Apu fuck slim boy and he like it

Apu fuck slim boy and he like it
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I was thinking about my friend Shawn's sister Carol ever since she let me fuck her a week ago. She really is a hottie. I should take advantage of the fact she seems to be a nympho. The only thing missing from our adventure was getting their dog Rocky to fuck her while I watch. I'm going to have to go over there this weekend and hope that she is around and feeling horny. I talked to Shawn during school and told him I was thinking of coming over this weekend if it was ok.

I thought maybe I could spend the night. He said no problem so I was anxious for the weekend to roll around. I see Carol in school all the time and she is always smiling at me which is a good sign that maybe she would like for us to repeat our tryst. She is always walking with some cute friends too.

I wouldn't mind her having them over for a nice fuck session but it would be ok if I was only with Carol. The weekend arrived and to my dismay Carol was going to spend the night with one of her girlfriends.

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Shawn never told her I was going to stay over. I saw her on her way out and she gave me a wink. She was in a mini skirt as usual and damn she looked good enough to eat. Their dog Rocky came over to me wagging his tail.

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I guess he remembers his treat from last time so I was thinking maybe at least I could have Rocky fuck me. Shawn and I were watching TV and it was getting late.

Rocky was lying in a corner and Shawn said he was tired and was going to bed. That I could stay up as long as I wanted. His parents are cool people and trust us with everything. They had gone to bed a long time ago. When Shawn went up, Rocky came over and laid next to me.

I started to get a hard-on thinking about the possibility of letting him fuck me. I was just so afraid someone would come downstairs and catch us in the act. I wouldn't be able to take the embarrassment. I was petting Rocky and he flipped over on his back and had the tip of his dick sticking out. He was panting excitedly. I looked upstairs and didn't see any lights on except the bathroom light they leave on when someone is still downstairs.

I didn't hear any sounds so I decided I would get a little risque. I dropped my pajama bottoms and my underwear as I started rubbing Rocky's belly. He seemed to be getting excited and flipped back over and walked up to me and started sniffing my crotch. Upon seeing my throbbing dick he took a swipe at it with his rough tongue. God I almost came on the spot.

That reminded me that I had better get a sheet or something so no come would shoot on the rug. I got a sheet Shawn had left on the couch and got on it.

Rocky got playful with me as I started petting him and hugging him. Then he went for my dick again and slurped it a few times. My dick was throbbing and I could feel I was going to come so I pulled away but turned around. Rocky then began to sniff my ass and gave it a few licks as well.

"Come on Rocky, up boy". He seemed to understand what I wanted and climbed up on my back putting his front paws around my waist. He began humping crazily as I shifted my ass around so he could find my asshole that was in heat as my cock throbbed. Rocky found the spot and began to shove his dick up my ass gripping me tighter. He began to hump and I started to rock back against him so he could get all his cock in me.

He began to fuck away and I began to come and spurted gobs of sperm on the sheet.

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"Oh Rocky come inside me". I felt Rocky grip me tighter and then felt his knot at the edge of my asshole as he tried to drive it into me. I pushed back hard and it allowed him to get his knot inside me. As he fucked more furiously now with me meeting his every thrust his knot grew and locked inside me. He then stayed still with just a few thrusts as he emptied his sperm deep inside my ass. It caused me to shoot another load onto the sheet.

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As Rocky was trying to pull out after emptying his ball sack, I saw a light come on upstairs and heard Shawn ask if I was coming up. It scared the hell out of me and I pulled forward and was able to dislodge Rocky from my ass as he was pulling out. I quickly put on my underwear and PJ's and yelled back that I would be right up. I still had Rocky's sperm oozing out of my ass.

The next morning I didn't come down til around 11:00am. Carol was in the kitchen. I said Hi and she walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. As she walked upstairs looking hot as ever in a nightie she said that Shawn had gone with his parents to do some shopping. They would be back in a few hours. I got myself some cereal. Rocky was in a corner in the living room. I wanted to go upstairs and see if Carol was going to come on to me again. I went upstairs and went into the bathroom to wash up but left the door open on purpose hoping that Carol would come by.

Sure enough she did and stopped at the entrance saying "So do you want to fuck me or what"?

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"Oh damn Carol, I was hoping you would say that" I ran to her and lifted her up planting a kiss on her lips as I carried her into her room and tossed her on her bed. She spread her legs and I dove in as she pulled off her nightie.

I had her moaning right away as I stuck a finger in her cunt and kept licking away at her little clit. She must have been waiting for this because she came immediately. I shoved another finger in her and kept up the insistent pussy eating and finger fucking.

She came for a second time and as she was coming again I moved up and drove my throbbing hard dick into her cunt with one swift move. She yelled out and held me tight and I started to pile drive my dick deep into her. "Fuck me David - Oh gawd I'm coming again". I kept up the pace as she came for a 3rd time and I emptied my load into her mashing my lips against hers and working my tongue inside her mouth.

Damn this little filly is hot. After I shot my load into her I rolled off her. She turned around and took my dick into her mouth.

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"God you are unbelievable Carol". As she was giving me great head I heard a scratching at the door which startled both of us as we propped up in the bed. We were quiet for a few seconds when we realized the scratching must be Rocky. Carol opened the door and in bounded Rocky.

He immediately shoved his snout between Carol's legs which got my dick throbbing again. Carol laid back on the bed with her legs hanging over the bed as Rocky went to town on her pussy. She was moaning. I got on the bed and straddled Carol's face shoving my dick in her mouth.

She started to suck on it like a pro as Rocky kept licking away at her juices.

As I felt her coming I fucked her mouth and came in it. She never stopped sucking and took all my juice. Then she wanted me to fuck her again but I told her I was spent. She then said "come on Rocky, do mommy". Rocky bounded up on the bed as Carol got on her hands and knees.

Rocky jumped up on her back and starting humping. He seemed to find her pussy like he knew exactly where it was already. He was fucking at an incredible pace as Carol was moaning "oh fuck mommy good Rocky.


Don't stop. Come inside mommy. Oh yessssssssssssss - fuck fuck fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee" Carol was pushing back as Rocky was driving his cock into her.


I then saw Rocky's knot drive into her. My cock was throbbing and I got up in front of Carol and gave her my cock to suck on again. She went at it like it was a popsicle. "Suck me Carol - I want to come in your mouth again". As she started sucking harder I was close to shooting and I could see Rocky had stopped humping which meant he was emptying his sperm deep into his mommy.

This triggered my orgasm as I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop again. I then pulled out and kissed her on the mouth and could taste myself on her lips. As I watched Rocky tied to Carol my dick began to get hard again.

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When Rocky pulled out I immediately took his place and drove my cock into Carol's ass. "Oh God - I've never been fucked there" That just made me want to fuck her even more there as I drove my dick into her and started to fuck her with no mercy.

She was hurting but after a while started meeting my thrusts. This made me give some hard final lunges as I emptied my balls deep in her ass. She laid flat on her belly when I finished with me flat on top of her.

Rocky seemed to be horny again but Carol didn't look like she wanted any more so I got on the floor on my hands and knees and let Rocky mount me. Carol got up to watch and as Rocky was fucking me she walked in front of me and gave me her pussy to eat. I ate her out as Rocky emptied his load into me and Carol fed me her sweet nectar as I also came when I felt Rocky shooting deep inside my ass. Carol then suggested we wash up and clean everything before Shawn and their parents get home.