Masturbo mi rica vergota y sale mucha leche

Masturbo mi rica vergota y sale mucha leche
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My sister Lauren in the bathroom I love the internet. As a 15 year old boy I have had all the talks with my Dad about sex education and the facts of the birds and the bees.

He's a pretty cool guy and easy to talk to so it was quite painless when we had 'the chat'! Saying that, my Mum is cool too and as sex has never really been a subject that they have been shy talking about it is something that we have grown up understanding more than some of my friends. But the internet has allowed us to have easier access to sex in every form and made it easier to check out porn than when my Dad was younger having to rely on sneaking porno mags into his room or watching old video tapes he managed to get hold of.

Since I can remember, my sister and me have been comfortable seeing each other and our parents in various states of undress and up to the ages of around 11 we thought nothing of walking round the house nude. But puberty started to take its course and we somehow just began to cover up a little and close the bathroom door more often to have our privacy. With my sister being a couple of years older than me I always wondered why my mates would come round to play when she was about, but as I grew and started to notice girls more it finally dawned on me that she was actually pretty fit.

Gorgeous in fact with a killer body and one of the nicest asses I had ever seen. No surprise really as my Mum was a gorgeous woman with my mates calling her a MILF! We seemed to be an odd family though as the four of us still lived together and my parents still seemed to love each other as I had never got any indication that they were unhappy. I even got on with my sister!

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We had the usual arguments over who should have control of the TV or one taking too long in the bathroom but other than that we got on well. So many of my friends had issues with parents who were either split up or brothers and sisters they seemed to fight with all the time. I wouldn't say we were the perfect family, but we must have seemed like that from the outside.

But I didn't feel too perfect when all of a sudden I started fancying my sister. I knew my mates would joke around and share amongst themselves what they would like to do to her, or what they would like her to do to them but I had always deflected those thoughts as she was 'my sister'!

But as a growing lad my hormones were racing and I started to notice her a little more and more as she continued to parade around the house in skimpy clothes. She would think nothing of coming down after her evening shower in her nightshirt and a pair of girlie boxers and wander around the house with her bum cheeks just visible below the material and I would find myself watching her more.

The unfortunate thing was that my body also started to respond and so I would have to be very careful where I sat to make sure that my raging hard on wasn't obvious to everyone!

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I think my Mum started to notice though as she would occasionally question Lauren about her lack of clothes and suggest she perhaps cover up a little more. Lauren would just laugh it off asking me or my Dad if we minded when we were about, obviously getting a 'no' in reply.

But I even noticed my Dad on more than one occasion checking her out so I knew it was becoming an issue, although he had the adult version to sleep with at the end of the day. I was even sure that once it had been brought to her attention Lauren would then do it more on purpose by wandering around in next to nothing just to tease me.

She wasn't blind and could easily see that I had matured myself over the last few months and seemed to enjoy the reaction she got from me when she walked around near naked. It was a Friday night when it got serious. I had spent the night on my Playstation having finished a school project first that I needed to before then surfing a bit of porn to have a wank over. I was feeling pretty horny at the moment and every little thing seemed to give me a boner so I made the most of it with a bit of a session with me, my laptop and a box of tissues.

My sister was out with her friends and wouldn't be back until late so after a meal with my parents I took up camp in my bedroom.


The night seemed to fly by and I found myself having a great time between my PS3 and my laptop. It was about 11pm when I heard Lauren come home and so I went downstairs to say Hi and grab a drink. My parents were just on their way to bed as they were both working tomorrow, knowing that Lauren was safely home they disappeared upstairs.

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I sat having a chat with Lauren as she told me about her night and as I sat looking at her she looked even more gorgeous than ever.

Her long hair flowed over her shoulders and I could just make out a pale blue bra under her white blouse. In fact her nipples were quite erect and stood proud against the material. As I sipped my drink I stole another look but as I faced her again her eyes were on me and she had caught me looking. Without trying to hide the fact she looked down herself at her buds poking out and then smiled at me with a wicked glint in her eye.

I had made my embarrassed excuse and told her I was off to bed. As I got up and went upstairs I could sense her eyes following me and hoped to god that my hard-on had gone unnoticed by her. I almost ran up each step before closing my bedroom door behind me.

As I sat in my room I rubbed my cock through my shorts as the picture of my sister's sweet nipples poking out was embedded on my mind forever. I flicked on the laptop and brought up some of my favourite pictures of girls who looked similar to Lauren and found myself trying to picture her naked now she had grown into a young woman.

I suddenly felt thirsty and having heard Lauren come up the stairs to her room I crept out to go back to the kitchen to grab the drink I had left on my hasty exit.

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As soon as I left my bedroom I noticed the bathroom light on and the door slightly ajar. Getting nearer I suddenly saw Lauren stood at the sink, her back to me as she busied herself removing her make-up.

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I stood like a rabbit in headlights, perfectly still and mesmerised by the sight before me. Her pale blue thong sat tight against her perfect skin with the white of the sink showing through the triangle of flesh at the top of her thighs. My cock physically pulsed as it filled to bursting point with blood at the sight of her flawless ass. I longed to touch it but knew that was a rule breaker in every sense so just had to get past and downstairs.

Just as I moved she reached up and closed the cupboard in front of her above the sink and suddenly our eyes met in the mirrored door. For some reason I expected her to turn and slam the door shut shouting at me, but instead she just smiled before reaching for her toothbrush. I didn't wait any longer and ran downstairs to the kitchen to get my drink, deciding to wait until I heard her switch the light off and go to bed.

I couldn't risk facing her now as she must think I was a pervert stalker as well as the fact I had the boner of a lifetime in my boxers! Having heard the light pull and her feet pad across the landing I finished my drink and crept back up to my bedroom.

As I entered I was gobsmacked to see Lauren sat cross legged on my bed staring at the screen of my laptop. Stupidly I had left my last lot of search pictures on the screen in full view and Lauren was now looking at them.

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I didn't know what to be more concerned at though, the fact I had left porn on my laptop, the fact that Lauren sat on my bed in her thong and bra or the fact that my cock would burst through my boxers any second. Lauren broke the ice; "Nice pictures on here Ben" she said clicking from one to another, "very pretty girl with a killer bod, does she remind you of anyone?" The fact that she was an almost identical double for Lauren didn't help the matter.

"I can see she has a good effect on you," she continued staring straight at my bulging boxers. I quickly moved over to the bed and sat on the edge pulling some of the duvet over my crotch to cover my erection.

"Or is it the fact you saw me in the bathroom that gave you that hard-on?" she asked with that cheeky smile again. I managed to stammer out a reply. "I can't argue that you certainly are a gorgeous girl Lauren, and I have tried not to find you attractive over the last few months as you are my sister, but I just can't help it!" "Do you think I'm attractive then?" she asked.

I thought she was joking around with me until I saw the genuine look on her face. "Are you kidding?" I said in disbelief, "You are absolutely stunning Lauren with the looks to go with the perfect body". It had never occurred to me that she didn't think herself drop dead gorgeous. "Then why haven't I got a boyfriend?" she suddenly asked.


"I only seem to get hit on by the cocky lads who seem to spend more time than me in front of a mirror!" "Perhaps the good guys have been too shy to approach you thinking you are out of their league" I offered. "Plus the fact you have concentrated on your school work to get the best results has probably meant that you haven't been concentrating on boys". "Some of your friends are cute" she said, "and some nearly as cute as you!" she added making me blush again. "Why can't I find anyone as cute and thoughtful as you?" she asked.

She wasn't helping my boner as her nipples stood proud against her bra again, this time in full view and only a foot away. "Sis, you are gonna need to go put your PJ's on or something because you are certainly not helping your young brother try to not find you attractive" I said nodding towards her chest.

"Oh, sorry Ben" she said looking down again. "How about I just use your duvet?" "I'm not sure I'm in a position to let you take it from me" I answered feeling my cock straining under the material. I looked her in the eye and we both laughed at my embarrassment.


"Well then that's a bit unfair" Lauren said nodding towards my crotch. "Here's me sat in my underwear and you are covered up" she said suddenly jerking the cover away from my lap.

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I tried to keep hold but she caught me off guard and so my bulging shorts came in to view. "Nice package" she said laughing again taking in the sight before her. I should have pulled the duvet back over me but for some reason I didn't. As I sat there with the tent in my boxers I couldn't help notice Lauren had shifted position slightly and I noticed her lace thong was pretty see thru like her bra and I could make out the dark pubic hair enclosed as well as the hint of pussy lips.

Again she saw where my eyes were looking and purposely leant back on her hands to give me prime view. "My God Lauren" I found myself saying, "you look good enough to eat!" I said as took in her beauty. "Then why don't you?" she asked, closing the lid of my laptop and moving it on the side.

As she lay back against my pillow I leaned forward and kissed her knee, aware of her perfumed skin beneath my lips. My head was telling me to stop as this was so wrong, but I found myself kissing further up until I my nose nudged against the light blue material of her thong. I heard her gasp as it touched, her legs opening a little wider to allow more access and as I looked up I saw her eyes closed and her hands caressing her own tits through her bra.

"Stop!" she said suddenly, making me jump a little. I knew I had gone too far and she was having the same thoughts as me. What if either parent suddenly came in to check on us and found us together?

I watched as she got off the bed, apologising to her for doing what I did. Telling her that we should never speak of it again. As she stood beside me she reached down and pulled off her thong, tossing it aside before doing the same with her bra. She then got back into position on the bed. "That's better" she whispered spreading her legs once more.

"Now you can really give me a good eating out" she continued as she grabbed her nipples between fingers and thumbs. I didn't need telling again and was soon in sweet bliss as my tongue licked her pussy flesh for the first time, a thousand and one video clips running through my mind having seen how it has been done on film but only ever dreaming how I would do it in real life.

I flicked her clit with my tongue, pressed the flat of my hand against her mound and rubbed before licking deep inside her hole. The smell and taste was incredible, even better than I had ever imagined and from her groans I was guessing that she was enjoying it. For someone with no boyfriend she certainly kept her pussy well manicured and smooth along with her smooth legs. I was gently fingering her when she told me that she had never been with another guy far enough to do what I was doing.

She said she had had the odd fumble at a school disco where one lad had shoved his hand inside her bra to feel her nipples, but that was about as far as it had gone.

She had always wondered what it was like to get her pussy licked, even wondering whether she should experiment with one of her girl friends to find out, but had resisted. That thought flashed through my mind and my cock throbbed again as I continued to lick.

She knew this was my first time too from previous chats we had so here we were, two complete virgins acting out what we had both seen on the internet hoping that it was having the right effect.

With two fingers buried deep inside Lauren's cunt, my mouth pressed hard against her clit and her nipples clamped between her fingers she came long and hard suppressing the urge to scream out loud so as not to give our game away.

She was either a very good actress or I had genuinely just made my sister cum. As I sat back on the bed my cock was still straining against my shorts, the taste of my sisters pussy spread across my lips I thought I was in heaven. The sight of her spread before me was better than anything I had seen on the net and the smile on her face meant that I must have done good.

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"Wow Ben!" she said as her body relaxed from her orgasm, "I think I have the internet to thank for your expertise". "You certainly have sis, and it was great to be able to put into practice what I have learned" I said gently stroking her soft skin. As she pulled herself up to a sitting position she put a hand on each of my thighs and looked down at the bulge awaiting attention. "In which case it's only fair that I repay the favour and put into practice my own research!" With that she hooked her thumbs inside the top of my boxers and pulled them down releasing my cock into full view.

She looked up at me and her eyes told me she was impressed with my specimen giving me that gorgeous smile. Licking her lips I felt a hand wrap itself around my shaft as her other hand reached around to pull me towards her waiting mouth.

The night was just about to get even better.