Amateur fun bj alone with a drone

Amateur fun bj alone with a drone
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First Look - Part 4 - The Library They met early the next morning. Despite the visibility to their neighbor's homes, they shared a quick kiss. Both of them were filled with excitement over what they were about to do together. They were also each a bit worried. They were nervous that one or the other might want to back out. When they got to the library, it was empty except for a couple of older people reading magazines and newspapers at the front.

They slowly walked up and down the aisles pretending to look at books until they came to the section they really wanted. Daryl grabbed the book and Cindy snuggled up beside him. Daryl was immediately affected by Cindy's closeness and warmth. He began to get warm himself and despite his will, his cock began to harden. He looked at Cindy. She was staring straight at the cover of the book. He opened it and they began to look, reading bits and pieces as he turned pages. The first few pages spoke about the naturalness of sex and love.

It said that sex was a beautiful expression of love and that there should be no embarrassment or shame in wanting to participate in any sexual act with a partner as long as they both consent. There were pictures of a naked man and woman facing each other. The woman had large breasts with hard nipples, and her pussy was covered by a thick mat of hair. The man was in good shape and he had a prominent soft cock hanging down from his own thick mat of hair.

Cindy stared at the man's cock and thought it was really nice looking. A few pages in, the book went through a quick anatomy lesson on male and female genitals showing everything from the pubic mound to the labia to the clitoris and the head of the cock and the sensitivities of everything. The book explained that the woman would secrete a moisture that would help the cock penetrate the pussy canal, and that the man would become erect (cue his erection) and that it may begin to seep bits of its own fluid to make things even more slippery.

Cindy and Daryl were both very interested in all of this despite their minor discomfort about reading and seeing these pictures together. As they leafed through the book, they saw pictures of couples touching each other's parts and showed the subsequent looks of approval and passion that this touching elicited.

Cindy saw a woman being fingered while also having her clitoris licked. She saw the look of rapture on her face and became very wet at this. At first she was shocked to see the man's tongue licking the woman's pussy. How could a man do that! It's so smelly! Certainly he couldn't like the taste. She was beet red and now very wet as she read the description of cunnilingus.

There did seem to be a method to it. Cindy looked at Daryl who was staring at the pictures, and she wondered what his fingers and tongue might feel like. She thought about how she would introduce Daryl to her pussy so he could get used to her wetness and scent.

She knew she had a smell down there like the book said. Would he be repulsed or would he accept her? Daryl now had a complete and needy erection.

Though he felt that she must be able to see it, he wasn't embarrassed this time, and in fact, he moved his hand down to adjust it when she was looking at him.

She saw this, snuggled up tighter and moved her hand down to gently rub him while they continued to look. "Don't you dare have an orgasm in here!" she giggled. "Then for God's sake quit that!" He beseeched. Cindy reluctantly took her hand off his erection and gave him a pouty look.

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They continued looking at the pictures and reading about fellatio and cunnilingus, and anal sex and sexual positions for intercourse until they were both so excited that they had to just put the book down for now. "I think maybe we've seen enough for today, don't you?


Daryl asked as he stared into Cindy's eyes pleadingly. Cindy was flushed "I know I have!" she panted. She felt a huge impulse come over her, and she just faced him, grabbed him and mashed her mouth against his in a passionate french kiss.

She pushed her pelvis against his straining hard-on and moaned. She then broke off the kiss, turned and started to walk away.

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Daryl was surprised by her forwardness but very excited by it also. He was quick to step in behind her. As they got outside, they stood side by side in silence for a minute. It was like they were both trying to just calm down a bit. They both needed to digest everything they has just read and seen pictures of.

They also both needed to begin to ascertain what they thought they might like to try.


By the time they rode their bikes back to Cindy's house they were both had both given thought to how they were going to initiate a conversation about the amazing pictures and ideas they had just been exposed too. They rode quickly but in silence with Cindy leading the way. This suited Daryl. When they arrived at Cindy's house, they went into the kitchen where Cindy poured them some lemonade.

As they sat at the table across from each other, there was a quiet aura of excitement that neither of them could seem to break through.

Cindy spoke first. "That book was amazing. I can't believe they showed people doing it!" Daryl looked at her and could see her honesty and her real surprise. "Did you see how big the guy's cock was?" Cindy got a bit bashful again and lowered her head. "God Daryl! How could you miss it? He had his cock right in her mouth…&hellip.and her bum!" Cindy was beet red and even perspiring on her forehead a bit. "I guess the mouth thing is supposed to be normal, but it did say the bum thing is usually for the more &hellip.adventurous?" Daryl fidgeted.

"Cindy, I need to be honest and hope you don't laugh but my hard-on isn't nearly as big as the ones we saw in that book" Cindy, who was picturing herself with his cock in her mouth looked at him with compassion. "Hey… were just kids compared to the people in those pictures. I mean sure, you get erections, and I &hellip.get wet, but God we're not fully grown yet.

Look at my boobs compared to the women in that book. I'm like a board compared to them!" Cindy reached up and cupped her boobs as she said this.

Daryl just smiled and stared until she realized what she was doing and quickly dropped her hands back into her lap. "I love your body, especially your cute boobs" Cindy drew in a breath at his compliment and her reaction was to push out her chest a bit. "Thank you Daryl, I was pretty intimidated by the girls in that book." "What about the pictures of that guy kissing and licking that girl's pus…well um …between her legs" he said more quietly.

"What did you think of that?" Cindy kinda knew that subject would come-up and again turned beet red. "Gosh…I Don't Know! Why would a boy want to put his face down there?" The question wasn't really directed at Daryl, but he thought it was. "Well I don't know either, but why would a girl put a guy's &hellip.cock in her mouth? "Man&hellip.I'm hot. " Cindy was fanning her blushing face with her hand and looking at Daryl with a furrowed brow.

She was trying to picture his cock all hard and angry looking and the images were making her very moist. She just couldn't help it. She had no control over her body. She so badly wanted to see him naked. To feel his cock and look at every part of it.

Finally, she couldn't wait any more and made a proposal to Daryl. "Daryl, I don't want to do any of the stuff they show in the book, but do you think we could maybe get naked together. I mean just so we could see what each other? I think I would kinda like to just maybe see you without cloths. I mean just so I could see a real erection and not just some black and white pictures." Cindy was staring directly into his eyes with a serious look of false bravado.

Daryl turned red and felt his cock responding. He really wanted to see her body too. "I will if you will. That seems only fair." With that Cindy stood up and reached out taking Daryls hand and leading him up the stairs to her bedroom. She sat him down on the bed and went back to close and lock the door. "My mom will be home in an hour" she said softly. She beckoned him to stand up.

"One piece at a time." She began pulling her top off and Daryl was out of his shirt before she got it over her bra. She giggled at this and reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. She stared into his eyes as she let her bra drop and stood before him naked from the waist up and red faced. "I know they're not big" she quietly stated. Daryl was enraptured by her well formed bosom.

Her breasts were beautiful. Full and round with a smooth heftiness topped off with the most adorable small areolas tipped with puffy little pink nipples. His cock was straining for freedom and he couldn't take his eyes away from her chest. "Cindy, I knew you had nice boobs. Even through cloths anyone could see that. But naked, your boobs are just awesome. They're perfect!" Cindy felt relieved and in a way, her confidence was rising.


She look at Daryl, who was still staring at her boobs and then she very naturally reached underneath them and began to lift and massage them "Daryl, look up here for a second. she said softly. He reluctantly tore his eyes from her breasts and looked up into her eyes.

"Would you like to touch me?" She reached out her hand to a nodding Daryl and drew him close. Taking his hands, she brought them to her breasts and pressed them there before releasing them.

Daryl had been paying rapt attention and copied Cindy's movements. The feeling of Daryl's hands rubbing and tweaking made Cindy moan with desire. Daryl bent his head forward and gently took her right nipple in his mouth and began licking and lightly tugging on it. When his mouth first went to her nipple Cindy thought she'd die. She gasped at the shock she felt and wanted to pull away but instead she felt like pushing towards him. To her surprise, her pussy got literally hot and she could tell she was soaking wet down there.

Despite her worry over whether he could smell her girl smell, she found herself pulling the back of his head in towards her breast to get more contact. Daryl had heard her intake of breath and thought she was going to push him from her, but when she grabbed the back of his head and moaned, he knew he'd done something right.

After a minute or so, Cindy gently pushed Daryl away and unbuttoned her jean cutoffs. She watched his face as she undid her zipper and kind of wiggled her cutoffs and underwear over her butt and kicked them away. She stood straight with her hands at her sides and let him look at her sparsely covered pussy.

Once again, though blushing at her exposure, she spoke. "Daryl, I'm feeling a bit alone here. Do you think you could get naked too? Daryl's eyes snapped up to meet hers and as they did, he was already undoing and pulling off his shorts.

Cindy watched the elastic of his underwear stretch out and away from him as it was pulled around his very erect cock. When she saw the size and girth of his erection, she gasped and involuntarily hugged her breasts to herself. Daryl was beet red and very worried about her reaction.

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He just stood there letting her take in this new sight and waited for her to speak. Having begun to adjust to seeing her first erection in the flesh, Cindy's eyes began darting from his cock to his eyes. She noticed he was very red and knew he was waiting for her to say something.

She dropped her hands to her sides again and looked at him with compassion. "Daryl, it's beautiful! It's certainly big! I know we just looked at all kinds of drawings of cocks but to see one in the flesh is sooo different. You look so strong and proud with your huge erection all hard and pointing out like it is.

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I just love it! Let's get in the shower so we're all fresh and clean before we do any more exploring." Cindy reached out and took his hand, leading him to the bathroom. "You get the water started while I get us some towels" she said. She watched as Daryl bent over with his back to her, to reach for the taps. She admired his butt and even got a peek at his cute little brown bum hole. She was just about off the deep end with excitement.

She could feel her own wetness running down her thigh. Daryl stepped into the shower and closed the door. She took a deep breath and quickly followed after him. She was absolutely tingling! Daryl nearly jumped out of his skin. She was totally naked and standing before him like a goddess. Her breasts were beautiful and large and firm and had perfect little hard nipples.

Her body was tight and her pussy was sparsely covered in a light downy swath of hair. She was in a word, gorgeous. He just stood there staring at her. Cindy was only a little embarrassed. Of course he was going to stare. She was nude and wet and she knew from before that he had never seen a living naked woman before today.

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She took her own turn staring. She looked at his erection first, and for a long time. She really did think it looked beautiful. It was about 5 inches long and quite thick. It stuck straight out and had a perfect head that she really wanted to touch. The size did cause some concern when she thought of where it was supposed to fit. "Can I take a closer look at your penis Daryl?" She didn't wait for what she knew would be his answer and dropped to her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him with lust in her eyes and took his erection in her right hand, slowly squeezing it and moving her hand up and down the pliant skin. With her left hand she gently toyed with his testicles, lifting them, looking under them to where they were attached and moving them from side to side. She noticed his little cute little anus again. Daryl meanwhile rewarded her exploration with moans of pleasure and short little intakes of breath as she touched him in all these different ways.

She stood up slowly, making sure she stared into his eyes and barley let her chest rub his as she rose. She reached out and used her arms to make him turn in a circle. His bum was great. She loved his bum, but now with him facing her again, she knew she loved his cock too.

Daryl followed suit, and using his arms he made her turn in a circle. He stopped at her bum which he found incredible, and in a flash of renewed passion, he moved in close to her from behind. He snuck his arms and hands underneath hers and cupped her breasts.

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She gasped, threw her head back and found herself pushing back on the erection now firmly implanted between her butt cheeks. His hands on her breasts felt like nothing she could have imagined. Once again he started to massage her breasts and lightly tweak her nipples. He noticed that she always sucked in her breath when he was on her nipples and rightfully ascertained that she very much liked this.

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Cindy was incredibly horny. She was thrilled to have her breasts and nipples played with and secretly wanted his mouth on her nipples again. She also nervously but bravely snaked her right hand behind her and softly grabbed his cock. "Oh God. It's so big and sooo hard! I never knew it got so hard." Daryl couldn't believe this. Here he was in a shower with a girl he really, really liked, feeling her boobs and now she was holding his cock. Within in about 15 seconds, he began breathing heavy and said "Cindy, I'm gonna do it again.

I can't help it.

I'm gonna squirt my stuff out …NOW!" Cindy quickly turned around so she could watch. Though Daryl was a bit embarrassed, there was no stopping the inevitable so he just gave in to it and grabbed his cock, stroking it hard and fast to help with his orgasm.

Cindy was treated to a massive pulsing explosion of his sperm that went mostly on her upper body. She shrieked a bit from surprise but kept her eyes glued to his organ until he had rubbed out the last drop. She took careful notice at how he rubbed himself. Without saying a word, she smiled compassionately up at him then looked at her sperm coated body and studied this strange, hot, thick expulsion.

She used an index finger to scoop some up and brought it to her nose. She looked straight at Daryl as she sniffed. She cocked her eyebrows at the smell and to Daryl's surprise, she giggled and put a bit on the tip of her tongue. Cindy thought it was a bit weird tasting, but really not horrible at all. "Daryl…that was amazing.

Thank you soooo much for letting me watch you have an orgasm. I've been thinking a lot about what really happened when a boy did that." Daryl, still rock hard, noticed that Cindy was now rubbing between her legs with one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other.

He gently removed the hand from between her legs and replaced it with his own. Cindy was very wet and embarrassed and worried about how her fluids smelled to him. But she was simply too horny to stop him. She moved close up against him and bowed her head so she wouldn't have to look in his eyes.

"You're hand feels really good Daryl but I get kind of gooey and stinky down there when I get horny. I hope you don't think it's gross." Daryl did indeed kind of wonder about this slippery kind of wet he was feeling but he didn't know what she meant by 'stinky', so he brought his fingers up to his nose. Cindy turned red and looked up tentatively as he softly inhaled her scent.

He was cupping her whole pussy and moving his hand around in a fashion that wasn't perfect, but that was indeed working. Never had Cindy felt the need so strongly, so quickly. She furrowed her brow and moaned loud as she had her first man induced orgasm. Her pussy expelled a copious amount of natural lubricant. Daryl loved the feel and texture of her pussy and when she moaned and held his hand still, he felt his hand become wetter and knew she had had an orgasm.

He kept moving his hand gently around her pussy until she giggled and with a red face, grabbed his hand and stopped him. Like she had done with his cum, he moved his hand up to his nose and smelled it, all the time staring at her reddened face. He then stuck a finger in his mouth and sucked it. Cindy was mortified.

She knew she had a certain smell and taste down there and was so very concerned. Quietly she looked up at him "Do I smell ok?" Daryl could see she was very concerned and immediately and with conviction said "Gosh Cindy. You smell great and taste even better&hellip.really!" Cindy felt immediate relief. "You have a smell that seems to just make me want more. I could just smell you and I bet I'd cum!

I really didn't know that girls got so wet down there though. The book didn't say much about that." Cindy looked down at herself " I don't know if all girls get as wet down there as me. I never talked to any of my girlfriends about it." Her face shaded a little as they moved together again and shared a less urgent but no less passionate kiss. She could feel his cock pulse and strain and looked down to see the length of him. "What a fascinating piece of equipment." She thought as she watched his cock pulse and twitch.

She could just sit in front of him and watch his cock for hours. " I think we're clean now" she giggled. "Yeah." He replied as he separated from her. "Do you want to get out now?" "Not really, but I think we'd better. I might get carried away even more if we don't" she looked at him with a look of lust and promise. "Me too." smiled Daryl. "Maybe we could just get dressed and spend some more time together?" he asked.

Cindy was thrilled that he wanted to stay with her, even with cloths on. She gave him a peck on the cheek, giggled at his erection, and got out of the shower. Daryl waited for her to dry off and stepped out himself. She was wrapped in a towel and was sitting on the edge of the sink. When she saw him come out and had had a good long stare at his nudity. He was no longer worried and stood proudly under her eyes.

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Cindy flushed again and knew if she didn't do something she was going to be soaked again. After seeing each other's bodies and helping each other orgasm, both Daryl and Cindy felt quite grown-up.

They had, in their minds engaged in sex of a sort and they both felt great about it. Cindy was ecstatic that she'd not only seen her first male erection, but that she found it beautiful in a very powerful way. She just loved it and really wanted to make him cum again, but this time she wanted to make him cum with her own hand.

Daryl absolutely loved Cindy's naked body. She was soft and enticing and he knew she was also nervous. He wanted to tell her that he was awed by her, but he was trying so hard to be cool that he just couldn't. He remembered vividly how soft and wet her pussy was, and how she moaned and got gushy on his fingers when she came. He could smell her secretions and thought about how the scent was so different than anything he had smelled before. The book didn't talk about a girls smell.

He loved it