Three twinkies doing hardcore anal fucking in a small car

Three twinkies doing hardcore anal fucking in a small car
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Julie and I were married a year ago. We have had great sex as she has been game to do almost anything with me. We are always trying different positions. She sucks like a vacuum cleaner and she is already ready and very willing and comes easily and often.

There is one place where she has always drawn the line. I have told her many times that I would love to watch her being fucked by another man. She always flatly rejects that thought. I was the first and am the only man she has ever had sex with and she said that I will always be the only one. One evening after an extra-long and hard day at work, I stopped at the local bar that I occasionally frequent. After a couple of rum and cokes and some chatting with some other guys that were there, we started talking about our sex lives.

I wound up telling them how much I wanted to watch Julie getting fucked but that she would have nothing to do with the idea. Another round of drinks and a plan was hatched. It was at work one day when I first saw Julie. It was her high firm C-cup tits and exposed cleavage that caught my attention. Then I saw that she had a beautiful face up above her rack. When I got to know her I learned that she had a great personality to go along with the great body.

We dated for six months. She refused to have sex till she was married although she was up for some hot making out and petting, even oral sex was OK. I must have pumped a gallon of cum down her throat while we were dating but not a drop went in her pussy. Finally we decided that we were the ones for each other and we had a nice medium sized wedding with about twenty family members and friends.

We were told ahead of time that we would be given a condo on the shore of Lake Tahoe for a week as one of our wedding gifts. The door had barely shut when Julie started stripping out of her dress. She stood naked in front of me for the first time. Her lovely nineteen-year-old body was even better that I had imagined.

"OK you horny stud. Now you can fuck me all you want." There was no foreplay. I jumped between her legs and positioned my seven inches of manhood at her freshly shaved vaginal opening. "Do it, Honey. Make me a woman." Julie cried as I stabbed into her cunt and popped her cherry. I was balls deep in one swift motion. Blood ran down onto the sheets but she gritted her teeth and did not cry out or tell me to stop.

I pumped my cock into her and soon the pain had past and she was pumping her hips back against my thrusts. "Oh fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I'm your loving wife and your willing fuck toy forever. You don't know how much I have been wanting this." Our next year was good except I kept having the desire to watch my wife being fucked.

Finally Friday night, after I had made the plan with the guys at the bar, we were watching the end of one of our TV shows when the doorbell sounded. I knew what was coming but quietly went to the door. When I opened the door, three men in ski masks rushed in. They grabbed me and Julie. She screamed but one man put his hand over her mouth.

"Listen lady, keep quiet and neither of you will get hurt." Two of them held her and the third forced me onto one of the kitchen chairs. The second one came over and tied me to the chair. It was loose so I could get out any time I wanted to but it looked realistic. "We don't have much but take what you want and leave. We promise not to tell anyone", I said. "We don't want your stuff. We want your wife and we are going to have her." Julie broke free and ran to the door but she was caught and dragged back.

"Pull another stunt like that and your husband might just be spending some time in the hospital." One of them grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open sending buttons flying.

He forced his lips to hers. Julie struggled and when he took his mouth off of hers, she spit. Her bra came off next. I watched her perfectly formed breasts stand out, exposed to another man for the first time.

Another of the guys quickly grabbed her right tit and shoved his mouth to her nipple as she was being held. I saw her nipples harden. Her blouse and bra were pulled down her arms and dropped to the floor and her arms were held behind her. I could feel my cock growing.

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With one man holding her arms and a second mauling her tits, the third unzipped her slacks and pulled them and her panties to the floor. She struggled again.

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He grabbed hold of her chin and looked into her eyes. "Stop struggling if you don't want to see your loving husband hurt." She stopped. He kicked one of her legs apart from the other and reached down and grabbed her crotch. His finger went up between her cleanly shaved pussy lips and found her fuck hole.

One man was holding her arms, one playing with her tits and one was finger fucking her. After a minute I heard, "Fuck she's getting wet. She's enjoying this." All Julie angrily said was, "Fuck you." He looked at he, "No, fuck you and that is just what we are going to do." She was pushed down onto the couch and the man who was holding her came over behind me and put his arm around my neck.

Julie looked at me and believed that I was helpless and in danger. "Spread your fucking legs, slut." Julie slowly did what she was told. The guy that had been finger fucking my young wife got down between her legs and buried his face in her snatch. When his tongue touched her clit she couldn't keep from letting out a little moan and twitching. He started eating her out like a mad man. The two other proceeded to undress.


Julie looked at their hard cocks as they approached her. One got on the couch on either side of her on their knees with their erections next to her face. "Suck our cocks, Bitch." Julie knew that she did not have any choice. She opened her mouth and the first cock other than mine pushed its way in. He grabbed her hair and used it to pull and push her mouth up and down his shaft. After a minute he pulled out, turned her head and the the second hard prick entered her mouth. Julie loved sucking my cock buy this was not by her choice.

In the meantime, the guy between her legs had dripped his pants and positioned his rod at her fuck hole. A hard shove and he was buried balls deep in her wet tunnel. Julie moaned. Her mouth was being passed back and forth, servicing two cocks and her cunt was being hammered by the third.

After several minutes, Julie felt an orgasm building. She fought it. She did not want it to happen but she lost her fight. Julie pushed her cunt back against the cock between her legs and yelled out around the cock in her mouth as she came with a mind blowing orgasm. Her hips were thrashing up and down on his tool.

She pulled her mouth away from the other cocks and screamed out with a tremendous orgasm. "FUCK, FUCK, fuck my cunt hard. Slam it to me. Oh FUCK." She squeezed her own tits and rolled her head from side to side. I love how wild Julie gets when she has a good hard orgasm. Soon her hole was being filled with the first load of cum from a man other than me.


He pulled out and she begged him to fuck her more. She needed more fucking. It only took seconds for his cock to be replaced by another hard pole. "Oh yes. Fuck me. Please fuck me." She no longer thought about being raped or even that it was someone other than me that had his cock buried in her snatch. He pulled out and rolled her over and started doing her doggie style. Julie loves it doggy. She says it hits just the right spots. She was right in the middle of a string of orgasms.

One right after the last, almost non-stop and she couldn't hide the fact that she was loving it. Another load blasted deep into her. When he pulled out he was quickly replaced by the third guy. He wasn't long but he was thick and stretched her out pretty good. Julie couldn't get enough and couldn't stop coming. I had slipped the ropes off, stripped and sat there watching and stroking myself with a very satisfied smile on my face.

Julie didn't notice. "My mouth, my mouth, I need a cock in my mouth.

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Somebody come and fuck my mouth." I walked over and put my prick in front of her mouth. Without looking up at me, she engulfed my shaft and while still getting a good fucking, she attacked my cock like a wild woman.

Finally the third guy and I came almost simultaneously. Julie was worn out and satisfied. She collapsed on the couch and finally looked up at me. I could see the shocked look as she saw that it was me. "Julie, I want to introduce you to Frank, Mike and David." Julie gave me a dirty look but it quickly faded away and was replaced by a big grin.

"You're an asshole, Paul but a wonderful asshole.

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I love you. Can we invite the guys back again sometime?" Little did I know that I had unleashed a tiger. Julie came to crave gangbangs.

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She loved getting her bottom stuffed with a big piece of man meat. She eventually started going out without me to be with groups of guys that she had met on-line. Sometime she fucked and sucked as many as ten guys at a time and she would tell me all about it, in detail when she got home with cum still running down her legs.


People around town learned about her reputation. She learned that she loved having her cunt pounded by big cocks and that more black guys have big cocks that white guys do. She became a black gangbang fuck slut. She started inviting groups of hung black guys to our house even when I was home and telling me that I could either jerk off while I watched or I could leave and do something else while she had her fun.

She says that I would be welcome to eat her out after she has finished with her black gangbangs. No thanks. Now I seldom get to fuck my own wife and when I do, she is so stretched out that I hardly feel myself inside of her. I just want to warn all of you to be careful what you wish for. 514