Gay guys sucking movietures Tommy White Tops Sam Northman

Gay guys sucking movietures Tommy White Tops Sam Northman
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion Chapter Two: The Shaman's Struggle By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

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Xandra Baraconia, The Island of Birds I blushed the moment I stepped into my room at the Pirate's Noose, the inn in which we were staying the night in the city of Baraconia.

It was the final shock of a day of shocks. Faoril was on her knees before the hulking, naked Thrak, his cock thrusting swarthy and hard before him thicker than my husband's. Faoril's pale, human hands looked so tiny wrapped about the monster as she opened her mouth and licked the tip.

Which was pierced by a bone ring like Thrak's fearsome face. "Oh, my," I gasped, my heart fluttering rapidly in my chest, color blossoming in my cheeks. It was only yesterday morning that we left my home at Black Glass Aerie and spent two days crossing the Collserola Jungle. My feet were sore from the walking, though Chaun's singing helped with the exhaustion.

It was so hot and sticky, the humidity trying to smother me. The aerie was above the jungle's swelter, the constant breeze keeping the heat at bay. My skirt and sleeveless shirt clung to my body, the fabric molding to my small breasts. I felt so exposed. Especially with Sophia giving me hungry looks, reminding me of our guilty tryst. We had to camp in the jungle overnight. Watches were kept, though I heard lovemaking in the dark for those couples who weren't on guard against couatls.

I caught glimpses of naked bodies in the moonlight breaking through the high canopy. I feared every camp would be like this.

The next day we entered Baraconia itself. The city sprawled and sprawled before us. The halfling city had always been a blur on the horizon, a smudge standing out from the green of the jungle canopy and the blue of the Nimborgoth.

It was immense and as suffocating as the jungle. Halflings and humans crowded the street. Couples sometimes rutted openly in windows or in alleys.

It was obscene. We reached the Pirate's Noose an hour before sunset, the group deciding to stay the night here and press on to the village of Llanes in the morning.

I was famished, eager for dinner, but there were more obscene sights inside. Loose women, human and halflings, with their breasts hanging out, propositioning sailors crowding the common room.

"They're prostitutes," Chaun had laughed when he saw my shocked expression. He sat relaxed, leaned back in his chair, a roguish smile on his black lips, his violet eyes dancing with amusement. "Common in places like these". And now I had my last shock. I knew we were sharing rooms with Thrak and Faoril, but I did not expect them to be so open about their sex. There was no screen to give them privacy like there would be in the aerie.

I had grown up with the sounds of sex, but not the sight. "That's it, little mage," growled Thrak. "Work that mouth up and down my cock. Mmm, yes. You're hungry for my cum, slut." Slut.

The words shivered through me. Chaun liked to call me such wicked, wanton words. And I enjoyed the feelings they sent through me. But to hear another woman be called that name while she sucked on a fat cock was too much. I shouldn't be here. Chaun pressed behind me. His codpiece rubbing on my ass while his arms encircled me.

He nuzzled into my ear, brushing aside my sky-blue hair. I trembled, licking my lips as he nibbled on my lobe. "Do you like his cock?" "What?" I gasped at my husband's words. "You're staring so hard." I shook my head, breaking my gaze away. "I only like your cock, my mate." It should be true. He was my mate.

He was the only man for me. What I did with Sophia the day before yesterday was shameful, even if it pleased Chaun. I shouldn't have done it. Yes, she was a woman, but it was so close to breaking my marriage vows. And those were sacred, sworn to the God Luben during my dance. "Are you eager for my cock?" he asked, his hand sliding down my belly to my skirt. His fingers toyed with the waistband. He dipped one in, brushing my pubic hair. "Now?" I glanced at Thrak and Faoril.

The mage had her mouth opened wide, swallowing his shaft as she stroked him. How could she do that? He was so thick she could barely fit him in her mouth. Despite that, she moaned as she sucked. "They'll see us." "So?" His hand pressed deeper, his fingers sliding through my curly pubic hair, crossing my pudenda, and reaching the top of my pussy.

He brushed my hard clit. I gasped and trembled in his embrace. There was no hiding my arousal from Thrak's cock. I was a terrible wife. "Doesn't that excite you, Xandra? Doesn't it make you wet that they'll get to see you and you'll get to see them." He nibbled on my ear again, his finger stroking my clit.

Such wicked, naughty delight shuddered through me. "Chaun," I protested, but his finger felt amazing on my clit. The flutters rippled through me. I bit my lip, fighting my moan as he rubbed harder.

I tried not to look, but I couldn't stop myself. Faoril's silver nose piercing flashed in the room's flickering candlelight as she blew the orc. Then my gaze followed the sweep of her pale, naked shoulders.

I caught the profile of a round breast topped by a hard, pink nipple. I licked my lips, remembering sucking on Sophia's nipple. And then we had licked each other's pussies. What would Faoril taste like.? No. "Chaun," I groaned, squirming in his arms. I looked over my shoulder at my husband, breaking my gaze from Thrak and Faoril. "I.I." He kissed me. His wonderful lips were on me. I trembled in his arms. I loved him so much.

My race was like that. Avians mated for life. We were not like other species. We didn't fall in love and then pursue our desires. We fell in love with the mate who took our virginity. A sacred bond that should never be trespassed. So why was I full of wicked lusts for the other members of my group? Why couldn't all my desires be for Chaun alone?

Our tongues brushed. His mouth tasted so wonderful. I felt his wiry muscles. He was lean and tall, like an Avian, but with that delicious, midnight-black skin and silvery hair. So exotic. So striking. He was a wonderful mate and lover. My hips undulated, pressing back into his codpiece. I could feel his hard cock through the stiff cloth. He ached for me. He wanted me. And I wanted him. Not Thrak's big, swarthy cock. I didn't need it. Just Chaun's.

A shudder ran through me.

I moaned into the kiss, trying to ignore the slurping sounds of Faoril's blowjob and Thrak's grunts. I focused on the finger. That wonderful finger stroking my clit, making me tremble in Chaun's loving arms. The orgasm was small, a quick ripple that left me aching and gasping. I trembled, my pussy clenching, aching for his cock.

Juices trickled down my thighs. The heat of my passion for my husband rippled through me. I kissed him harder, thrusting my tongue into his mouth while I squirmed. Chaun broke the kiss. "You love it." "I love you," I answered, my breasts heaving. "You." He pulled his finger from my clit. It glistened in the candlelight. He pressed it to my lips. I sucked it greedily, savoring my sweet musk. My eyes fluttered. I wished it were his cock I was sucking, not his finger.

I twisted in his arms and fell to my knees before him, my hands unlacing his codpiece so I could get at his dick beneath. He smiled at me. "Feeling competitive? Do you need to prove that you can suck cock as good as Faoril?" My cheeks warmed. "No." Was I though? Faoril's wet, sucking slurps and moans echoed through the room. She was so enthusiastic.

Thrak grunted, calling her cum-slut and cock-whore. "You're just a slut for cum. You need it. Want it." And she moaned. She enjoyed those words. I pulled out my husband's cock. It was big enough. It throbbed in my hand.

My pale fingers could hardly wrap around the black shaft. Precum glistened at the tip, a beading drop begging to be licked. I gathered it with my tongue, savoring the salty flavor as Chaun groaned. "That's it. My little, slutty songbird. Suck my cock." "Songbird?" I asked. "My songbird. You sing so sweetly, especially when you're cumming." I blushed, but I liked it. I licked his dick again, bringing another moan from my husband, and then my mouth engulfed his cock.

I stroked his base as I sucked, remembering all the things he taught me about sucking cock, keeping my teeth back, swirling with my tongue, loving him. It was all about enthusiasm. "Make me believe you love my cock more than anything," he whispered the long night of our first mating when we had made love over and over.

I stared up into his violet eyes as I sucked his cock. I loved him so much. He was mine. He chose me despite my deformity. I couldn't become a bird, and he did not care. He accepted my dance. I inflamed his lusts. His hand stroked through my sky-blue hair. I shuddered, loving it as I bobbed my mouth, taking more and more of his dick. My pussy itched between my thighs. I ignored it, pressing my thighs tight together, and kept sucking his dick.

It was all that mattered right now. I had to make him cum. I had to make him explode into my mouth. My left hand fondled his balls.

So full of his salty cum. Behind me, Thrak grunted and Faoril noisily swallowed. My pussy itched more. I wanted to look away from Chaun, to see what they did next, but I wouldn't. I would prove to him, to myself, that it was his cock I needed. Nothing more. "That's it, my songbird whore. Suck my dick. You're eager for my cream. Need to soothe that throat with thick, salty jizz." I moaned my answer about his dick. I fondled his balls and stroked his shaft. I bobbed my mouth, his dick brushing the back of my throat.

I sucked so hard as I slid back up its length until only the crown remained. I swirled my tongue about it, bringing a wonderful groan from his lips, and then bobbed down again. "Oh, you are still so hard," Faoril moaned.

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"Ram that big, thick dick into me. My pussy is so hot. So juicy. Sucking your cock made me so wet. Fuck me. I need it. Stretch out my cunt with that big, thick dick." My pussy clenched. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to imagine Thrak's dick filling my pussy. I sucked harder on my husband's wonderful shaft. My tongue caressed him as I stroked his dick.

My fingers massaged his balls, eager for his cum. I wanted it. I loved it. My nipples ached as I squirmed. I opened my eyes again, staring up at him. Such wonderment and love in Chaun's eyes.

He groaned, growing closer and closer. I sucked as hard as I could, moaning with excitement. "Oh, you are so eager for my jizz, you naughty songbird," he groaned as Faoril's bed creaked. Flesh slapped against flesh.

The orc grunted and the mage groaned. "Drink it all." As Faoril hissed out her pleasure, Chaun's creamy jizz flooded my mouth. I swallowed it, savoring how it poured down my throat, coating me, soothing my throat and warming my belly. More and more of his jizz erupted. I squeezed his cock and stroked it hard, milking out every drop of his jizz. "My slutty songbird," he groaned, his face contorting.

"Love you." My heart beat faster. I swallowed his last load and popped my mouth off his shaft. "I love you, too." He smiled down at me before he took my hands and helped me stand. My legs were wobbly. I needed him in me. I raised my arms up so he could remove my shirt, freeing my small breasts. I was too excited to care if Thrak or Faoril saw my nudity. They were fucking hard on the bed anyways, Thrak's swarthy ass rising and falling at the edge of my vision.

He was all muscle and scars. My hands went to Chaun's doublet, working the painted, bone buttons. He shrugged out of the doublet then the silk undershirt, exposing his chest. I leaned over and nibbled on his small, dark nipple, swirling my tongue around it while his hands squeezed my small breasts. My nipples ached every time his fingers brushed them.

I trembled, loving his touch as I sucked and nibbled. My hands stroked down his body to his hose. It clung to his hips. I pushed them down and reached around, squeezing his muscular ass. I licked his ass. Chaun groaned and then pushed me back towards our bed. I smiled as I fell back on it. The bed was so different than the nest in the aerie.

It wasn't a layer of soft furs, but something else. It was softer. I smiled, stretching back, my breasts jiggling, my thighs rubbing together beneath my skirt. Behind Chaun, Thrak's ass rose and fell, his heavy balls swinging as he pounded Faoril.

I bit my lip, staring at the sight as Chaun shed his hose entirely. Then he moved forward, blocking my view. I blinked and then remembered who I should be looking at. "Take me," I moaned, pulling up my colorful skirt, exposing my creamy thighs.

"I'm so wet. I need you in me." "I bet you do, songbird." "I'll sing for you," I moaned, my skirt bunching around my waist, revealing my pussy. I spread my legs apart and ran a finger through my sex. "Just make love to me, Chaun. I'll sing so loud. So beautifully." "I know you will." He fell onto the bed on his knees, his dick bouncing before him. He worked closer.

His hand slid up my thigh. I trembled at his touch. He moved higher and higher while Faoril moaned louder and louder. His hand brushed my sex. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me with that huge cock, Thrak," hissed Faoril. "I'm going to cum so hard." Chaun's hand found my pussy.

He shoved two fingers in me. I groaned, clenching down on them, savoring their feel. But it wasn't what I wanted in me. I needed his cock. He shoved his fingers deep as he leaned over and sucked on my nipple.

I sang. My voice trilled as his fingers pumped in and out of my cunt, and his mouth sucked and loved my nipple. My nub ached in his mouth. I squirmed, my hand reaching out for his cock.

My song was wordless, rising from the passion of my soul. I seized his dick and brought his cock closer and closer to my pussy, my song growing, begging. Chaun wrenched his fingers out of me and released my nipple.

He slid up my body, kissing around my mouth, letting me sing as I guided his dick to my aching pussy. The tip brushed my petals. I slid it lower to my hole. He thrust and I sang louder. He was in me. So thick and wonderful. My flesh clenched on him as his hand, fingers wet with my juices, reached beneath me. He shoved those fingers into my sphincter while drilling his cock in and out of me. I gasped as I sang, his fingers stroking my sphincter.

His fingers penetrated my asshole. The pitch of my song groaned, delighting in the feel of his fingers reaming in and out of my bowels in rhythm to his pumping cock. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on his dick, my bowels on his fingers.

"That's it, little songbird," he grunted as he thrust. "Your song is so beautiful." I loved his cock in me. My hips bucked as he fucked me. Pleasure rippled through my body.

His dick reached so deep into me. My flesh clenched and relaxed on him. I moaned again, my nipples hard, rubbing on his chest while his lips nibbled. "I need a special treat tonight, songbird. Something I've been saving." "What?" I gasped as he ripped his cock out of my pussy. "Keep singing," he commanded as he turned me onto my side, facing Thrak and Faoril. I stared at the orc's heaving balls slapping over and over into Faoril's flesh. "Keep singing." My husband moved behind me.

His fingers ripped out of my ass, and then his cock pressed between my butt-cheeks. I groaned. He had promised we would do this. His cock rubbed up and down my crack, nudging my sphincter. And then he was in me. "Chaun," I gasped as his slicked dick shoved into my asshole. "I.I." "Relax and keep singing," he whispered as his dick penetrated deeper. The sensation was so different.

I groaned and shuddered as he stretched me apart. Burning bliss rippled through my body. His groin pressed into my ass. He was in me all the way, feeling my depths in a new way. I sang my enjoyment. His hands roamed my stomach and breasts, teasing me as he drew back and fucked me. My pussy ached. I clenched down on his thrusting dick, the burning friction warming my pussy, building the pleasure.

I trembled, watching Thrak and Faoril. It was so hot watching them. So wrong. My song trembled as I shuddered. Chaun's fingers pinched my right nipple while his other hand played with the curls of my pubic hair. His thrusts grew harder, his balls smacking into my ass while his dick reamed me. So deep. So thick. "That's it, songbird," he groaned. "My slutty songbird loves it up the ass." I did.

"Faoril," Thrak grunted. "Yes, yes, yes, cum in me," she begged. "Flood my pussy. Oh, I love it. Yes, yes, yes." The orc's back rippled as he rose. He growled as he erupted. His hips jerked, slamming his dick into Faoril's cunt. My bowels clenched hard on Chaun's cock, the excitement swelling in my depths as I watched.

And then Thrak rolled off of Faoril, his massive cock popping out of her. Her cunt gaped open. White jizz ran out. Hunger entered my song. I couldn't look away from her cunt. And the cum. I wanted to run over there and. No. I squeezed my eyes shut, my orgasm swelling in my depths. I trembled in Chaun's arms. He nuzzled at my ear again, his fingers sliding down to my clit. He rubbed the nub and pinched my right nipple.

"Do you want to swap?" he asked. "Do you want to enjoy Thrak's cock while I enjoy Faoril's pussy?" My eyes snapped open and found Thrak's huge dick.

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It was still half-hard, shiny with Faoril's juices. My orgasm exploded through me. My bowels writhed on Chaun's cock. My clit ached beneath his rubbing finger. Juices squirted out of my pussy. My song became passionate moans. I thrashed in Chaun's arms, savoring the thrusts of his dick, the feel of his muscular chest on my back. I trembled, my convulsing asshole massaging his cock. My vision blurred. Thrak's cock split into two shafts for a moment. "My wicked songbird," Chaun grunted and slammed into my asshole.

He came. I closed my eyes, savoring the heat of his cum filling my asshole. I brimmed with his cum. I loved it. I groaned and licked my lips. I didn't need anything but his dick. Not Thrak's. Just my husband and his wonderful cum. "Well?" Chaun whispered. "Do you want to swap?" I rolled over, his cock sliding out of my asshole with a wet plop. "No. You are my husband. You're all I need." I kissed him, closed my eyes, and tried so hard to believe my words.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx My eyes snapped open. It was still dark in the room, but morning approached. I should sleep longer, get all the rest I could, but it was so hard. I had a bad habit of once I was awake being unable to fall back to sleep.

Xera's arms held me. Her green hair brushed my cheek while her large breasts pressed into my lower back. She was amazing. I almost felt bad for betraying her. Almost. I closed my eyes, imagining the end of the quest. We had two more pieces of the sword to collect along with the heart of the minotaur. First to Hargone for the third piece, then Grahata to slay the minotaur, and lastly to Thaville to head south to the Haunted Forest and the final piece in Drakin Castle, the crumbling lair of the dread Biomancer Vebrin.

Once we had all of it, we would head north to the Princedom of Zeutch and the Altar of Souls. There I would steal the reforged sword from the group. It was all Adel's plan. The redheaded elf hired me. Thanks to her plan, I had earned the group's trust. It made me wonder if Adel knew about the prophecy.

But how could she? Either way, the sword would be mine. I would betray Adel, and that was assuming she could escape the Caldera. Unless she was a shaman, she would be entertaining the imps right now. It was sneaky of her to slip in with the Gnome bounty hunter, but folly to let herself get trapped. Xera would hunt me though. And she was good.

It would be such a challenge to escape her. I snuggled into her arms, loving the feel of her body. Her breasts were so large and wonderful to play with. It would be fun to be caught. Not for real, but I could fantasize.

She would have her cock when she found me. In heat for real and not thanks to the alchemical concoction I owned.

Her dick would be so hard, so throbbing, and she would pin me down. Got you, you little thief. And I would grin at her as she ravished my small body. I trembled, my legs shifting, bumping the hard shaft thrusting from the sleeping Xera's. She had a cock. I bolted up and threw off the covers, exposing all of Xera's tall, sleek body. She lay on her side, her legs long, her skin pale with a greenish hue.

And there, thrusting from her crotch, was her dick. "You're in heat!" Xera's eyes opened as I seized her big dick. "You're in heat," I repeated as I stroked her. She throbbed in my hand. So wonderful. "Oh, yes, you're in heat." "Huh?" a sleepy Angela grunted. I threw a look over my shoulder to the other bed. Angela sat up, her fiery hair falling in a mused tousle about her shoulders. The blanket slipped off of her as she sat up, exposing her large breasts. And the bound Sophia, her body wrapped in ropes.

I don't know how the kinky priestess slept like that, her arms trussed over her head, ropes crisscrossing her body, but she did. "What's going on?" Angela groaned, reaching for her sword hanging from the bed's post by its belt. "Xera's in heat," I grinned, my metallic hand stroking her dick faster. "Her cock's grown." And then I bent over and swallowed the tip of Xera's cock. I sucked so hard, my cheeks hollowing. It was amazing. So wonderful to play with her cock.

My hand that was stroking her dick slid down to the wet folds of her pussy, caressing her flesh, bringing more groans from Xera. She squirmed, those lovely, lush tits jiggling. "Oh, no," Sophia groaned. "She's in heat again." "Uh-huh," moaned Angela.

Their bed creaked. The knight padded over naked while Xera rolled onto her back. My elvish lover's pointed ears twitched. She moaned, her hands seizing her large, pillowy tits. My fingers shoved into her pussy as I bobbed my mouth on her dick. "Oh, Minx, yes," gasped Xera. "Oh, that's nice. Mmm, I need this. I need to cum so badly." "Yes, she does," Angela purred, slipping into bed.

"My Queen," Sophia moaned. "I'm still tied up. Can you untie me first?" "No," Angela purred. "I want you to watch. And no making yourself cum." "Yes, my Queen." I rolled my eyes. Sophia was so weird. But I really didn't care. I had Xera's cock in my mouth. I loved hermaphrodites and their big dicks. It was so hot the way she had tits and a hot, juicy pussy along with a raging cock.

I swirled my tongue about her shaft as I worked my small fist into her hot, juicy pussy. Angela leaned over, nuzzling into Xera's tits, sucking and kissing. Xera purred, her pussy clenching about my thrusting fist. I sucked harder on her dick, her salty precum filling my mouth and giving me such a tasty treat. "Oh, yes," groaned Xera. "Mmm, work that fist in and out my pussy.

Oh, yes. I'm going to. Matar, yes!" Xera came. Her hot, creamy jizz spurted into my mouth. Powerful blasts of jizz filled my mouth. I groaned, swirling them around. The spunk coated my mouth. So much jizz. It threatened to overflow my mouth. I swallowed. Her pussy spasmed about my thrusting fist. I savored drinking down every drop of her cum.

Such wonderful, creamy, delicious treats. I was so lucky to get to enjoy it. The final cum spurted into my mouth. I held her load in my mouth as I slid off my lips. "Oh, you naughty minx," panted Xera. "Mmm, that was good. But I need more." Angela reached for Xera's cock. I slapped her away and swallowed the load in my mouth. "My dick! I get to go first." The knight stared at me, her blue eyes shining with lust.

I moved my nimble body quickly, popping my fist out of Xera's pussy and straddling her waist. Her dick prodded my cunt. I gave the knight a mischievous grin. And impaled myself. "Matar's dick," groaned Xera, her ears twitching hard as my pussy slammed down her dick. I groaned, my small body twitching, my pussy stretching about her girth. Though us halflings were half-the height of long-legs, we could still take their dicks.

My ass clenched as my back arched, my breasts jiggling before me. "Oh, you wicked slut," Angela groaned and then she leaned down and nuzzled at where Xera's dick entered my pussy. The knight licked and nuzzled, teasing my clit and pussy lips when I bottomed out on Xera's cock.

I loved it. My hips worked, my ass clenching as I swiveled and undulated. I stirred that amazing girl-dick through my body. I smeared the pussy juices covering my hand across my metallic breasts.

They gleamed in the first ray of dawn peeking through the window. The marigold scent of Xera's pussy filled my nose.

Elves were so different than halfling or human cunt. "Oh, yes, work that pussy, Minx. Ride me. Matar's cock, yes. I'm going to cum so hard in your pussy. You're going to be dripping cum all day tomorrow." "Gods, yes." I bounced faster, sucking my breath in.

The pleasure roared out of my pussy. Such hot, wonderful, wicked delight. I groaned, bobbing faster and faster on her dick. My pussy clenched about her girl-cock, savoring every bit of pleasure it could. Rapture burned in my cunt's depths. My flesh, stretched about her girth, ached so wonderfully. I bounced harder and faster while Angela licked and nuzzled.

Her tongue flailed against my clit, sending small sparks of bliss through me. "Oh, yes. I want you to cum so hard in me I shoot off your cock," I hissed. "I want to feel that elf-jizz fill me." Xera groaned. Her hips bucked up, bouncing me on her cock. I loved it. My eyes rolled back in my head.

I pinched and pulled at my pussy-slicked nipples. Such hot delight shot down to my depths, filling me, teasing me, making me twitch and dance on her wonderful cock. The pressure built inside of me. The room spun about me as I fucked her harder and harder. Xera's moans were so sweet. Her breasts jiggled and her ears twitched.

And her dick stretched my cunt, caressing every wonderful inch of my depths. I slammed down her cock. Angela's lips nibbled on my hard clit. Lightning jolted through me. I came. I shuddered. I screamed out my passion as my pussy spasmed and writhed about the amazing cock. My hips went wild, bucking, squirming, as the pleasure flooded my mind.

"Cernere's nimble fingers," I groaned, "and Slata's hairy cunt. Yes, yes, yes. I love elf-dick." "Mater's cock." Xera's hips bucked up, slamming her cock deep into my spasming depths. She came. My back arched as her wonderful jizz filled my pussy. Thick, hot spurts of creamy delight.

I trembled. My eyes squeezed closed. I groaned through my teeth, pinching my nipples as ecstasy crashed over me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "My turn," I moaned, flopping onto my back, my legs spread. "I know you need to cum more, Xera. Ram that dick into me." Ropes creaked. I glanced over and smiled as Sophia strained against her restraints, her small breast jigging. The hemp rope bound her pale body. It was so sexy. I bit my lip as Minx pulled her pussy off of Xera's cock with a huge, wet plop.

"Watch me," I moaned to Sophia. "Yes, my Queen," she groaned, turning her head. Her brown hair fell about her cheeks while her green eyes stared at me. "You're so cruel." "I know," I grinned. It was so hot teasing her.


She was bound, helpless, forced to watch as Xera moved between my thighs, her dick bobbing before her soaked in Minx's cum. Xera stroked my thighs as she lifted my ass and thrust a pillow beneath it. Her dick neared my pussy. I shuddered and moaned, "She's going to fuck me so hard, Sophia.

So hard. With her girl-dick. Mmm, I'm going to explode on it." "You are, my Queen," she moaned, her body straining at the ropes. The bed creaked and the ropes rasped. "Is you're pussy getting wet?" I asked as Xera's dick rubbed at my snatch. She nudged my clit then slid down to my hole. "Because my cunt is soaked for her cock." "I'm so wet, my Queen." Her voice was so sweet.

I loved it. I loved her. I groaned as Xera's thick dick slammed into me. My thighs locked about her hips as she leaned over me. Her tits bounced in the periphery of my vision as the elf fucked me hard.

"So tight," groaned Xera, her ears twitching. "Matar, thank you for the gift of my cock. Thank you for letting me fuck with it." "Yes," I moaned. "Pater's dick, yes. I love it, Sophia. I love her cock in me. I love being fucked by her. Watch me." "Yes, my Queen." Minx landed on her knees beside my head.

She leaned over me, her small breasts heaving. She had the height of a child, but her body was developed like a woman in miniature. Curving hips, round breasts, her nipples flashing copper, her skin metallic bronze. She straddled my head and moaned, "Lick me clean. If I have to share her cock, then I should share her cum, too." "Yes," I moaned, my pussy clenching on Xera's dick.

I licked at her pussy, gathering lavender-scented cream and Xera's salty jizz. I groaned, my tongue sliding through the messy cunt, eating the creampie.

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I humped harder into Xera's thrusts as cum and pussy juices poured into my mouth. "Yes, yes, yes," hissed Minx, humping her small pussy against my mouth.

"That's it. Ooh, drink it all, Angela." "Yes, yes, eat my cum from her cunt." Xera fucked me harder, her tits slapping together. Ropes creaked as Sophia squirmed. I loved it. My tits bounced from the force of Xera's thrusts.

I kept licking as I squirmed and writhed my hips, my pussy aching from the force of the elf's thrusts. She fucked so hard, eager for another cum. She had to relieve her lusts. They were always strongest right after her cock sprouted. My tongue probed Minx's depths as she squirmed. I reached behind her and seized her asscheeks as they clenched and writhed in my hand. She was so enthusiastic. She humped harder and harder against me. My tongue slid through her folds, gathering every drop of Xera's cum and the halfling's pussy juices.

"That's it. Oh, your Queen is eating my cunt so well, Sophia. She's eager to get all of Xera's cum. She's such a slut for it." Sophia let out a frustrated hiss and her bed creaked louder. She thrashed and squirmed, pulling at the ropes.

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"Shut up, Minx." "Ooh, she is such a pussy licker. You taught her well, Sophia. Mmm, she's digging through all my folds, searching for all of Xera's cum. Oh, yes. She's going to make me explode." My fingers clenched into Minx's ass as she squirmed on me. It was so exciting. My pussy clenched and relaxed Xera's thrusting cock. My clit throbbed each time Xera's pubic bone slammed into my clit.

Aching it. Building my orgasm.

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"Ooh, Minx, you annoying brat," moaned Sophia. Minx laughed, grinding on me. "Oh, yes. She's making me cum. Oh, yes. Yes. Drink it all. Oh, the cum's pouring out of my cunt into her hungry mouth." It was.

I sealed my lips about her small pussy, sucking as she came. Her lavender juices and Xera's salty cum flooded my mouth. A wonderful mix of creamy delight. I shuddered as I swallowed, the fluids warming my stomach, reaching for my pussy.

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Sophia's hiss made me shudder. My orgasm swelled through me. I bucked harder into Xera's thrusts, grinding my clit into her pubic bone. Sparks flew. I was so close. My fingers dug into Minx's tight ass. I moaned into the halfling's cunt as I came.

My pussy spasmed hard about Xera's thrusting cock.


She gasped and slammed herself into my cunt. She shuddered, her thrusts so hard, so powerful. Her breasts heaved as she hissed her pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes. Matar's cock, thank you for this tight cunt." "Flood her," moaned Minx. "Do it. Flood her with so much jizz." "Yes," I moaned as the pleasure filled my body.

Xera's thrusts were so hard. My clit ached and throbbed. A second orgasm spasmed through my body. The bed creaked as I thrashed beneath them. Minx rolled off my mouth, panting beside me as my head arched. I licked my cream-covered lips, my head rolling. I stared at Sophia watching, her face flushed, her body twitching. "She's going to flood my cunt with so much cum," I moaned as I stared at her.

"So much." Xera gasped and buried into me. My eyes widened as her cum poured into my depths. My orgasm peaked as such wicked, wonderful pleasure flooded me. I thrashed and heaved. My back arched a final time. And then I collapsed. "Pater's cock," I moaned as Xera rolled off of me. Her cum poured out of my cunt.

Minx attacked Xera, eager for another go on the cock as I stared at the ceiling. The sun rose. We couldn't spend all day fucking. Bounty hunters pursued us. We needed to get to the village of Llanes where the Golden Hunger, the pirate ship we had contracted, waited.

I forced myself to sit up. I twisted and stood, cum running down my thighs. I groaned as I walked across the room to my trembling lover. Sophia's tart musk filled my nose.

The rope wrapped between her thighs soaked her juices up like a lantern wick. "You look so frustrated," I purred. Sophia nodded her head. I sat down on the bed, my right hand sliding down her stomach as I leaned over to kiss her. Before our lips met, I whispered, "Then cum." She groaned into my mouth as I kissed her hard. My hand shoved the rope aside and found her clit. I rubbed it. Only three circles of her throbbing nub was enough to trigger her orgasm. The ropes creaked as she thrashed, her body fighting their restraint.

Her kiss was so sweet as she came. "Love you," I whispered when I broke the kiss. Her green eyes shone. Her lips twisted into a beautiful smile. "I love you, my Queen." I kissed her again as I reached for the knots.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun Xandra's eyes almost fell out of her eye sockets when Xera walked into the common room, her cock thrusting hard before her.

My wife looked so cute as she stared at the dick. She desired it, like she had Thrak's last night. Maybe it would be easier to convince her to fuck Xera than Thrak. A way to ease her into it. I so wanted to watch my wife writhe beneath the hermaphrodite. To join them, use them. To hear her gasp and cry, to show her the wonders of sex in all its forms.

"You didn't know she would grow a cock?" I whispered. She blushed and clamped her mouth shut. "I just didn't would be so." "Big?" Her cheeks were scarlet. Her pupils dilated wide in the center of her bright-sapphire irises. She nodded her head. I pulled her lithe body to me and gave my songbird a sweet kiss. Her aura shone so white about her. It was so sexy that I was the man in her thoughts.

No changeling had ever known the joys of marriage. She trembled as I led her to the table to break our fast. She sat close to me, squirming, her pussy hot. I smiled. We had a light breakfast and paid our bill with the proprietor. I smiled at Estyr, the innkeeper's daughter, remembering how I claimed her virginity while wearing the form of her father the last time we stayed here.

A smile danced on her lips, and color spotted her bluish skin. She was Valyan, like many of the humans who lived in Baraconia. I walked beside my wife as we left the crowded, bustling metropolis.

No one said anything. While the bounty hunters had already found out about the reward, it seemed word of it hadn't reached the city quite yet. Merchantmen did not sail as fast as pirate ships. We left the city behind and followed the coastal trail to the village of Llanes. The village was friends to pirates and smugglers, no doubt increasing their coffers beyond what they brought from selling their day's catch in the market squares of Baraconia.

It was an hours walk, the breeze from the Nimborgoth keeping at bay the swelter of the jungle. Xandra kept glancing at Xera as she walked ahead of us, her dick bouncing hard before her.

I smiled, loving the way my wife blushed. Sophia was the start of Xandra's awakening. I had to ease her past her people's prudish morality.

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And while sailing on the Golden Hunger, I was sure I could arrange for my wife and the elf to get together in the hold or a cabin. I just had to distract Minx. The halfling kept reaching out and stroking Xera's cock.

Minx loved the dick. She skipped and giggled, acting like a child with a new toy. The jungle gave way to the village of Llanes. The houses were all small huts, built to halfling size. The docks were empty save for the lean Golden Hunger. The pirate ship dwarfed the pier she was tied up to.

"Thank the gods," Angela muttered. "Feared she had left?" Thrak asked with his deep rumble. "Yes. Captain Thyrna is a pirate." "Pirate?" gasped Xandra. "Didn't we mention that?" I asked her. "Only a pirate can be trusted to carry fugitives like us." She gave me a look. "You make this sound like it's a story." "It is. Once I write it. An epic that will be sung for a thousand-thousand years." Xandra's eyes widened.

"Wow." Sophia snorted. "Right, Chaun. A thousand-thousand years. You're not that good." I gave the priestess a winsome smile and inclined my head. I was that good. I would pen an epic. Angela was reforging the High King's sword.

An event that would ripple through the annals of history, and only I would have seen it all first-hand. My song would be remembered. I would regain my honor The college of Az would welcome me back with open arms and Princess Adelaide would. I trailed off, my stomach twisting at the thought of my golden-haired lover.

I glanced at Xandra and her smile. She trilled out a song of such beauty as she walked beside me, bursting with her excitement about my song. Did I want Princess Adelaide in my arms again? It had been years since we had been together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril The Golden Hunger, The Nimborgoth The moment the Golden Hunger had sailed from Llanes's lagoon and put out into the blue of the Nimborgoth, the pirate captain turned her sultry gaze to Thrak.

Captain Thyrna was a tall woman, her skin dark-brown, a hue I had never seen on another human. She was exotic, with wavy-brown hair falling about her hungry face. She wore tight leather pants and a loose, white vest. Her eyes had a possessive gleam. "Thrak, in my quarters. Now. I need you to attend to me and my needs." I gaped at the captain giving my lover such a blatant command. I didn't begrudge Thrak any woman he wanted to fuck, but the way the woman spoke offended me.

It was like she thought she owned him. No one owned my Thrak. Not even me. I only had the gift of his love. "That bitch," I muttered beneath my breath.

I glanced at Thrak as he watched her vanish through the door in the stern deck that led to the cabins. His brows furrowed. Something had happened between the pair on the voyage south. While I was drowning in guilt over what I did to Relaria, and servicing the entire crew to run from it, the captain had tried something with him. "Let me talk to her," I said, my back straight. Thrak lifted a pierced eyebrow. "She's not.gentle." I pulled out a vial of Thrak's preserved cum, downed it.

Magic filled me. It was wonderful to use it again. The Magery Council could strip me from their ranks and declare me a warlock for what I did, but they couldn't stop me from using my gift. "I can be rough, too." He appraised me then nodded. "If I hear you scream, I'm coming in." "I'll be fine," I said but smiled. I loved his concern. I marched across the rolling deck of the ship, my red robes swishing about my legs.

I had the power of the five elements coursing through me. This woman would be schooled if she thought she could leash my orc. She had to understand I was the woman he loved. I threw open the door that led to the cabins beneath the stern deck.

It was a short hallway, two doors on either side for guest cabins, and a door at the end. I could feel her in there waiting for my Thrak to come to her like a lapdog. My hand clenched as I marched down the hallway. I reached her door. I didn't bother to knock. I threw it open and marched into the dim interior. Light flooded through several small portholes, splashing beams across her bed. They moved as the ship rocked.

She lounged on the bed already naked, her body lush and beautiful. She saw me and stretched with a feline grace. Anger smoldered in her dark eyes as I stalked to the foot of her bed where I stopped, glaring at her. "Do you—" "I did not give you permission to enter," she purred as she gained her knees and crouched on her bed facing me, her eyes intent. "I don't care—" "My commands will be obeyed, or you will be punished." I arched an eyebrow.

"Punished." Then I noticed the wall covered in whips, paddles, and flails. The crew—made up of all muscular, brawny men—moved with alacrity at her commands. She had trained them. Dominated them. Turned them into her lapdogs. "Thrak is not—" "You will leave here and fetch the orc," she hissed. "Or I will make you howl." "Make me howl?" my eyes narrowed, but there was something in her eyes.

Something strong. Intimidating "Thrak is not your lapdog. He is—" "Mine," hissed the captain. Her hand shot out and seized my hair, wrenching me close to her lush lips. Before I could send out my magic, she added, "And if he's not mine, well, there is a bounty I can collect." I froze. "You pretty thing. You think you know what power is because you have magic." She snorted. "Power is all about will. And yours is so weak." I gasped as she stood on her bed, her legs sleek, rising to her shaved pussy.

She yanked on my hair, pulling my mouth to her pussy. Her hot flesh rubbed on my lips. She let out a purring moan, humping her hips. "This is power. You will make me cum and then fetch your man to worship me. He is mine!" To be continued.