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Blonde hooker with unbelievable lingerie
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Chapter Twenty-One "Toys" Saturday, December 23rd, Evening Molly was on her way back to the living room from her bedroom. She was walking quickly but came to a sudden stop when Olivia emerged from Dave's room and grabbed her arm. Olivia had Dave's shoes in her hand. Olivia turned Molly to face her and looked in her eyes. Olivia nodded when she saw the blank expression. "Molly, I am going to give you orders and you are going to follow them. If you do not, I will torture you with both pain and pleasure for the rest of the night.

Do you understand?" "Yes." Olivia spun Molly around so quickly Molly didn't know what was happening before the sole of Dave's shoes met her backside, once, twice, three times.

Olivia then spun Molly around again to face her. "For the duration of the night you will call me and any other female in this house mistress. If more than one of us is in the room, you will call me Mistress Olivia.

Your mother will be Mistress Jennifer. Your cousins will be Mistress Emily and Mistress Hayley. Your sister will be Mistress Megan. Your uncle will be master. Do you understand?" "Yes, mistress." Again, Olivia spun Molly a half turn and Dave's shoes were once again used as weapons and brought down hard on Molly's bottom. This time Molly was spanked four times. She was then spun back around to face Olivia.

Molly was near tears. "When you are addressing us, mistress or master will be the first and last words out of your mouth." "Mistress, yes, mistress." Again, Molly was spun around and Dave's shoes walloped her bottom, this time, it was five times. Molly actually screamed this time and was crying openly when Olivia spun her back around.

"You will speak only when spoken to." Olivia paused to see if Molly would speak out of turn again. She didn't. "Now, go to your master." Olivia released Molly's arm. Molly turned, and still crying, headed for the stairs. "Quickly!" Olivia shouted and smiled as Molly broke into a full run down the hallway. Only when Molly disappeared down the stairs did Olivia turn and go to her bedroom to get her own shoes.

Molly came flying into the living room. Dave instantly saw the tears and the fear on Molly's face. He rose from the couch. "Molly, what's wrong?" "Master, Mistress Olivia." Molly gulped air and wiped the tears from her face with her shirt sleeve. "She. She spanked me. master." Dave looked at Molly questioningly for a second and then went over to her.

"Why did she spank you?" "Master, the first time it was because I didn't call her mistress. The second time it was because mistress wasn't the first and last words out of my mouth and the third time was because I spoke without being spoken too first." There was a pause and then Molly added, "master." Dave smiled. "Well, I guess you'll learn to do as you're supposed to." "Master, she didn't tell me the rules first.

She just spanked me." Another pause. "Master." "First off, you just broke one of the rules she did tell you. You spoke without permission. When she comes down here, I expect you to tell her what you did and take your punishment.

Understood?" Molly stared at him for a long second, then nodded. "Master, yes, master." A moment later Olivia entered the room. Emily, Hayley and Megan, who had all heard the scuffle in the hallway, followed her in.

"Olivia, I believe Molly has something to tell you." "Oh?" Olivia said, handing Dave his shoes. "What is it you have to tell me, Molly?" Dave took a seat in a nearby recliner to put on his shoes. "Mistress, I spoke out of turn to the master, mistress." "Over to the couch," Olivia said, pointing to the couch.

Molly moved over to the couch. "Pull down your pants and underwear. This isn't like before, Molly. This time you knew the rules and you blatantly disobeyed them.

This time, the punishment gets serious." Molly's eyes darted from Olivia, who was standing before her looking threatening, back to Dave, who paid her no attention at all as he tied his shoes, then to her sister and cousins. "If you do not obey me, your punishment will be worse," Olivia shouted. "Now, pull down your pants and underwear and bend over the couch.

You have to the count of five. One. Two." By the time Olivia got to three, Molly was unbuttoning her jeans. Her hands were shaking so badly and tears streamed from her eyes as she fumbled with the zipper then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and panties and pulled them down in one smooth motion.

She then turned, her face bright red in humiliation and bent over the couch. "Let's see, I believe we were up to six spankings. Since this is a more serious offense, we will make it ten. I expect to hear you count each blow. If you do not count, the swat does not count." Olivia reared back her arm and spanked Molly hard on the right butt cheek.

"One!" Molly screamed out. "That one doesn't count and gets you five more for your disrespect. Start again." Her hand came down again. "Mistress, one, mistress." "Very good." Olivia reared back again and brought her hand down hard, this time on Molly's left butt cheek.

"Mistress, two, mistress," Molly screamed through her tears. Dave could see Megan getting more and more upset with each impact. He moved to intercept her when she moved to put a stop to the abuse of her sister. He grabbed Meg's arm, pulled her to him and wrapped her up in a tight hug. "This is what Molly wanted, Meggy," he whispered. "She wanted the formula, knowing full well what it would do.

Before I gave it to her, I asked her, specifically, if she wanted to put any limitations on it at all. She said no. This was her choice. She has to learn to live with that choice. Don't worry. A few spankings, no matter how hard they are, are not going to do any permanent damage." Meg's eyes never left Molly's now red backside as Olivia continued to punish her. But Meg did nod in understanding. Dave couldn't help but notice that Emily and Hayley were also watching intently.

"Mistress, eight, mistress," Molly shouted. She was calming down now. She was still crying but it was solely because of the pain now. Once the fifteen spanks were done, Molly was once again allowed to stand up. Olivia sent Molly first to get Dave's jacket from the coat closet, then made her help him put it on, she then had Molly fetch her, Olivia's, jacket and help her on with it, only then was Molly allowed to go get her own jacket.

"Go to the bathroom, clean up your face, then get your coat and meet us by the garage door. Understood?" Olivia asked. "Mistress, yes, mistress," Molly said and then quickly tried to leave the room.

Olivia would have none of it though. Before Molly got out of the living room, Olivia called her again. "Molly." Olivia waited until Molly had turned around. "Remove your bra." Molly hesitated but not quite long enough to draw Olivia's ire. She stripped her shirt off over her head, then quickly did the same to the small pink satin and lace bra. "Emily, would you take the bra please?" Olivia asked. "Make sure it gets into the laundry." "Okay," Emily said, obviously unsure of what was going on.

Molly handed Emily the bra and then stood there, waiting. "You may put your shirt back on now, Molly. Then go on with what I told you." Molly quickly put her shirt back on, covering her bare breasts, then turned and fled to the bathroom. Much to Dave's surprise, Olivia didn't call her back again. "Listen girls," Olivia said, once Molly was in the bathroom and the door shut.

"I know you think I'm being mean to Molly but I promise you, I could be much worse. Jan, Dr. Casey, used to be horrid to me. All I did was spank her, not even very hard, no matter what it looked like. Remember, I'm just a slip of a girl and a nerd at that. I'm not that strong." "Why are doing this? Why are you being so mean to her?" Megan asked.

"Because I want Molly to understand what it means to be a submissive. It isn't just about her being able to shut out the voices in her head. It isn't all about sex and fun and games. If she wants to be a real submissive, the things I'm teaching her, are exactly the same things any other master or mistress would teach her and they wouldn't be nearly as nice about it.

I promise you Meg, I will not hurt her. Okay?" Meg nodded. Olivia gave Meg a hug, then Dave took Olivia's hand and they made their way to the door that attached the kitchen to the garage.

They waited about two minutes for Molly to arrive, her face cleaned and her coat on and zipped. They exited into the garage. "Which car?" Dave asked. "The Lexus," Olivia said and headed immediately for the luxury car. Jennifer had left at some point, unnoticed by Dave, and had taken the SUV.

"Molly, you sit in the front." Dave circled around and got into the drivers seat. Molly got in the passengers seat and Olivia climbed into the back seat, sitting behind Dave. Dave hit the button to open the garage door, then fastened his seat belt as Molly did the same and then started the car and backed out. "Are you enjoying your time as a submissive, Molly?" Olivia asked from the back seat as Dave pulled out of the driveway and onto the street. "Mistress, not really, mistress." "I'm sorry to hear that.

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I guess I'm to blame for a lot of that, right?" "Mistress, yes, mistress." "Look at me, Molly," Olivia said and Molly slowly turned to face her tormentor. "If you're thinking the life of a submissive is all about not having to make decisions, about sex and fun and such, you are in for a big shock. I'm going easy on you. A true master or mistress, would not have used your uncle's running shoes or their hand to punish you.

They would have gotten a paddle or a whip or would have used some other form of punishment. What I am doing is giving you a very small taste of what it's like to be a slave to someone.

Right now, Molly, there is nothing I can't do to you." Molly and Olivia locked eyes for a moment and Molly could see the seriousness of Olivia's statement and for the first time since she had been given her first shot of the SLuT formula, Molly began to question whether this was really the life she wanted.

Molly broke eye contact with Olivia, turned back to face the front and looked down at her knees. Olivia didn't torment Molly until they turned onto the street that led directly to Dave's apartment. "Molly, as soon as we get into the master's apartment, you are to remove all of your clothes. Once you are naked, you are to go to the middle of the living room, get on your knees, sit back on your heels, place your hands behind your back, thrust out your chest, look straight ahead and stay there until either myself or the master give you other orders.

Understood?" "Mistress, yes, mistress." Dave mentally kicked himself when his cock leapt at the idea of Molly, naked, submissive and on her knees. Visions of his cock in her mouth, or pushing her down onto her hands and knees and fucking her doggy style shot through his brain. No matter what he did though, his cock just would not go down.

It remained at half staff until they reached the apartment. Dave parked the car and the three of them climbed out. "Molly," Olivia shouted as soon as they were out of the car. "Stay where you are." Olivia circled around the car and moved up beside Molly. "You are to walk about two steps behind me and the master and to the master's left side.

Understood?" "Yes, mistress." "That's another five spankings," Olivia said coldly as she brushed by Molly, took Dave's hand and headed up the sidewalk to the building entrance. Molly did her best to stay two steps behind and just a little to Dave's left.

It wasn't an easy thing to do since the stairs were so narrow and Dave and Olivia went up the steps side by side, with Dave's shoulder brushing against the wall. They stopped in front of the apartment door. Dave found the key, unlocked the door and waved the ladies inside first. Olivia went first. She passed through the living room and into the hallway without looking back. Molly stepped in next, followed closely by Dave, who pushed the door shut.

As soon as the door was shut, Molly unzipped her coat, pulled it off, and tossed it onto the couch. She pulled her shirt off and tossed it on top of her jacket. She kicked off her shoes as she undid the button on her jeans. She hooked both thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and bikini and pushed both down her legs to her knees.

She allowed the pants to puddle at her ankles and then stepped out of them. Using the entertainment center for support, Molly brought up a foot, pulled off the sock, and then did the same to the other. She picked up her clothes and tossed them over onto her jacket as well.

She looked around, found the approximate center of the room, kneeled down, sat back on her heels, put her hands behind her back, did her best to thrust her tits forward, locked her eyes on something on the wall in front of her, and did her best not to move or breathe. Dave did his best to ignore the now naked teenager in his living room.

He moved through the apartment, making sure everything was as it should be. His final stop was his own bedroom where he found Olivia kneeling on the floor beside the bed, a gray case open upon the bed with her laptop inside.

The computer was booting when he circled the bed to stand behind her. Olivia seemed satisfied and shut the computer down once more. Olivia turned to Dave.


"I would like it very much, master, if you would go enjoy Molly." "Enjoy Molly?" "Would you prefer I say, sexually abuse?" Dave considered this then nodded. "I think I'll go enjoy Molly." "I'll stay here for a few moments." Dave nodded and headed back out to the living room where Molly still kneeled on the carpet. Without a word, Dave unzipped his coat, unzipped the fly of his pants, and moved in front of Molly. He reached into the fly of his pants, pulled his cock out, still at half-mast, and let it bob in front of Molly's face for a second.

"I think you know what to do," was all he said. It was all that needed to be said. Molly's posture seemed to immediately change. She relaxed. She let out her breath, which she hadn't realized she was holding. Her arms dropped to her sides. She swallowed hard and then leaned forward and took the head of Dave's cock into her mouth, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.

One of Molly's deepest, darkest secrets was that she truly loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth.

She wasn't sure why she liked it but she was honest enough to admit that she did. She liked the feel of a cock in her mouth. She liked feeling the cock pulsing against her lips. She liked the feeling a guy shooting off in her mouth gave her. She would feel almost the same giddiness that overcame her when she did something very nice for another person just because.

And she loved the taste of cum, the warmth of it on her tongue, and the texture of it as it slid down her throat. These reactions actually made Molly shiver as Dave began pushing his hips forward, pushing his cock further into her mouth, then slowly pulling out. Oh God, he's fucking my mouth, Molly thought.

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If she could have, she would have smiled. Molly was so happy having her uncle's cock in her mouth that she didn't notice Olivia come into the living room. Olivia watched as she crossed the room to the couch where Molly's clothes lay.

Olivia went through the clothes, picking out first Molly's bikini and then her jeans. She took them with her when she once again left the living room and returned to the bedrooms.

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Dave was cumming in Molly's mouth when Olivia returned. Again neither Molly nor Dave paid her much attention. Olivia laid a plain gray piece of cloth where Molly's jeans had been, then moved away from the couch and waited as the pair recovered. "Clean the master's cock," Olivia ordered.

Without pause, Molly leaned forward again and gave Dave's cock a through tongue bath as it slowly went limp in her fingers. Once finished, Dave stepped back, tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped himself up.

"Return to your assigned position." Molly sat back on her heels once more, her thighs were starting to ache from holding the position and the rug was killing her knees. She put her arms behind her back, thrust out her tits, lifted her chin, and locked her eyes to Dave's belt buckle which was right in front of her at that moment. "Very good, Molly," Olivia stated. "You may stand up now." Molly did her best to rise quickly to her feet but the soreness in her legs and knees kept her from moving too quickly.

"Come over here and bend over the couch for your punishment." Molly hated the very idea of Olivia spanking her again but did as she was told. She moved to the center of the couch, bent down, and placed her hands flat on the middle cushion of the couch. Olivia pushed the coffee table away from the couch to make room and positioned herself behind and slightly to one side of Molly. She then reared back and smacked Molly squarely on the ass.

"Mistress, one mistress." "Very good, Molly. You're learning," Olivia said with a smile before bringing her hand down for another smack on the opposite butt cheek.

"Mistress, two mistress," Molly shouted as she forced herself not to cry out from the pain and forced the tears back, unwilling to give Olivia the satisfaction of making her cry. Olivia's hand landed on Molly's cute little butt again with a loud smack!

"Mistress, three mistress." "Master, would you care to take over?" Olivia asked. "Sure, why not? It's been, what? A half hour or so since I smacked a pretty girl on the ass?" Dave moved to Molly's other side, raised his hand and brought it down hard on Molly's already tender ass.

Molly couldn't help herself, she cried out and the dam burst and tears rolled down her cheeks. Dave raised his arm again and brought his hand down on her other butt cheek. Again, Molly screamed out in pain. Her arms seemed to turn to butter, her elbows gave and she nearly collapsed onto the couch, face first. Only Dave's arm wrapping around her waist kept her from collapsing. He held her up and for a moment, Molly thought it was over. Then Dave's hand impacted her ass again and Molly screamed.

"You need to count, Molly," Dave told her. The authority in Dave's voice soaked into Molly's brain as his hand impacted her butt cheek again and she cried out yet again. She tried to count but was forced to swallow and catch her breath and missed the opportunity. Then Dave's hand came down on her ass again.

"Four, master." "That's another five," Olivia said coldly. Dave scowled at Olivia but the message was clear in Olivia's eyes. You promised not to question me. Dave nodded and raised his hand and once more smacked Molly's upturned ass. "Master, five, master." "That's only four, Molly. You miscounted so the earlier on didn't count. Do we need to start over?" "Mistress," Molly was forced to pause and take a breath, "no, mistress!" "Then do it right!" Olivia said as she sat down beside Molly.

She reached out, took hold of Molly's chin and forced Molly to look up at her. "This is why you always cry out when you get spanked. If you don't, your master or mistress believes they aren't hitting hard enough and they find other ways to punish you. I understand the desire not to cry out. You don't wanna give the son of a bitch the satisfaction, right? Well, part of being a slave is satisfying your master or mistress.

No matter what they're doing to you. If they're spanking or paddling you, cry out. Obviously, that's what they want!" Molly trembled as she spoke. "Mistress, yes, mistress." "Proceed, master." Dave nodded and raised his hand and brought it down squarely in the middle of Molly's ass, right on the crack.

Molly gasped in shock and pain but managed to speak. "Master, four, master." "Only six more, Molly. The rest are easy," Olivia said, giving her a reassuring smile just as Dave's hand swatted Molly's ass again. "Master, five, master." And so it continued. After a few more hits, Olivia got up and moved away and allowed Molly to suffer alone. When Molly finally counted out the ten spankings, her ass was bright red and painful. Molly was sure her butt was swollen. "You've delayed us enough now, Molly," Olivia told her.

"Get dressed, quickly!" Molly moved to the pile of clothes and noticed her jeans were missing but that something new had been added. Molly picked it up and shook it out to examine it. It took her a moment to identify it. It was a short skirt, what her friends called a micro skirt. It was a dull gray but, Molly realized, it would show off almost all of her legs. "Is there a problem, Molly?" Olivia asked.

Molly looked from the skirt to Olivia and then back. "Mistress, no, mistress." "Then get dressed!" Molly nodded in submission, laid the skirt aside, and went looking for her bikini. It took her almost a full minute to understand that the bikini wasn't bundled up in her clothes, it hadn't fallen on the floor and it hadn't,somehow gotten shoved down into the cracks between the cushions. Her bikini was gone! "Molly!" Olivia shouted once more.

"If I don't see clothes going on in the next ten seconds, I will give you another ten spankings. Is that what you want?" "Mistress, no, mistress," Molly shouted. She grabbed up her shirt and put it on, giving herself time to consider what to do. She was positive this was Olivia trying to get her into trouble. She had taken her jeans and, apparently, had also taken her bikini.

As she pulled the shirt on over her head, Molly made up her mind. She would not allow herself to be tricked. The skirt was there. Her jeans weren't. There was only one conclusion to come to. Olivia wanted her to wear the skirt and not her jeans. With her shirt on, Molly picked up the short skirt and realized that without panties, that skirt was going to seem even shorter than it really was. As she stepped into it, she thanked whatever God's there were watching out for her, that she wouldn't have to go far dressed as she was.

It would just be a quick walk out to Uncle Dave's car, then the thirty minute trip home. Molly smiled, confident she could make that. naked, if necessary. It was dark outside already. No one would see her. Once the skirt was buttoned at her waist, Molly sat on the couch, put on her shoes and socks, and then slipped on her coat.

"Are you ready?" Dave asked. "Master, yes, master." Dave followed the girls out, locked the door, and then with Olivia at his side and Molly following behind them, the three headed for the car. The temperature had gotten into the high forties earlier in the day but now that the sun had gone down, the temperature had dropped once again so that by the time Molly climbed once more into the front seat of the car, her legs felt frozen and she was shivering, almost uncontrollably.

Luckily, since they had only been in the apartment for about fifteen minutes, the interior of the car was still warm and, when Dave, started the car, warm air immediately began blowing through the heating vents. "Oh," Olivia said, sliding up to sit on the edge of the seat, holding the back of Dave's chair. "Master, would it be possible to make another stop?" Molly nearly growled at Olivia.

It was immediately obvious to Molly that this was some sort of attempt to embarrass and humiliate her. Molly didn't doubt that Olivia would insist Molly go into whatever store it was Olivia wanted to stop at.

Molly chuckled to herself though. Wearing a short skirt was nothing new, she regularly wore short skirts out in public. She'd even worn them to school. She could live with guys checking out her legs. Molly smiled to herself "Where did you need to stop?" "At an electronics store. A big one if there's one on the way." "I know where one is," Dave said with a nod.

"Molly, unzip your coat," Olivia said casually as she sat back in her seat again. Without thinking too much of the order, Molly unzipped her coat and opened it wide. The warm air coming from the heater felt good. Molly sat there and enjoyed the warm air for a few minutes in peace. "Molly, take off your blouse." Molly turned to look at Olivia, wide eyed. "Are you going to disobey me?" Olivia asked, calmly, coldly.

"Mistress, no, mistress." Molly sat and thought for a second as she planned how to do as Olivia commanded.

She found the zipper of her jacket and was about to zip it up. "I ordered you to unzip your coat, Molly. I haven't given you permission to zip it up." Molly glanced back at Olivia and really wanted to growl at her but hid it and turned back.

She then took a deep breath and pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her jacket, leaving the coat tucked behind her. Then in one quick, smooth motion, Molly stripped her shirt off over her head and laid it in her lap. "Stay just like that until I say otherwise," Olivia ordered. With a smile on her lips, Olivia slid across the back seat so she was directly behind Molly. She slid forward, sitting on the edge of the seat, wrapped her arms around the passenger's side seat as well as Molly's torso, and cupped one of Molly's fat tits in each hand.

She pinched the nipples, which were already erect and diamond hard from the cold, sending a shiver through Molly that had nothing to do with the cold. "Relax.

Close your eyes," Olivia instructed. Molly forced herself to relax back into the cold leather of the passenger seat and closed her eyes as Olivia continued to fondle her large breasts.

"You did very well in the apartment, Molly," Olivia whispered. "I really expected you to question what happened to your jeans and panties. You did as you were supposed to and simply went with what you had. You did very well. Better than I expected." "Pull up your skirt, Molly. Show your master you're pretty little pussy." Molly didn't even think about it, she lifted her butt off the seat a little and pulled her skirt out from under her ass and bunched it up around her waist.

Molly's bare ass was now sitting on the bare leather of the seat and her newly shaven pussy was almost visible in the darkness. "Slide forward in your seat until you ass is just on the seat." Molly did as she was told. "Spread your legs as far apart as you can. Now, play with yourself. Make yourself cum Molly." A tear rolled down Molly's cheek from the humiliation even as her hand slid down over her shaven mons and two fingers slipped into her already wet slit.

"Is being treated this way turning you on, Molly?" "Mistress, yes, a little, mistress." Molly didn't see Dave or Olivia's smile.

Molly didn't care, her fingers slid over her clit, back and forth and Olivia was doing wonderful things to her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples just like she liked it. "You're being very blasé, Molly. After all, you're in a car, on a busy road, all but naked and playing with yourself while I'm playing with your tits." "Mistress, I don't care, mistress," Molly said, she could feel her orgasm building.

"Well, if you're so secure in your nudity, maybe I should send you into the electronics store just like you are. Do you think I should, Molly." Molly couldn't speak as an orgasm, which had been building for almost an hour washed over her. Her stomach muscles tightened and she squeezed her legs together, pinning her own hand against her sopping wet cunt. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut and a low but long moan escaped her throat. Olivia's hands disappeared from her tits as Molly relaxed completely into her seat.

Her fingers were still between her legs but were still. Her eyes stayed closed as she gasped for breath. "When you recover," Olivia said, as she once again slid across the back seat to sit behind Dave.

"You may put your jacket on." "You probably need to hurry," Dave added. "We'll be turning into the parking lot soon." Molly forced herself to open her eyes and lean forward. She didn't even think of putting her shirt back on. She slipped her arms into the coat and pulled it up onto her shoulders. "You can zip it, Molly. We don't want you getting arrested when we go in the store." "Might wanna pull your skirt down too," Dave added.

Molly zipped the coat up until the coat completely hid her fat breasts, then pushed up with her legs and lifted her ass off the seat and pulled the gray skirt down. "Think you can make it until we get home now?" Olivia asked. "Mistress, yes, mistress." "Good." Dave turned the car into the parking lot of the Best Buy and found a parking spot.

"Master, it might be best if you wait here, or wait a few moments before coming in. I don't think we'll get in trouble but it is always possible. If we do, you'll need to bail us out." "If you get Molly in trouble, Olivia, you're going to have bigger problems that the police.

Jennifer will kill you." Olivia laughed and nodded. "I don't think we will. The mistress is just added incentive to make sure we don't. Molly, come with me." Olivia and Molly climbed out of the car. Dave waited and watched as the two made their way to the doors and entered the store.

Dave considered just waiting in the car but knew he couldn't do that. He had to see how Olivia would torture Molly this time. Once they were in the store, Dave took the keys from the ignition, stepped out of the car, closed his door and headed inside. Molly could feel the eyes on her even as she entered the store. The guy at the door, the people greeter or whatever he was, noticed her immediately as did the old man who followed them into the store.

She could feel their eyes on her bare legs and on her ass, which, Molly noted, was nicely showcased under the skirt. "Just follow me and do as your told," Olivia whispered and led Molly through the DVD and CD section and back to where the store displayed their computers.

Almost before they arrived in the section, three male employee's were there asking if they needed any help. "Yes, my little sister here," Olivia said, in a syrupy sweet voice and pointing over her shoulder at Molly, "has been screwing with my computer again.

I need a program that will allow me to secure it somehow beyond what's already provided on my laptop. Do they make anything that can do that?" Molly paid very little attention as a tall young man, only a few years older than her, led them over to the computer programs aisle and showed off his extensive knowledge of computer security software.

Instead, Molly did her best to look around even while trying not to appear to look around. Molly noted her Uncle Dave looking at digital cameras about thirty feet away, she noted three or four other male employee's all, carefully positioning themselves to keep an eye on her, she noticed at least two or three male customers, including the really old man who had come into the store just after them, also hanging around for no apparent reason.

Molly was so distracted by all the stares she was getting that she didn't even see Olivia arrange her next humiliation. The young man, Todd, who was helping them, turned his back on them to lead them further down the aisle of computer software to yet another program he felt might do what Olivia asked about. While his back was turned, Olivia casually reached out and smoothly knocked a half dozen boxes full of computer CD's onto the floor. This brought Molly out of her reverie.

She stopped short and looked down at the boxes just settling on the tiled floor. Olivia immediately spun on Molly. "You are such a klutz!" Olivia shouted. "Pick those up and pay attention to where you're going. Be glad you didn't break anything this time or you'd owe me even more money." With that, Olivia spun and returned her attentions to Todd.

"I'm so sorry," Olivia said, once again in that syrupy sweet voice. "That's my sister though. She's a daydreamer and a klutz, but I do love her." "Don't worry about those. I'll take care of it," Todd offered, much to Molly's relief. But Olivia would have none of it. "Oh, no! I will not hear of it. She knocked them down. She can damn well pick them up." Olivia shot Molly a scowl and Molly knew she was going to be picking up the boxes, even though she knew she wasn't the one at fault for knocking them down.

Molly was about to bend over and pick up the boxes when she realized what a dilemma her "darling sister" had put her in. She was dressed in a short skirt with no panties on underneath.

If she wasn't very, very careful, the entire store would be seeing a full moon tonight while inside the store. Olivia had moved away down the aisle, talking to Todd, but sneaking glances back at Molly when she could.

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Molly took the time to look around, noticed her uncle Dave was still by the video cameras but now had his hand up over his mouth, no doubt, hiding his smile, maybe even a laugh.

She also noticed that there was a sudden interest in the satellite dish that was on display about fifteen feet behind her. All three of the male employee's who had been watching were gathered there as were a handful of male customers who were all half listening to one of the employee's tell the benefits of this particular satellite dish. Knowing she had to do something, and do it quick if she didn't want to be spanked again, Molly carefully squatted down and picked up the two boxes that were closest to her.

She then rose up, returned them to their proper shelf, took a small step forward and repeated the process again. Molly noticed, that each time she bent down, her skirt rode up just a little higher on her ass.

When she bent down the second time, Molly was sure the bottoms of her ass cheeks were visible to those behind her.

When she rose up again, she returned the boxes Olivia had knocked down to their proper place, considered what to do next, whether to pull her skirt down or just go ahead and show herself off. Molly took another small step forward, forced her hands to stay clear of her skirt, then, bent over, at the waist and reached for another of the boxes that were on the floor. Her right foot came off the floor and her leg rose until it was level with her back and ass.

There was a sudden cheer behind her but Molly pretended not to hear it as the six or eight men gathered at the satellite dish all got a clear view of her bare ass and probably her clean shaven cunt. Molly stood up again, returned the box to the shelf and proceeded to do exactly the same thing three more times as she picked up one box at a time. With only one box left to pick up, Molly noted that Olivia had gotten Todd turned around.

Olivia's back was now to Molly and Todd was looking over Olivia's shoulder, watching the show. Molly smiled at him, gave him a wave, stepped over the fallen box, turned, putting her back to Todd, then bent at the waist one final time, showing Todd everything she had hidden beneath that skirt.

When Molly rose up again, she listened carefully and laughed as Todd stuttered and stammered as he tried to answer Olivia's latest question.


Molly returned the final box to it's appropriate shelf and noted that there were now nearly a dozen men, including her uncle Dave, who was grinning wildly, standing at the satellite dish display. She gave them a wave, reached up and unzipped her jacket down to her belly button.

There was a lot of inappropriate language from the guys when they saw nothing but bare skin beneath Molly's black coat.

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She was sure the men could see her cleavage but was also sure they hadn't seen too much. She quickly zipped her jacket, gave the guys another wave, a wink, then turned and walked to stand beside Olivia, who wrapped an arm around Molly's shoulder and hugged her with one arm. "Good girl," Olivia whispered in her ear when Todd moved far enough away so he didn't hear.

Olivia eventually talked her way out of buying anything at all and the two left the store empty handed. But there were a dozen or so men gathered in the doorway, all of them watching intently in case Molly decided to give one more quick look.

Molly didn't give another quick look. Her and Olivia got into the car, both in the back seat this time and waited, patiently for Dave. It took Dave about ten minutes to come out.

He had to wait for the crowd at the door to lose interest so nobody noticed him getting in the car with the "hot Hispanic babe," as he heard at least one guy refer to Molly, "who was showing off everything she had." Once in the car, Dave quickly started the car, backed out and got out of the parking lot as quickly as possible.

The two girls were in the back seat, giggling the whole time. "Did you two have fun?" The two giggled again, then, simultaneously said ,"Yes, master." Dave looked at Molly in his rear view mirror. "Isn't that another five spankings?" "Oh, no, master," Olivia told him.

"I relaxed that rule while we waited for you." "I see. Does this mean the game is over?" "It wasn't a game, master. It was training. Now that Molly has learned the basics and is beginning to enjoy herself, the rules can be relaxed a little bit. But the training will continue." "Master," Molly said sliding up behind Dave and rubbing the sides of his neck, just below his ear, gently with a fingertip. "Will you fuck me when we get home?" "I think I might be able to squeeze that into my appointment book," Dave said with a laugh.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, master, but unless you so order it, Molly is going to be much, much too busy the rest of the night for fucking. I'm afraid you'll just have to find another young girl to sink that big hard cock into." "What else are you going to do to her, Liv? Hasn't she been through enough?" Olivia smiled. "Not even close, master.

Anyway, you already got your rocks off with Molly back at the apartment. You should be good to go for a while." "Not with you two around, showing off and teasing like you have been." Neither girl responded to that comment but a moment later, when Dave looked in his rear view mirror again, he got quite an eyeful. Molly's coat was completely unzipped and she was holding it wide open just for him. The rest of the ride passed in peace with the two girls in the backseat giggling and whispering to each other.

Dave turned the radio on low and listened to some classic rock.