Free indian nude gays Trent climbs on top and slips his beef whistle

Free indian nude gays Trent climbs on top and slips his beef whistle
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It was nearly noon. Shelia just spent the worst night of her life. First her boyfriend Mitch said she was the worst fuck he ever had. Those words rang in her ears as she cried herself to sleep. She couldn't even concentrate on masturbating to relieve the stress. All she could do was think about what happened not only on her date but also on her lackluster love life.

That seemed to be the really upsetting part. Now someone was knocking on her door. She got out of bed and put on a bathrobe. Peeping through the closed living room shades and drapes, Shelia noticed two very sexy women with long hair each carrying a large bag. She cracked the door but left the security chain engaged. "Are you Shelia?" the blonde asked. "May we come in? I promise that we won't take more than 5 minutes of your time." When asked to state the nature of their business the blonde insisted that they would only discuss it inside the apartment and that if she felt threatened, she could punch 911 on her cell phone and keep her finger on the "send" button.

Finally Shelia agreed and invited the two to sit on the sofa. "OK sweetie, you listen and listen good because I am not going to repeat myself," the blonde said. "We just came from Mitch and he told us everything that happened last night.

He is willing to apologize if you are willing to fuck him the way he deserves. That's why he hired us." Now the brunette added some new information. "Mitch gave me 500 smackers to turn you into a whore. He gave Holly another 500 big ones to do the same thing. Plus he gave us another 500 bucks to pay for any incidentals. That's 1500 reasons why he still wants you. Now here is what you need to do baby. Mitch will be here at six. In the mean time, Holly and I are going to turn you from a little fucking prude into an uninhibited, sex-starved, horny fucking slut.

When Mitch gets here, all you have to do is fuck him the way he wants. Then we're outta here. But if you flunk, we're gonna tie you fucking ass up while Holly and I fuck the living shit out of Mitch right before your eyes.

Then he's gonna walk out of here and you'll never see him again." "It's decision time sweetie," Holly said looking straight into Shelia's eyes. You have ten seconds to decide.

No matter what, Mitch is gonna get fucked at 6 tonight. The question is who is going to fuck him Amber and me or you? Make you choice!" Silence filled the small apartment. The two women stood up and headed for the door. "Wait!" Shelia said as she positioned herself between the women and the door. "I guess you're right. I was pretty fucking horrible to Mitch last night. He deserves more than I gave him. I guess it's all the baggage I have in my background and my really overbearing parents.

I need to be my own person. I should be thankful to Mitch for still wanting me." Then Shelia paused for a brief second before adding this. "But let's get something straight.

I'm not doing this for Mitch. I'm not even doing this to keep you two from fucking him. I'm doing this for me. I need this." Then stepping closer to Holly and Amber, Shelia added, "Show me. I'm yours." The two women began circling Sheila like sharks going for the kill. "Let's see what you've fucking got." Holly said as the continued closing the circle.

Amber opened Shelia's robe exposing her otherwise naked body. "Have you had a fucking bath yet?" Holly wanted to know. "No." "Let get in the fucking bathroom sweetie and get all that goddamn nasty washed off. Have you eaten anything yet?" "No, I just got up when you knocked." "I'll fix something, if you do your thing to our little slut," Amber said to Holly. Holly grabbed Sheila's hand and led her to the bathroom.

"OK in the tub.

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Take a shower. Use lots of soap and hot water. Wash yourself and especially your pussy and your asshole. Wash your hair too. I'll be ready for you in 5 minutes." About four minutes later Shelia turned off the shower water. As soon as she did, Holly reentered the bathroom naked but carrying a few things. "Good, we're about a third of the way there. Now, get back into the tub.

First thing we have to do is clean you out and I mean clean you out. Ever had an enema sweetie?" Shaking her head no, Holly assured Shelia that this was going to be a huge turn on and explained the health reasons for why this was something she needed to do regularly before sex. The warm water solution felt good gushing inside her. Being instructed to retain the soapy solution as long as possible, Shelia took the entire bottle before sitting on the commode. "Hold that fucking water until I tell you to release it." Holly commanded.

"That pussy hair has to go. Suddenly Holly produced a razor and shaving cream. "Lather it up slut. You have to learn how to shave your pussy.

Guys like Mitch like a clean twat. Besides, you'll have a lot more confidence in yourself with a slick muff." Getting explicit instructions on how to apply the lather and handle the razor with long vertical strokes, Shelia began experiencing bowel discomfort. "Fuck, I've got to shit," she yelled. "Not yet. Hold it for just a few seconds longer.

Learn to fucking control yourself. I want you to swipe at that pussy hair with five very long strokes from that fucking razor. Once I see some progress on your pussy, your ass can get some relief." With a trembling hand, Shelia took a long vertical stroke at the very center of her twat. "One," she said. "Louder.


I want to hear you count louder." Taking another long swipe along the right of middle, "Two." By the time she counted to five she wanted to explode everything in her ass, but decided against it. She took one more long swipe "And one for fucking good measure SIX." "That's a fucking good little slut," Holly said as she ran her hand all along the pussy.

That only helped heighten the excitement as Shelia expelled everything inside her. After wiping herself dry and flushing the commode, Shelia finished the shaving job.

"Stand up," Holly said. "Turn around. Bend way the fuck over. Spread your legs as wide as you can. I want to see your ass. I'm going to shave that asshole too." Completely hairless in the nether region, Holly and Shelia admired each other's shaven pussies. "Make up time. Let's get you looking great." The two talked over the blow dryer about cosmetics combinations. "Lunch is ready," Amber shouted from the kitchen.

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"Wow, that's quite a transformation," Amber exclaimed as Shelia walked naked into the kitchen. Amber cooked the chicken quesadilla's she found in the freezer and sliced an apple.

There was also an iced diet soft drink. The combination of nutrition and a shower made Shelia wondering when the real lessons would begin. Holly stuck a porn DVD into the TV as Shelia and Amber talked.

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"We don't have much time," Amber said as Sheila ate. "Watch this scene baby.

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Watch what the girl does. Watch her sassy attitude. Watch her eyes. Watch her tongue movement. Listen to her words. That's gonna be you in a few hours." Holly reappeared wearing only a large strap-on.

Her long blonde hair was now tied in a bun. Without any instruction, Shelia crawled on her knees towards the fake cock. Making a special effort to wiggle her ass, Shelia never took her eyes off the prize.


The closer she got to the dong, the longer she made her tongue. "Play like that's Mitch's dick," Amber instructed. "Think about sucking off Mitch. Concentrate like it's him, not Holly." Getting to her knees, Sheila began by slightly teasing the fake while keeping her hands firmly behind her back, just as the actress in the movie did a minute ago. "That's a good girl," Amber said as she joined Shelia at Holly's cock. "You're a fast learner.

Keep that up and you'll be our star pupil." "Talk nasty to me," Shelia said in between dick licks. "Tell me I'm a slut and a whore." "That's what I want to be. No, that's what I am. I'm a fucking slut." Somewhat amazed at the almost instantaneous transformation, Holly shoved the cock rapidly down Shelia's throat as Amber pushed her head back and forth." "Open that fucking throat," Amber shouted. "Take every bit of that cock slut." Stopping the rapid face fuck, Holly shoved the cock as far back as she could and held it there.

Meanwhile, Amber pushed Shelia's face deeper into the cock and held it there. Soon Shelia began gagging but the two would not let up. "Gag slut. Slobber all over yourself you messy little whore.

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Take it deeper." "Breathe through your nose," Amber softly whispered into Shelia's ear as she softly caressed her shaven snatch. "You're doing fine. Just keep it in a little longer baby. You're a good fucking cock sucker and you'll only get better with practice." Suddenly, Amber pulled Shelia's hair forcing her away from the cock. Shelia nearly threw up. "Spit it on me, slut" Amber shouted as she got right in front of Shelia.

Doing as instructed didn't have the breath to launch the spit any distance. But Amber had enough to return a passionate kiss to the new slut. "Oh, fuck yeah," Shelia shouted as she emerged from the hot kiss to return to sucking Holly's cock. Slobber dripped off the long dong as Shelia made a special effort to now attack the plastic balls, letting the drips of the cock fall wherever they wanted on her body.

Meanwhile, Amber went down on Shelia. The steel ball on her tongue and the skill she used eating pussy was unlike any man had done.

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Shelia moaned softly while maintaining her focus on the cock and balls. Amber's hand slapped Sheila's tits and spanked her ass. "That's it slut. Suck my fucking cock. Get it good and fucking wet for your pussy," Holly sneered as she lightly choked Shelia.

"Open your fucking mouth. Let me fuck your nasty slut face. I want to hear you." The grarr's got louder as Holly pushed Sheila's throat to the limit.

Meanwhile Amber gently stuck a finger in Shelia's womanhood while licking and sucking on her clit. In and out her index finger went. Holly removed the cock from Shelia's mouth and took Amber's hand allowing Shelia to taste her wetness. Sensuously Shelia sucked on Amber's fingers like it was a cock. A gentle slap by Holly came unexpectedly. Then Shelia remembered it from the DVD and knew that Mitch would likely do that.

"Slap me harder!" After a couple more face and tit slaps plus a pussy spanking or two, Shelia was ready to get fucked. Getting into the missionary position, Shelia spread her legs wide for Holly. Slowly the fake cock entered her pussy. "Oh, oh," Shelia moaned.

Holly put her hand on Shelia's naval and looked straight into her eyes. Holly's hand moved from Shelia's tits to around her throat. "Oh, yeah, yeah, feels so good," Shelia moaned as Holly too began moan as her hips gyrated with Shelia's. Another slap to the face warranted even louder moans.

"It feels so fucking good. Keep fucking my pussy with you cock." Amber again whispered a word of encouragement and instruction in Shelia's ear. "I love the way you're fucking my fucking whole with your fucking cock. You're fucking me so good. I'm your fucking whore." "Is your fucking pussy getting fucked?" Holly wanted to know. "Fuck yeah," she answered while Holly replied with another face and tit slap.

Then opening her mouth very wide and sticking out her tongue, Shelia waited for Holly to spit into her mouth. She then slowly removed the cock allowing Shelia to taste the juices off the cock and mix it with Holly's spit.

Meanwhile Amber filled Shelia's pussy with more spit. Before Holly stuck it back in again, she cock slapped Shelia's pussy. "You're a bad little slut aren't you? You need more fucking." "Fuck me." Shelia pleaded.

Slowly Holly moved the cock in and out while playing with Shelia's tits. "Work that fucking pussy," Amber instructed as Shelia's moans went to a higher pitch and her hips moved ever faster to Holly's thrusts. "Oh my God, I'm going to fucking cum." "Cum for me bitch," Holly shouted. "Cum all over my mother fucking cock. I want you pussy juice all over that fucking dick you nasty little slut." Shelia released herself and when immediately went down to taste her juices on the plastic.

Holly grabbed Shelia's hair and continued belittling the student. "Take it deep and choke," Amber encouraged as Shelia freely spit all over the cock. Mounting the cock again but this time in cowgirl style, Holly kept pushing Shelia's hips deeper with every thrust.

Ass smacks and nasty talk got Shelia horny again quickly. "Work that fucking cock," Amber encouraged as she stood above Holly and allowed her to eat some pussy as Shelia watched while getting fucked. Amber continued slapping Shelia's face and tits while Holly smacked Shelia's ass and ate pussy with no hands. "Please spank me harder." Shelia pleaded to both women. "This feels so fucking good." "Fuck my cock slut.

If you're fucking good we'll let you eat some pussy.

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Would you like that?" "Fuck yeah." Shelia replied as she moved her hips faster up and down the cock. Meanwhile Holly continued to force Shelia deeper and deeper to take even more cock. "That cock going deep in your fucking pussy?" Amber asked.

"Tell me." "Damn right. She's fucking my fucking pussy like it needs to be fucked. It feels so fucking good. I want to taste my pussy again." "Not until you cum again." Holly demanded as she momentarily stopped the tongue action on Amber's twat. "You've got to fucking cum again on my cock. And watch as I eat pussy." Shelia moved her hips ever faster and faster with eyes glued to the Holly's tongue swirling around Amber's shaven lips.

Moaning at an ever-shriller pitch, Shelia again released her juices. She dismounted to suck off the sweet nectar she desired. "Down all the fucking way," Holly said as Amber repositioned herself closer to Shelia. This time it was Amber holding Shelia's head on the cock to make it extra sloppy. Holly stood up and moved behind Shelia, who had gotten on all fours and grabbed her cheeks.

Laying her head on the bed and putting her ass up in the air, Shelia awaited Holly's move. Holly entered the young pussy from behind.

Once firmly inserted, Shelia raised her head slightly. Amber moved into position so Shelia could receive her reward for cumming again. Never before had Shelia tasted another woman but now she longed for the taste, especially while getting fucked like a dog.

Grabbing Shelia's waste, Holly thrust her hips to meet Shelia's. "You my fucking bitch?" Holly wanted to know. "You my fucking bitch? If so, eat her pussy." That was all the encouragement Shelia needed as she quickly inserted her tongue along Amber's twat.

Grabbing a handful of hair Holly forced Shelia's face up and down Amber's womanhood. "Remember you're fucking me first. Take that cock deeper into your fucking pussy," as she continued the rough hair play. Taking a quick break from Amber's pussy to catch her breath, Holly gave no such reprieve.

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"Is that the way your slut pussy likes getting fucked?" "Oooh yeah," Sheila replied as Holly smacked her now pink ass cheeks again. Picking up her head so that her back was parallel to the bed, Shelia was again on the verge of still another orgasm.

She turned slightly over so that her head was on the mattress but she could look at the dick going rapidly going in and out of her. This allowed Holly to again choke Shelia something she was beginning to enjoy. "Deeper and harder," Shelia requested in now a euphoric state. Amber slapped Shelia's face gently, as it was hard to generate any force because of positioning. Holly pulled away leaving a gaping hole completely exposed.

Reentering again from behind, Holly forced a third orgasm that Shelia wanted. Now almost completely drained of her strength, Holly wanted one last intense blowjob.

This simulated Mitch cumming in Shelia's mouth. The two women kissed long and hard as explored each other's bodies with their hands. Amber could only watch and caress herself. "Oh that was so fucking good," Shelia said as she exhaled.

"I think you did fine for a first lesson," Amber said, "but you still have a lot to learn before show time. And we have only a little more than 4 hours to get it done. We don't have a second to lose." "What do you mean?" Sheila questioned. "I think our little slut got a solid B," Holly said. "She did a lot of great stuff, especially early. But we're going to have to work on her a bit more so that she keeps up being nasty for the entire fuck. You got some other stuff to eat?

She needs some more nourishment. We need to replenish her liquids too. She needs to drink a lot of water." "But what else do I need to do to be a better fuck?" Shelia wanted to know. Amber and Holly simply smiled at each other with an evil gleam in their eyes.

"What the fuck else do I need to learn?"