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Lesbians Love Hardcore Pussy Fingering
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Nathan let his gaze drift up to the horizon as his mind began to wander, allowing himself to relax on his walk home from work. He started thinking about his job in the law office, and how he had dreamed of it since he was a kid. Nathan continued this train of thought, moving on to his girlfriend, Emily. He had always imagined that he would end up with, well, a bimbo. Someone who could rival his sexual appetite and focus on pleasing him for once.

Someone who'd suck him off with her huge lips, and would look great in a bikini with huge breast implants. He could feel himself starting to get hard, revisiting this all too familiar fantasy.

A car horn made Nathan return to reality, and he was reminded suddenly of Emily and their lackluster sex life. "I guess that's how modern relationships go," Nathan sighed to himself. He raised his head, realizing he'd gone a couple streets too far. "Shit," Nathan swore under his breath. As he turned to correct his course, a dark storefront caught his eye.

It looked like another seedy pawn shop, but Nathan felt himself drawn towards it. He had been meaning to get a present for Emily.

A small bell dinged as he pushed the door open, and Nathan saw a middle-aged woman behind the counter reading a magazine. She had dark hair and long fake nails, and she wore a tight top that emphasized her breasts and was chewing a piece of gum.

She continued reading her magazine, uninterested in the guy who had just entered. There room was filled with shelves and shelves of unwanted merchandise. Feather boas met broken cellphones and secondhand books. There was a glass display case up at the counter that seemed to hold some jewelry. And as Nathan turned to leave, he saw his eyes drawn to a black, velvet chocker that was nearly hidden behind a set of glassware.

Without thinking, he reached out and picked it up. It was essentially a thin strip of velvet cloth with a silver clasp. But Nathan had a weird feeling about the choker. And he wasn't sure he could leave the store without inquiring about it. Nathan brought it up to the counter, inquiring on the price.

The lady looked up from her magazine - tabloids, from the look of it - and eyed the choker, absentmindedly chewing her gum. "$20," she said, already dropping her gaze back to the colorful pages.

Nathan pulled out his wallet and paid. It wasn't until he was walking out the door that he realized there really wasn't a good reason for him going in there to buy anything. Shaking his head as he walked, he thought, "Well, at least it'll make a good present for Emily. Maybe I'll even get sex out of it tonight." He retraced his steps, finally arriving home just before 7 pm. As Nathan opened the door, he called out, "Hi honey! I'm back!" He heard Emily reply from the living area.



What took you so long! I almost had to cook for myself!" Nathan shook his head as he took his shoes off. "I'm not really in the mood to cook. Let's just get take out." He walked to the family room, sitting down on the couch.

Emily was sitting on the ground, propped up against a pillow playing Xbox. Nathan began to take his shoes off as Emily continued her game. He looked over his long time girlfriend, who was wearing sweatpants and a tank top. She still looked extremely attractive in her unflattering clothes. She was 5' 4", skinny, with b cup breasts. Her dark brown hair obscured her dark brown eyes as she focused completely on the TV. "So," Nathan said, putting his shoes beside the couch.

"How was your day?" "Eh," Emily replied. "Work is work. I did make it home at 5 today though so not too bad. You?" "Not bad at all! Walked the wrong way on my way home though." There was silence between them for a couple minutes, broken only by the intermittent sounds of medieval fighting from the TV.

"Oh," Nathan said, nearly forgetting the small bag he got from the pawn shop. "I got something for you today on the way home from work." Emily paused the game and sprang to her feet, walking over to take the small bag from Nathan's hands. She smiled as she opened up the velvet choker. "Oh, I love it!" she said, feeling the fabric. She turned, sitting down on Nathan's knees. "Can you clasp it for me?" As Nathan closed the choker on her neck, he felt her body go rigid for a second.

"Honey, are you okay?" he asked. Emily turned around and smiled at Nathan, her eyes somewhat glazed over. But she blinked and returned to normal. "Of course!" she said, leaning in and kissing him on the lips. "Thank you for the gift!" Without appearing to think about it, she got up and turned off the Xbox without saving.

She looked down at what she was wearing, and turned to Nathan, saying "Sorry you had to see me like this. I'm not sure what got into me! I'm going to go change quickly before dinner." Emily walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Nathan sighed, relaxing against the chair. "Well," he thought to himself. "That's…kind of weird. Usually she just wears that the entire evening." But, he didn't think much else of it, choosing instead to look up takeout menus online. Nathan grumbled to himself, noticing that his favorite pizza place had just gone out of business. "Honey," he called out into the bedroom. "Would you like Chinese or Mexican?" Not hearing a response, Nathan continued to lounge on the couch, looking instead at the sports schedule for the weekend.

There was a sound as the bedroom door opened, and Nathan turned his head to see Emily emerge. Before this night, Nathan would have honestly said that Emily did not own any slutty clothing. But seeing her now, he was stunned. She was dressed in a tight black velour crop top that matched the choker nearly perfectly.

She paired it with a tight, dark red skirt, pulled up high on her waist to show off her long legs. Although she did not have time to put on as much makeup as she would have liked, Emily managed to apply some ruby red lipstick and mascara. Nathan stood there, shocked, as she smiled at him, turning her head slightly to the side. "So," she said. "Do I look pretty?" "Um…yeah!" Nathan said, still confused.

"But why did you change? Not that I'm complaining!" he added, hastily. Emily continued smiling at him. "Because I thought you'd like it, silly! I don't need more reason than that!" She skipped as she walked over to Nathan, kissing him deeply. "So," she said, pulling away. "I heard you ask something when I was changing! What did you want to know?" Nathan felt his cock start to harden.


This was just like one of his bimbo fantasies, except of course Emily didn't have the fake tits and wasn't currently sucking his cock. But she was starting to look the part.

"I was wondering what you wanted to do for food? There are these two take out places we haven't tried. Do you want Chinese or Mexican?" Emily hugged Nathan close, whispering in his ear, "Whatever you want, honey." She pulled away from him and Nathan looked into the eyes of his girlfriend.

But, it's like it wasn't her. There was a blank look staring back at him. And something else…was it lust? Nathan could feel himself getting hard as Emily sat down next to him, snuggling in close.

Her hand rested on his thigh, but he could swear he felt it moving up toward his cock. Emily looked up at Nathan and smiled as she started rubbing his cock through his pants. She said whispered, "It feels like I've been waiting for this all day." Feeling his own lust take over, Nathan pushed her down on the couch and kissed her deeply.

His hand began to rub Emily's breasts, feeling that she was not wearing a bra under her shirt. She moaned out loudly as he touched her, saying "Oh, yeah I love it when you touch my breasts." Her hand continued to rub Nathan's cock through his pants. She looked into his eyes and said, "I have to see it. Now." Nathan stood up and quickly took his pants and his boxers off, leaving them in a pile on the ground.

Before he could return to the couch, Emily had gotten off and fallen to her knees. She placed on of her hands on his cock, slowly rubbing it as she looked up at Nathan's face.


Then, slowly, she moved her mouth forward and began to lightly lick and kiss the tip of his cock. Emily began bobbing her head up and down, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. Her hand drifted down to the end of his shaft and she began playing with his balls. She moaned out as she continued blowing him.

"Mmmmm. Do you like it when your horny slut of a girlfriend sucks your cock?" "Ohhhhhh, yeah!" Nathan sighed out, leaning his head back and closing his eyes in pleasure. He enjoyed the feeling of her lips on his hard cock. She looked so hot with her bright red lips and tight crop top, moaning as she sucked on his cock. Nathan ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing the back of her head and controlling her movements.

He pulled his cock out of Emily's mouth, and she groaned, looking up into Nathan's eyes with a lust that he had never seen before. She stood up, leading him by the hand do the bedroom. And, after having him lay down on his back, she climbed on top, kissing him deeply. Emily kissed down the side of his face, nibbling lightly on his ear and whispered, "Feel how wet sucking on your cock has made me." Nathan reached his hand under her tight skirt, noticing that she did not put on panties when she changed, and began to rub Emily's already wet pussy in small circles.

Emily moaned out again, burying her head against Nathan's neck and rubbing her clothed body against his. She whispered again, "Pull up my skirt." As Nathan did, she reached down and aligned his cock with her wet pussy. In one motion she took his entire length into her, moaning out loudly, "Oh, fuck yeah, Nathan. Fuck my tight little pussy." Emily closed her eyes and continued moaning as she rode Nathan's cock in short, grinding motions.

Nathan saw her breasts move with the gyrations of her body, and unable to resist, reached out one of his hands to play with her nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

She continued riding him, making her motions shorter and faster she felt her pleasure start to build. She braced herself against his chest with her hand. Nathan felt his own orgasm approach. Suddenly aware that they had neglected to use a condom, he said "Emily I'm going to cum." She leaned in, whispering in his ear.

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"Do it in me. I need to feel your warm cum inside of me." With that, Nathan grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock. He moaned in pleasure as he felt himself cum deep into her pussy. He lay there on the bed, panting, and saw Emily look down at his happy face with delight.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that so much!" Nathan kissed her. "I loved it. What came over you? You acted like such a slut!" Emily giggled and smiled. "I feel like such a bimbo. And you know what? I love it." *** Two weeks had gone by and Nathan was finally starting to get used to having a bimbo slut for a girlfriend. In the morning, she would wake up twenty minutes before him. She would start coffee and breakfast, then go put on some makeup, mascara, and lipstick.

She would climb back into bed with Nathan and wake him up with a blowjob. He would either cum in her mouth or pin her down and fuck her like a dirty slut. Then, she would eat breakfast with him and kiss him goodbye for work. Emily had quit her job the week before. She had cited an inability to focus and a desire to help more around the house.

"Besides," she smiled at him. "It'll give me time to make sure I'm everything you need me to be." It was the choker Nathan had gotten her. He was sure of it. But, the effect didn't seem to leave when she took it off for short periods of time.

Nathan spent time studying it one morning when she was in the shower. There was nothing out of the ordinary. And Emily, without being able to offer explanation herself, couldn't seem to go anywhere without it displayed proudly on her neck. But he wasn't complaining. At all. Nathan returned from work on Friday to a blonde greeting him at the door.

"How do you like it?" Emily asked, smiling at him.

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She turned around so he could see from all sides. "I got my hair dyed when you were at work today. I thought it'd help me look the part of your bimbo girlfriend a little more. From what I remember, you have a thing for blondes." She looked like a beautiful slut. She was dressed in a tight pink tank top - a new addition to her wardrobe - and yoga pants.

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Her nipples were visible through the fabric. "Oh hell," Nathan said, tossing his coat and shoes haphazardly on the ground. "I need you right now." Emily giggled as Nathan led her to the bathroom.

She practically skipped the whole way there. And, as Nathan tossed her onto the bed, she said, "I've been thinking about this all day. I just have this need for you to fuck me." Nathan kissed her pink lips. "I'm more than happy to oblige." He moved his hand up to her chest and began to slowly caress her breasts, paying special care to lightly pinch her nipples. Emily began to squirm in delight. Nathan could feel her hands fumbling with his belt, finally able to unzip his jeans and slide them off.

She began to stroke his cock through his boxers as Nathan kissed her. He grabbed the sides of her yoga pants, pulling them down her legs and off, into a small pile on the floor.

He smiled up at her. "No panties again, I see." Emily giggled. "I just didn't think I could wait that long to have you inside of me." Nathan climbed between her legs. He lined his cock up with her already wet pussy and slowly began to push it in. "Oh, fuck!" Emily cried out.

Nathan grabbed her hips as he began to thrust in to her. He glanced down at his girlfriend and saw her smiling face and her vacant expression, framed perfectly by her blonde hair. He began thrusting harder, and Emily grew louder. "Oh yeah. Fuck my pussy. Make me your dirty little slut." Nathan moved one of his hands to roughly fondle at her breasts as he continued to fuck her. He pinched her nipple slightly, then started running his fingers through her hair. She looked like the perfect little bimbo, lying there and smiling as she took his cock deep in her pussy.

Emily wrapped her legs around him, crying out, "Oh! Harder! I'm close!" With a few more thrusts, Nathan felt Emily's body tense, then she let out a gasp. Her legs squeezed him as she orgasmed, closing her eyes and moaning out in pleasure. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes, and smiled up at Nathan. "Now, how about you let me suck you off," she said, breathing heavily. Nathan got off the bed and she followed, quickly falling to her knees and taking his cock into her mouth.

Her blonde head bobbed up and down on his cock. Nathan ran his fingers through her hair, and she allowed herself to be guided by his strong hand. Her hand rubbed his shaft in long strokes as she took a break to look up at Nathan. "Honey, don't you think I would look sexier for you if I had bigger breasts?" Nathan almost blew his load there as Emily looked up at him expectantly from her knees.

"I mean, of course. Have you been thinking about this for a while?" She smiled up at him. "Yes I have.


I want to have huge tits and be a true bimbo slut for you." Nathan moaned out as she dipped her head and went back to sucking on his cock. "I'll make an appointment to meet with a doctor today after work," he groaned out, already feeling his orgasm approaching. Emily smiled again at him as he finished in her mouth. "Are you as excited as I am for my new breasts?" Nathan nodded and smiled back as he stared down at his blonde girlfriend, kneeling at his feet.

*** "Honey, are you almost ready? We're going to miss our dinner reservations!" Nathan called out, toward their shared bathroom. "Almost done!

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Just putting the finishing touches on my makeup!" Nathan turned and went to go sit down in the living room. He was dressed in dress pants, a white button down, and a blazer. This was the one downside - if it could be called a downside - to his girlfriend's bimbo transformation. It now took her nearly an hour to get 'street ready'.

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He pulled out his phone and started browsing sports articles. Nathan looked up as he heard Emily emerge from the bedroom.

She was dressed in a short black dress, a product of her wardrobe update. It had been two weeks since she had implants put in. She had to buy a large number of new outfits, as her breasts had gone from a small B to an F cup. Even though the dress was designed with this in mind, it looked almost as if her breasts were trying to escape from the neckline.

Her lips too had gotten injections. They looked fuller and much more kissable. Especially when coated with that bright pink lipstick that Emily had grown to love. The rest of her makeup was perfect too. The eyeliner and eye shadow drew attention to her beautiful but rather vacant brown eyes. She did a small twirl as she entered the room, her heels clicking on the floor. "How do I look honey?" Nathan walked up to her and gave her a deep kiss.

"Very fuckable." She laughed. "That's my favorite compliment, coming from you." Nathan pulled out his phone and called an uber for the both of them. When the driver arrived, she stared in awe and jealousy at Emily. He could barely keep his eyes off of her as he drove them to the restaurant, sneaking glances out of the rear view mirror.

The driver let them out right in front of the restaurant. He took one last glance at Emily's cleavage before driving off. Arm in arm, her and Nathan walked toward the fancy Italian restaurant. Even on their short trip across the sidewalk, men couldn't seem to keep their eyes off of Emily's body. Nathan smiled at her, saying, "Everyone wishes they could have you." She winked back at him. "But none of them can fuck me like you do." The lights were dim, setting a somewhat romantic atmosphere.

The restaurant was an amazing date location in the city, so it was filled with middle age couples enjoying their time together. Nathan's name was called, and they were seated in a table in the corner of the restaurant. It seated four, so Emily took the seat on Nathan's left. The waiter came, and both ordered glasses of red wine along with an appetizer.

As soon as the waiter turned to leave, Nathan felt Emily's hand slide up his leg. He looked over at her, and she just smiled as she lightly began to stroke his cock over his pants. This soon became a game between them, getting easier as they continued to drink more red wine.

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When the waiter would leave, Emily would begin stroking Nathan subtly under the table. When he returned, or if they started attracting attention, she would stop, feigning cleaning up a spill that got on his leg. The meal, or so it felt, was over in a blur.

Both Nathan and Emily were overcome with lust from their little game. And, as soon as Nathan signed the receipt, he and Emily got up to leave. However, instead of turning toward the door, she grabbed his hand and headed toward the back of the restaurant.

She reached the restroom, and flashing a devilish smile at him, opened the door to the men's room. There was a single middle-aged man there, also dressed in a sports coat. He did a double take as they entered, but Emily paid him little attention. She threw open the stall door, pulling Nathan inside with her, and locked it behind them.

She dropped to her knees, quickly undoing his belt and dropping his pants to the floor. In one motion, she took nearly his entire length into her mouth, overcome with lust. Nathan leaned back against the stall door, moaning out "Oh fuck" as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

He ran his fingers through her blonde hair. Emily continued stroking his cock as she took a break to say, "I just couldn't wait. I needed to have you. Now." "I'm fucking glad you didn't wait." Nathan pulled Emily to her feet, grabbing the bottom of her dress and lifting it over her hips. He slid her black lace panties down to her knees and slowly began rubbing her pussy in small circles.

She was already wet, practically dripping onto the floor. Nathan had Emily bend over, bracing herself against the opposite wall. He grabbed her hips with one hand and aligned his cock with the other. Then, in one motion, he thrust his cock into her pussy. Emily couldn't stop herself from crying out in pleasure, partially covering her mouth with one of her hands.

Nathan continued fucking her pussy, reaching one of his hands around to grope at her new F cup breasts. He began pulling at her hair, causing Emily's neck to bend back and allowing him to control the movement of her body.

He began pulling her in an even rhythm, causing her to move towards him with each thrust. Nathan let out a small moan as he felt his pleasure building. Emily let out a small cry as well, and Nathan felt her body tense up. She cried out softly in pleasure, closing her eyes as she orgasmed. Feeling Emily's pussy spasm and react pushed Nathan over the edge, and he came deep into her.

He sighed out in pleasure as they stood there, panting. Emily turned around, her face pure happiness. She kissed Nathan on the lips before pulling her panties up and her dress back down. Nathan pulled his own pants back up and adjusted his clothes for a semblance of decency.

Then, hand in hand, they left the restroom together. There were a couple stares as they crossed the crowded restaurant floor, but they made it back outside. Emily looked over at Nathan, and Nathan looked over at Emily, and they both agreed that was the best date night either of them had ever had. They began walking home - it was relatively short, just about ten minutes.

The streets weren't crowded, but there were quite a few couples out. One in particular caught Nathan's eye. It was a man with greying hair. He looked about fifty, dressed in a suit and tie, with a beautiful woman on his arm. She was wearing a form-fitting red gown that emphasized her large breasts and hourglass figure. But the object that drew his attention was the velvet black choker around her neck. The man caught Nathan's eye and nodded knowingly as they passed.