Raw Twinks In Hot Threesome Bareback

Raw Twinks In Hot Threesome Bareback
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Read the first part to know how it all started.

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The moment I entered the tent, I saw her standing naked with her legs wide open and her ass facing me. I could see her hole clearly this time. She looked extremely sexy with her hands around her torso and looking away from me.

Her back was in amazing shape. I couldn't resist further and made my move against my own mom. I tightly grabbed her from behind and started fondling her all over. While my one hand fondled her boobs, I used another to rub her pussy and she started to moan slowly. My dick inside my pants had made its space between her ass. I decided to blow myself between her asscheeks. "Aaaaaaaaah …… I have never felt like this in years … and no one is here in this jungle" she moaned even more loudly knowing no one would hear her.

I was kissing and licking her neck from behind too. For the first time I noticed that her ass was enourmous. My dick stuck between her cheeks and but found no end. I slowly started to go down on her. I was kissing her back now. Both of my hands were rubbing her pussy now. The journey from her neck to her ass was eternal.


My hands were full of her juices and her back was full of mine meanwhile she kept on moaning. I could clearly sense her gap with my tongue now.

I pushed her to bent down so that my tongue could reach her depths. She obliged. "Aaaaaah . it has been years since someone went down there… with tongue" she said when my tongue was about to reach her asshole.

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I was already between her cheeks and had licked them good. Her ass was as juicy as melons. Soon enough I got to the hole I would have loved to caress all my life. I started to lick her asshole with all vigour. I could basically eel the contours around her hole. With each lick it grew stiff.

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She was panting. Her body was full of sweat and pussy dripping infinite juices. I kept on licking her. She bent down all the way to be the doggie.

I bent down to be her loyal doggy. After licking it for good fifteen minutes and licking my saliva back from her hole, I slowly started to finger her.

She didn't mind at all as her moans didn't stop. My finger was inside her asshole now. I fingered her more and more, deeper than ever. Her moans made her sexy. I could see the curves around her hole and feel them with my fingers.

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My tongue tasted inside of her finally. Suddenly she got up, turned around and looked deep into my eyes. Before I could think of a thing, she pulled down my pants and gave a huge lick to my rock hard dick. She became doggie again after that.


I had known her desires by now. I pushed my dick deep in her hole the moment I saw it again. This time it was a shout. She stopped for a moment but still seemed to enjoy and took a deep breath. Her hole was tight and my finger had barely made it loose enough for my dick.

But still I pushed in and tried to fuck her. Her hole had loosened up after few pushes. I too grew comfortable in her hole and was pounding with all my might.

She kept on shouting whenever I pushed in. Soon, I found myself too horny for the moment. I knew I was going to come in her soon. "Mommmmmmmmmmm ". I gave a final shout to my pounding before releasing it all in her. Puddles were formed inside her full of my cum. She didn't mind, neither did I.

We both sat next to each other laying on the wall of the tent. We dressed up and slept cosily. I woke up late afternoon. Mom wasn't around. I looked around in tent. She was outside probably. I felt horny the moment I thought about her. But first I decided to pee. As I head out of the tent, I see her sitting around. "I needa pee. Will be back in a minute" I waved her. She smiled. I could hear some rustling of leaves from behind while walking. I knew she could be following me but I pretended to be unaware of it.

I crossed 3 trees, a distance far away from tent. I unzipped my pants. I was about to start when I suddenly saw mom to the left of me. She was keenly looking at my dick. It were her looks that made me horny.


I knew I would get hard soon and will create a mess. I decided to pee right in front of her. She kept on gazing at my dick. In the middle of my pee, her hands came close and held my dick. It became hard instantly. She was massaging me while I peed. A little of my pee split on her hands which she wiped off. She bent down on her knees and pulled me using my dick.

"Umm this is big. I am proud of you son".

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That was all I could hear as she took my dick in her mouth and start to blow. My dick was large enough to go deep in her throat. Initially I felt weird as she was my mom but once when I got comfortable, I started to deep throat her.I started to fuck her mouth like I did her asshole. Her licking and playing with my balls did't end either. She waited for a moment to breath and spit on my dick again to start blowing. She was continuously going front and back and licked my top passionately.

She started to moan a little too. I wanted to cum in her again. I held her using her head and started to pound in her mouth insanely. I started to feel horny. She was really blowing me well.

I knew I was about to cum. I kept on moving her head like a pump until I came inside her again.

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I pushed my dick deep in her so that all the cum went in her without any struggle. I pulled out once I was done. She was gasping for air. There was a little cum around her lips.

She licked it back. Will publish next part soon