Fat knob sucked so well

Fat knob sucked so well
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As I pulled up to his house the final notes in my favourite song resounded through the car stereo. I turned the car off and picked up my bag. As i walked to his door i could here the clicking of my stiletto heeled knee high boots on the pavement.

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The black suspenders pulled slightly at my sheer white stockings and the white cotton dress blew in the morning breeze. When i got to his door i rang him and asked that he come and answer the door as i knew i would have to remove my boots to enter the house and i wanted him to have the full effect of what i was wearing before that happened. He opened the door wearing his torn jeans and a blue singlet.

As he caught sight of me he smiled and enjoyed the view. his eyes went from the black leather stiletto boots up to the white dress through which you could see the shadow of the black lace suspenders i wore underneath.

His eyes went further up and rested on the slightly unbuttoned top and the shadow of the lace bra underneath. he watched me bend down and begin to unzip my right boot giving him a good view down my top.

i unzipped my left boot and took it off the ind caught my dress slightly lifting it up and revealing the suspenders.

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As is required of me when i walked into the house i went to his room and put my bag down and the lay on the bed with my legs up so when he walked in he could see that my cunt was bared and shaved as he liked it to be.

he walked in and i could again see a smile cross his lips as he admired his possession. He then asked that i stand up. As i stood he drew me too him and and kissed my lip biting it slightly as he drew away again he then pushed me back onto the bed and followed me down on to the mattress. He undid the dress hastily and removed it revealing the white lace bra underneath through which he could see my hard erect nipples. he then stood again.

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'Undress me' he demanded i immediately obliged kneeling on the bed with my legs slightly spread allowing him to see my moist pussy. I undid his belt and then removed his singlet i then stood and removed his pants and boxers and as i did so i knelt in front of him and kissed his erection i ran my tongue up and down his shaft and circled the head with my tongue i then gently kissed each of his balls and slowly kissed my way across his stomach up his chest gently biting each nipple and then kissing up to his collarbone.

As i reached his collar bone i felt his hand between my legs i felt his finger trace its way from the top of my tights up towards my cunt i kissed up his neck and on to his chin and as i reached his chin i felt his fingers clamp onto my lips and pinch my moist wet cunt. As i kissed him again he twisted the clamped lips slightly causing me to let out a moan he then pushed me down onto the bed catching my hands above me and finally letting go of his grip on my lips. I could feel is weight on me as he clips the cold metal of the handcuffs around my wrists when he let go of my hands i found myself cuffed to the bed head and unable to move.

He then undid the straps on my bra and unclipped the front allowing himself full view of my breasts he then gabbed handful of my breast in his hand and forcefully began to massage it.

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I began to breath heavily and moan and whimper slightly as he massaged my breast and i can feel his cock occasionally hitting my aching pussy i want to beg him to enter me to fuck me but i knwo that this will anger him and so i just continue to allow soft moans to escape my lips. His other hand reaches between my legs and he pulls them apart i can feel the tightness as he pushes my knees apart and down towards the bed he then brings his head down between my legs and hesitating just long enough for me to feel his warm breath on my wet moist vagina before i eel his tongue dive in feel the expert way in which he explore my wet wet cunt as he flicks his toungue across my clit i thrust my hips up towards him wanting him inside me wanting to feel more of him he stops and and sits back watching me whimper and writhe in the after glow of what he has done as he looks at my wet wet pussy presented clearly to him i watch his hard cock.

I subconciously lick my lips finding my mouth watering as i envisage taking his cck into my mouth and showing his cock how much i love to have it deep in my throat watch me he sees me licking my lips he smiles and gets off the bed leaving me lying there my legs spread wide my hands tied to the bed.

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he returns and grabbing both my feet he ties each of them to the corners of the bed with ribbon spreading me eagle making it impossible for me to stop him. the then climbs onto the bed and lowers his cock into my gratefully waiting mouth i took his full length immediately setting to work running my tongue up and down is long thick shaft.

I then kissed his balls tugging at them with my lips ever so slightly i then licked my way back towards his tight little arsehole licking around it in circles knowing it drives him mad. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter feel my pussy dripping ever so slighty. As i slipped my tongue into is arsehole he let out a deep guttural moan and knowing my man i quickly circled his arsehole with my tongue and made my way back up to the head of his cock and took it all in my mouth them moving my head up and down i tasted the salty sweet precum on my tongue i pushed me head up and down a couple more times and felt his cock shudder and taking it deep into my throat i swallowed his hot salty load sucking gently afterward milking every last drop from him.

knowing i had satisfied him i felt my pussy aching to be touched aching with unspent build up anticipation.


I felt the wetness dripping down my legs. As he withdrew his cock from my mouth he smiled as he saw my face drop slightly knowing i would not be having his cock in my mouth any longer. He got up off the bed and walked out of the room leaving the door open knowing how i hate the idea of being caught and how wet it makes me.

as i was still tied to the bed there was nothing i could do about it he came bak after a few minutes and when he kissed me i could tell by the coolness of his mouth that he had had a drink as he kissed me i could feel his slightly hard cock in between my spread eagle legs.

and how my pussy ached for it. HE kissed me one more time then reaching into the chest of drawers by the bed grabbed out the pink vibrator ha had bought me for my birthday taking it out he looked at me and he said 'if i hear a single moan whimper or sigh out of you i will stopp and you will be spanked. 'Yes aaron' i replied.

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He forcefully slid the toy inside me and put it on the fastest setting knowing that it was my least favourite however that it also drove me the wildest. I could feel the mechanical vebrating in my wet moist pussy i could feel it as he turned the head on to rotate and it began to strech my pussy slightly i coulfd feel the sickening sensation i always got when he did that the pulling at the walls of my pussy.

as i began to thrust up involuntrily and moan he withdraws the toy. 'Beg for it' he demands i oblige having been silently craving him since i walked in the front door. 'Fuck me aaron' i moan ' let me feel you inside me let me feel your cock stretching me' he holds himself above me for a split second and then thrusts fast and hard deep inside me.


'Fuck me aaron fuck me hard' I beg of him as he pounds my wet moist cunt i can feel him thrusting dip inside me as i begin to shudder and feel the throws of an orgasm envelope me. as i felt my cunt tightening around his rock hard cock as i again feel the rippling shudders of him exploding inside me.

we lay like that for a minute and i kick my feet out of their restraints as he undoes the hand cuffs. i wrap my legs around him his cock still inside me.


AS it softens he pulls out of me and again smiles at the disappointed look on my face. He puts the dress back on me and buttons it up slowly as i stand i fell the cum dripping down my legs. He cleans it up with his finger and i lick his finger clean tasting the mix of our juices. I straighten my dress over my boobs which are now naked apart from the dress and he picks up the keys we don't want to be late for our dinner reservations.

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P>S> I have ideas for the dinner but i would appreciate some feed back first.