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Part 6 Authors Note: Ok guys we are back to the narrative again. Also sorry for the long time inbetween postings, I couldn't get the story to start the way I wanted to and felt too forced until I got it right. Hope you enjoy. It's been a few weeks since I talked with George about Lori, he's come over with Jenny only twice and showed them to the guest room. Jenny knows I know and at first was upset, but realized I'm cool with it and even letting them use a bedroom in my house for their elicit relationship.

Little do they know that I have a camera in that room as well and have been recording their fucking. George has an average cock, 6 inches or so and I enjoy watching him pound it into Jennys little cunt. Lori on the other hand has been working her charms on me and it's been hard on me.

I'm trying to keep from giving in so quickly but I know I'm losing the fight. I watch her on her computers giving shows to her friends, hearing her triumphs of her seducing me.

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Although things change one friday night in early march. It started off as a quiet night, just me and Lori watching some TV.

Lori didn't have any sleepovers this weekend, which I was thankful for I could use the break from all that young teen flesh. I had my arm around Loris waist enjoying the closeness more then I should but distracted by the show. Then of course a sex scene appears on screen and I can feel Lori rocking gently on my leg, she was straddling my right leg, and I could feel her trying to press her little pussy down on me trying to get off.

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I don't know why I did it, but I move my hand from her hip to her abdomen and slowly pulled up her nightgown until her crotch was uncovered and reached in and rubbed her thru her panties.

She leaned back against me as the scene continued, panting softly as I rubbed her clit now. Her hips pushing against my hand. I can feel my cock swelling in my shorts and press against her hip I groan softly and bring my hand down to her hip and pull her against me after I have her fully straddling my lap. She turns her head and kisses me on the lips, the taste of her lips divine as she opens her mouth, welcoming me into it.

After a few minutes of teasing her clit with my finger and our embrace I push her away for a moment as I push my shorts down exposing my cock to her and I lift her up and line her up with my cock.

Suddenly I wake from my dream with a start. It was all a dream. I look at the clock and it's only 2AM Saturday morning. I feel a dampness in my crotch as I look down and pull the covers up as my cock is semi-hard and damp with cum.

It's been a long time since I've had a wet dream that caused me to cum in my sleep. But last night was pretty hot, Lori rocking my leg as that sex scene went on was hot, I don't think she was even conscious of doing it.

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I go and clean myself up then decide to forgo the shorts and sleep nude like I do every so often when the night is warm. I awake at 8am again no erotic dreams this time around. I stretch and put just a robe on as I head into the computer room and check the overnight videos. Starting with my little girl. I find her going up to bed after the movie.

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She quickly locks her door and strips naked and writhes on her bed, head down and ass up, right to the camera as I watch her fingering her pussy in between her legs. As I turn the sound up I hear her moans and that gets my cock stirring again as I reach in and slowly stroke my cock to it's full hardness. I watch as Lori rubs her self and then slips her fingers into her hot cunt I zoom the video in and can actually see her juices squishing and being pushed out of her cunt as she fucks her self.

I lean back and watch my little girl frig herself as I stroke myself and can't help it but I cum hard again moaning out Loris name. As I calm down I look up at the door and see a shadow quickly disappearing in the crack as I realized I didn't close the door all the way and Lori might have just caught me cumming and calling her name.

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I clean myself up and head down into the kitchen, and Lori is already there fixing herself some cereal. "Hey there baby girl, you're up early this morning. Usualy I can't get you out of bed by noon" "Hey daddy, I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd get something to eat, then go back to bed or something, but since you're awake too, maybe get an early start at the mall?


Summer is around the corner and I need a new swimsuit." She gave me the sweetest look that would melt even the Grinchs heart. I didn't need that look, I would have said yes anyways.

"Sure thing hun" I give her a smile "I could use new swim trunks myself." she gives me a hug and runs up stairs, leaving her breakfast on the table to get soggy and no one likes soggy cereal so I toss it and plan on breakfast on the go.

About an hour later fed, dressed and pulling into the mall parking lot not many people here at this hour as Lori hops out and practically drags me thru the mall opening heading towards some big name store that was having a pre-summer sale. After about half an hour of looking thru the suits she pulls me to the dressing area, and this store had chairs infront of the changing rooms, I guess for the women who drag their Boyfriends or husbands or lovers to sit in and enjoy the ensuing show.

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First Lori came out in a modest one-peice, blue and had high cut leg holes, and covered everything, but she did a twirl and told her that it was a nice suit. Then she suprising me with a thong bikini, it was white, and even dry I could almost make out her aureola and nipples.

The bottom half was just a thin strip of cloth covering her slit and ran up her ass. I was chocked at first but realized I've seen more of her then she probably realizes.

"That one is very nice, but I'm afraid if you get it wet, nothing will be left to the imagination. I hope it's for just sunbathing?" "Of course daddy, want as little of a tanline as I can get. But I doubt you'll let me sunbath nude" she giggled saying that and I shifted a bit, a few months ago I would have forbidden it, but now the Idea of watching my baby girl laying there naked in the sun, was getting me hard.

"Ok daddy your turn!" I was snapped out of my thought as Lori reminded me I needed to try on my suit as I went in, the suits hiding my hard cock as I changed out of my pants and my cock pushing the suit out as I get an idea and pull the suit down some and stroke my cock to it's full hardness, two can play the teasing game. As I let the suit be tented out and I step out to see Lori in the chair with a smile.

My suit noting special, just a blue camo pattern, but my cock bulge very prominent as I push my hips out and turn to the side for a brief moment.


I could see her eyes widen as I did that and she quickly composes her self "Nice daddy," While she may be looking at me her eyes are riveted to my crotch as I turn slowly and step back into the booth to change back into my pants, trying to stuff my self back into them.

The only draw back to this plan, having to force my hard cock into my pants, which bulge as well, but not as much as I come out with a smile. "I think I'll take these they are quite comfortable" Lori giggles as she scoops up her two suits.

I almost tell her to put back the white suit but couldn't see any harm if it was for sunbathing only, then I remind myself yeah right I have a feeling she'll be wearing that more then the blue one

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