Lilu Moon Masturbate Wet Pussy Closeup

Lilu Moon Masturbate Wet Pussy Closeup
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The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2014 Chapter Two: The Police Officer Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Bert McDaniels Paris, Texas "3Brian45," my radio crackled.

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"Shit," I muttered, my hands covered in the secret sauce off my Hawaiian Burger. I grabbed a napkin, and quickly tried to wipe my hands clean. "3Brian45," dispatch called again. I grabbed my handset, pressed the push-to-talk button. "3Brian45." "We have a disturbance on 1203 D St. Lewd act in public, multiple females, possibly on some narcotics, in front of Beauty in Motion Dance studio." "10-4, I'm on it," I answered.

"Thanks, McDaniels." It's turning into a wild night in Paris. Officer Snider had just taken a similar call on a Paris Transit Bus—woman masturbating in public—and now it sounded like several women were doing the same thing. Was there some new drug on the market. These days there always seemed like some new designer drug—like spice or bath salts—on the streets causing all sorts of problems.

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I shoved my half-eaten burger into the cheap, white bag. I'd have to finish dinner after this call. Hopefully, it wouldn't take too long. I started my cruiser up, flipped up the lights and sirens, and pulled out into traffic.

Cars pulled out of my way as I headed to the scene. I didn't race, this wasn't an emergency, so I did it safe and by the book, slowing at intersections, making sure cross traffic had stopped, before barreling through red lights.

I could see a crowd had formed as I approached the scene, lots of cell phones held high. I pulled up, and climbed out of my cruiser, thrusting through the crowd. In the middle was a group of women engaged in shameless, lesbian sex; my cock hardened.

I tried to ignore the heat suddenly pumping in my veins. My mind instantly started preparing the report I was going to have to write: four females, three approximately eighteen or nineteen, engaged in a homosexual coitus on a public sidewalk.

Suspect one, female young adult, platinum blonde hair, had suspects two and three, young adult females, auburn hair, possible twins, performing an oral act on her breasts, while suspect four, adult female, black hair, performed an oral act on suspect one's rectum.

This would be the talk of the break room for months. Two men crowded in front of me. "Out of the way!" I bellowed in my commanding, cop's voice.

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"You four women against the wall." The twin and the adult female obeyed, but suspect one walked towards me, her eyes somehow silver, and almost glowing like starlight. She looked vaguely familiar to me; I had definitely seen her somewhere. "Dispatch, I'm going to need backup.

I have four women committing a lewd act in." Suspect one touched my arm and I froze. "Backup is not necessary," she whispered. "You have the situation in hand." "Yeah," I nodded, then radioed, "Cancel backup. Just a prank." "Really?" dispatch asked. "We've gotten a lot of calls." "Situation's clear," I radioed.

"Good," suspect one smiled—I would do anything to make her smile. Those eyes were so beautiful and radiant. I wanted to be lost in them forever. "Officer Bert McDaniels, you shall be my escort for this night. Follow me." "Yes, ma'am," I whispered, my blood on fire as she turned and sauntered into the studio. "Handmaidens, attend me," she called out. "Yes, Goddess," the adult female said, her face smeared with sexual fluids. She was pretty, dressed in a leotard, with a lithe, dancer's body.

She and the twin girls followed her inside. "All right, move along!" I shouted at the crowd. "Everything's under control!" Then I followed my Goddess inside.

"My handmaiden Whitney has earned a reward for her wonderful worship," the Goddess purred, glancing at the adult female. She turned, and I saw her profile, the nose was the same as Mayor Cummins. "You're Darleen!" I blurted out. "No," she answered. "I am something far more than her. For now. You will risk much this evening, but you shall know happiness in love for the rest of your days. Now stretch out on the floor." I did. It was hard, made of wood that had been waxed, and the cold seeped through my uniform.

It was uncomfortable, my equipment hanging from my gunbelt was digging into my back and sides. So I removed it, setting it to the side. She stood over me, her legs straddling my hips; I could see her pussy through her torn leotard, tight and juicy and surrounded by wisps of light-blonde hair.

My cock was at full mast. "Handmaidens, free his cock." Whitney, and the twin with her auburn hair in a French braid, knelt on either side of me.


Their hands reached out and quickly undid my pants, drawing out my rock-hard slab, stroking me with their warm, soft hands. Whitney smiled at me; her eyes were an enchanting green. "He is ready, Goddess," French-Braids purred. "Thank you, Marrisa." Darleen dropped down and impaled herself on my shaft. I groaned; her pussy was heaven.

Tight and wet and warm.

She rose up and down, moaning softly. "Yes. That is just what I needed." She worked her hips up and down. "I want you to flood this vessel with your seed. She will conceive a child this night. Perhaps you will be its father." "Yes, Goddess," I moaned, picturing this sweet Goddess with a round belly, looking somehow even more sensual. "Keep riding me, and that'll happen." She smiled, hungry and possessive.

"Whitney, your reward awaits. Take your pleasure from his mouth." "Thank you, Goddess," moaned Whitney, and she shrugged out of her leotard, rolling it down her ivory skin. Her breasts were small and lovely, jiggling and swaying as she peeled the tight outfit down her hips and thighs. Her panties were blue, and the crotch was soaked through with her excitement. Those came off, and she was shaved, her pussy flushed and ready.

She straddled my face. She smelled wonderful, a sweet musk that left my mouth hungry.


Darleen rode my cock, squeezing and massaging my sensitive dick as Whitney sat her pussy down on my face. I pleasured her, eager to taste all her depths. She moaned and gasped, writhing on my lips.

"Oh, thank you, Goddess!" I could hear kissing and women moaning. I pictured Whitney leaning over, capturing Darleen's beautiful lips with hers, plunging her tongue deep into the Goddess's wonderful mouth. Their hands would find each other's small breasts, pinching nipples, squeezing pliant flesh. My balls frothed. "Yes!" moaned my Goddess. "I can feel it. Blast your lust into me! Baste me with your devotion! Let me drown in your love and worship!" Her hips rose and fell faster, her pussy squeezing about my cock.

I couldn't last, not drowning in Whitney's pussy and my Goddess's young cunt tight about my cock.

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I shoved my tongue deep into Whitney as my balls tightened, and then my entire body tensed as I erupted into my Goddess. I grunted and moaned my satisfaction into Whitney. My cock stayed hard; Darleen kept riding me. Her pussy felt like magic around me, keeping the life hard inside my shaft. Her gasps grew louder and higher. "Such wonderful praise!" she gasped. "Your love sloshes around inside me! Oh, yes!" She gave a low shriek, and her pussy contracting about me like velvet fingers, massaging me, trying to coax another load of cum out of my balls.

I wish I could give her one; my balls were drained. The happiest days lie before you Love shall finally pierce your heart. She will be by your side till the end of your days. Her words rang through me.

I was the only person in the room my Goddess was addressing. Her hips stopped falling, and I could hear more sucking. "Oh, yes!" Whitney moaned. "Thank you for pleasuring my nipples!" Whitney's gasps grew; her hips writhed faster. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she screamed and then her wonderful juices flooded my lips, sweet and thick, and I drank them all down.

Whitney gave one last shudder, then slipped off my face to lie on her back next to me, breasts heaving, a smile beaming on her face.

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Our eyes met, and she smiled at me, reaching out to take my hand. I squeezed her fingers. "Your reward is not finished," Darleen purred, rising off my still hard cock.

"Marrissa, Rhonda-May, attend to the officer." "Yes, Goddess!" the two twins chimed. They dropped to their knees on either side of me, grinning like a pair of mischievous cats, then licked up my shaft together, small, pink tongues meeting at the apex of my cock, and their lips melted together.

"Holy shit," I whispered, not believing that I was watching a pair of actual twin sisters kiss. "Hot, right?" Rhonda-May asked, her auburn hair loose and streaked with blonde highlights. "We only recently discovered how much fun we can have together." "Uh-huh," nodded Marissa.

"Last night our parents had no idea how much fun we were having in our bedroom. I came so many times. It's all the Ghost's fault." "On your knees," Darleen ordered Whitney. Whitney obeyed. Darleen stroked her pussy, working two fingers inside her. Whitney moaned her appreciation. I smiled, it was like watching my own porn, and having a pair of twins licking my cock was just the cream in the custard.

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"Oh, yes, my Goddess," moaned Whitney. "You have earned this gift, handmaiden." A third finger worked into Whitney's pussy, stretching her lips wide open. Whitney's hips shook, convulsing beneath our Goddess's assault. Then a fourth finger was shoved in; Whitney gasped, looking with wide-eyed amazement over her shoulder.

"You're going to stretch me open!" "I know. You will love it," our Goddess promised. The Goddess closed her fingers, then pressed her entire fist into Whitney's pussy. The black-haired woman's body convulsed as her pussy spread obscenely open, engulfing the Goddess's fist.

"Oh, fuck!" Whitney groaned. "I've never been stuffed so full!" The Goddess sank her hand to the wrist, then drew back and pushed it forward again. Whitney's cunt gripped the Goddess's arms. Over and over the Goddess drove her fist into her handmaiden's gaping hole while Whitney gasped and moaned. "Fuck, that's hot!" I groaned. "Uh-huh," panted one of the twins as her sister engulfed my entire cock with her mouth.

"I didn't know a pussy stretched that wide!" Her sister popped off my cock. "Duh! Babies!" Then she slurped my dick back into her warm, wet mouth. "Oh, yeah." "Oh, fuck!" Whitney moaned. "Make me cum, goddess! Fist me hard!" "Marissa, I just had the wildest idea." "What?" Marissa asked. "Let's scissor around his dick." "Blue hell, that's hot!" Scissor? I looked at the twin sisters as they rearranged themselves, leaning back like they were crabwalking, then moved across me, their legs scissoring together and then two twin pussies engulfed my cock.

They were both wet and hot, and then they started griding around me, sliding up and down as their little titties bounced and jiggled. "Oh, yeah!" Rhonda-May purred. "That's it! Hump my twat!" My balls were coming to a second boil. It was all too much. I never thought in a million years I would have twin sisters humping their cunts around my dick while a Goddess fisted another woman nearby. Slippery pussy slid up and down my length, massaging me closer and closer to an eruption.

"Oh, yeah!" I groaned. "Keep humping, sluts!" "We ain't gonna stop!" Marissa gasped. "Oh, yes! Gonna cum all over your big cock, officer!" "We always treat the law right," her sister moaned.

"So good! Here it comes!" They gasped and shrieked together, squirting hot juices around my cock, greasing their cunts to slide even faster up and down my shaft. Whitney was screaming and cursing, cumming on our Goddess's fist, juices running down Darleen's arm and dripping off her elbow. "Shit!" I grunted. My balls tensed. My breath exploded and my cum fountained up in the air and splattered white upon the twins' bellies. "Blue hells, that's fantastic!" moaned Marissa as another squirt launched into the air and landed on her tits.

"Umm," Rhonda-May purred, catching some of my third squirt in her hand and eagerly licking it up.

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"Tasty." "Your services have been paid for," my Goddess said, licking the cream coating her hand. Whitney lay in a sprawled heap at her feet. "I require your protection and transportation for the night." "Of course, my Goddess," I groaned, struggling to my feet. "Good. I wish the vessel I am inhabiting to forever remember my presence. There is a tattoo parlor on 3rd and E St, yes?" "Uhh, yeah, Spider Monkey Tattoo and Piercing." My Goddess's smile was pleased and eager.

To be continued.