Japanese hottie dazzles with foot job during racy hot group sex

Japanese hottie dazzles with foot job during racy hot group sex
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Pt2 Mj walked to the side of her slave and used her hands to bend him at the waist to push his tight little arse out ready to be punished. Using her bare hand to begin she slapped first one arse cheek and then the other trying to find a different spot each time using the redness that was forming to decide where to hit each time. Each slap got slightly harder than the last as she found how much fun it was to watch her husband squirm and try to cry out with each slap but the ball gag meant that only a pathetic whimpering noise could be heard.

Quickly his arse had become bright red and she had done an excellent job of spreading the blows evenly she thought to herself as she examined her handy work. Mj's hand was getting a little sore though now so she decided to use the leather spanking paddle to continue the job and repeated the process of spreading the blows evenly across his red arse.

The paddle made a fantastic sound as it hit she thought to herself. Having given Daz the spanking she thought he deserved Mj walked in front grabbing him by the chin and looked deep into his eyes that had tears forming in them and a pleading look, Mj just laughed and then looking down saw that despite the spanking his cock was hard and pre cum had formed on the head and was dripping.

Mj wiped the pre cum from the head of his cock and wiped it on his face as she ran her hand across his cheek.

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"Did you enjoy that you pathetic pervert she asked ?" Embarrassed Daz looked to the ground. Mj grabbed his chin in her left hand and forced him to look into her eyes. The ball gag prevented him answering so Mj repeated the question and then used her hand on his chin to make his head nod in agreement.

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Mj grabbed Daz's balls in one hand and then slapped his hard dick with her other, his hard cock slapped against his side and then returned to it's original position. Mj repeated this process several times alternating the slap from side to side, his dick remained hard as she continued to slap it hard. "What will we do about this hard dick of your's ?" Mj cheekily asked knowing that with the ball gag he had no way of answering anyway.

Mj removed her hands from his dick and balls and took a nipple in each hand and twisted firmly, "I suppose head would help" she half asked. Daz couldn't believe what he was hearing and eagerly nodded his head and tried to smile.

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"Ok head it is" announced Mj who slipped off her long leather skirt and turned to get something off the table. When Mj turned back Daz could see she was strapping a large strap-on into place. The dildo was shaped just like a real penis and was similar in size to his own, thick and about 7 inches in length.

Mj removed the chain that was attached to her slaves collar and forced him to his knees, his hands still cuffed behind him. Next Mj removed the ball gag and then moved into position so that her new dick was positioned in front of his mouth, she placed a hand on either side of his head and gently guided his mouth to her new plastic dick.

"Tell me you want to suck my dick slave" Mj commanded. Just at that moment car doors out the front of the house and then ladies voices and loud laughing and giggling as drunks often did could be heard, this was followed by a knock on the door. Mj began to laugh loudly, "this should be interesting" she said more to herself as she slipped her skirt back on but Daz noticed she didn't remove the strap-on and it was quite noticeable as a lump under the skirt.

"Wait there and do not make a noise" she said as she left the room to open the door. Daz remained naked with his hands handcuffed and his ankles still attached to chains on the floor. Mj had left the door slightly open and Daz heard Mj greet her visitors who apparently had been out on a girls night out. What if one of the visitors passed the room on the way to the toilet thought Daz, they might look in and see him in this pathetic position and he would never be able to face them again.

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He recognised the voices as a couple of girls from Mj's work. He thought he heard a third voice as well but it was only ever in a almost whispered tone that he could barely hear. Daz listened intently and after only a few minutes of chat about the night out one of the women questioned Mj on her "dominatrix" outfit. Mj didn't sound embarrassed at all as she announced that yes she was actually in the process of teaching her husband a lesson when they had arrived and that he had been about to suck the dick she had on under her leather skirt.

The ladies broke into excited laughter and said well don't let us stop you. Daz was more embarrassed then he could ever remember feeling in his life with the thought of his wife and friends discussing him they way they were but as he was about to discover worst was to come. Pt3 Mj returned to the room where Daz was chained to the floor, "Please don't" began Daz before Mj cut him off "shut up slave !" Mj placed a blind fold over Daz's eyes before removing both the ankle chains and the hand cuffs.


She forced him onto all fours and then attached a dog lead to his studded collar. "Heel" she commanded as she led him on all fours like a dog from the bedroom. The room filled with laughter as Daz was lead into it, "how cute" "can I have one?" Daz could feel his face and ears going bright red "oh look the poor thing is embarrassed and now his face color matches his red arse" commented one of the women.

Mj explained that she had spanked her slave earlier hence the red arse cheeks. Daz tried to imagine how ridiculous he looked being led naked like a dog around the room in front of her friends. As he passed one of the lounges a hand reached out and spanked his arse and then again as he passed the next one. His arse was still a little sore from the earlier spanking and he gave a yelp at each unexpected contact which brought more laughter from the guests.

MJ completed a couple of laps of the room before yanking Daz's head hard and forcing him to climb(still on all fours)onto the wooden coffee table in the centre of the room. Daz remained naked apart from his collar and blindfold and felt humiliated as he knelt on all fours on the coffee table as the ladies watched on. You mentioned he was about to suck your dick before we arrived commented one of the ladies. "That's right" answered Mj as she removed her skirt to expose the strap-on that she still wore.

Mj walked to the front of the table and Daz felt the plastic dick push against his mouth. "lick it" commanded his mistress. Daz could hear the guests giggling as they looked on. Daz slowly began to lick and then slowly take the dick into his mouth. MJ began to work it in and out of his mouth and Daz lifted one hand to guide it and prevent from gagging as she pushed deeper but Mj slapped his hand away and told him to use no hands.

She continued to thrust her dick into his mouth and several times he gagged as she pushed deep into his mouth and each time the guests laughed and made fun of him.

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Daz was sure he had heard another voice laugh in the room but only 2 women had made themselves known so he must have been mistaken he thought to himself as he continued to suck on his wife's strap-on. "this is making me incredibly horny, is he as good at licking pussy as he is as sucking dick ?" asked one of the voices from the couch.


Mj laughed and replied "you be the judge" Mj removed her plastic dick from Daz's mouth, "roll over" she gave the command like she would to a dog and laughed as her obedient husband obeyed rolling onto his back still on the coffee table.

The blind fold meant he still couldn't see what was happening but he soon had a pussy sitting near his mouth, he knew it wasn't Mj's immediatly, it smelt slightly different and as it was lowered to his mouth he found it completely free of hair unlike his good wife's pussy.

His head hung slightly off the edge of the coffee table and this made it easy for the guest to kneel at the end and position her pussy directly above his mouth her thighs holding his head in place. "show me what you can do" commanded the guest. Daz obediently began to gently lick the bald pussy, he teasingly began to lick gently around the edges of her lips and she was so moist that juices were escaping, she was not in a patient mood and roughly forced her pussy hard against his mouth spreading her lips around his mouth and rubbing hard.

Daz got the message and forced his tongue inside her and began to vigorously work it around, she was incredibly wet and the bald pussy made it so easy for him to enjoy what she badly wanted. She quickly tired of his thrusting tongue and positioned her pussy so that her clit would get a good working over. Daz had nearly forgotten about the others in the room with the moaning coming from the owner of the bald pussy that he was licking so furiously when he felt a finger applying lubricant to his arse hole, the finger gently pushed inside him and he felt it working the lubricant around, next a second finger joined the first opening up his tight hole, the fingers gently worked their way in and out of his arse before he felt his ankles being lifted in the air and then something new began to prod his now lubricated arse hole.

Daz suddenly felt a hard slap against his arm with a stern reminder barked to continue to lick the pussy at his mouth which he had momentarily stopped paying attention to as he worried what was about to happen at the other end. Daz lay on his back on the coffee table with the bald pussy rubbing against his mouth and tongue and now a hard object slowly being inserted into his lubricated arse with his legs held at their ankles in the air.

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The blindfold prevented him seeing who was working on him but he soon realized the plastic object penetrating him was the same strap-on he had been forced to lick and suck only moments earlier. The strap-on felt huge and having never had anything larger than a finger inside him before Daz tightened as it was forced inside him. A hand slapped his arse as his mistress wife yelled at him to relax and just take it as he was just going to make it worse.

Daz tried to relax as the strap-on was roughly shoved deep inside him and then having paused for just enough time to allow his muscles to relax around it the dildo began to pump slowly in and out of his arse the full 7 inches being worked inside him.

The pain of the strap-on that was fucking his arse had caused his dick to soften slightly and he was only semi hard which evidently was not acceptable to the 3rd drunk woman who caught him by surprise when she slapped his dick hard with her hand several times from side to side complaining "how am I supposed to fuck that ?!" she took his dick in her hand and roughly began to tug on it stretching it out and then slapping it again.

The thought of being fucked whilst licking pussy and himself being fucked by the strap-on was enough for him to instantly become rock hard again which seemed to amuse the lady that was playing with his dick "look he likes it when I hit his dick" she laughed. Daz felt her climb on cowboy style guiding his dick straight to her pussy.

She wasted no time at all quickly sliding her very wet pussy up and down his hard shaft. Meanwhile he could tell the owner of the pussy he continued to lick was close to cumming by her irregular jerky movements and the short breaths and moans, the strap-on now worked it's way easily in and out of his arse which had relaxed and he recognised his wife's tell tale signs that she was bringing herself to orgasm using the dong on the inside of the strap-on as she fucked her husband in his virgin arse.

Daz could feel himself getting very close to cumming and began to thrust to meet the pussy that was roughly fucking his dick when all of a sudden each of the three women started to yell and moan almost simultaneously as each began to orgasm. The pussy at his mouth pushed hard against it making it nearly impossible for him to breathe,he felt the twitching as his tongue flicked the now over sensitive clit, the entire strap-on was shoved deeply inside his arse,not moving as Mj's orgasm took place and the final pussy pushed down hard against him forcing his large dick as deeply inside her as she could as she too jerked involuntarily with her orgasm.

Daz was mere seconds away from cumming as each woman abruptly pulled away leaving him naked apart from the blindfold laying on his back on the coffee table in front of 3 horny but satisfied women.

pt 4 The women laughed excitedly amongst themselves commenting on how good that felt and what a good little slave toy Daz had been. Mj reached down and slapped his hard cock "oh you poor baby, everyone got to cum but you it seems, Well we have one more surprise for you yet and if you are good we may let you cum then wont we girls ?! Now sit up !" commanded his mistress wife. Daz obeyed immediately and felt handcuffs being attached to his wrists which Mj then pulled behind his back.

Before we let you cum though I think poor Chad here deserves a treat after sitting so quietly and watching us have all the fun said Mj as she removed the blindfold. The light was very bright after having the blindfold on for so long and it took a few seconds for Daz to adjust to the light but less than that for his mind to register the "Chad" comment. Chad was one of the "girls" from Mj's work and was invited on the girls night out despite being male as being gay he fitted in so well with the girls.

Chad stood naked before Daz and giggled as he commented on what a relief it was to be finally able to make a noise. "Oooh Daz you are so gorgeous and I am so horny having watched the girls have their way with you" Daz was suddenly horrified,the 3 women using and abusing him had been all very exciting but now with the blindfold off he was staring at a naked man that had secretly been watching his ordeal and whose dick was now only a few feet from his face.

Chad's dick was not as large as the strap-on he had been forced to suck earlier but the thought of a real dick brought a new redness to his face. Chad moved forward and Daz tried to turn his head away and saw the two naked women who now sat on the sofa laughing at him each had a hand at their pussy slowly teasing as they watched on waiting for the new show.

Mj stood beside him and roughly grabbed his head turning it back toward Chad. The handcuffs prevented Daz from stopping Chad's dick as it pushed against his lips and Mj forced his mouth open with her fingers that held his head in place. Chad pushed his hard dick inside and began to slowly pump it in and out of his mouth. Daz closed his eyes and tried to pretend it was only a strap-on but Mj quickly slapped him on the side commanding him to reopen his eyes.

Chad was obviously as horny as he said because after a couple of minutes of pumping inside Daz's mouth he stepped back slightly withdrawing his dick and cum began to spurt forth. Mj held Daz's head in place as the cum splattered against his face.

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Daz managed to close his mouth but wasn't quick enough to close his eyes before the first spurt hit him in the eye stinging. Several spurts of cum continued to hit his face and began to run down off his chin. Mj used her fingers to catch the cum and forced it into Daz's mouth. The ladies on the couch were laughing and breathing hard again as they finger fucked themselves whilst enjoying Daz being humiliated this way.

Mj rubbed the cum across her poor husbands face and forced him to lick her fingers clean before pushing him back onto his back. The handcuffs made this an uncomfortable position but at least he wasn't able to see any of the visitors as he closed his eyes and lay back. "Can you believe he still has a hard on ?" asked Mj " would someone like to fix that for him please while I get us all a coffee.

Chad collapsed onto the sofa so one of the ladies quickly came across and grabbed Daz's dick and began to wank him hard and fast. "hurry up my coffee will be ready soon !" she commented taking away any chance that this would end in a sexy way. By this time Daz didn't care and after a few pumps he let himself cum shooting cum up across his stomach. She pumped him hard until he was dry and his stomach and chest now covered in his own cum. She then reached down and using one hand rubbed the cum into him before placing that hand to his mouth and getting him to clean off his own cum from her hand.

Mj returned to the room and removed the handcuffs "go and clean yourself up slave !" she ordered as she handed out the coffees to her guests. Daz meekly stood up and headed to the bathroom . The End.