Unrasiert Betrug Frau saugen und ficken auf der Couch

Unrasiert Betrug Frau saugen und ficken auf der Couch
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Emma and Hanna By Gail Holmes Emma was a girl of twenty two, she was of Asian origins; well at least on her fathers side, a prettier girl you couldn't have a imagined, she'd attracted many a males eye. Her lush brown hair hung about her shoulders reaching to her bottom at her rear, but it was her figure that caught the eye, her breasts were quite perky around a 34a with a narrow waist of 24, with a lovely curved bottom.

She'd had her allocation of boyfriends; but David, not only was he strikingly hansom, he was very well endowed, she remembered her first encounter with his manhood, in fact she'd strung him along for the first three months.

She'd not realised as to the magnitude of his weaponry, which she now classed it, even then she'd trouble, well at least her pussy did, the shock nearly turned her off sex altogether, however, it wasn't until after his fifth attempt that she'd managed to cope with it; and now she'd not swap it for the world. As soon as he'd manage to get it in she'd start orgasmic orgasms. For her petite size, she could become very aggressive should she consider herself threatened with the advances of another woman to her man, even Dave knew that he couldn't glance at another female whilst in her company.

She knew that they were right for each other, and there was no way another woman was going to sample his manhood, from time to time she was ravenous for his cock; the trouble was she was so noisy during their lovemaking, she'd only had sex with him once at home; that was because her parent's and sister were out.

Emma considered her sister Hanna whom was some three years younger than her; as her kid sister, she was still a virgin and aimed to stay that way. Often she'd cross-examine Emma regarding sex and as to what it was like, wondering as to why she'd allowed herself to be deflowered at such a tender age of eighteen; they did have a lot in common; they liked the same clothes, the same music, even down to the books that they read.

Although Emma did envy her in some aspects, she did look so much younger than her age, although she was aware of her appeal to the opposite sex, she'd never really been out with a boy. David was due time off from his work and had decided to take a holiday, when he informed Emma of his intentions she was over the moon. "But where to?" Emma smiled, gripping his arm as they walked.

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"I thought somewhere nice and hot! I could do with some serious sunbathing" David replied. David's work paid him well; he was very affluent where money was concerned.

Trouble was his work took up too much of his time. "Sounds cool! I could get an even tan!" Emma chuckled, knowing as to how brown she'd get with her fathers colouring. "Not nude?" David mused. "Why not, if we go somewhere where the beach is sparse!" Emma implied. "We'll have see! I'm the only one to see your body" "Spoilsport!" Emma chuckled. When Emma got home she was full of her proposed holiday. Her father had a great admiration for David, thinking that his daughter had chosen well, the thought of her going on holiday with him didn't disturb him whatsoever.

Later Emma was in her bedroom, going through her wardrobe as to see what new clothes she should buy. It was then that Hanna knocked quietly on the door, this was an unusual thing for the household, normally anybody would call out and walk in, the whole family agreed that the body was to be respected, even the thought of strolling about the house nude didn't deter any of the family.

"Come in!" Emma called out without looking back toward the door. Hanna came into the bedroom plonking herself down on the bed, it was a couple of moments before Emma turned. "Why the knock, it's unusual for you; what do you think of this then?" Emma held a low-cut dress up to herself as she turned toward her sister. "Looks good, but knowing you you'll buy a complete new wardrobe for the holiday!" Hanna reflected.

"I don't know as yet as to where we are going, we'll be going down to see the travel agent on Saturday!" "I'd like to come with you if that's alright!" Hanna said with a pleading tone.

"I can see as to why not, you can help me when I go shopping, I have a high esteem to your taste! Yes, I think you're right something new would be much better. Saturday came; Hanna had never really known David that much but the day went down a treat, she was quite taken to him, Emma paid very little for her goods, most of the costs coming from David's thick wallet.

He took them both to a country hotel for lunch Hanna had never experienced such extravagance. David had got up to meet a colleague, he'd been gone but a couple of minutes before he rejoined the two sisters, finding them in total laughter.

"So what am I missing?" He smiled toward both as he sat. "It's Hanna, she saying she'd like to come with us!" Emma chuckled "Should you agree I have no problem with that?" David assured her This was the last thing that Emma had of expected him to agree to, she looked at her sister then back to David.

"D'you mean it?" "As I've said, it's entirely up to you both!" David replied, lifting his hand to wave as his colleague left the hotel. "I'm sure I don't mind, I hope you've got some money saved up?" Emma laughed to her sister.

"Don't you worry on that matter? I'll foot the bill, let her come and enjoy herself " David chuckled. "In that case she'll come won't you Hanna?" Emma smiled. Hanna couldn't believe as to what her ears we're telling her. "I'd love to!" She squealed out loud clutching her sister around the shoulders giving her a big hug. "In that case I think we'd better go and do some more shopping!" David suggested. "Well by the way she danced around you in the shops I'm sure she'd be wanting some new togs for herself!" "Wow, Really!" Hanna couldn't believe her own luck.

Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was taken up with more shopping, this time David left the girls to it, just sitting and watching as Hanna changed from outfit to outfit. He'd not realised as to how beautiful she really was; she was a right little stunner.

It was two weeks before they left, flying straight to Jamaica, neither Emma or Hanna had flown before it was a new experience for them both. So they could all be together Emma had suggested that they all shared an apartment to which they did, the last thing Emma wanted was for her sister to be on her own in a foreign country.

David had selected the apartment that overlooked the beach, with a large balcony. Once again David had come back to the table find the two laughing to themselves, it was on their first evening. "So what are you scheming now then?" He quizzed as he placed the drinks onto the table.

"We've just been working out as to how we can get an even tan, I suggested that you'd keep lookout for us both!" Emma recommended. "If that's what you want, sure I don't mind!" David smiled. He considered that there was very little that he couldn't see of Hanna as it was. "Then we'll all go nude then; watching out for each other?" The girls both agreed with his idea.

The apartment was wonderful, both considered that David must have shelled out a fortune; it had everything including air-conditioning. Needless to say Hanna had never heard her sister when David was making love to her, the squeals, moans and gasps were like something out of this world.

She did wonder if her sister was in some kind of pain. People walking under the balcony beneath the bedroom just smiled up and walked on. It seemed hours before Emma stopped, Hanna did wonder if she should go and see if she was all right.

The next day the group found a nice vacant place on the beach the sun was really hot, Emma was the first to shed her costume for her birthday suit, neither of the girls really worried too much about their nudity being as it was so common place at home.

Poor Hanna had only ever seen her fathers cock but never had she visualised that they could come as large as David's. Emma was a mite disgruntled by her attraction toward it, realising that her sister would never have seen the like. Neither said anything; but Emma noticed David's attraction to her sister's body, at one stage, his desire was beginning to show.

Although not as developed as her sister, Hanna had everything in proportion, it was that she was more petite, she even waxed her private parts that made her look even younger, her pussy never protruded in any way. Emma smiled to herself realising that her sister would in no way handle such a monster, so she'd no worries there, she considered working him up as to show her the real magnitude of his cock, only then reconsidering that it would be better should she let him get worked up over her.

David couldn't keep his eye off Hanna, little did he comprehend that Emma was showing a blind eye to his lust. As she suspected he soon stated to rise. Hanna stood with her hand over her mouth she was gob smacked, a little frightened as well should she like to admit it. David immediately ran into the sea cooling him and his private parts down.

"My God!" Hanna finally blurted out. Emma turned toward her with a smile on her face; "It's a beauty isn't it?" "Hell Emma; now I know now as to why you were making all those noises last night. I think I would being the same in your position!" "Ah, but it's not through pain, it's the pleasure that I get from it, it stirs every nerve in my body. Stay here I think my poor man wants relief, back in a few moments!" Emma stood and ran down the beach into the sea, when she was next to David she shouted back for her sister to join her.

She knew that David would not be dissuaded by her wishes, as she knew his lust for her sister, thinking that her sister had a part to play in his requirements.

Hanna walked down the beach to the sea's edge then stopped. "Come on in!" Emma shouted. The water was crystal clear; Hanna could still make out the large organ even though it was under water, in fact it enhanced its size.

Hanna slowly paddled out towards them. "I think we'd better see if we can reduce his tension!" Emma told her sister as they both looked down at the raging cock, its head straining to come out of the water. Hanna could only but watch as here sister dipped down into the water in front of David, clearly she could see her movement below the surface. Emma engulfed his cock into her mouth, sucking hard; small rivulets of bubbles worked their way to the surface.

She looked up at David he'd his hands on his hips and giving out low moans, within minutes Emma stood once more. "You're turn, do as I did!" Hanna wasn't to sure as to Emma's meaning. "I don't know!" "Hanna it's you who got him in this state, it's only fair that you help me relieve him of his tension, or I'll suffer tonight!" "Me?" Hanna replied in a non-guilty manner. "Of course you, He was lusting after your body; I saw him!" Emma said placing her hand onto her sister's shoulder willing her down.

Hanna looked up into David face; he's eyes had a pleading look about them. Little did either Hanna or her sister realised that he'd sooner fuck her than a blowjob. But he knew he'd have little else at this stage. "Please!" Emma appealed. With one more look into David's face she went down under the water.

Emma reached up placing her arms around his neck kissing him softly. "You want her don't you?" David didn't have time to answer before Hanna's head came back out of the water. "He considers that you're first rate considering he's your first!" Emma informed her sister with a grin. "Isn't that right David?" "Yes, I consider you both worthy" He replied not wanting to discredit Emma in any way. "Go on suck him dry!" Emma smiled to her sister. Hanna went down once more this time she stayed longer.


"Well, answer me then. You'd like to fuck her wouldn't you?" David could but catch his breath and Emma knew it. "I consider her a mite young!" David replied, he wasn't too sure of Emma, was she trying to make a row over her sister or was she genuine about his need. "Young, she just three years younger than me; she's no baby!" Emma questioned. Well?" "Only with your agreement, even then I don't think I should!" Again Hanna came back up.

"You'll have to have a go now Sis, it's breath taking under water. Emma looked up at David, mouthing a kiss to him then nodding toward Hanna. He understood her meaning, but would Hanna approve of his forwardness. Once Emma's head was below the water line he looked toward Hanna, "Tthat was wonderful you could become a real pro to it!" He reached out taking her shoulders easing her toward him then kissed her gently on the lips.

His kiss sent vibes never felt before throughout her whole body, he sensed Emma's hand clutching his balls, knowing he'd the time he gently pushed his tongue into Hanna's mouth tickling her own. Emma was a brilliant swimmer she could stay underwater for long periods, she sensed what was happening above the waterline, reaching out with her hand then pushing it up between her sisters legs, Hanna senses went wild, slowly she opened her legs, Emma turned moving toward her lifting both hands up to the uppermost part of her legs then spreading then; engulfing her sisters pussy into her mouth, stabbing at her clitoris with her tongue.

David did wonder as to what was happening, with his kiss and her sister's tongue she'd just had her first orgasm, placing her hands onto his shoulders she nearly collapsed. Emma's head was now set securely between her legs, never had she ever done this before, the taste of her sister's pussy she'd taken and instant liking to. Hanna gradually lifted her head then looked into David's eyes. "God!" She sighed then threw her arms around his neck, clinging on tightly to his neck kissing him once more; only this time it was her tongue doing the seeking.

Emma reached back taking David's cock into her hand rubbing it ferociously; his cock became solid. Emma knew that both were enjoying her mastery. Her head came up above the waterline for seconds then down again after filling her lungs, this time she went to David's cock surrounding it between her lips her finger gently slid up inside her sister's pussy. Once more Hanna had an almightily orgasm, Emma sensed her body evaluating down onto her finger, and sensed the tightness of her pussy, often she'd fingered herself, never was she as tight as this.

When Emma could last no longer, it was more for her energy than breath she had to resurface. Her sister was still clinging to David's neck. "Was that enjoyable or what?" Emma laughed.

"God' Emma never have I ever felt like that before!" Hanna smiled releasing her hold onto David. "Thought you might like this before we go back onto the beach!" Emma smiled pushing her finger up under David's nose; she could tell by the way he closed his eyes that he was enjoying the sweet aroma.

"Still think you're not up for sex?" Emma turned toward Hanna as she spoke. "Think about it; that wasn't the real thing, that's a lot better. Hanna could but smile at her sister's remark. "In that case I'll just have to try it for myself, as soon as I can!" Hanna remarked. "A little sooner than you'd have hoped; what do you say David?" Emma said with a stern glace toward David. He was still adjusting himself after the flourish of scent from Emma's finger.

"Of course whatever you say sweetness!" "Creep!" Emma replied with a grin on her face. "Sooner than I think?" Questioned Hanna.

"Yes sooner than you'd have thought, tonight you can share our bed, we're all going to enjoy this holiday to the limit. Isn't that right David?" David couldn't believe as to what she was asking of him, he look toward Hanna then back to her. "As I said I'm completely in your hands!" Lets go back onto the beach; I'd just like to give our David a little sweetener!" Emma replied grabbing her sister's hand, they ran out of the water then up the beach followed by the astonished David.

Both girls picked up their towels and dabbed their bodies. "What's the sweetener?" Hanna smiled. "Sit you down; I'll show you the sweetener then you watch his face!" Grinned Emma. Both girls laid out their towels and sat down onto them.

"Come on David, you to!" Emma stated looking up to him. David sat down onto the edge of her towel, not to sure of her meaning sweetener. Emma turned toward her sister with a grin.

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"Open your legs Sis!" Hanna wasn't to sure of what Emma's action was to be; but soon to her pleasure she found out. As soon as her legs were open Emma thrust her hand forward inserting her finger straight into Hanna's pussy. David could but watch; he could tell by Hanna's expression that she enjoyed the feeling. He was hoping for the offer to do it for himself.

Hanna placed her hand down as to hold her sister's the roughness was overpowering. Moments later she withdrew her finger, once again placing it under David's nose. "Well, what do you think now then?" Emma smiled then looked back toward her sister. The fragrance was so sweet David's cock came back to life immediately.

Emma reached down taking his cock into her hand "Emma!" Hanna exclaimed, reaching out for her hand, to pull it away, looking around as she did so, as to make sure there was nobody in the vicinity "It's all right; men love the nectar of pussy, before when I did it the sea had taken away some of its fragrance. There you go look what it's done, even the smell of it gets his old man up!" Emma laughed.

"You're wicked Emma!" Hanna stated, feeling somewhat embarrassed by her sisters action. "You wont be saying that tonight!" Emma chuckled. "Here feel it!" Emma took hold of his cock giving it a squeeze, and then taking Hanna's hand placing her fingers around David rampant cock. "It feels big!" Hanna stated but not taking her hand away. "Believe me it is big! But hell, the feeling you get when it's deep inside you.

That's when you know you have a man!" Emma said squealing with laughter. "And when he blows that's an added bonus!" David reach down taking Hanna's hand with his own and squeezing it gently, increasing the pressure on his cock. "You sure you'll alright with this?" He asked, only hoping that her answer would be yes. Hanna knew only to well that it was David wish; he was just covering himself with Emma.

Her own feeling were for now but she knew that not possible, her sister had made her wet, but she wouldn't clarify her needs. "David, believe me, she's had the taste, and if she say's no I'll slap her!" Hanna chuckled under her breath at her sister's remark, knowing she wanted to have David fuck her like there was no tomorrow, leaving him to take her virginity.

"Well only if you're both sure!" Hanna managed to blurt out. She could only imagine that all men of David's age that their cocks were of this size, it's just that they got smaller with age; like her fathers. "Good on ya!" Emma laughed. David could really do with fingering her at this stage, Emma had wiped her finger under his nose once more, he'd the constant aroma now, it was humiliating he could smell it, he could see it.

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He just wanted to fuck it! Emma kept them both on the edge for the rest of the day. In one way her pressure on them both disturbed her. Even to the fact that she was going to be there when he fucked her. However, in her mind she knew of the difficulty her sister was going to have, she'd never have been able to take such weaponry at her deflowering, at least she be there, not only would Hanna feel the pressure but so would he, he dare not hurt her whilst she was there, it could take forever.

She wanted her sister to have the same need as herself, and with a cock like David's she'd be hard to please afterwards When they went back to change for dinner neither of the girls wore panties and David knew of this, it only heightened his desire for them both, yes he'd had two girls before but two sister's no, both were drop dead gorgeous.

They'd each caused quite a stir in the restaurant of the hotel. His only thought was that he might blow his load before getting into one or the other of them, and at this stage he didn't realise that Hanna was still a virgin. It was nearly 10.30 by the time they'd returned to the apartment, the French windows were open, and there was a nice cool breeze coming into the main bedroom, with the sound of the sea rolling up the beach it was sheer amorous.

David lie both girls out onto the bed leaving room for him between; then, and only then did he start slowly removing his clothing, both girls lay back and scrutinizing his manly body, his cock sprang wildly over his shorts as he eased them down. Emma sat up, leaning forward as to take his cock into her hand.

David didn't want this, he was more than gear up for the evening, and a blowjob was the last thing he wanted at this stage, later maybe as he'd to fuck them both. The girls began to remove their halter-tops, and micro skirts, neither had decided to wear anything else on such a warm evening. David stood at the bottom of the bed watching, the girls each of them looking ravishing, both lie with their legs not wide but spaciously apart, he remained in his position viewing their pussy's. Emma's was slightly puffy, he knew of this; however, when he'd first met her, her pussy was not unlike that of Hanna's; hers was as if brand new, just a slight fissure, with no protruding lips.

He did understand that with a cock like his own Emma's was stretched, but now he'd the chance to go down on both. Needless to say Emma had to be first. Emma spread her legs then lifting them up toward her breasts. Once David was in position she lowered her hands clasping his head between them.

Hanna sat up onto one elbow as to watch; Emma took in a deep breath as soon as his tongue start to perform, immediately throwing her arms and hands behind her onto the bed for support, knowing only of the sensations that were about to become. The noises were not unlike as to what Hanna had heard the night before. She looked down between her sister's spread legs; David was drawing his tongue deeply into the clefts of her pussy lips, paying special attention to her pouting clitoris.

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Emma was away into her first of many orgasms for that night, when she came to, she stained to look around at her sister, not wanting to miss the slightest of vibrations from his outstretched tongue. "Dip your finger into you're pussy!" she whispered to Hanna. "Why!" Hanna asked. "Do it do as I say!!" Hanna dipped a finger up inside herself then pulled it clear. "Smell it!" Emma demanded. Hanna did as she requested, pulling her nose up slightly then looked back to Emma.

"What do you think?" "Awful!" Hanna laughed. "Now place it under his nose!" She requested. Hanna moved her hand in between them, and then pushed her finger under David's nostrils.

She was amazed by his abrupt ease of movement with her sister; he sat up taking her hand, lifting it back up to his nose, inhaling deeply. He then looked to Emma. "Go on then, it's what you've been lusting over all night!" She implied with a grin. Hanna moved into a more comfortable position as he moved across between her legs, to start with he'd problems finding her minute clitoris, although small, it was standing firmly once he'd made contact. He enveloped it between his lips, sucking ferociously then toying his tongue over and around it.

Hanna was so taken a back by the extraordinary sensation she pushed herself back into the pillows; Emma realised that she was about to cry out, placing her hand gently over her mouth, then kissed her on the cheek. "He's the best!" She smiled. Suddenly she sensed his finger moving up between her pussy lips; his finger was much thicker than her own and Emma's come to that. Even David felt the restriction just inside, it was then that it came to him.

She was a virgin! Her hymen gripped his finger as he tried to force it through; Hanna immediately gripped the bedding around her, she'd felt fine with his lips and tongue but this was another matter. "Emma, it's hurting!" She whispered across to her sister. Emma could understand fully as to her anxiety, but this was just a finger, his cock was just over three and a half inches in girth.

She knew a pussy could open up drastically when needed, but she'd to lose her virginity, well before that could happen. David's cock was harder than it had ever been, at the moment he was rubbing it against the bedding; however, he was a mite worried not being able to get his finger fully into her, it appeared that she was climbing up the bed each time he tried moving away from it. Hanna placed her hand down between her legs gripping his wrist, this was something she couldn't understand, she knew she'd poked things up herself from time to time, but it never felt such as this, his fingers didn't seem that fat to her when she'd seen them.

David decided to get back to Emma, he'd have to dip his cock before very much longer or he'd blow his load over the bedding. He lifted his body across the bed taking his cock into his hand, Emma was more than ready legs spread widely, and he went in with no difficulty, she reached up cupping his face into her hands as pushed himself up her. Hanna sat then moved to the bottom of the bed for a better view; she couldn't believe the size of his cock, it was much bigger that it had been that morning; Emma was panting loudly now as he gathered momentum.

To Hanna it was a magical sight; each time he withdrew Emma's pussy lips would gling hold of the enormous organ, it appeared that it was nearly pulling her pussy inside out. She put her hand down between her legs inserting a finger into her own pussy, the sight before her was orgasmic; her finger went in fine the sensation was excellent, she tried for a second, it was then that she sensed the obstruction, even she couldn't get her fingers through it.

It was only then that she realised as to its meaning. She wanted cock so badly; it had to be possible. The noises that Emma was now making were not making her feel any better, she knew her sister was enjoying herself immeasurably and she wanted some of the action. Hanna knew she'd some Baby Oil in the bathroom perhaps that might help, she moved to get off the bed.

"Where are you going, It'll be your turn soon!" Emma stammered only just able to catch her breath. "To the bathroom, I'll be back in a couple of seconds" Hanna replied. Emma couldn't answer, her mind was elsewhere, David was ploughing into her now; and abruptly he stopped and looked over his shoulder then back down to Emma.

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"I can't even get my bloody finger up her she's so tight!" He exclaimed. "She's a virgin; or hadn't you realised that?" "Ye God's! Really, I've never had a virgin!" David smiled down to her. "You take care with that rod of yours, I might be able to take it but Hanna will have some difficulty I can assure you. You hurt her and I'll never forgive you!" Hanna was sitting on the toilet; she pored an amount of the oil onto her fingers then tried to introduce them back into her pussy, it did make it easier, but it was a mite painful, more oil she thought, then decided to put the open end of the bottle into her pussy, it was cold but refreshing, immediately she pushed her fingers back up, they went through, she was amazed by her efforts.

Dabbing the surplus oils from her pussy she upped and left the bathroom. David was now fucking Emma at a powerful rate the sight intrigue Hanna. She sat at the bottom of the bed fingering herself as she scrutinized the magical sight, his cock seemed to have an added effect on her, and she wanted it even more.

Her fingers had worked through her hymen now with ease. "My turn?" Hanna said holding onto Emma's leg. David stopped and turned back to look at her, the first thing noticeable was that she'd not one; but two fingers in herself, immediately his cock pulsed.

Even Emma felt the throb. "Go on David take her?" She insisted. Hanna quickly took her place beside her sister, legs spread extensively, David went to push his finger up her. "No! I want the real thing!" Hanna smiled. "Remember as to what I said David! You hurt her and I'll never forgive you!" Emma stated.

David hovered above her with cock in hand, slowly he lowered, and their eyes were fixed. Hanna sensed to huge organ at the entrance to her pussy, she jiggered her body aiding a more comfortable position.

David could sense the tautness; he wanted her real bad. He knew one way or another he couldn't help but hurt her, if only he was normal he pleaded to himself. His cock moved unhurriedly up her; it was then that he felt the hymen, the wall. Hanna put her hands around his neck, as he hovered above her. "Please! Please do it; do it now!" "It's going to hurt Hanna!" Emma implied sitting up on one elbow watching the discomfort on her sister's small face.

David started to move in and out of her gradually; the oil was adhering to the edges of his gigantic organ easing his efforts. "I know it will hurt; David please do it now!" Hanna pleaded.

David looked across to Emma; she nodded "Go for it!" she smiled. David waited until Hanna was used to his rhythm then gave a quick jab. Hanna squealed out loudly; he wasn't through, her eyes had welled with tears, he knew he'd to use a more dominant thrust. Hanna was now gripping the bedding; there were beads of sweat on her forehead.

David looked toward Emma once more, she reached across with her hand placing it over Hanna's mouth the nodded once more. David gave a mighty thrust, this time he was through; Hanna immediately passed out lying limp beneath him. He started to fuck her at a gentle pace; her pussy clung to his cock like a leach. Emma looked down between them, blood was feeding its way along his cock, and reaching over to the cabinet beside the bed she collected a handful of tissues.

David stopped his momentum knowing her intention, Emma dabbed not only his cock but also Hanna's pussy removing any traces of the blood, thinking her sister might well be traumatized by the amount that had come from her. Hanna's eye's flicked open, her hands clutched at David's wrists. "You did it! God, that feels so good!" Emma leaned across kissing her on the cheek. "Enjoy!" She smiled. Hanna was to absorbed with David lovemaking to notice her sister get up and head for the bathroom.

She didn't want her sister to see the blood sodden tissues. Emma had to smile as she flushed the tissues away, the noise her sister was making she could have waken the dead.

When she returned to the bedroom, it was virtually Hanna that was doing all the fucking, David was above her with sweat was dripping off his shoulders, he turned to Emma once more.

"Fill her up David, don't deprive her of her rights" Emma smiled down at her sister wiping loose hair from her brow, as she sat beside them both.

Hanna never heard a word; she was on Cloud Nine, she sensed every muscle in her body, every single one was either around her pussy or stemming from it, she'd never experienced such vibrations within her body, still she clutched at the bedding, but now it was through sheer enjoyment, she couldn't apprehend that her pussy had finally excepted the huge organ, she was riding it for all she was worth.

Her tightness would soon bring David off and he knew it; he had to slow her down, he wanted to make it last, the enjoyment that he was getting could be short lived, never had any woman been this tight, at the time he had the notion that she'd strip the skin from him.

He turned to Emma, thinking that she might want him to change over. She sensed his anxiety, knowing only to well he was enjoying himself, but didn't want to show it too much in front of her. "Carry on; we've the whole night in front of us!" She implied, her eyes down toward her sister's, feeling her senses, her face showed all, this wouldn't be her last fuck by a long straw.

Trouble was, where would she find a cock of this vibrant dimension, such thickness was enough to send any woman wild. Emma placed herself in a kneeling position leaning forward taking Hanna's hand into her own. Hanna gripped her fingers, Emma could sense every sensation that her sister experienced though the connection between their hands, Hanna's grip told her that orgasm was prominent, gripping Emma's fingers as a form of expression, not unlike that of a prisoner experiencing pain Emma sensed her sister's heightened sensitivity to the thrust of the large organ, knowing from her own experiences as to how her body had responded.

Emma was pleased, this wasn't just any man, this was her David, David with the magnitude of cock that every woman thought of, but never always experienced.

Hanna senses travelled throughout her body. Emma not only knew of her sister's quandary, as she herself had experience the same. Hanna looked across at her sister with a beaming smile. "The best is yet to come!" Emma informed her. To Hanna, this was sheer bliss, she'd hairbrushes, she had toothbrushes up her pussy but this, this was the enormity of man, man at his most fully. The helmet reamed her pussy walls, nothing that a hairbrush or toothbrush for that matter could achieve.

The sensations could never be faltered. The trouble was her sister's reaction knowing that David was her man; was frustrating Emma. She told him to take her through to the end. Giving her that crescendo, the perfect filling, which with David being as his cock was so bulky in everyway, there would be no escape for his seed. She would feel every last drop. Hanna was bucking to his thrusts, her mind not considering the consequences, as she was not protected in any way against pregnancy; being virgin she wouldn't altogether understand the implications of full sex, and it's downfalls.

However, her mind was miles from any complications, at this moment she was in another world, the world of the sex God. David could hold out no more, the tightness of her pussy was just too much, he'd had a good innings and his body had tired. He looked down at Hanna once more; her features were so angelic, her hands clutched his wrists, he knew she have wanted him to go on until eternity. His seed had started to move, his balls ached for the want of release gradually he slowed his pace, Hanna knew that something was amiss, but knew not of what, David lifted onto his toes, leaning his body forwards until his cock had procured complete access.

The feeling was good, and Hanna smiled considering herself a fully pledged woman, suddenly her eyes widened, her hands gripped him tighter, his cock had not only come to a stand still it had coagulated, it's size now could be more than felt within the higher reaches of her inner pussy. Hanna removed one hand from his wrist with her eyes still glued to his as she pushed her hand down to her Mound of Venus thinking she'd feel the extra expansion, the feeling was so strong Emma knew only to well as to what was happening, it was but moments before Hanna snatched her hand back up between them clasping his wrist once more.

David let out a low moan arching his back, because of the firmness of her tight pussy, his cock was compressed allowing his seed out in violent spurts, hitting the upper most reaches of her inner pussy, even Emma had not been lucky enough to sense this experience.

To Hanna this was the height of her enjoyment, but little did she appreciate that his hot seed was being directed straight to the base of her womb, under immense pressure. Should Mother Nature follow her course this could save hours or even days.

David managed to roll onto his back between the two girls, even then his cock still stood proudly. Emma sat up looking at the blooded organ.


"I suppose we'll have to share this one?" She implied looking across to her sister. Hanna managed to sit up on one elbow; the first thing she noticed was the blood trace along his shaft.

"God, I've hurt you!" She said it an apologetic voice, not realising that the blood was from her. "You've far from hurt me, you're my first virgin!" David grinned looking down at his cock. "How do you feel?" Emma asked looking toward Hanna. "I'm fine, never did I consider it would feel like that, it was wonderful!" I'll leave you two to chew over the stakes. I have to have a shower" With this David eased himself to the bottom of the bed, then headed for the bathroom. "Did I hurt him?" Hanna quizzed her eyes following David as he moved across the room.

"No, not at all, the blood was from your hymen, you're the one that bled, he's fine. So have you got rid of your drawbacks toward sex then?" "I'd never have considered it felt like that, I'm looking forward to my next time!" "So you'd like my David again!" Emma smiled.

"No, I think I can wait, I'm sure I can find a man" Hanna grinned. "Not built like David, I think we'll have to share him until the holiday ends, trouble is you'll have to search far and wide to match his cock size.

I was surprised that you could even take it; it took me about three or four attempts!" Emma lied. "Would you mind that; I mean sharing him?" Emma looked toward the bathroom; David could be heard singing. She smiled to herself before answering her sister. "I don't mind providing you ask me first!" "That suits me fine.

What do you mean I'd have to search far and wide, aren't all men built like that, I assumed that Dad's was small because of his age!" "I don't know about Dad, but I can assure you David is one in a million, I've had a few but nothing to match his, it sends me into orgasm as soon as his in! But you'll have to get yourself onto the pill. I can't make out why you're not messed up, he usually floods my pussy when he cum's?" Emma remarked looking down at Hanna's pussy, it was a bit inflamed, however, there wasn't any trace of his cum.

"I think the best thing to do is to let him finish in you!" Hanna suggested. "It would rob you of the climax, that's the time when he takes my breath away. But from your point of view I think it would be the safest bet; I'll talk to him!" David came out of the bathroom rubbing his hair with a towel.

"God, that feels better!" He exclaimed. Sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Hanna and I have been having a girl-to-girl chat!" Emma implied. "Nothing wrong I hope?" "Nope! It's just that she enjoyed you, she'll be looking for more, so we considered sharing you, that's over the holiday period. That's of course if it's alright with you?" David dropped the towel into his lap then looked at the pair of them. "Are you serious; I mean what man would turn an offer like that down with two beauties such as yourselves?" "There is one snag thought!" Emma implied.

"Snag?" David smiled. "Yes, you can have us both, but the snag is that you always cum up me at the finish! Hanna is not on the pill at present!" "Should have told me that, you said go all the way with her?" David replied, looking toward Hanna. "Well thankfully you didn't this time!" Emma stated. "I didn't, why say you that?" David asked "Well there's no trace of cum!" Emma pointed down toward Hanna's pussy. David looked down following her pointing finger, Hanna's pussy still looked good enough to eat, it was a little red but that was to be expected after the fucking he'd just given her.

He knew he'd to take the chance that he'd not impregnated her. "Well I wasn't to sure, so I held back!" He lied. "In that case why didn't you come to me; you could have cum in me?" Emma was a little upset by his action.

"Still, I should be okay now for the load that Hanna should have had!" With that she reached down taking his cock into her hand, then leaned over him taking it into her mouth. David looked toward Hanna, she just shrugged her shoulders, she knew by her biology lessons that he must have cum up her, and nevertheless, he should know.

Soon, very soon David's cock started to grow once more; he was more inspired by the sight of Hanna's pussy than the sucking that Emma was doing, however, it did help. The thought of fucking the pair of them for the rest of the holiday more than appealed to him. "There you go!" Emma stated as she sat back up, looking at her achievement. "You can start with me then swap over to Hanna, but remember I have the last push!" Hanna's eyes lit up. "I can have more!" she squealed with the excitement of the thought.

David looked at her pussy as she lie back spread legged on the bed, he knew he'd have to show willing, and do his best to prove she was the one he'd wanted to fuck if only for her sake. He went down on her, his tongue toying with her clitoris. Emma moved her hand across toward Hanna's, taking her hand into hers squeezing it gently.

Hanna could but watch, the thought that she was to get more really appealed to her, what she couldn't understand was as to why David had lied to Emma about cumming up her, she knew he had she'd felt it, it had to have been that which she sensed.

David climbed back up Emma's body kissing her gently on the lips. From Hanna's position she could see the huge organ swaying to and fro between them. Emma took David face into her cupped hands and looked up to him. "Fuck me Hunky!" David went to reach down but Emma stopped him, she turned to her sister.

"Hanna, guide him into me there's a sport!" Hanna lowered herself taking the giant cock into her hand, her fingers could barely reach around it, and unhurriedly she offered it up toward Emma's pussy. Emma had all ready pushed her hands down opening her pussy ready to except his cock. Hanna could only watch as the huge cock slid into her sister, her own pussy aching with the yearning for her own turn.

Hanna got off the bed and headed for the bathroom, she herself was beginning to become very sticky, little did she realise that it was the remnants of David's seed seeping down to her pussy lips. Once in the bathroom she could see for herself that it was cum, after taking a length of the toilet roll she wiped herself, the goo was quite thick, she was quite concerned as to the puffiness of her pussy, it appeared quite swollen. Emma's moans could be heard along the corridors of the hotel, the sound only spurred Hanna's passion to be fucked again.

When she returned to the bedroom Emma was squealing, she'd pulled her knees up toward her chest and David was ploughing into at an alarming tempo. As soon as David sensed Hanna on the bed, he slowed his pace, hoping that Emma would ask him to swap over.

Hanna took her sisters hand squeezing it gently, Emma turned toward her. "You're turn!" She smiled. David drew his cock out gradually, and then moved across the bed between Hanna's legs, he just hoped she not have closed up to much, Hanna reached between them taking his cock with both hands, she sensed the gluey substance of her sisters juices along his thick shaft, knowing that this would aid it's entrance back inside her.

However, once again his size troubled her; even with her sisters thick coating of juice didn't aid it that much. David reached between them taking his cock from her; he then encircled it within her moistened pussy lips before leaning heavily onto it. To Hanna's surprise it popped in gracefully, it just needed a little pressure to over come the inner pussy muscles, with her own juices and the remnants of his own seed it slid straight up her with no effort on David's part.

It was now Emma's turn to freshen up. "Shout if you come close!" She mused as she left the bed, ambling toward the open bathroom door. David knew he'd Hanna to himself now, he lowered kissing her passionately on the lips, and Hanna reached up taking his head into her cupped hands kissing him back in a tender fashion. "God David that feels good! I really am looking forward to more of this!" Her pussy felt like a moistened purse from heaven, it's tautness sending unlimited sensations throughout his muscular body, he fucked many a woman, but this was sheer orgasmic; whether or not it was because it was so close to her losing her virginity he couldn't tell.

He had to get her on her own, he sort after fucking her in his own time, not being told he could by Emma, she watched his every move when she was there.

He wanted to enjoy her more and she him. Hanna was on seventh heaven, never had she realised that sex could be so gratifying, his cock felt not unlike a magic wand, sending pulsations all through her body, her legs felt numb, her heart was pounding, she was having orgasm after orgasm, her cries could be heard in the bathroom.

Emma felt somewhat envious of her sister, perceptive of the gratification that David was getting from her and her virgin pussy. She did wonder if she'd done the right thing when she perceived the pleasure that David got after seeing Hanna's pussy on the beach, She was shocked that her sister managed to take such manhood being a virgin, feeling that she wanted her sister to suffer, by not telling David she was a virgin.

Hanna's hands were gripped around David's neck kissing him passionately when Emma returned to the bedroom. The scene trouble her, she could see David's cock pounding into her sisters pussy; it was obvious that both were enjoying each other.

"My turn!" Emma stammered as she laid herself out fully on the bed beside the pair of them. David was somewhat shocked to hear her voice he'd not sensed her return. "Ah, my little angel is back then!" He smiled towards her as he moved across the bed. As soon as Emma sensed his cock inside her she gripped his cock hard with her pussy muscles. David knew as to her meaning, a sense of jealousy he distinguished the need to please her. He had to make sure that Emma got a good innings.

"God, now that's what you call tight!" He expressed, knowing the words would please her; the sensation delighted him. Emma couldn't believe his response to her action, he started fucking her at an enormous rate; she loved being fucked hard, at least her sister had taught her something by realising as to how tight she must have been to him. It wasn't to long before she sensed that he was about to cum. Emma turned to Hanna then back to David.

"Let her have it in her mouth David!" Emma gripped his arms as she spoke. Hanna could not quite understand her sister's plea. "Move in closer!" Emma struggled to say. Hanna moved in close to them both, not to sure of what was about to happen. "As soon as he pulls out take it into you mouth!" Emma was struggling with her words now, trying to catch her breath.

Hanna moved in as close as she could without restricting David's momentum. Swiftly he withdrew his cock, moaning loudly, Hanna took it into her hand lifting it up to her mouth; the shock of his seed nearly chocked her. "Swallow it!" Emma demanded. David took his cock into his hand rubbing it aggressively assuring Hanna received the every last drop. The volume was constant, spurting forcefully to the back of her throat, she didn't get that much of a chance to taste it, gulping as quickly as she could, swallowing it without chocking to much.

Should Emma have known that Hanna had already have taken such an excessive load up her pussy earlier, she never have let her have he's last volley. David knew now that he was going to take Hanna in whatever way he could, she'd taken his load up her pussy, the second in her mouth, now he was after her arse, that would be bloody tight he told himself. Emma laughed at Hanna, she'd tried to take too much, thick spunk was running down her face. "God, I thought I would choke!" Hanna laughed, putting her fingers up to her mouth.

"You wait till you get a good filling up your pussy, it's never ending when he doe's it to me. When you get home you'll have to go on the pill, and then feel him for his worth!" Emma chuckled.

Well if you two girls have finished with me I'd like to go to sleep, maybe more in the morning!" David said with a sparkle in his voice. "We can all sleep in this bed it's king-size, we should have plenty of room. It's to hot for the covers we'll sleep on top!" Emma suggested. The group laid out soon both girls we're sleep, David got up from the bed without waking either; he looked back as they lie before him. God, he so wanted to get Hanna on her own, she was lying with her legs just slightly apart.

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David couldn't help himself he just had to finger her. Easing her legs just that much wider he managed to insert his finger, the warmth inside started to send poundings to his cock.

Hanna gave a low near silent moan. He knew Emma was a heavy sleeper and just wondered if he could lift Hanna from the bed and take her to the other bedroom.

It was then that Emma stirred; quickly he removed his finger and stood beside the bed as Emma opened her eyes. "What are you doing?" She asked seeing him stand beside Hanna.

"It seemed to be getting cold; Hanna was shivering, I thought I'd get a blanket to throw over us!" David replied picking up the blanket that was folded on the chair beside the bed. "Come on and get into bed, it'll be morning soon!" Emma stated looking at her wristwatch. Once David had thrown the blanket over the bed and climbed back in he couldn't help himself but raise the finger that he'd had in Hanna under his nose the fragrance took his breath away.

Almost immediately his cock started to rise once more, he turned toward Emma throwing his arm over her body; she stirred once more but the sense of his cock being hard again, and the thought that he was facing her, she'd knew he wanted sex again and it was her that had aroused him. She turned over and went down under the blanket; his cock stood proudly, she went straight down on him. This was just what David had wanted, once more he raise the finger this time he could sniff to his hearts content; he knew Emma wouldn't come back up until he'd blown his load, she loved the taste of cum, and all his thoughts were stemmed toward her sister.

He moved his free hand down running his fingers through her hair; Hanna stirred and turned to face him, he couldn't have asked for better, admiring her angelic face whist her sister sucked him, and the aroma of her pussy beneath his nostrils.

His cock was as stiff as a poker; needless to say Emma considered it of her own doing, David started bucking now the sensations were over coming him, the more he bucked the harder she sucked, this would be his third load of that night and each stemmed toward Hanna.

He had to get her on her own if it was the last thing he did, his load was rising once more, Emma also sensed it, sucking even harder, David was sure his balls would explode with the amount of surge from them, putting his pussy drenched hand down he held Emma's head assuring she'd his full load. As Emma popped her head back above the blanket she was starved for breath. "That has to be the best so far babe! I thought I'd never finish" David implied turning to face her in case she saw that Hanna was facing him.

"I've never known any man to blow that much, anyone would think you'd not had sex for a week!" "Is it okay to go to sleep now?" Emma pleaded. David helped her turn then snuggled up behind her, thankful that his free hand was the one with the aroma of Hanna on its finger. "I'll wake you up to a nice big one in the morning!" He chuckled, but she already dropped off. The week went well, David never got to have Hanna on her own, Emma watch them both like a hawk, never letting them both out of her sight, little did she realised that she was being fucked more with her sister in his mind then of herself.

Mind you she was shattered toward the end of the holiday. She did speak of another holiday but on their own next time.

What do you think her are chances of getting as much genuine cock on a second holiday without Hanna? There is one thing that Emma was right about though! Hanna never could get a cock to satisfy her.

Her only chance was to meet up with David now and again; and that she did, and just in case you're wondering; no she didn't end up pregnant. But on the other hand Emma did?