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Black teen pounding by horny neighbor
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Fbailey story number 622 Grandpa's Incest Humor When my grandfather died Mom and I got on a plane and flew out to Oregon to attend the funeral. Mom's two sisters were on their way too with their daughters. We were met at the airport and taken to a place way out in the middle of nowhere. Mom, Aunt Delilah, and Aunt Dominique were a year apart in age. Oh, Mom's real name is Daphne.

Mom was the oldest at thirty-six, Aunt Delilah was thirty-five, and Aunt Dominique was thirty-four years old. They had a lot in common besides the same first initial. They all married, had one child, and then divorced.

I was the only boy in the family. I had not seen my cousins in a couple of years and was pleased with how well they had developed. Big boobs certainly run in the family. I know my mother's bra size was 38-DDD and that they were completely natural. My Aunt's tits looked almost as big. My cousin's tits looked really big too, probably D-cups on their tiny frames.

They looked somewhat disproportionate and top heavy. I looked around the room at the five girls and my cock got hard thinking about their breasts in bikinis.

I had checked out Grandpa's house and it had an indoor swimming pool, a rather large Jacuzzi, and a nice size sauna. Odds were definitely in my favor that I would see them in their bikinis. Grandpa had a chef and a maid that were an older married couple. We spent the night in our assigned rooms and had a great breakfast before the funeral. Grandpa had taken care of everything before he had died, including the casket, and the place of internment.

He was going to be put to rest next to Grandma on his own land. Grandma was buried up on a hill overlooking the valley below. After the funeral we had many guests that came by to pay their respects. Grandpa was a well-liked man, he had lots of friends, and he owned a few businesses in town. Everyone was interested in what was going to happen to them, now that Grandpa was dead.

All any of us could tell them was that we didn't know. It had been a long day so our mothers turned in a little early, each of them took a bottle of wine to bed with them. My cousins and I went to the indoor swimming pool. I was the oldest at fifteen and then came Candice age fourteen, and then Heather also age fourteen. Candice and her mother Delilah lived in Chicago, Heather and her mother Dominique lived in Cleveland, while Mom and I lived in Philadelphia.

When my cousins removed their robes I was astounded. Candice had on a bright green bikini that covered just the bare necessities. Heather had on a bright pink bikini that covered even less. I could not see her areolas but I knew that it was close. I could however, see that her bottoms had crept up into her slit rather nicely causing both of her outer pussy lips to engulf the fabric. My cock was rock hard and trying to get out of my tight bathing suit.

We were a site to see. I quickly jumped into the water to cool off and hopefully let my cock shrink a little. The girls jumped in too. Candice quickly adjusted her top to cover her nipples while Heather just laughed and said, "That happens a lot lately. I might have to glue my top to my nipple to prevent it." I replied, "Don't bother. I don't mind. Why don't you just go topless? I've already seen them so what harm could there be?" Candice said, "You just want to see her big tits." I smiled and said, "I'd like to see yours too." Heather asked, "What if we all got naked.

Wouldn't that be more fair? Besides I want to see your pecker." Candice added, "But that way he gets to see our pussies too." Heather replied, "Not if you don't spread your legs for him." I smiled and said, "I wouldn't mind." So it was decided that we would all get naked and then sit in the Jacuzzi, or more to the point, I would sit up on the edge while they sat down in the water. If I could watch their tits float, then they wanted to watch something too. Of course I was constantly hard.

Candice asked, "Does that thing ever go down?" I replied, "Only if I jerk off a couple of times." Heather asked, "Can we watch you?" I replied, "Only if you both get up on the edge and spread your legs for me." They looked at one another and then got up out of the water and spread their legs. Both girls had shaved their pussies and I could see some pink between their outer lips. That was all that I needed and I started jerking off like a madman.

In no time at all I was cumming and shooting sperm into the hot water. We enjoyed the next half-hour in the bubbles and then got out to go to bed.

I had some very pleasant dreams that night. The next day all six of us tried to relax. The girls suggest the Jacuzzi and the mothers liked the idea. When the mothers wanted to go put their bathing suits on the girls told them about the three of us were skinny dipping the night before. Mom said, "You guys can, but I don't think I want my son checking out my naked body.

That boy jerks off to all sorts of dirty thoughts." Delilah laughed and said, "We know. He jerked off while looking at our pussies last night." Aunt Delilah asked, "He did what?" To which Delilah replied, "Don't get all bent out of shape Mother. It's not like we let him fuck us." Heather added, "He showed us his, so we showed him ours." Aunt Dominique laughed and said, "I've done that before." Her daughter Heather said, "Yeah, on the plane flying out here." Aunt Dominique said, "Hey, it was a long flight and I got horny." Heather added, "Mom was sitting in the middle seat, I was on the aisle, and Fred a salesman was sitting against the window.

Mom pulled her skirt up to her waist and reached into her panties to Jill-off. The guy next to her whips his cock out and started to jerk-off. Mom groaned out a good one and then leaned over and sucked his cock while he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed it and tried to French kiss me." Aunt Dominique said, "I did French kiss you and you loved it. You just like to play little Miss Innocent." Heather undressed right there in the den and walked away naked. Candice laughed, stripped, and followed her.

I was naked and right behind them. We had hardly gotten in the hot water when Aunt Dominique and Aunt Delilah walked up to us. I looked right at their shaved pussies as they sat on the edge to get used to the water. When they got down into the water their massive breasts floated on the surface. Then Mom came into the room. She too was naked, her pussy was not shaven, and her massive breasts bounced as she walked toward us.

All I could think of was a milkshake. Mom came right over to me and stood in the water right in front of my face. Her hairy pussy was just inches from my nose. Her fur was still dry when she pulled my face into her crotch. Her womanly aroma covered up the chlorine smell of the water.

I got instantly hard. She held me there so I kissed her pussy and I licked her slit with my tongue. Her taste was heavenly. I could really enjoy that. After a while Mom pulled my head away and then sat straddling my legs and forcing her big breasts into my face.

Once again I enjoyed her offering until she pushed me away. I loved sucking on her nipples and causing them to get hard. When Mom sat down on the seat next to me she said, "There. Your Aunts dared me to let you do that. Now they have to let you do it to them. After all we sisters used to share everything when we were younger…even boyfriends." I took my time licking and kissing Aunt Delilah's pussy before I did the same thing to Aunt Dominique's pussy.

When I finished with them I just went over to my cousins, they opened their legs for me and I kissed and licked their pussies too. I could not believe that I had just tasted five wonderful pussies. Then it was my turn to sit on the edge and jerk off.

No…wait…they would not let me. Candice and Heather started to suck me off, Then my Aunts sucked me to the bursting point, and then my mother stepped in and took my load in her mouth. She politely shared my cum with her two sisters and her two nieces. They all seemed to enjoy it.

The following day a lawyer arrived and asked us to assemble in the formal dining room along with the chef and his wife. He introduced himself and then read off our names to take attendance.

After that he informed us of how much Grandpa's estate was worth. He then assured the chef and his wife that they had jobs for life if they wanted them. They did. Then they were dismissed. Next he asked us several embarrassing and unusual questions. He wanted to know if we had see each other naked, we all laughed and told him about skinny dipping in the Jacuzzi.

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He asked us if we had ever had sex with one another. Again the Jacuzzi came up that I had eaten all five girls pussies. Mom added that she and her sisters had made out last night like they had when they were younger. Then Candice and Heather admitted that they had also make out last night. The lawyer said, "Good then the rest of this should not be too disturbing to any of you." We all looked at him and he started a DVD for us and then he sat back watching us as we watched the television that had been set up for him.

Grandpa appeared on the screen. He said hello to each one of us individually. Then he said, "You may not all know this so listen carefully. Our family motto is: Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, and incest is best." "When my daughters were younger I would use candy to get them to run around naked for me. When they were teenagers I would use liquor to get them to run around the house naked and let my feel them up.

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Eventually we worked our way up to incest. Every time that they would let me fuck them I would take them shopping." "Now since Delilah and Dominique both had girls, it is up to Daphne's son to fulfill my request." "First off, if you chose to go home now my lawyer will send you each two thousand dollars a week for the rest of your life.

If you decide to stay I will reward each of you with ten million dollars…proving that Daphne's son gets you pregnant, that you give birth to the child, and that a DNA test proves it to be his." "For his part in all of this, he will be given my house, my property, and all of my holdings. He will also get any money that remains in my accounts after you girls have been paid." The movie ended and the lawyer asked if we had any questions.

Mom asked, "Do I really have to let my own son fuck me get me pregnant?" The lawyer replied, "Only if you want the ten million dollars." Heather said, "I want the money. Get me pregnant." Candice agreed, as did their mothers. I just smiled knowing that I could fuck them all and get them pregnant with my children. Then I asked, "If all five of them get the ten million dollars, what is left for me?" The lawyer smiled and said, "As of today, in excess of a hundred million dollars." All I said was "Wow!" After the lawyer had gone we sat there and discussed our futures.

If the three women had to stay here until they gave birth and had a DNA test done, then they might as well sell their houses and put their stuff in storage. I suggested that we build a storage unit right here to put it all in. We discussed us kids going to a school here in town and then Mom suggested that we hire a schoolteacher to come to the house. After all, the two girls might get pregnant right away and they didn't need other kids making fun of them.

Basically we decided that all five girls wanted to get pregnant and then we worked out a schedule. Each of them took a day of the week from Monday to Friday, then on the weekends I could fuck anyone that I wanted too. All of a sudden I had to start making decisions with my guardian, my mother.

My lawyer helped me too. Payroll checks we covered by a firm, supplies at various stores were automatically ordered, and I had a good person in charge of each store too. He insisted that I meet with all of my employees and give them raises of between five and fifteen percent depending on how well I think they are doing.

First off I owned a grocery store that employed over fifty people. The man in charge and his lady assistant seemed very capable.

The rest of the employees seemed to enjoy working there. So I invited them to my house for a party, half on Saturday and the other half on Sunday.


I told them to bring their bathing suits and that I would provide all that they wanted to eat and drink. Just for the hell of it I asked them what they wanted to eat and drink.

Half of the employees were under age but they still asked for various brands of alcohol. As to the food, shrimp, steak, and lobster topped the list. There were a few vegetarians in the crowd too. I checked in with my lawyer first and then I decided to let the underage employees drink as long as they spent the night. Besides my cousins and I drank at home so why not.

I went to my other business too and found that our little community basically rolled up the sidewalks on Sunday. That meant that all of them could come the follow Sunday and get drunk, if they wanted too.

I had my chef pick out some more help of his own choosing. I let his wife make arrangements for extra staff to help her too. Mom arranged for construction trailers that contained dormitory style bunk beds to accommodate the people that would be spending the night.

Aunt Delilah hired two bartenders, several waitresses, and provided us with a fully stocked working bar. Money was no object and people killed themselves to accommodate us. Aunt Dominique took care of flying in a hundred two pound lobsters from Maine for all three parties. A salt-water reservoir was set up to keep them in. The first party was on the Saturday with twenty-five employees from the grocery store in attendance. Fifteen were girls and ten were boys. The assistant manager Nikki was there too and did she ever look good.

In fact all of the girls were dressed to impress the new owner, me. The assistant manager was wearing a red bra under a sexy white top that I could clearly see though. She also had a micro miniskirt on with red panties. Nikki bent over once so I could see them.

We made small talk and she was only twenty-three years old and had worked for my grandfather for three years. My mother and Aunts were taking over nicely so that I could spend time with my assistant manager Nikki.

Everyone headed for the booze so I took her in the other direction. I could not believe how forward she was. She kissed me, she placed one of my hands on her breast, and placed my other hand on her panty covered pussy.

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What to hell, I took advantage of her. I took here up to my bedroom suite and locked us in. Then I stripped down and walked into my smaller Jacuzzi. Nikki also stripped down and walked in with me. She had tits that were considerably smaller that the other women in my life. She had a rater cute patch of light blonde fur on her pussy mound with the rest shaven bare. In her case, collar and cuffs did match. We sat down in the water and I let her do all of the talking.

She told me about her whole life, her schooling, and her job. She said that she got it by fucking her boss and I believed her.

I let her make the first move. She ducked down under the bubbling hot water to suck my cock. Her mouth was cooler than the water and it felt good. After three trips underwater she sat on my lap facing me and slipped my cock into her pussy. She fucked me slowly with only one intent in mind, pleasing me and making me cum inside her. She was very good at it.

I suggested that she could make a fortune as a stripper and she laughed. During college she had earned her spending money doing just that. Then we talked about the ups and downs of the stripping business, the need for bouncers, and the need to keep the girls off drugs, prostitution, and booze.

When I suggested a juice bar she laughed and asked who would pay for juice to watch some girls strip. I told her about a juice bar back home where they charge an admission, over charged for drinks, and that the girls could go nude as long as alcohol was not served on the premises.

Nikki liked that idea and said that some of the girls that worked for her might be interested. I told her that I wanted names, birth dates, and several nude pictures of the girls that she had in mind…even the underage girls that might want to dance for me in private. She smiled, washed my cock and her pussy with her fingers, and then we got out of the water and joined the rest of the party.

I gave Nikki a skimpy bikini to wear and I put on a tight swimsuit. Nikki got a few whistles when we entered the dining area. A waitress brought us two plates of food and a bottle of Champaign.

Nikki had four of the girls join us at my table so that I could get acquainted with them. They were the prettiest girls, the sexiest girls, and the most outgoing girls there. Nikki mentioned me wanting girls to dance and strip for me in private. All four jumped at the chance.

Nikki then told them that the audition would be filmed and that sex would be required.


They still wanted to do it. We let them drink for a while and then one by one Nikki brought a girl up to me. She used my new video camera and filmed the girls dancing, undressing slowly in a sexy manor, and then giving me a nice lap dance.

After that I let then fuck me any way that they wanted too. They picked sitting in my lap, reverse cowgirl, and girl on top.

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All I had to do was lay there and enjoy myself. Nikki got all ten girls to come up and try out for me. Of course I didn't cum in all of the girls but it was still a lot of fun. Nikki and I rejoined the party and stuck around until most of them had passed out. Then I took Nikki to my bed. She was pretty good at cuddling a worn out boy.

In the morning she said that she would tell the rest of the girls at the Sunday version of the grocery store party what I expected of them.

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I reminded her that I was only interested in good clean cut girls without any weird tattoos or facial piercings. She knew exactly what I meant. Sure enough all eleven girls danced, stripped, and let me fuck them even my manager's teenage daughter. He was very good with his employees, I was going to give him a nice raise. I told him that he should start looking for a new assistant because I was giving her, her own place to manage.

He had been expecting it. The following Sunday my other store employees arrived for their party. Several asked if I was going to do it every year and I replied sure. Why not treat your employees to a nice summer outing. There was plenty of shrimp, steak, and lobster to eat. No one went away thirsty either. Candice and Heather took over the job of bringing the future strippers up to me and filming them too.

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I sensed a little jealousy in my cousins but I assured them that getting them pregnant was top most on my list. That pleased them. Then surprisingly they wanted to audition for me too. Why not! Things settled down for a while. A building was constructed on the outskirts of town with plenty of parking. The stage for the girls to dance on and the dressing rooms were designed by Nikki.

The bar was designed by one of the bartenders that I had hired for the parties. She knew exactly what she wanted for a juice bar so I let her have a free hand. The lighting and the sound system were installed and controlled from a booth at the end of the bar. The back room contained all of the extra things that a juice bar would need. We opened the weekend before Labor Day and before school started.

The juice bar could let eighteen-year-olds in and the girls could be as young as eighteen years old too. Opening night was free admission, free drinks, and only an hour pre person.

That way we were able to get the most people through the door. We allowed them to tip the girls and they made out like bandits. Everyone was happy. Nikki was doing great and she had twenty girls that wanted to dance part time and still keep their other jobs.

That day they were all there to dance. After that opening when I got home I found out that both Aunt Dominique and her daughter Heather were pregnant. That was great news but it had taken us over four months. They were already planning on how to spend their money. That was when I first realized that they might leave me. I had hoped that they would stick around and let me watch our children grow up.

Then each month another girl told me that she was pregnant. The first one was Aunt Delilah, then Mom, and finally Candice. Mom said that she was not going to leave me and I appreciated that. Candice said that she wasn't leaving me either and that caused Heather to change her mind. A few months later the babies were starting to be born. Aunt Dominique had a baby boy and her daughter Heather had a daughter. Both tested positive as mine and then my lawyer transferred ten million dollars into Aunt Dominique account.

She was out of my house and back in Cleveland before the next baby was born. Aunt Delilah had a boy and then Mom had a girl. Candice also had a girl. All of the babies were mine.

Aunt Delilah took her money and her baby and moved up to Seattle. I had my lawyer transfer ten million dollars into the other three girl's accounts even though they still wanted to live with me. In the next year Candice and Heather had found boyfriends. The only question was…were they after the girl's money.

I too found a girlfriend…Nikki. Even though she was older than I was we had just hit it off perfectly. She didn't mind if I fucked her strippers either. I was very well known in town and everyone would wave at me and talk to me.

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My schoolteacher got me through the twelfth grade and I graduated high school. Candice and Heather had dropped out saying that they didn't need an education. To prove them wrong I hired college level teachers to come for a year and provide courses for all of my employees that wanted to get a four-year degree in business for free. I was footing the entire bill. It was not an accredited college because we only had one course but the state gave us credits and eventually most of my employees received degrees.

I married Nikki after graduation and she gladly signed a pre-nuptial agreement. She was not after my money. Unfortunately my two cousins did not fair as well. They went from man to man, got other women to care for their children, and went on one vacation after another.

Years later when my daughter and half-sister graduated from high school Mom and I had to laugh about Grandpa's incest humor. The End Grandpa's Incest Humor 622