A boy seduced by a hot mature woman giving him a blowjob

A boy seduced by a hot mature woman giving him a blowjob
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I was on my way back to my dorm room when I ran into my dad waiting for me. He asked me if I had some free time for an hour or two and I said yes.

Of course I knew what he wanted, sex. I put my books in his car and got in. I assumed we were going to go back to his house or over to my brothers. I saw him send a text message and then I asked my dad if he had the day off. He replied that he had taken the afternoon off. It didn't take me long to notice that in the direction we were going we were not going to his house or my brothers.

"Um dad where are we going?" "Don't worry Megan, I just thought of a change of scenery." After about 15 minutes we drove up into the parking lot of a nice hotel. I thought to myself that we were going to fuck in a hotel room, which was different and a bit exciting.

Come to find out my dad had already checked in as we went straight to the elevator and upstairs to the room. We got to our room and my dad opened the door. As soon as it was open my dad pushed me into the room where I was instantly grabbed by two naked men. They grabbed me by my arms as my dad shut the door. Then my dad said to them, "Go on, have your way with Megan." They pulled me towards the bed as my dad sat down in chair next to a table in the room.

"You guys fuck my daughter while I sit here and watch." I was still a bit startled by all of this so I was still struggling a bit as I was pulled to the bed. Then I heard my dad say, "Megan haven't you noticed who is going to fuck you?" I hadn't paid attention to who had grabbed me so then I really looked and the two men were next door neighbors of my dad!

So they knew I was his daughter and they were going to have sex with me in front of him. They both began to feel me up through my shirt, Mr. Anderson said, "Yeah I've wanted to do this to you ever time you laid out tanning for the past several years." My dad yelled at them, "Come on and get those clothes off of her! Don't worry about ripping them, I brought some extra ones." We looked and he had a duffle bag sitting under the table.

Seeing that Mr. Anderson and Mr. Smith ripped my shirt off and then nearly tore my pants off next. I was now standing in front of them in my white lace bra and white lace boy short panties. Mr. Anderson then said, "Megan I used to sit in the window with my binoculars looking at you in your bikini while jacking off.

I never thought I would get this chance with you." My bra and boy shorts did not stay on me too much longer. Each of them had one of their hands shoot right to my 36B tits fondling them before their mouths hit my nipples and they began to suck on my tits.

Their other free hands were all over my naked body, squeezing my ass, spanking me, fingering my pussy and asshole. I closed my eyes and began to moan with delight. The two of them fingered me for awhile as they pleasured me by sucking on my tits.

I guess my dad was impatient to see them fuck me because after what seemed liked a short time he spoke up in a stern tone again. "Come on guys, enough of that. Have some real fun with my slut of a daughter. She's a great cock sucker." My two older men stopped sucking my tits when they heard that.

Mr. Smith ran his index finger along my lips, the finger he had inside of my pussy. I could taste my own sweetness on his finger as he pressed it against my wet lips. Mr. Anderson spoke first. "Looks like Megan has a very good mouth for cock sucking." "No she has the perfect mouth for sticking a cock into. Look at these nice pretty lips, I bet they will look great wrapped around my prick." added Mr.

Smith. The two of them picked me up and placed me on my back on the bed, my head facing my dad. The talked for a moment to decide who would eat me out first and who would get their cock sucked. Mr. Smith said that as much as he wanted to have me suck his prick he wanted to taste my pussy first. Mr. Anderson smiled and said he guessed he was the winner of getting a blow job first from me.

Mr. Smith laid down on the bed and I very willingly spread my legs wide for him. As I did that I just opened my mouth for Mr. Anderson's cock. "See how much of a slut Megan is. Look at that, she spread her legs and opened wide for you two." I heard my father say.

I felt Mr. Smith's tongue hit my pussy lips working up and down them and then tongue teasing my clit. Mr. Anderson brushed some of my long brown hair out of my face as I let out a moan from the tongue licking I was receiving.

He looked at my dad while holding his prick which was now dripping some pre cum. "We will show you what do with a slutty daughter." I turned my head and his cock found its way right into my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down his cock as best as I could. It was difficult since I was having to do it at an odd angle but I made up for with the use of my tongue. I licked his whole shaft putting extra effort into licking and sucking the pre cum from his prick head.

I heard my dad stand up and his pants being taken off. Mr. Anderson told me what my father was doing as I worked on his prick, giving out muffled groans as Mr. Smith expertly licked my cunt. "Megan, your dad is taking his pants off. Hmm, he must like watching his daughter sucking on a cock and having her cunt licked because he has a great erection.

Look Megan, you made your own dad so horny he is sitting back down and now jacking off." That was exactly what my dad was doing, he was watching our next door neighbors have their way with me while he sat there jacking off. Mr. Anderson reached down to my tits and kept playing with my nipples while I had his cock in my mouth. He pinched my erect nipples, flicked them and tugged on them all of which made me more aroused. After a bit he spoke to my pussy licker. "How does her pussy taste?" Mr.

Smith brought his head up from between my legs for a moment, "She tastes so fucking good!" Then he looked at my dad, "Your daughters' cunt tastes great." Then looking back at Mr. Anderson he asked "Is she a good cock sucker?" Mr.

Anderson grabbed my nearest tit, "She is fucking great at giving head. I'm going to enjoy cumming in her mouth." I just looked up at him still in a bit of disbelief that I was sucking off my neighbor while having oral sex preformed on me by another neighbor all while my dad looked on jacking off. Mr. Anderson ran his fingers through my silky hair while watching me taking his cock into my mouth over and over again, "That's it you pretty little slut.

You keep right on sucking my cock and I will soon give you my thanks. Some nice hot, sticky salty thanks right in your pretty mouth." My father didn't say a word which was what he wanted; he just wanted to watch me be a slut with our neighbors.

Mr. Smith was too good and I soon felt my orgasm building up inside of me. I began to wiggle around moaning and groaning as much as I could but Mr.

Anderson would not take his prick out of my mouth. My orgasm finally hit as I arched my back up, I wrapped my legs around Mr. Smith nearly squeezing him to death.

My tits moved around as my body wildly squirmed around from the pleasure one wet tongue gave me. Then I felt Mr. Anderson's cock go very rigid in mouth, he was breathing harder and I could tell by that wild glazed over look in his eyes he was about ready to cum. I sucked on his prick even harder snaking my tongue all over his hot throbbing shaft trying to get him off.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth; it was glistening wet from my saliva and his pre cum. "Open wide Megan!" I did as he said opening my mouth wide and sticking my tongue ready to receive his salty spunk.

He got up and stood over my head wildly jacking off. I heard my father say to him "Go on do it. Cum in my daughters mouth. She is such a slut she loves the taste of cum." His hard cock was only and inch or two above my face, his prick head aimed at my mouth. I watched him stroking his prick and saw his body tense up and then his cock began to squirt out cum.

He used my tongue like a back board shooting his cum against it then watching it immediately slide back down into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed his first huge stream of spunk. Then he erupted again, this time cum shot into my mouth as well as landed on my upper lip and nose. His cum was so hot and salty, it felt so good sliding down my tongue I wanted him not to stop.

I loved seeing my neighbor, who used to jack off to me from the window, now standing over me jacking off into my mouth. He leaned forward pushing his cock into my mouth. I never sucked a guy off upside down like this before and I found it fun. With his last spurt of cum it gushed all over my tongue and the inside of my mouth before sliding down my throat.

I could see it in his eyes and now Mr. Smith's eyes whom was standing next to him watching how much they enjoyed seeing me swallow. The whole time he ejaculated Mr. Anderson kept calling me a slut and telling me over and over to take it all. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth holding it in his hand he used his cock to wipe off the cum from my nose and then fed it to me.

He let me suck him for a few seconds more before pulling his cock out of my mouth. He turned to Mr. Smith and told him it was his turn. Then Mr. Anderson laid down on the bed next to me on his back.


"Ok Megan, get over here and sit on my face so I can take a taste of your cunt." I got no rest as Mr. Smith climbed up on the bed, pulled me up and pushed me down on to Mr. Andersons' face. I was now facing my dad fully, I watched him stroking his cock fiercely as he sat there enjoying this whole scene. Mr. Smith turned my head and pressed his cock to my lips, I opened up and he slammed his cock in.

He had kind of a small cock which made easier when he fucked my mouth. He treated my mouth as if it was my pussy, he fucked hit hard and fast. His balls slapped against my chin as he thrust his cock into my mouth over and over again.

I sucked on it hard and licked it as best as I could. I looked up at my mouth fucker to see a wild gleam in his eyes. "I have wanted to do this to you ever since you were 16 and you would spend then night over with my daughter. I used to fantasize about making you suck my cock. I even thought of coming into Tiffany's bathroom when you were showering, getting in there with you, pushing you to your knees and having you suck me off." I could not believe it!

I could not believe how must lust I was bringing out in these two men who have daughters right around my age! Out of the corner of my eye I could watch my dad jacking off at a feverish pace now. Then my dad quickly grabbed one of the complimentary glasses sitting on the table with his free hand and held right in front of his cock.


Mr. Smith stopped fucking my mouth, grabbed a handful of hair and held my head looking right at my dad. "Look at that you slut! Look at what you are doing to your own father. You are making him jack off and you are going to make him cum." With a loud groan I watched the cum spurt of my dads' prick right into the glass.

Spurt after spurt of his white jizz pumped out of his cock and landed in the glass. As soon as he was done he placed the glass on the table, picked up my torn shirt and wiped his hands clean.

Then he calmly sat back down and began to stroke his cock partially erect cock again. I was now moaning as loud as I could as Mr. Anderson dug his tongue in deep into my cunt. His hands went from squeezing my ass to squeezing my tits to then just running them all over my body. He couldn't say anything since I was sitting on his face but as looked down at him I could clearly see it in his eyes he loved eating me out too.

Then Mr. Smith turned my head around while still holding my hair in one hand he held his cock with the other. "Now where were we Megan? Oh yes I was fucking that pretty mouth of yours." He put his cock to my lips and I opened them wide enough for him to slid his prick in so he could continue fucking my mouth.

As he fucked my mouth, now both hands had fistful of hair he looked at my dad. "Why don't you come over here and suck on your daughters' tits? She won't care she is busy right now." My dad got up and while still stroking his cock he held one of my tits' in his hand, fondling it while sucking on my other tit. My father knew how to suck and lick my nipples to drive me crazy' which of course he did for a time then he went back and sat down again watching them having fun with me.

Mr. Smith was working his cock in out of my mouth faster than he was before my dad came over and played with my tits. Meanwhile Mr. Anderson was giving my pussy a really great tongue lashing. I found myself really turned on by the fact my dad was sitting there watching me and jacking off.

I wanted to put on a good show for him; I figured I needed to be as slutty as possible. I braced one hand against Mr. Smith's thigh and with my other hand I fondled his balls. I sucked on his cock even harder as saliva and pre cum oozed from the corners of my mouth. I looked up into his eyes and saw mad passion in them. He was really enjoying fucking my mouth and this was for sure a dream come true for him.

He didn't give me any warning that he was about to cum. No moaning, no telling me he was about to cum; all that happened was I felt and tasted the first drops of spunk. Then spurt after spurt jetted out of his prick hitting the back of my throat before I swallowed it as fast as it was shooting out of his cock. He kept fucking my mouth as fast as he could unloading his wad into my throat.

Then he said out loud, "Your daughter is making me cum. That pretty little mouth is making shoot a huge wad!" Then he ran out of spunk and slowly withdrew his prick from my mouth as I swallowed the last of his hot salty load. "I hate taking my cock out of your mouth Megan but I need a little bit of rest before I make use of my cock again." He got off the bed, pulled up a chair next to my dad and now both of them watched and listened to me enjoying my pussy licking Mr.

Anderson was still working on. Now I could moan and scream as loud as I wanted since I had no cock in my mouth.

I grabbed his hands and brought them up to my tits. "Please play with my tits." I begged him in my most sweet, cute voice I could muster. "I love having my tits played with while my pussy is getting licked." He wiling obliged, fondling my tits, flicking my nipples around as well as pinching them. I could feel my orgasm building so I let everyone know that. I looked at my dad and Mr. Smith. "Oh god daddy…oh daddy…Mr. Anderson is going to make me cum!

He's going to make me cum again! Oh…oh I can't hold back daddy!" Then I squealed as my orgasm hit, "Daddy!! Aaahhhh!" I wiggled all over his face rocking my hips so my wet pussy was all over his lips and chin.

He held my tits firmly in his hands so I would rock off of his face.

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I was such an intense orgasm when it was over I just collapsed on to my back and slowly rolled off of Mr. Anderson. I was breathing so hard, my body covered with sweat. I wondered what they had in mind for me next as I laid there on the bed. Mr. Anderson sat up and looked at my dad. "Your daughters' pussy tastes very good; I could lick that every day." I heard my dad tell him to bring me over to the table. He grabbed me by my hand as I sat up on the bed, then he led me over to the table.

I just stood there naked in front of my dad and Mr. Smith. My dad stopped stroking his cock while looking at me. "You are such a bad girl.

You made us all cum. You are a bad, slutty daughter and you need to be taught a lesson. Bend her over the table, she needs a little spanking." Mr. Anderson pushed me on my back bending me over the table. I rested my hands on the table as I went over like a shotgun. My dad gave my ass a little spank, not too hard. Then he said everyone should give me a little spanking since they have daughters too. Each one took some enjoyment in giving my tight ass a nice spank. I let out little mewing noises each time one of them spanked my ass.

Then they all began to run their hands all over my as cheeks. Mr. Smith and Mr. Anderson commented on how great of ass I have, how good it looks tan and with my tight ass cheeks. Every time I tried to look over my shoulder at them my dad yelled at me and told me not to look. I didn't notice that Mr. Anderson was fully erect again but after a bit I found that out. I heard him say to my dad, 'Your daughter has a really hot ass." He ran his hands all over it, 'An ass like this should not be spanked, and it should be fucked!' At that moment he started slapping my ass with his erect cock.

I heard my dad unzip the duffle bag that had spare clothes in it for me. "Here use this anal lube on the slut." I looked over my shoulder and saw him hand Mr. Anderson some anal lube. He rubbed some all over his prick while Mr. Smith took some and rubbed between ass cheeks before inserting a couple of fingers into my asshole getting it ready for Mr. Anderson's cock. Then he slid his cock between my ass cheeks and very slowly he pushed it towards my tight asshole.

With a slow steady push he slid his hard prick into me and let out a loud moan of approval. He began to fuck me up my ass very slowly making sure I felt the full length of his shaft going in and out of my ass. I kept myself braced on my hands trying my best to keep bent over as my neighbor began to drive home his cock. Mr. Smith got down on his knees next to my ass fucker and I heard him make a comment about my bald pussy.

"Look at that nice pussy. Nicely shaved, nice wet pussy lips; a pussy like that needs to get fucked too." He slid a couple of fingers into my cunt, causing me to let out a loud slutty groan. "Oh yes! Fuck my holes!" I heard him say to my dad, "Did you hear that? Megan is such a little slut, you must be so proud of your daughter." My dad got up and moved around to the other side of the table so he was standing directly in front of me.

He moved the glass with his cum in mid way between him and me. He had such a wild look in his eyes as he watched our next door neighbors fuck me in the ass and finger fuck me. Now Mr. Anderson was fucking me at a good pace and all I was doing was moaning with incredible pleasure, not only from the ass fucking and cunt fingering but from being able to watch my dad standing in front of me jacking off. I love giving him pleasure and making him cum and this was really exciting to me watching him getting off with out me even touching him.

All I could do was let these two men have their way with me while my father stood there enjoying. My dad was stroking his cock very quickly so I knew he was working himself to another nut buster.

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Then I noticed him plainly staring at my tits which hanging down and swaying away to the rhythm of Mr. Anderson's ass fucking. "You should see the way you are making my daughters tits bounce around. It's fucking hot!" my dad said. Mr. Smith spoke up right after that comment, "Yeah, makes want to cum all over them and watch Megan lick the cum right off." I could tell by the way my father looked, the way he was groaning, the breathing and that glazed look on his face he was close to letting his wad fly.

I moaned to him in a very sexy voice, "Daddy are you going to cum?" He nodded yes and as he did Mr. Anderson grabbed hold of my brown hair pulled my head and torso back up towards him.

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"Look at that Megan. Look at how you are going to make your father cum again!" My dad grabbed the glass with his first cum load in it and held close to his cock head. Mr. Anderson yelled out, "NO! WAIT!" My dad stopped stroking his prick for a few moments.

Still holding me up by my hair, working his cock in and out of my ass, Mr. Smith fingering my cunt with the sole goal of making me cum he said close to my ear; "I think you should jack off your father! Show him how good of a daughter, a nice horny slut daughter you are and make him cum." I got an innocent voice, "But…but he's my dad! I don't think I could." I didn't know if they knew I was already fucking him and my brother. He laughed, "I know you can do it and you want to have your dad's cock in your hand making him cum." He let go of my hair and told my dad to move closer so I grab his cock.

My father got close enough on the other side of the table so I could reach his prick. My dad looked at me with deep, deep seeded lust, "Do it Megan! Jack me off like the slut daughter you are!" I grabbed his hard, throbbing hot prick in my small petite hand; it was very sticky from all the pre cum. Mr. Anderson and Smith hissed at me, "Go on, jack off your father!" To make sure they made their point clear both began to ream my holes hard and fast; one with his cock the other with his fingers.

It sure did not take long to make my dad cum. I'd say after about a minute he put the glass under his cock, I knew he wanted me to let him shoot his wad into it. He just groaned aloud and his sticky spunk squirted out of his cock.

I loved feeling his cock pulse and twitch with each spasm of his ejaculation and I loved the look on his face as I got him off.

Now I screamed out as my orgasm struck me, all those erotic sensations took me to my edge and my pussy released its sweetness all over Mr. Smith's fingers. "Oh yeah, her fucking cunt is milking my fingers!" I guess he meant my orgasm was so good my pussy clamped down on his fingers, pulsating with conclusion of the delight he brought to me. I started to fall on to my chest, laying on the table but my dad and Mr.

Smith each grabbed me under and arm and kept me in my position as Mr. Anderson now came closer to his ejaculation. I kept moaning, "fuck me, fuck me, oh god yes, don't stop." So in response he fucked my ass harder and faster. Then he grabbed my ass cheeks, his cock stiffened to what felt like an inch longer and wider in my asshole and he yelled out, "OH YEAH! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" Then I felt a huge warm wet surge rocketing up inside of me and to my internal delight I brought my neighbor to another orgasm.

He began to pull his cock out just as another spurt of cum erupted and I could feel it splatter all over the outside of my asshole. Then I felt hot sticky spunk landing on my ass cheeks, not as much as what he left inside of me but enough to make them all happy.

As quickly as he started he finished, giving my ass a little spank. "I thought an ass that looks as great as your daughters would look even better with my cum on it." My dad handed him the glass, "Here, don't waste of that just yet." I could feel the lip of the glass against my ass so I looked over my shoulder and watched him scrape his cum into the glass to add to my dad's contribution. Then with a sudden jolt I was flipped over onto my back, my legs were thrown apart and I felt a prick slamming into my pussy.

I looked up and saw my other neighbor fucking me with this absolutely wild look on his face. I guess having only to play with my cunt while my dad and Mr.

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Anderson got drove him insane with passion. "Oh yeah Megan, you cunt is better, tighter than I imagined." He looked at my dad, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your daughter." The great thing I quickly discovered was how good it felt getting fucked by him. His cock was average length, kind of on the short side but it bent upwards at a good angle so every thrust of his cock hit my G-spot. He had a death grip on my legs as he wild hammering kept pushing me across the table. I on the other hand was writhing all over the table moaning, fondling my tits, looking from my dad, to Mr.

Anderson, to Mr. Smith then down to his cock going in and out of my pussy. "Put her on the bed so you can really fuck her." that was Mr. Anderson input. So he picked me up, his cock still in me and practically threw me on to the bed; instantly resuming his fucking. My dad stood there watching with a gleeful smile on his face, "yeah fuck my daughter good. Fuck that nice cunt of Megan's" was all my dad said. Mr. Anderson added, "Fuck her like the nice slut she is.

Look at how much she loves having a cock in her. Look at her nice tits bouncing all over." Mr. Smith lasted a couple of minutes, not long at all. I could tell all he wanted to do was to fuck me and shoot his wad. My two other watchers could tell he was getting closer to blowing his wad. I was wiggling around on the bed squealing with pleasure, begging him to keep fucking me. My dad got on the bed and as I was letting out a moan he poured a small amount of the cum out of the glass into my wide open mouth.

I guess that was Mr.

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Smith's trigger because his cock tensed up, "I'm gonna cum!" he yelled out. My dad told him to cum inside of me, Mr. Anderson told him to cum on my tits.

He did both, first a couple spurts erupted out of his prick into my pussy. His eyes were wide open and I could see how much he loved letting his semen go deep inside of me. Then he grabbed his cock, pulled out and ejaculated the rest of his wad all over me. He had no real control as I watched the cum spurt out. He got cum all over my stomach, in my belly button and on my tits. He shook his cock to get out the remaining drops of cum letting them fall on me. I didn't get off but that was ok with me, I made these three guys very happy, fulfilling their sexual fantasies about me.

I sat up as Mr. Smith got up standing in front of me. "Did you like fucking me?" I asked with my innocent voice. He smiled as did his partner. My dad was still on the bed next to me.

"You made them very happy sweetheart." My dad stroked my hair as he talked to me. "Hmm, what should I do with this glass of cum?" "Make her drink it!" my neighbors both said in unison as I thought to myself 'if there was anything else they were going to have me do with it. My dad handed me the glass, I put it to my lips and drank it; of course doing it in a messy manner so cum ran off my lips, ran down my chin and spilled some onto my tits.

I put the glass down after I swallowed my salty 'desert'. I didn't lick any of the cum off my chin or the side of my mouth, I just looked at them and said in my sweet little girl voice, "Was that good?

Was that what a naughty daughter should do?" They nodded yes and said I was a great slutty daughter. Then the two of them looked at the clock and told my dad they had to go.

They all got dressed, thanked my dad for letting them fuck his daughter. The three of them left but my dad said he would be right back and I was stay on the bed. I waited and after a few minutes my dad came back into the room. "You did a good job Megan. You made me proud to be your dad; the way you let them fuck you and all that cum you ate.

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But look at you! You are covered with semen, go take a shower." I got up and as I did he gave my ass a grab. I stayed in the shower for 15 minutes or so waiting to see if my dad was going to join me but he didn't. When I came out of the bathroom, naked of course, I found my dad sitting there quietly in the chair naked and with another erection. Not a word was spoken as we both knew what he wanted. I got down on all fours and very seductively crawled over to him like a horny cat.

He kept his intent look on his face as he watched me coming closer and closer to him. When I got between his legs and got my head next to his cock I gave it a very long slow lick. I ran my tongue up his prick as slowly as I could, circling it around his prick head before sliding it down to his balls. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock again till I got to his cock head again.

Now I wrapped my lips around my dad's cock head and just worked that in and out of my mouth. For the next few minutes I slowly worked more and more of his cock into my mouth until I finally had my fathers' whole, erect cock in my mouth. My dad began to slowly run his fingers through my hair as I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. I let it pop out of my mouth, he took one hand grabbed his prick and began gently run it all over my face and mouth.

I smiled at him as he ran it across my mouth; I could taste his salty pre cum. We both looked into each other eyes as we shared this taboo father daughter moment. I gave the head of his cock a light kiss before I climbed up onto his lap allowing his cock to slide into my wet pussy. I put my arms on his shoulders as I slowly worked up and down on his prick, both of us enjoying the sensation of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy.

Then my dad looked at my tits, he grabbed hold of them slowly fondling them and playing with my nipples. "I love your tits Megan. They are the perfect size for your petite frame." That made me blush when my dad said that to me. Sometimes I wished I had much bigger tits but my dad and brother made me feel so sexy and comfortable with my 36B tits.

He ran his thumbs across my erect nipples. I moaned and smiled with approval as I rocked my hips back forth letting his cock go in and out of my cunt at a different angle. I looked at my dad then said "Will you suck on my tits? It feels so good when you suck on them and play with my nipple with your tongue." My dad smiled as his mouth went right to them.

He worked between each of my tits, sucking on them in a very sensual manner. We kept this up, slow and sensual for awhile; neither one of us wanted my dad to cum just yet. Then I gently pushed his head off my tits, "Daddy I loved watching you jack off while Mr. Anderson and Mr. Smith were having their way with me. It really turned me on knowing I could make you cum just by having you watch me. Dad, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me the way I know you wanted to when you saw our neighbors fucking me." He told me to lie down on the floor so I reluctantly let his cock slide out of me as I climbed off of his lap.

I got down onto the floor, lying on my back, spreading my legs waiting for my dad to get between them. He stood up looking down at me; I began to run my fingers up and down my pussy lips before I slid two fingers into my pussy. Then for some reason I just began to finger myself with one hand and playing with my tits with the other. I closed my eyes moaning with the delight I was giving to myself.

I opened my eyes after a few moments looking up at my dad as I kept fingering myself. "Daddy, please fuck me." Without a word he got down between my spread legs moving his cock closer and closer to my pussy. The head of his cock touched my fingers as they were moving in and out my cunt so I pulled them out, placed them around his prick and slowly guided it into me. He looked at me once his cock was fully inside of my pussy. "If every father had a daughter like you…" He let his sentence fall off with out completing it but that was not necessary as I knew what the rest of it was.

"Fuck me daddy and don't worry about making me cum. I just want you to have all the enjoyment you want with me." He placed his hands on either side of my body as he silently at first began pumping his cock into me.

He went from looking at my bouncing tits to looking down at his prick sliding in and out of my cunt. Faster and faster he slid his prick into me, I moaned with great pleasure as my dad's hard piston worked my wet twat. He slowed for a bit in order to lay closer to me so he could suck on my tits. I loved it, having my dad sucking on my tits while he just used his hips to fuck me.

I wrapped my hands around his head keeping his face and head on my tits then I ran my fingernails up and down my fathers' back. As I did this I groaned louder and louder aloud to my dad. "Oh yes daddy, suck my tits, fuck me.

Fuck me daddy, fuck me! I want to feel you cum inside of me! Give me your cock! Fuck me good daddy, fuck me the way I should be fucked by her dad!" He got up onto his knees grabbing my thighs he fucked my like there was no tomorrow. My dad had never really fucked me in the missionary position before. I loved it being able to look up at him, look down at his wet cock working in and out of me. I grabbed my tits doing my best to fondle them and lick my nipples at the same time.

As I did I kept hissing and moaning at my dad 'fuck me, come on dad fuck me. Harder daddy, harder! Oh yeah dad, just like that, fuck me hard and fast. Fuck your slutty daughter!" "I'll fuck you Megan. I'll fuck that nice cunt of yours until I fill it with my spunk. That's right you are a slut, my slutty daughter and I am going to fuck you forever!" Now he grunted like some wild rutting animal so I placed my legs on his shoulders enabling him to fuck me even harder. Then his cock stiffened, he yelled out "I'm cumming!

Oh yeah here it comes Megan!" I felt his hot spunk begin to spurt out of his shaft deep inside of me. My dad groaned as he shot more of hot seed inside of my twat. "Keep cumming daddy! OH YES, more, I want more cum!" But my dad had already gotten off twice so I knew he didn't have much left in him, too bad. However my dad looked so happy and satisfied after he finished blowing his wad into my pussy. He pulled out his cock, sitting down on the floor he just stared at me with a smile on his face.

"Megan, I need to fuck you more often! Sometimes I forget how good your pussy is." I sat up giving my dad a little girl giggle. "I am glad you get pleasure from fucking me dad. I love to give you pleasure; well you, Lex and my uncles." My dad helped me up telling me I could get dressed now. As we both put our clothes on he spoke again.

"Oh before I forget Megan, your brother called and said to let you know he would pay for you to get your windows tinted on your car. He found a place where you could work out a good deal. And your Uncle Jeff called to see if you could watch your cousins for the night while he and your aunt go out." "Sounds good" was all I said back.

I thought about the last time I had sex with my brother, then the time I had over at my uncles' house a while back. I asked my dad how he knew that Mr. Anderson and Mr. Smith would not tell anyone about what went on, especially him and I. After all it was incest and that is considered wrong. He smiled and just said, "Maybe this is just a fathers' secret." I just smiled at him as we left the hotel.