Pierced vagina and porstars copulate

Pierced vagina and porstars copulate
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These are the continuing misadventures of my cyber wife as a teenage schoolgirl and this story follows on from School Dayz Part 1 which is the start of the story. None of my stories are intended to offend in any way but are very descriptive and cover many areas of fantasy. Please do feel free to leave comments, both positive and negative which are all welcome or email me on [email protected] with your comments or thoughts.

School Dayz Part 2 After the events of her first day back at school as and after a nice refreshing shower and dinner Robyn was eager to leave the house although she didn't really know quite what to expect in the evening and she was going into an area that was best avoided, being a poor council estate in Ireland.

She walked up to Darren's door after hearing a few whistles from some of the younger boys in the block of council flats where he lived. Her mother had warned her not to go into that area but Dazza had asked her to come over. And from what she had experienced earlier in the day with the wanking and sucking 'instructions' she was very keen to 'learn' more. And not only had he told her to come over, he had also told her what to wear.

She was now dressed in a short black mini skirt and white halter neck top covering her naked breasts with black heels. She now stood feeling slightly nervous and listened at the door. She could hear a few voices inside and wondered who might be in there with Darren. Finally plucking up enough courage she knocked on the door. No reply. She knocked again slightly louder and the door swung opened.

Carl, who she knew as 'Fleabite' from school was standing in the doorway looking back at her. His ginger hair was short and untidy and he looked directly at her. "Hello Robyn!" He grinned, and she could smell his putrid breath as he spoke. "Hullo!" Robyn replied confidently although she wasn't feeling that way.

"Is Dazza in?" "Yeah!" He smiled. "He's expecting ya!" He stood to one side and she had no choice but to squeeze past him in the doorway. The smell of BO from Fleabite was strong as she squeezed past him. He grinned and made no attempt to show that he wasn't looking at her wobbling chest. She heard the door close behind her as she entered the untidy living room.

Four boys including Dazza, Dento, Wingnut and Plug were sitting watching what appeared to be a dirty film on the small television and Dazza glanced up as Fleabite came back into the room. "This is crap!" Dento said and suddenly an empty beer can whacked him across the head, thrown from the direction of Dazza's commanding armchair. He looked across at the other boy before lifting his own can and taking a swig of cheap lager out of it. "You wanna beer?" Dazza said without looking up from the screen which showed a rather voluptuous woman and two men in action.

"Umm, yes, please!" Robyn replied as she took in the room, the occupants and the film that they were watching, wondering what the hell was going on and what she might be getting herself into. Dazza glanced up to look at her. "So, boys, wha'd ya think of my burd?" Dento was the first to reply. "Look at those fucking tits! Awesome man!" "Yeah, love them fucking juggs!" Fleabite smiled. Dazza laughed. "See bitch, even my boys like ya!" "Good!" Robyn smiled slightly nervously as Dazza patted the arm of his chair.

"Come and sit down here and let's watch the porno!" Somewhat nervously she walked over to the seat, avoiding the empty beer cans and pizza boxes, and parked her curvy bum on the edge of the chair, only to feel Dazza's hand roam around her waist and settle onto her bare thigh as her skirt rode up slightly. "I can't wait to get under that skirt!" He smirked as he looked up at her.

She smiled back feeling an immediate buzz of excitement run through her body at the thought of what he might have planned for later in the evening. She sipped at the beer can and felt the cold liquid going down her throat. She glanced across at Wingnut who was fidgeting slightly as he tried to cover the tent in his trousers.

She smiled affectionately. The film finished and Dazza flicked the remote control to put the PV off. "So you lot like my burd's tits then?" He suddenly blurted out as Robyn felt his arm tighten around her narrow waist pulling her closer into him.

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The general reaction was one of total agreement and Dazza sniggered as he looked around at his gang. He pulled her closer again and looked up at her face.

"Show em your tits!" He ordered without an expression on his face. Robyn froze and looked at him in slight shock before looking around the room at the randy teens. "I said show em your fucking tits!" Dazza repeated looking directly at her face. She just stared blankly back at him. He spoke again quietly but firmly. "Listen bitch………… do you want my cock tonight?" He looked around the room at the expectant faces and then back at Robyn who nodded silently.

"Well show the boys your tits!" Realising he had hit the nail on the head, so to speak, Robyn lowered her small handbag and reached up around the back of her neck to undo her halter top. She released the top and nervously slowly lowered it as she looked around the room at the ugly teenagers whose eyes were now locked on her actions as the top was lowered inch by inch until she suddenly pulled it right down to gasps of appreciation from the hungry and very horny young lads.

Dazza looked up at her proudly. "Good girl!" He grinned. "Now go to the centre of the room so they can all get a good look at my fucking hot burd!" Feeling more confident having heard the nice, albeit pervy comments from her new audience, Robyn did as she was instructed. The boys were sitting in a semi circle around the television so she went to the middle facing them.

"Daz, your bitch is fine as shit!" Dento smiled as he spoke "Is that good or bad?" Robyn asked innocently looking over to Dazza.

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He just laughed out loud. "That is good, fucking good! Daft cow!" She smiled and could feel the cool air on her exposed breasts making her nipples start to tingle. She looked at each of the boys sizing them up and noticing that whilst they might not have been erect during the film they had watched, they certainly were now, and that must have been down to her own actions and her body that was such a turn on for them.

Grinning, she dropped to her knees and smiled at her audience feeling a newly found confidence. "Well it looks like you boys are all hard, huh?" Dazza laughed. "Fuck me bitch, you seen one cock now you wanna see them all, fucking slut!" Robyn looked directly at him at the same time lifting her hands to her breasts and squeezing them together as she did with her palms over her erect nipples. She pouted at him. "Is that okay Dazza? Am I just a cock hungry slut? This is what you have made me!" He now grinned from ear to ear showing his yellow teeth looking back at her, feeling as proud as he ever could!

And his cock was rock hard in his jogging trousers. "Right boys, show her what you've got!" He ordered. The teens didn't need any further encouragement and dropped their trousers and pants very quickly before forming a circle around Robyn.

Her eyes lit up as she was suddenly surrounded by 5 teenage cocks and she looked at each one in turn with a broad grin on her face.

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Fleabite was first although his slim cock had a funny smell but she took it into her hands before sliding her lips over the head and suddenly his cock was all the way into her hungry mouth. His grubby hands grabbed the back of her head and forced it all the way in as she gagged before allowing it in further.

Fleabite held her in place for 3 or 4 minutes then the others started to get annoyed. "Move out the fucking way! We all want some of that!" Came the protests. Reluctantly fleabite pulled himself out of her hot mouth before another slightly longer cock appeared before her. Wingnut slid his hardness between her lips and gasped.

"I've dreamt of doin this to you Robyn since the 2nd year!" He laughed, "And now I am and you is fucking awesome!" She stretched her mouth around Wingnut's cock licking the head and sucking as she did. She could hear comments talking about what a good cock sucker she was and applauding Dazza for training her so well. And now she felt proud at their comments and could feel her pussy getting very damp. Wingnut pulled out and was replaced by Plug who started to cum almost immediately. Robyn pulled away quickly as his cum splattered across her chest.

"Get out the way fucking wanker!" Dento growled as he slid his much thicker cock between her lips and she gagged once again as he started to fuck her mouth before easing out. With glazed eyes Robyn looked up at Dazza as he stood above her. "Get her on her back boys and wank over her fat tits!" He grinned. The boys didn't need telling twice and within seconds she were flat on her back with her hands on her breasts squeezing her nipples as the four teenagers wanked hard over her gorgeous young body.

Hot juicy cum seemed to spray from every direction as they came one by one, each being cheered by the others as they did before Robyn finally lay still, covered in their hot juices. Dazza looked down at her and smiled. "Clean yourself up bitch!" He said firmly. "And you lot…&hellip." He turned to the other boys who were waiting expectantly, "Can fuck off! Me and my burd have got more to do here and you ain't invited!" Robyn reached over for a toilet roll and wiped the cum from her breasts as the other boys got dressed and left the shabby flat.

Dazza turned to her.


"We is goin to have fun now!" He grinned. "Give me five minutes then come into my bedroom, over there!" He pointed. "Okay!" Robyn smiled obediently sitting up and feeling a real tingle of excitement all over her body now.


As instructed, and after 5 minutes she approached the small bedroom and entered. Dazza had closed the curtains and it was quite dark but she could just make out his shape on the bed as she approached him excitedly. "So hunney." She purred. "What do you have in mind for us?" "Strip for me, now!" He ordered.

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Robyn moved away from the bed a little facing him as he lay watching her. Smiling demurely she released her halter neck top once again and let it drop to the floor. "Your tits are fucking awesome!" She heard Dazza say quietly and grinned back at him, her eyes shining in the dim light and her heart beat faster as the excitement of what was to come almost overpowered her.

She slid her fingers into her mini skirt and pushed it down and her white thong came into view. She watched as Darren's hand started to slide up and down his long shaft slowly. "You want me to do that for you?" She enquired. "Just fucking strip!

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Now!" Dazza hissed back and she turned and bent forward slightly to show her bum to him as she reached the thong and eased it down. It hadn't even hit the floor when suddenly she felt his arms around her pushing her towards the wall opposite his bed. Robyn could feel his hardness in her back, the same hard cock that she had touched and wanked and licked and sucked was now forcing into her against the wall as one hand came around the front to squeeze and maul her full young breasts and the other hand was forcing the hard fat cock between her thighs.

She felt slightly fearful at his rough actions but her excitement at the thought of feeling his hard cock up inside her tight cunt was too much to bear and she would have given into him willingly without him having to resort to this type of action.

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Then she felt it, she finally felt his cock head was against her pussy lips and she gasped with sheer excitement. But then, much to her disappointment he moved it away and she suddenly gasped as she felt it slide between her plump bum cheeks and settle against her arse.

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Darren wasn't holding back now as he suddenly and aggressively pulled Robyn's hips back and forced himself inside her tight arse. She whimpered with a mixture of pleasure and pain as she felt his long thick cock push its way inside her, filling her tight young arse with his hard prick. But the illusion of pleasure was over all too quickly as he pumped aggressively into her a dozen or so times before he pulled out again and she felt the vibrations behind herself of his cock being wanked and then the hot streams of cum hit her lower back as he finished himself off.

He sat back on the bed panting and looked up at her as she turned to look at him, disappointed by his actions. "I'm going to sleep now!" He said sternly. "You can stay if you want, or fuck off!

It's up to you!" He lay down and pulled the covers over himself. "Pull the door on the way out!" Robyn looked at Dazza with a mixture of upset and disdain and lifted her clothes from the floor and moved to the bathroom to put them back on. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she walked through the council estate wondering if anyone would ever really want to fuck her properly, like in the films and books that she had seen.


…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The room was dark as he entered seeing her shape under the covers in the bed.

His eyes became accustomed to the light and he gently pulled back her bedclothes watching her face to ensure he didn't wake her.

His cock hardened almost immediately at the sight of her full young breasts and he watched her beautiful face with her hair spread across the pillow sleeping tightly.

He eased the covers down slightly further to expose her black thong and his hand closed over his throbbing shaft as he gazed at his niece. He came almost immediately such was his level of excitement and he quickly tried to catch the cum in his other hand, not noticing some drip to the floor. Uncle Tom quickly exited Robyn's bedroom. She opened her eyes as soon as she heard the door close and a grin appeared on her lips. Glancing down she reached out a hand and touched the sticky liquid on the floor running her finger through it slowly before lifting it to her nose then lips to lick her fingers clean.

Her excitement was too much to bear now as she reached her hands down sliding the thong to one side as she expertly held her pussy lips apart with one hand while sliding a finger, then two on the other hand into her tight pussy canal. As she did she slid her thumb up and bit down on her lips with her eyes closed as she felt her nerve endings sending small pulses scattering through her gorgeous young body as her thumb now brushed her swollen clit. The motions increased and she could feel the excitement building up inside her body, her nerve endings now on fire.

If the men wouldn't, or couldn't satisfy her needs then she knew she would just have to do it herself! She was moaning softly with her eyes closed and didn't hear the movement in the attic above her room. Uncle Tom, now scruffy and unshaven couldn't get his niece out of his mind and was determined to see her again tonight as he peered through the spyhole down into her room.

He watched with incredulous delight at the sight of his gorgeous and very busty niece masterbating in her bed, he big fat breasts moving and roiling to her movements! Despite having cum only moments before he was now rock hard again and wanking furiously! His eyes darting between her expert hands doing their magic her incredible body, her breasts wobbling and nipples so hard he thought he could have hung pictures on them!

He watched as her body finally arched and she let out a loud moan as the long awaited orgasm ripped through her body. Her Uncle shot yet another load onto the attic floor and he let out a loud moan. Robyn's eyes suddenly flicked open and she froze as she noticed a small hole in her bedroom ceiling!

Then seconds later, a spot of cum that had shot from Uncle Tom's cock with such force it had splashed the spyhole, dripped down and splashed down onto your soft cheek.

To be continued……………&hellip.