tits as she leaned close. "One of many to come, lover." she said in a husky tone, then walked over to the bed where she dislodged a smooth bed post revealing the base of it on a hinge connected to the foot board.

She moved the pole to Kate's crotch where it rested snugly. Holly smiled broadly as she opened a panel in the footboard where she revealed a small electric engine. She activated it and the smooth wooden pole started to vibrate against Kate's cunt. Holly watched with an amused smile on her lips interested in Kate's response.

Kate had resisted making any comments while Holly went about whatever she was doing. Kate had already surmised that the young woman was very resourceful if not down right kinky, both attributes worth enjoying, but this latest escapade was. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!! You aren't going to use that on meeeeeeuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggghhhhhh." Literally stunned by the pulsating pole pressed against her over excited pussy, Batwoman yelped out an agonizing scream of pleasure even as she tensed her body in the vain attempt to pull away from the bed post, but no matter how far she moved back, the pole came with her, giving her absolutely no chance of escape.

A devilish smile cross her lips as she watched Kate struggle, and enjoy herself. Her tongue poked out from the corner of her mouth, then slid across her lips before she walked back to Kate, then started to retie Kate's ankles to Kate's thighs with thick leather straps, then she pressed a switch on the wall, and the hanging mirror that Kate was tied to moved forward sllliiiiding Kate's cunt along the pole making it into a vibrating bondage horse of sorts.

The mirror separated into two pieces, and one of them rotated around to Kate's front. Now she could see the pole crushing the latex to her cunt more clearly, and see her sexy ass ride the pole at the same time. Holly walked over to Kate, then grinned. "Liking it, lover?" she purred, very happy to have Kate at her mercy.

"Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh., my.my cunt., won't be able.uuhhhhhhhhhh, to take much of this., not that I have a choice." Watching her body moving helplessly back and forth along the pole, Batwoman couldn't help but get hotter. The movement was also managing to pull and push the costume through her over sensitive pussy lips driving her wild with excitement, and somehow, some where deep in the back of her melting mind, Kate wondered where Holly had obtained this bed?

Holly took Kate's tits in hand, and licked at her ear as she molested them firmly. "mmmhmm, no, you don't have a choice. You'll beg and plead for me to stop the pleasure." Holly murmered playfully like the Gotham villain she is, more or less giving out the diabolical plans to her "trap." Except this time she wasn't going to be leaving her tortured heroine alone to escape.

She squeezed Kate's huge, warm, breasts, and pinched her nipples through the latex from behind so Kate could watch the molestation in plain view via the mirror. Holly moaned loudly as she watched Kate's bodyweight press her pussy to the pole she's forced to ride.

"You're gunna cum so much that the latex on tour thighs will fill like water balloons." She purrs, speaking dirty. "I bet you'd like that so you can drink up your sweet cum, hm?" she suckled Kate's earlobe playfully after she spoke. Her mind awash with the erotically pleasing sensations, Kate could only mutter gibberish back to Holly's comments, but even then her words were probably understood.

Her nipples were on fire from the pleasurable abuse Holly's fingers were giving them, sending the powerful energies radiating through the rest of her breasts, but as exciting as that action was, it was the lower attack on her body, the pole sliding back and forth through her lips, that had Batwoman's attention.

In minutes, Kate could feel the tingling sensations of her inner walls while they contracted around the moving pole, ever so much as they would a cock or dildo, and before Kate could utter even the slightest gasp of shock, she came, sending her hot love juices down the in side of her costume on either side of the pole, coating her inner thighs in the process.

"Uuughh., mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm." Holly moaned in pleasure from simply knowing Kate was being forced to cum. She straddled the pole in front of Kate with her hands on her tits where she rolled them on her chest, and pinched her nipples.

She pressed a deep, hot kiss to Kate's lips, and plunged her tongue into her mouth. "God, I love you, Kate." she gasped out in heat. "Oh, lover, want me to fuck you 'til you pop?

Hm?" She said in a wicked tone. "Of course you do." she added. "I'm going to fuck you into obedience! Make you my love slave!" She said naughtily, then dismounted from the pole, then walked over to the machine controls. There she turned off the pole's gyrations, and then walked over to the dresser where she pulled out a double ended strap on with a black latex circle around the end meant for Kate.

"I had this special made for you." she purred as she walked back to Kate where she grabbed her by the hair, and pulled kinkily, which repositioned her to lay back on the pole. All her sweat and juices trapped inside her suit repositioned against Kate's body.

Holly grabbed Kate's waist with one hand, and raised it making the juices run to her upper body slowly, then she carved out a circle over Kate's crotch with one of her claws being careful to no let a drop escape her body condom.

"Ohhh, such a pretty pretty pussy." She leaned in, then wrapped her mouth around it, then sucked roughly as she gave it a lick before she pressed the strap on to Kate's pussy.

"Now, my love, to fuck your brains out." She inserted the thick, rubbery toy into Kate's sopping wet pussy until the latex circle touched Kate's body suit, and then adhered them together making the suit one piece again.

To illustrate this, Holly pulled the dildo out of Kate's pussy showing her the body suit made to stretch as she did so, then she released the dildo like a pinball machine plunger, and the toy drilled hard into Kate's pussy. Holly put on a contented smile with lust in her eyes as she put on the strap on harness, then laid her body on Kate's snugly. "Baby, I love you." she kissed hungrily then started fucking Kate slowly, then gradually upped the pace.

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Kate slammed her head back as the dildo was plunged into her body and a large gasp escaped from her mouth as Holly continued as she had said as she mounted Kate and began to fuck her brains out. (End Part Two)