Rough anal orgy on web camera

Rough anal orgy on web camera
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Training continued After the delivery guy incident things were great our sex life was wild we would listen to the audio tape all the time or watch the video .Toni would call me from work ask me to come home for lunch she would be dressed in all kinds of outfits or just naked and we would have our afternoon delight and I would go back to work with a smile on my face I am sure many of the guys knew I had just gotten laid lol .

The next time we went to the sex store and were looking at movies I saw and picked up a local swingers magazine, Toni did not notice when we were paying and the guy at the counter just put it in the bag so when we got home she wanted to see one of the new movies and went into the bag and found the magazine she started looking at it and said what are you thinking about now?

I said nothing I was just curious about it and how it works so instead of watching a movie we started reading the magazine it had everything men looking for woman couples looking for men, couples looking for woman, couples looking for couples, woman looking for woman etc.


there were even stories of how their encounters went some were very detailed and exciting as Toni was reading one to me I started to lick her pussy which by the way was dripping I really got into it and she was coming on my tongue in no time she said bring that cock to me now I need to get fucked I laid down and she road me and while she was fucking me I said how would you like me to put an ad in for us ,I told her I could put a picture without her face and see what happens she got excited but said what would it say what are we looking for ?

I said off the top of my head married couple looking for same or single male or single female for adult fun must be drug and decease free can't host available evenings … Husband is always present and videos all encounters for our private use serious encounters only !!!

Toni is fucking hard now banging as deep as she can get me I know she is really turned on because she is so creamy around my cock is covered with her white thick cream she says so now you want to fuck another woman, I thought she was getting upset I said no but it would be nice to have another couple for a change and it is only fair you would be there to watch and see if it excites you the way it does me.


Now she flips over and I am on top so I say you know you want all this you know you love to be my little whore do not you she says yes I am your whore yes we should do it and anything else you want my master your whore will obey !!! And as she saying this she starts to come unbelievably strong forcing me over and we come together.

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So the next day we took pictures I blotted out the eyes Toni dresses in three different outfits and a face picture and hard cock picture of me then we wrote our ad basically the way I said it the night before this is before the internet so it had to be mailed to the magazine and wait for the next printing which was monthly all replies were mailed to us and we could contact the ones we were interested in or sent back and thanks but no thanks in the envelope that was provided .All we could do is wait at this point.

Our life went on we still did our weekly shopping games and Toni still was making me home movies so it was fun. About two weeks went by and we decided to go out to a club so Toni got dressed sexy I was in a suit because it was a night club not a dive we head out to the place and look for parking when Toni notices that Marcus's car is there parked in the back of the club near the wooded area I tell her well you can go ask him to make good on his promise to make up for the last time we just bought a new car so he would not recognize it because I knew him too but I told her no condom this time I wanted a sloppy wet come filled pussy and I wanted her panties all white and thick with come .I said you go in say you got dropped off by friends early and I would be in later I had a meeting so they would have maybe a half hour or so.

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She went in turned on the cassette recorder she carried in her purse and ordered a drink in no time Marcus showed up next to her and she does not waste any time she says she has about a half hour.

That I was at a meeting and would be meeting her there soon so she wanted to collect on his promise to fuck her good this time.

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He says where we could go she said they could go out to where he parked his car and he could do her there behind the car with the woods blocking everyone's view .he agrees so she tells the bartender that she will be back shortly so not give up her table and they leave &hellip. They enter he back parking lot she notices I have parked on an angle toward the back of his car the lighting was pretty good due to the bright moon that night so I could see very well when they get to the back of his car she starts to kiss him deeply and you can see his hands going for her tits she is pulling down his zipper and tells him she wants to feel his cream in her she is on the pill so it is ok that seems to make him very happy she pulls out his dick and goes down and starts to suck it I can hear the moans for my car it was very sexy she stands up bends over the trunk of the car pulls her panties to the side and says now fuck me hard and fuck me good I want to feel it all night when my man is with me make it worth my wait !

Marcus slides his cock in hard and deep Toni moans oh it feels so good give it to me, fuck me good, harder, deeper, faster and in no time he was filling her horny whore pussy with his seed .I love it just wish I had the video camera with me lesson learned although truth be told the old video cameras were large so it would have been difficult and you needed lights to get a clear picture.

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Afterwards, they kissed Toni slid her panties back and she told him that was quick I think I will call you quick draw from now on and laughed she told him to go in she did not want to be seen leaving and coming back at the same time she needed to fix her makeup and things so Marcus went in to the club ,as soon as he entered the club she ran over to the car and pulled up her dress and had me fingering her wet come filled pussy and rubbing her panties in it then she said lick it you know you want to so I did then she fixed herself and left for the club she went to the rest room so freshen up and soon after I entered the club .I looked around could not find Toni asked the bartender and he said she is seated right there and I ordered a drink and took a seat at the table soon Toni showed up gives me a sexy kiss and rubs her wet fingers all over my lips she says you know what I was doing with those and tells me that one of the girls in the ladies room heard her in the parking lot she said it sounded hot and next time invite her so she told me that she invited her to meet us tonight here for drinks or later at our restaurant for breakfast and we could talk more about it she said that she agreed her name was Lynn.

We stayed for a few hours danced a bit talked to friends Lynn came by said hello she said we should meet for breakfast so we could talk more privately we all knew too many people there so we met later at our local hangout.

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When we get to the car on the way out Toni has me pull into a parking lot down the road and she starts to fuck me right away she tells me about how sexy and dirty she feels with me secretly watching as she got fucked it was so hot she came as she is telling me the story about quick draw and laughs after I come she licks me clean and says she is really filled up tonight .We head to the diner where Lynn is already there she had ordered coffee for us and w sat and talked.

We laughed and joked Toni told her how I was in the parking lot the whole time watching and that it was my idea in the first place.

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We all got a good laugh. Then we told her that we like to video all our encounters just for us to watch she asked how many do you have we told her only one so far but we wanted our collection to grow .We said our good byes for the night and set up a date for the following weekend our daughter was going to be away at a friend's house from Friday till Monday for the long weekend.