Trinity The Amazing Anal Queen Sits on Her Throne

Trinity The Amazing Anal Queen Sits on Her Throne
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Chapter 7: New Beginnings The next morning, Ginny and Hermoine awoke before everyone else to avoid being seen sleeping together. Ginny went to take a shower while Hermoine started doing her homework from the previous night. After taking a shower, Ginny went down to the grand hall to find Ron.

Ron was sitting in his usual spot at the side if the table.


Harry was not with him, which gave Ginny the perfect moment to talk to him in private. "Good morning, Ron!" Ginny exclaimed. Ron grumbled a weak good morning in return. "You don't look too well, Ron." Ron thought to himself, "how can be fine when I tortured a really close friend and drove her to hate me.

My best friend is in a state of depression and won't talk to me that much." But he couldn't tell Ginny all that so he replies, "I am just exhausted from all the classes." "Well, I need to talk to you about something very important.

I know what you did to Hermoine a couple nights ago." Ginny's tone went from jolly to serious to scolding. "Are you out of your mind, Ron? You hurt your best friend and you have not apologized or tried to make amends with Hermoine." Ron was speechless from the shock. Ginny knew what he had done, which means that he had lost all respect in front of his sister.

Nothing he could say or do would justify his deeds, which meant he would have to live this shame for the rest of his life. At that moment, he felt the lowest he had ever felt in his life. He almost wished he could die so he could escape from this horror.

"Ron, you need to make amends with Hermoine. I know her. If you work at it, she will be willing to forgive you so that you can take that whole experience and put it behind you." Ron wondered, "Put that whole experience behind me? That would mean that everyone would forget that night ever happened, Ginny included. Also, he would have Hermoine back as a friend. His life would be perfect once again. All he would have to do is making things proper with Hermoine." "Ginny, can you do me a favor?

Can you tell Hermoine to meet me by the lake during lunch? I know she will have a hard time trusting me but please convince her.

I want to show her how sorry I am." Ginny nodded and left to go tell Hermoine. As soon as Ginny went, Ron left his half eaten breakfast and ran to the library.

He had not stepped in there since he helped Harry research a way to breathe underwater for the Triwizard Tournament. Ron spent most of the morning in the library and then dashed to the kitchen to pick up something.

As lunch time arrived, Ron darted to the lake. Ron was the only one outside, as everyone was inside eating. Minutes passed and Ron grew impatient. Ron was sure Hermoine would not come so it came as a shock to him when he saw Hermoine approaching him. Hermoine looked stunning in her tight blue jeans and her fushia colored sweater. Her beauty almost made him forget why he was there.

When Hermoine stood before him, Ron kneeled down and bent before her in a long bow. "I am really sorry for what I did. I know I must seem like an animal to you but please forgive me. I will do anything you ask me. If you want, I will jump in the freezing lake for you. Or I could hang upside down from a tree. Anything you ask for, I will do." Hermoine was taken aback from Ron's gesture. "You don't have to pick something right now. You can ask me to do something later and I will do it.

For now, please sit down. I have something I want to give you." Hermoine was unsure at first but decided to trust Ron. Ron stood up and went to his bag. From the bag, Ron pulled out a gnome and presented it to Hermoine. Hermoine sat, appalled.

Ron then took out his wand and pointed it at the gnome, which soon began to grow taller and fatter. After the transformation, the gnome looked like a life size Teddy bear. Hermoine instantly fell in love with this cuddly bear. She had not had a bear since she was a child growing up with her muggle parents.

"How did you do that, Ron?" "The answer is pretty simple. I went to the library and read a book on muggle studies, which showed that girls love furry and cuddly bears. Seeing as you grew up in a muggle world, you would find this fascinating. The next step was learning Transfiguration to turn that gnome into a bear.

With proper focus, transfiguration is not hard. If I had this much focus in transfiguration class, I wouldn't have had all those detentions with Professor McGonagall." Hermoine, impulsely, got up, ran up to Ron and gave him a big hug. Ron was so dumfounded that he just stood there as Hermoine wrapped her arms around him and embraced him. Ron finally realized what had happened after Hermoine had let go of him.

"I got one last surprise for you. I know you don't like the house elves working so I decided that I would make lunch for us instead of the house elves." With that, Ron went to his bag and pulled out two raw fishes. Ron then gathered some rocks in a circle and used his wand to create a fire in the middle. "Levantate!" Ron said pointing at the fish. The fishes rose in the air and Ron moved them above the fire with his wand. Hermoine looked on in amazement as the fish were getting grilled perfectly, releasing a tantalizing smell.

When the fish were cooked, Ron passed one to Hermoine, who quickly devoured it. After lunch, Hermoine spoke, "I know what I want you to do." "I'll do anything you ask!" "I want you to show me your emotional side. We have known each other for years, yet I have not seen your emotional side. All of what you have done today has got me really curious about the real you underneath this happy, carefree Ron." "There is a lot within me that no one knows about.

It would take a long time to even show part of my emotional side to anyone." "How about this. I will skip the rest of the day of classes and we can go to Hogsmead. We can chill and you can start talking about your emotional side." Ron agreed so they set out together towards Hogsmead. On the way there, Ron narrates his story of how he became so emotional.

"It all started when I was a kid. During most of my childhood, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny were the only ones in the house beside my parents. With my dad busy with work and my mom busy with house work, my entire time was spent with my brothers.

Percy was very book smart while Fred and George were really street smart. As for me, I was neither book smart nor street smart so I was constantly ridiculed by them. Percy always said that I would not amount to anything in this world, that I was just a waste of space. With no one to go to, I started accepting his ridicule and actually started believing it. During that period of my life I became an introvert, staying in my room playing chess against myself.

It almost drove me mad, but luckily Fred and George intervened and forced me to play Quiditch. I was there only to serve as entertainment as they threw balls at me instead of the goals, making me fly around all day. But through that whole experience, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself and keep an outside happy face to show the world.

Internally, I hated all three of my brothers with a passion but outside; I put on a jolly face and pretended to have fun. As time went on, I became better at things so the three of them eased on my ridicule.

The hate in my heart soon faded and a void grew there instead. It was during that time that I got enrolled in Hogwarts where I met you and Harry. You, Harry and everyone else filled the void in my heart and for the first time in my life, I felt happy." Hermoine and Ron finally made it to three broomsticks, which was completely empty. Even the bartender was nowhere to be seen. Ron loudly called for some service and an old man, in his seventies, came out.

"I am Steve, what can I help you with today?" asked the old man. "Where is the regular guy who always here?" Hermoine asked curiously. "You mean my son? He is gone on vacation this month so I am taking care of this place. Would you like something to drink?" "We will have two butterbeers," said Ron. The old man disappeared into the back of his store so Ron and Hermoine took a seat at their normal table in the back corner, furthest away from the door and the service counter.

"You still have to finish your story," reminded Hermoine.

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"Oh. Well after Hogwarts started, you and Harry became my best friends and we had some great times. As the years progressed, everyone seemed to go from being friends to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone except Harry and me. Harry could not maintain a relationship because he was Lord Voldemort's prime target while I had a different issue.

I could not muster the courage to seek a girl or ask out a girl even if I liked her because of what happened in my childhood. I kept reliving the parts of my childhood where my brothers told me that I was worth nothing. If my own flesh and blood saw me as so useless, how would an outsider go out with me?

This got me really depressed internally." As Ron paused to stop himself from being too emotional, Steve returned with their butterbeers. After paying for their drinks, Steve disappeared in the back, leaving Ron and Hermoine alone. Ron took a sip from his drink and continued, "During my third year, I started liking someone a lot but I could never bring myself to tell her so I lost her. After that, things just went downhill as I couldn't stop thinking about her but she was with another man.

As time went on, I got really frustrated as I couldn't get a girl. Even Harry managed to get girls but I was not able to. This year, Harry and I proposed on using the imperious curse to get someone but even with that, I have not had luck.

Harry has already been with girls but I have not perfected the curse enough to use it. I am, unfortunately, still a virgin - probably the only one in my grade. It was in this frustration and depression that I acted to badly against you. Once again, I am really sorry." Hermoine listened in amazement as Ron completed his emotionally packed life story.

"I forgive you Ron. I never knew there was so much depth to you. Listening to this story has helped me see you in a new light. By the way, who was that girl you liked so much. Maybe I can hook you up with her." "No. I can't tell you the name. No one knows and no one will know." "Ron! Are you forgetting your promise? You have to do as I say and I am saying for you to tell me who she is." Ron thought for a minute and finally agreed.

"That girl was YOU!

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I was so fascinated by you, your intelligence, your beauty, your style. You never backed down from anything, whether that was punching Draco, fighting for the rights of the elves, or helping Harry through his adventures. I started liking you in the third year but could never tell you.

Then in the fourth year, you went out with Victor Krum and my dreams were shattered. I realized then that you were out of my league. You deserved someone with status, and popularity and I was far from that." Hermoine was shocked at hearing this. "You are an idiot Ron. If you liked me you should have said something. The first two years at Hogwarts I liked Harry, secretly. His courageous style drew me to him but after the second year, his popularity grew tremendously.

All the girls, secretly, liked him so I got turned off. It was during that time that you entered my mind. You were equally as courageous as Harry but you never had that fame. All through the third year, I waited for something to happen between us like you asking me out. But that never happened so I gave up on you and got together with Victor.

After things didn't work out with Victor, I decided to stay away from dating.


You and I just stayed as good friends henceforth." Ron was speechless. He couldn't believe his ears. Hermoine, at one time, liked him enough to think about dating him. If had not been such a coward, his life would be completely different. Ron couldn't but help but day dream about how his life would be different.

Hermoine said something, but he was so distracted that he didn't hear it. "Ron! Ron!" "Huh?! What did you say?" asked Ron. "You got some whipped cream stuck on your lips.

Come here, I will wipe it off." Ron leaned over the table, sticking his head out towards Hermoine. Hermoine quickly grabbed his face, leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. With her mouth, she sucked in the whipped cream of Ron's lips. Ron was in a state of shock, his face, frozen in a surprised look.

When she let go of Ron, his face continued to remain in the state of shock. When Ron finally came to, he asked her the reason for the kiss.

Hermoine replied, "I just wanted to thank you for this amazing day, giving me a bear, making me lunch and then opening up to me. It's getting late, do you want to head back?" "Wait!

Hermoine, I have liked you for a long time now and you are not dating anyone so do you want to go out with me?" Hermoine smiled and said, "We just came out right now. Where else do you want to take me?" Ron was momentarily confused with Hermoine's pun but then decided to play along. "I want to take you into the shrieking shack, into that abandoned tunnel, where we could be alone.". "What would we do there? Look around, we are completely alone here as well." Ron got up, sat down in the chair beside Hermoine and said, "We would do." The rest of the words were not audible as Ron pressed his mouth against Hermoine's mouth.


Her soft lips opened up and her tongue extruded and began circling Ron's lips. Ron's lips tickled, making him open his mouth and use his tongue to stop the tickling. Ron's tongue met Hermoine's tongue and they began dancing around each other. After a couple of seconds, Hermoine pulled out of the kiss. "Well you just kissed me here so why do we need to go to the tunnel now?" "So we can do this." With that being said, Ron wrapped his arms around Hermoine and pulled her to him so that she was sitting on his lap with one leg on each side.

Her face was inches away from his and him leaned in and gave her a long kiss on her lips. During the kiss, Ron's hand wandered all over Hermoine's back and finally let one hand slip underneath Hermoine's pants. Ron had his eyes closed so he could fully take in the situation so he missed Hermoine's eyes widening with surprise as Ron's hand groped her ass.

Ron ran his hands around Hermoine's round ass, which felt warm against his cold touch. There was a thin strip of fabric running down the middle of her ass, which felt like a thong. Her ass was as smooth as her hands because her hair was completely waxed. Ron took one of her ass cheeks in his palm and began squeezing it.

With no negative response from Hermoine, Ron took his second hand and slipped underneath her pants and began squeezing her other ass cheek.

After minutes of playing with her ass, Ron broke up the kiss and pulled out of her pants. "This is part of what we would do there?" "Sounds tempting but it seems boring as I don't have anything to do.

You seem to be doing everything while I barely get a chance." "Well I know of things you can do," said Ron. Ron unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi stiff cock. It, currently, stood at six inches and had started to turn red. With his right hand, Ron held his dick and with his left hand, he reached out and grabbed Hermoine's hand. He brought Hermoine's hand to his dick and she instinctively grabbed it and wrapped her fingers around it. A shock was sent through Ron, followed by cold chills.

Ron's body was not used to being touched by strangers, especially gorgeous strangers who had cold hands. The warmth from Ron's dick soon warmed up Hermoine's hand. When his body finally got accustomed to her hand, Ron instructed her to rub them up and down his shaft. As Hermoine rubbed, Ron's cock got stiffer and larger till it stood tall at eight inches.

Hermoine was fascinated by this. "You need to lubricate it before you can continue. Spit on your hands and then use that to rub," claimed Ron.

Hermoine seemed appalled by the unlady like conduct such as spitting but upon Ron's encouragement, she spat on her hands and used it to rub Ron's dick. The spit made it easy to move her hands, making it move faster. Hermoine increased her speed till she heard Ron moaning with pleasure. Hermoine remembered what Ginny had done to her when she began moaning frantically so Hermoine slowed her pace down drastically. Ron had the same longing feeling she had when she was getting teased by Ginny.

Being in control of someone else felt exhilarating. Ron's pleasure was in her hands: she could give it to him quickly or drag it out and make him beg.

Hermoine chose the second option and continued to tease Ron with slow movements. Finally, Ron could not take it anymore and begged Hermoine to make him cum. Hermoine increased her grip on Ron's dick, while keeping the pace slow, milking Ron. With every stroke, Ron's foreskin would move along with Hermoine's hand, creating a feeling unlike Ron has ever felt before.

Ron could feel the pressure inside him mounting. "I'm close to cumming," whispered Ron. Hermoine took the empty butterbeer glass from the table with her free hand and put it in front of Ron's dick.

She then began increasing her pace, while maintaining her firm grip on Ron's dick. Ron came with a long moan, as loads of cum shot out of his dick and into the empty beer glass. With every shot, Ron's body quivered and a wave of pleasure sprang through him. When his body finally settled down, he looked at Hermoine and thanked her for that wonderful experience. Hermoine was still holding that glass of cum eyeing it thoughtfully. "The experience is not done yet!

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We still have this glass left to finish. Let's flip a coin. Heads I drink it, tails you drink it." Ron was stunned at hearing that he might have to swallow his own cum. At the same time, if it was heads, Hermoine would have to gulp his cum down, which excited him.

Ron reached in his pocket and produced a Galleon. He took a deep breath and tossed it into the air. The coin hit the table and bounced off, falling to the ground beneath. Hermoine and Ron, both, bent down to look at the result. The coin was showing heads.

Hermoine gasped as Ron breathed a sigh of relief. Ron collected his coin and sat up. He took the glass from the table and handed it to Hermoine. She took it with unease. Hermoine closed her eyes and drank all the cum in one gulp. Her face turned to disdain as she tried to get rid of the salty taste from her mouth. She took the second butterbeer glass and tried to get the remaining drops of butterbeer into her mouth, but it was completely empty.

Ron grinned widely as he saw Hermoine's futile attempts. Hermoine finally gave up and just began swallowing her spit to try and clear her mouth. "You should give it a chance, you will begin to like that taste," exclaimed Ron. Hermoine shot back a stern look, silencing Ron. "Let's get out of here. We still have to make a pit stop at the cave before we go back to the castle. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do with the classes I skipped today." Ron didn't need to be told twice.

They, both, hurried out of the bar. They entered the shrieking shack to be empty as well so they tip toed around to the secret trapdoor and went through. They found themselves in a small tunnel that was about four feet tall and three feet wide. Hermoine went in first, followed by Ron. They both crawled in and moved about a hundred yards away so that their voices could not be heard in the shrieking shack. From the back, Ron had a perfect view of Hermoine's wiggling ass as she crawled.

Hermoine stopped when she got to a spot she deemed fit. Ron, purposefully, ran his head into Hermoine's ass and said it was an accident. The spot Hermoine had chosen was flat and slightly larger than the beginning of the tunnel. With Hermoine still kneeling in front of Ron, Ron grabbed her pants by the waist and yanked them down over her ass.

Hermoine turned around and shot a furious look at Ron but didn't say anything. Ron smiled and moved his face close to her ass. Ron ran his tongue over her smooth ass cheeks.

Hermoine was naturally hairless there so there were no bumps from waxing. After lathering her ass with his saliva, Ron began sucking on it as if he was giving it a hickie. His whole mouth was filled with tender, juicy muscle and instinctively, he bit down. Hermoine shrieked with pain but still didn't say anything. She just kept watching Ron suck and lick her ass cheeks, while enjoying the warm sensations his mouth provided.

After every inch of her ass cheeks was explored, Ron pulled Hermoine's thong over her ass cheeks and down to her knees. Ron then laid on his back and positioned his head between Hermoine's legs.

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From this vantage point, Ron could clearly see her pink pussy lips, surrounded by a clean shaved patch.

Ron placed his hands on Hermoine's ass and pushed it down so that her lips were an inch away from his lips. A distinct pungent smell surrounded her pussy, a smell that acted on Ron's body, making him produce more testosterone. Ron's body started getting impatient, and his eyes were filled with fiery hunger. Ron pushed down on Hermoine's ass harder, allowing his lips to make contact with her pussy. Ron's lips surrounded her labia and began sucking lightly. Ron's sucking tickled Hermoine's insides, making her squirm with pleasure.

Hermoine's pussy soon responded by producing fluids, which dampened the effect of Ron's sucking. When the first drop of liquid fell in Ron's mouth, his tongue instantly activated and dashed out of his mouth and into her tight hole. His tongue flickered in and out of the hole, trying to lap up as much of the bitter sweet juice as possible. At first, her pussy resisted his advances, but soon it opened up, allowing Ron's tongue to roam free inside her. Ron began licking her inside walls, which were smooth and slippery, exciting Hermoine's nerves.

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Hermoine got so excited that her body automatically began to rock up and down on Ron's tongue. After minutes of humping Ron's tongue, Hermoine's body stiffened and in a split second, her entire body relaxed. Her pussy flowed with juices and vibrations were sent through her body. Her knees also buckled, smothering her hip on Ron's face. Ron had to push her back up to avoid suffocating under her crotch.

After minutes of struggling with her body, Hermoine finally regained her composure. Ron slid upwards so that his face was under hers and his legs between her legs.

Ron smiled, knowing he had caused her to climax with only his tongue. Hermoine returned a smile, happy from all the pleasure she received. Hermoine leaned down a planted a long passionate kiss on Ron. As she was withdrawing, Ron grabbed her head and brought it down for another kiss. With his other hand, he slipped underneath her sweater. As his hands roamed up to her shoulders, her sweater moved up, uncovering her flat abdominal area and her black bra covering her breasts.

He then cupped her left breast in his hand and freed it from the grasps of her bra. One of her breasts was dangling down, while the other was trapped underneath her bra. Ron moved his hand from her head to her right breast and freed that breast as well.

Now, both her breasts were dangling down, crying for attention. Ron released himself from the kiss and began sliding down so that his mouth could reach her breasts. Unfortunately, Hermoine sat up straight, foiling his plans. "You have given me a lot today. You opened up to me emotionally, and have satisfied me physically.

Now I want to give you something in return. I want to give you my virginity!" Ron was dumfounded. He just stayed there speechless. When his speech returned, he said, "Are you sure?

Why would you choose me of all the people? Harry likes you a lot too." "Neither Harry nor anyone else has opened up to me like you have today.

There is an emotional connection with you, which is why I would rather it be you than anyone else." Again, Ron was speechless. Hermoine took his silence as a yes and moved back till she was above Ron's legs. Hermoine slowly unzipped Ron's pants and pulled them down to his knees.

Instantly, a tent sprang up in Ron's boxers. Hermoine smiled coyly. "Even though your mouth has not said yes, your body is sure saying yes!" Hermoine then pulls Ron's boxers to his knee. His eight inch cock stood tall, dark red, and oozing with precum. Hermoine used her fingers to spread the precum all over the head and down the shaft.

"Are you ready?" Hermoine whispered. Ron nodded and Hermoine moved her body so that her pussy was right on top of his cock. She held his cock straight in one arm and slowly began descending on it. Ron's head entered easily as Hermoine's pussy was wet. Her pussy expanded to accommodate his head.

A she pushed further, her pussy started resisting the expansion causing her slight pain. When four inches of his cock was inside her, it met with a barrier. As his dick pushed against the barrier, a sharp pain soared through Hermoine, causing her to lift slightly. Again, Hermoine descended to the point where his dick pushed against her hymen and again she backed away from the strong pain.

Ron took hold of Hermoine by her hips and pulled down hard, causing his dick to rupture the muscle. Excruciating pain shot through Hermoine.

Ron kept pulling her down till her pussy was forced to expand and accommodate his cock. Her warm, slippery pussy against his cock felt like heaven. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. This feeling was totally different from a hand job or even a blowjob. Her pussy was automatically squeezing and massaging his dick, trying to shrink to its regular size.

When Hermoine recovered from the pain, Ron pushed her up till only his head was inside her and then pushed back down. This time, less pain shot through Hermoine and more pleasure shot through Ron.

Ron started getting even more excited, pushing Hermoine up faster and pulling her down faster. With each push, Hermoine moved faster and faster till there was a steady motion in play. Hermoine's tits bounced up and down, matching the rhythm of her pussy. The pain in Hermoine's pussy was now replaced by pleasure as Ron's dick excited the nerves in her pussy, every one of them-including the ones far inside her pussy.

To add to her excitement and pleasure, Ron grabbed one breast and began squeezing it. Pleasure now seemed to emit from two places: waves of pleasure were sent from her pussy, and constant light pleasure was sent from her breast.

Soon, Ron felt his balls tighten up and he knew he was about to come. He grabbed Hermoine and began moving her rapidly up and down. With one final motion, he pulled Hermoine's hip against his and held her there while cum spurted out of his dick.

Hermoine could feel warm liquid inside her pussy moving from the depth of her pussy, outwards to the opening. Hermoine was still in a very excited state and needed relief so she began thrusting her pussy up and down Ron's semi hard dick. In moments, Hermoine's body began spasing and waves of pleasure radiated within her body.

Her pussy also began emitting juices, which mixed with Ron's semen and oozed out of her pussy. Mixed in with both their juices was blood, released when Ron tore Hermoine's hymen. After minutes of staying on Ron, Hermoine got up and slept beside Ron. Without Ron's dick to cover the entrance, the juices oozed out faster and covered the ground.

Ron and Hermoine laid there for some time, trying to regain their strength. When they finally regained their composure, Hermoine used water from her wand to clean herself and the mess on the ground. Ron did likewise with his wand. When they were finished, they used the tunnel to get back into the castle.

Before exiting the tunnel, Hermoine gave Ron one final kiss and said, "In front of everyone else, we are just good friends. Understood?" Ron nodded and they both entered the castle and went up to the common room.

Hermoine caught up with some friends to ask about the work she missed in class today. Ron went up to his bed and lay down. This was by far the weirdest and best day of his life. In his mind, he kept going over the turn of events that occurred today. With those thoughts, Ron drifted to sleep.