Sex in bus ebony xxx story

Sex in bus ebony xxx story
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Damn. I thought as I watched Amy bend down, and picked her bag up. I must have done something for this awesome karma. Well thank you Luna. This goddess in her own right had smashed into me, and showed me I'm not crazy for thinking I had powers. I just saw it for real. Also this girl just came out of nowhere, someone who made my heart beat faster.

I had known all my life that I was different, and not just because of my powers. I knew that I liked girls in a way I was taught was wrong, I don't think it is at all.

And Amy looks like a person who could be swayed. Lust coursed through me, and something else I couldn't decipher-perhaps affection?- I wasn't sure. "Amy?" "Yes, Rowen?" "Why did you run away from your world?" Amy stood back up, and bit her lip, pulling her iPod out of her ear. "Three reasons. One my twin brother was killed, two my Mom's replacing me with a baby, and three I'm engaged to be married." What the hell?

"Are you going to get married?" "I hope not, I don't even know the guy, I haven't met him either." I sighed silently, relief was among my thought. "I'm sorry about your brother, how did he die?" "In a battle." She left it at that.


"Why would you say your mom's replacing you with a baby? Perhaps the baby wasn't even planned?" "Well, I'm not sure on that one, but it doesn't matter I will not marry a stranger at sixteen." I nodded, understanding her point. I walked up closer to her, and put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you need me, just ask or anything really." Amy smiled, and flushed. "Could I stay with you for a while?" "You can as long as you want, if you don't mind living in a hippie van." "You struck me as a type to live in a van, my little hippie.

I don't mind." My goddess she called me my little hippie. Calm your self! She's just being friendly. OR is she? My thoughts swirled in my head, and I watched Amy, she was smiling at me. "Come, I'll show you a neat little place." I held out my hand, and she took it. Smiling at me more, I smiled back, feeling heat shooting up my arms, and straight to my beating heart.

Goddess this is gonna be a long night. I tugged her across the field that we were in, and to the tree line, I started to whisper. "We have to be quiet here, and take off our shoes." "Is it a sacred place?" "I think so, it just feels right, and respectful to not have shoes on, and to be somewhat silent." Amy nodded, and pulled off her sneakers, and socks.

I tugged my sandals off, placing them next to Amy's. "Ok, I'm ready." She whispered back to me with her soft, and beautiful lips. I wanted to pulled her close, slip my fingers in her curly hair, and softly kiss them. After kissing her lips, I'd tugged her shit off her shoulder, and kiss her on her neck, ever so gently. Shaking myself from my vision, I smiled at Amy, she took my hand, and we walked down the worn path that I had created after so many years from coming here.

"So, how old are you?" "I'm turning seventeen soon, you?" "I just turned sixteen, on the eighth of June." "Your a summer girl, me too, it's on the twenty sixth of June. So in like six days." "Huh, I would have thought of you to be sixteen at most." I shrugged my shoulders I was always a bit young looking, especially because I wore free, and colorful clothing.

Amy's hand was wrapped around mine, she was a little uneasy, I wonder if it was because I was holding her hand, or because she felt weird with me.

"Amy are you alright?" "Yeah, why?" "You seem, antsy, or uncomfortable." I pulled my hand away. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" Amy looked down at her empty hand, and back up at me. "Well not uncomfortable." "Then what?" Amy turned her face away, and blushed. "Nervous." I smiled gently at her, and turned her face back to me. "Come with me, and I'll show you something." She nodded, and grabbed my hand back. I smiled a secret little smile, and started walking. There I followed the path.

The path lead to an open grove, with the path twisting into different directions, I took Amy to the one bending toward the south end of the grove.

Following it, we had to duck under a thorny archway, crouching to not get hurt, and the thorns had blood red roses twined in with them, to hide the true danger, with amazing beauty. We we got to the end of the tunnel of thorns, and stood up to a once in a life time sight.

There was a pool of liquid sliver, the moon casted it's color onto the spring, and there was a waterfall of warm water, poring itself into the pool.

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Amy gasped in awe. I smiled at her, and winked. "Come with me, and lets have a swim." "Like naked?" Amy asked, blushing the whole time.

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"Well yes, why get our clothes wet?" I jogged over to my secret hiding spot, a hole in a bottom of a tree truck, and pulled out a cooler. I popped it open, and inside was a few towels, a blanket, and some ritual/normal candles.

I grabbed the towels, and blanket, laying the blanket down, and the towels on it, I started undressing. Amy's eyes became wide. "Um-- Rowan, I- I'm not s-so sure about t-this." Amy stuttered, turing away from me pulling my shirt up. I dropped my blowy tied dyed mid drift onto the ground, in my white cotton bra, I approached Amy. "Amy, it's not a big deal, come on, it's hot out, and you wanna take a swim, I know you do." Amy turned to look at me, and blushed again as she saw I was in my bra.

"I still don't know." I sighed, and brushed Amy's face, my finger traced the outside of her ear, and down to her chin.

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"Trust me." With those words, Amy's eyes opened, and she pulled away. Taking a deep breath, she tugged her black tank, to reveal a silk black bra. I smiled at her, trying not to be obvious that I was checking her out, and turned back around to finish undressing my self.

I pulled off my tight jeans, unclipped my bra, and pushed my panties down my hips. I stretched, and jumped into the water, I laughed, and looked over at Amy. She was completely undressed, but she was covering herself up with her hands as best she could. "Come in, Amy it's nice." Amy bit her lip, and nodded. She slowly approached the water, and climbed in, she dove under the water.

When she came up she was laughing. "Wow, Rowan the water is nice." I giggled, and splashed her. Amy gasped, and roared as she splashed me back.

We got into a water fight. We were splashing, ducking, and laughing so hard that Amy wasn't paying attention to where her foot was, and she tripped falling right into my arms. Her warm, wet, and naked body was pressed against me so hard, and shockingly, that I backed up to a rock. I looked at her, and for the first time in my life, I felt nervous with a girl, naked.

I took a deep breath in, and watched what Amy would do. And that's when she shocked me more.


She blushed a bright crimson, as she pulled me closer to her, and tentatively gave me a kiss. Heat explode inside me, her soft lips on me. She pulled back all of a sudden. "Oh my gods, I'm so sorry, Rowan I have no idea---" I stopped her in mid sentence, with my finger pressed gently to her lips. "Shhh, it's fine." I smiled at her, running my fingers through her wet, tangled hair, I pulled her closer to me, and we swam to the edge of the pool.

I let go of her, and helped her stand up.I grabbed the towel on the blanket, and wrapped it around her. She nodded her thanks. I grabbed my own towel, wrapping it around myself, and sat down hard on the blanket. Amy sighed, and sat down next to me. "Rowan, I'm---" I shook my head at her attempted apology, and looked up at the stars. When I looked back at Amy her eyes were closed, I sighed, and cupped her face in both my hands, she opened her eyes fast, and looked at me.

I pull her face close, and kiss her. Amy moans slightly under my lips, and that encourages me to continue. Pushing Amy back, she falls on the blanket, and her towel opens.

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My hands let go of her face, and find her shoulders to rub, as I nibble her lips, and lick them as well. My towel unties itself, it slides off my body, and onto the ground. I gasped as I feel Amy's hands on my sides, kneading them. She must of undid the towel, and pushed it off me, without me noticing. My whole body is shacking above Amy, I'm barley able to hold myself up, but I do anyways.

My hands slid from her shoulders to her breasts, soft, and large, her nipples a dusky pink color, and her skin a carmel tint. I pull my lips slightly away from hers, taking in deep breaths, my fingers wrapping themselves around her nipples, tugging on them gently, she gasps, taking in sharp breaths.

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"Are you ok?" I ask, horsily. She bits her lip, and mhm's at me, nodding a bit. My lips leave her face, and descend to her neck, nipping at her. She grabbed my waist, shocking me, and throws herself on me. I'm on my back panting. "Ro, no more, I can't handle it, I'm about to explode." She kisses me, and puts her own hand on my breasts. I feel her wetness slid onto my hip, I hadn't even touched her close to her core, yet. She pulled away from my lips, and settled her lips on my nipples, she bit them, and I arched, crying out in ecstasy, as lightening shoots from my spine.

Amy pulled her mouth away. "Did I hurt you?" "Gods, no. Amy, have you done this before?" "No, never. Nothing like this, I'm just listening to what I want to do." I nodded, and moved my hips in anticipation. "Mmm, Amy I need you now, come here, and I'll show you." Amy shook her head, and slid down my body, she placed a tentative finger on my clit, and circled it.

I moaned loudly, bucking my hips to Amy's fingers. "Amy, no, at the same time." I said incoherently, she arched her eyebrow at me confused. I pulled her up to me, and laid her on her side, then I flipped down, and opened her legs.

"Are you doing, what I think your doing?" Amy asked, her eyes wide, and breathing almost none exist. I smiled at her. My tongue darted out, and licked her wet, swollen clit, she moaned, and wiggled her hips to me.


I grabbed her legs, and pulled them closer to my head, I started sucking on her. "Ah, Ro. Mmm, could I do that to you?" I nodded, licking up, and down her core, and slipped a finger inside her slightly. She pushed her head closer to my core, and gave a quick lick, I moaned, and she kept up with it.

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I pushed my finger inside her more, and was surprised to meet a barrier. Oh gods, she's a virgin. I kept my finger well away from it, so not to break it, but I still pushed inside her, sucking gently on her.

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Amy pushed two fingers inside me, and somehow knew I wanted it hard, she pushed them inside, harder, and faster, sucking, and licking on me. We were now bucking ferrous on the blanket, making many noises, and panting. I knew Amy was getting so close, and I was about there. One more suck on my, and my finger found Amy's magic spot, thankfully before her barrier, and we screamed.

Our bodies shattered into a billion pieces, scattering across the worlds, flying up to the stars, and floating. Shinning brightly as though stars, before like a fallen one, came crashing back to earth.