Japanese Dominatrix Femdom Wrestling Humiliation

Japanese Dominatrix Femdom Wrestling Humiliation
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"Come on boys let's take our seats and settle down," Jenna said to her class of twenty two boys, "we've got a lot of things to cover this afternoon, so let's get cracking." "I heard from the girls that you got a little bit side tracked during fifth hour," one of the boys in the back row named Martin cracked, "do ya think we can have the same kind off fun?" There was tittering all over the room and Jenna had to use her ruler on her desk to restore order, but she ignored the question and told the boys to open their books to page two fifty two.

"Oh, man," Billy Ford opined, "never liked 'em, and never will use one." "I assume that you're referring to our subject for the day, which is condoms," Jenna asked smoothly.

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"That's right," Billy shot back quickly, "I'm strictly a bare back rider, no glove for this boy's dick." There was a smattering of applause and a few "way to tell hers" from some of the other boys in the room, so Jenna let them have their say, but as soon as they quieted down she asked seriously, "Have any of you ever thought that using a condom might be a lot of fun?" "Fun," David Polk said incredulously, "are you nuts, pardon my expression, but I've used them and to even think of them as fun is crazy." Several other boys nodded their heads in assent of David's opinion, but Jenna just continued right on and asked, "Well let me ask you this, have any of you ever had a pleasurable experience with a condom?" She waited a moment for someone to reply, but when no one as much as even nodded, she reached into her pocket and produced a small foil package and said, "Well then, I guess I'm just going to have to show you what you've been missing, so Tommy, if you'll please step to the front of the class, we can get started." Tommy made his way from the back of the room and then waited a little bit nervously for Jenna to continue.

"You look a little shaken," Jenna said easily, "are you sure you're all right?" "After taking a deep breath, Tommy turned to face her and replied, "Sure, I feel fine, so when ever you're ready." Jenna handed Tommy the foil package and as he was looking it over, she asked, "Have you ever used one before, Tom?" "He shook his head from side to side indicating that he hadn't, and then added, "You see, Alicia, that's my girlfriend, and I have this thing we do during sex and a condom would prevent us from doing it." "I know," Jenna replied, "she told me, but if I could show you another fun thing to try, would you give it a shot." After thinking over for a second or two, Tommy shook his head yes and replied, "Sure I would, why not." After crossing that bridge, Jenna retrieved the condom from Tommy, and then in a soft voice ordered, "Now if you would please, take off your pants and shorts." "Here and now," he replied incredulously, "I dunno, that's pretty embarrassing if ya know what I mean." "Of course I do, Tom," she replied sweetly, "but I'd really appreciate it if you would do this for me, because until you do, we really can't go on with the class, can we?" "I guess not," he replied red faced while slowly unbuckling his belt and allowing his jeans slip down around his ankles in a heap.

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It was then that Jenna made her first observation and asked softly, "Can you tell me why you wear boxer shorts, Tommy, most of the other boys I'm sure wear briefs?" Now turning even redder, Tommy stared at the floor and whispered, "I-it's because of my penis, ma'am!" "What about your penis, Tommy, everyone else here has one, why are you any different?" "Well ya see," he mumbled, "it's just that my penis is pretty big, and to be honest, briefs don't give it much room to breath if ya know what I mean." "Hmmmmm, that's very interesting, Tom," she commented softly, "why don't you take them off so we can all see what Alicia is so attached to." After making an audible gulping sound, Tommy closed his eyes, and with a quick push, shoved his powder blue boxers down with his jeans, leaving exposed one of the most beautiful penises Jenna had ever seen in her life.

The other boys in the room began hooting and hollering encouragement to Tommy, but one sharp look from Jenna quickly quieted them down so she could go on.

"I can see that Alicia was perfectly correct in her assessment of your penis," she said evenly, "and I can further see why you prefer boxers to briefs, but what we need from you right now is a full erection." Tommy looked sheepishly at his semi erect meat hanging unbelievably low, and in a small voice he replied, "Well, uh, if Alicia were here it would be a snap to get up." "Well, as you can see she's not here," Jenna replied seriously, "but I do see your point, so if it will help any, I'd be willing to show you my vagina in order to get you completely erect." Tommy and the rest of the class looked on with mouths agape as their sex education teacher, Jenna, calmly lifted her skirt to reveal her smooth hairless vagina that appeared to be in the initial stages of sexual arousal.

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"H-how does that look, Tom," she asked in a very husky voice, "if you can't tell from over there, I'm absolutely dripping." Tommy sighed deeply while staring straight at the dark brown hair pie, and within a matter of seconds, his huge pecker was standing at perfect attention, while waiting for its next order. "That seems to have done the trick," Jenna offered while thrusting her hips towards him in an obvious sexual come on, "I think we can now proceed with the experiment." After carefully unpacking the bright red condom, Jenna got down on her knees in front of Tommy, and with her back to the class offered, "Now I want everyone to pay close attention to how I put this condom of Tommy's big penis, and while most of you aren't this large, let me assure you that the procedure is exactly the same." After placing the still rolled up rubber over the tip of his erection, Jenna then with great care, unrolled it evenly until it was completely unfurled.

"There," she said with satisfaction, "a perfect job, nice and even with no tears or bubbles, so now I think we're ready." Tommy had no idea what Jenna had up her sleeve, but he made a loud gasp, when without warning she took him by the balls and gently squeezed them until it was just short of being painful. "Oh god," he moaned, "n-not so hard, oh, oh, take it easy, you could really hurt me." "But of course I could really hurt you," she said softly, "but just look at how nice and firm your penis is." Tommy stared down at his massive erection, and even he had to admit he was harder than a piece of blue steel, but what happened next absolutely stunned him, when out of the blue, Jenna whacked the side of his penis with her hard wooden ruler, evoking a yelp of pain from the frightened young man.

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"Did that hurt?" she asked softly while now gently running her hand up and down the length of his meat, "because it was supposed to hurt." "A-are you nuts?" he gasped, while his pecker strained against the thin red latex covering, "that fucking hurt, now be careful will ya." The rest of the class sat transfixed as they watched Jenna teasing and poking at Tommy's humongous erection, and out of the corner of her eye, she even spied some of the boys openly masturbating right along with her.

After she was sure that Tommy was totally in her thrall, she hopped up on the front of the desk, spread her legs wide, and offered her drooling cunt to his hard throbbing hammer.

"Come on, boy," she teased, "show me what ya got." With his legs growing rubbery from excitement, he took his place between her smooth thighs, and without a bit of foreplay, rammed his ten inch pecker deep inside of her silky smooth cunt, inducing her to several very quick and hard orgasms on his initial thrust.

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"Fuck her hard, Tommy," and "make her fucking scream," were being shouted from all over the room, but she was now so far gone, that she couldn't have cared any less what any of them thought of her, as all she could think about was having this marvellous young stud fuck her into submission. Sweat began pouring off Tommy's face as he pounded away unmercifully into her sopping wet pussy with a ferociousness that was even scaring some of the boys masturbating wildly in front of them.


With her pussy begging for mercy and his cock now ready to explode, Jenna grabbed Tommy by the dick and pulled it roughly from her shredded vagina, and then with a few hard and brutal strokes, she fist-ed his massive tool until it was pumping shot after shot of cum into the reservoir head of the still intact condom, while around the room other boys were moaning and dropping their own loads while watching the their teacher finishing off the young stallion's incredible dick.

With the aroma of freshly shot cum filling her nostrils, Jenna struggled to her feet, straighten out her skirt and asked Tommy, "Now tell me, how was that for fun?" With his dick rapidly deflating dick hanging limp in front of him, Tommy unrolled the used condom, flipped it into the trash, and the replied, "Well Miss, fun isn't the word I'd use to describe it, but let's just say that it was very interesting, how's that for a description?" With her pussy still burning front the onslaught of the ten inch ram rod, Jenna leaned back against her desk and smiled, "That sounds very good to me, Tommy, very good indeed." The bell went then to signal the end of the class and many of the boys moaned in disappointment that it was over.

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It would be a class that none of them would ever forget it a hurry, and would find its way into their spank list for the rest of their lives. "I hope that this experience has taught you boys that using a condom isn't such a bad thing when it comes to sex," Jenna smiled as she made herself presentable once more.

"Tommy can you wait a moment please.?" A few of the boys smiled at Tommy as they left, but Jenna shook her head as Tommy smiled back and watched everyone go.

"Your Uncle Mack and I had a discussion about your detention," Jenna said as she watched Tommy's smile disappear. "He is of the opinion that you should pay for the replacement of the books so you can work on the farm after school instead." "He wasn't happy that I destroyed all those books," Tommy said sadly. "I know what I did was wrong but I'm okay with the detention." Jenna smiled as she realised that getting out of working was a good thing for him, and detention wasn't really a punishment but a time for him to relax and enjoy sitting on his butt with his nose in a book.


"I've come to the decision that I agree with you Uncle," Jenna said. "You'll have to pay for the damages you incurred and you Uncle will have the pleasure of working you very hard each and every day." Tommy's shoulders slumped as Jenna handed him a letter to his Uncle detailing the amount and what needed to be done. "I expect to hear from you Uncle," Jenna said sternly. "So if I don't then I'll have to speak with him directly and it will be far worse for you." Tommy nodded.

"So I can go then?" Jenna smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow Tommy." Jenna watched as Tommy grabbed his books and headed for the door.

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Hoping that it would be sooner rather than later before Mack came knocking on her door again. Then they could take up the Deal that she had now taken with him.