Dominican Natalie Doing What She Do

Dominican Natalie Doing What She Do
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"What to wear" She thought we She rummaged through her closet. She found a short black dress that would give her c cup tits a nice accent.

She knew a Way to a mans heart was to be a little revealing. As She finished getting ready For her interview She wondered what the Job would consist Of. The receptionist finally told her that mr.macin would see her now.

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As She entered the office She noticed a stunning Man behind the desk. He asked her a few questions about herself But She noticed him staring At her chest the whole time. He continued to ask her other questions as He walked behind her. He leaned a little over her shoulder and asked "do you want this Job"?

"Yes" She replied. "Well I'm Not going to lie. Having you around the office will he much more appealing But I don't think you see qualified" he said.

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"Please sir. I will so anything to get this Job. It was hard enough finding one let alone get an interview. " his hand now on her shoulder started sliding down her chest. "Anything huh"? " I am Not a whore mr. Macin I will Not sleep My Way into a Job." She said as She attempted to stand up. He pushed her back down in the chair. " you said anything. And all I want to do Is feel those perky tits you have".

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His hand continuing inside her dress. He started Go massage her tit and play With her nipple. She let out a soft moan, "If that's It then yea ill take the Job". "Stand up and face Me so I can feel them better. She did as He said. He Began to push her dress down exposing her bra. "Take It off" " But sir. All you said was you wanted to feel them " before She finished her bra was undone and pushed off her tits.

He continued to feel them and slowly lowered His head to one. He took her nipple in His mouth and began teasing It. She let out soft moans while His other hand traced down her back. " that's enough " She said. "I let you play With My tits now where Is My desk "? She tried to cover up again But He forcefully grabbed her and bent her over his desk. " you come in here with tits showing and a short dress teasing Me making My dick hard your going to fuck It"!

He lifted up her dress and saw She had No underwear on.

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" ooh you are a whore. Your going to he My whore." He started to unbuckle His pants "No"! She said. "If you want to fuck Me that bad your going to show Me How bad u want this pussy on your cock "! "Your going to let Me do what I want with you"?

"I want you to take that demanding mouth Of yours and Eat My pussy til I beg you to fuck Me". She sat on the chair and opened her legs For him to see her shaved pussy. He knelt down and began kissing her inner thighs. He took His toungue and proceeded to tease her clit. Due started moaning more and more. " you Like that Dont you whore" she just moaned louder. He took two fingers and started fucking her pussy as He teased her clit With His toungue. " oh My god. Dont stop your makin that pussy so we He proceeded to fuck her faster With His fingers " you want that cock on your wet pussy dont you"?


"OOOOH YES. shove that dick in Me.


I want it deep in My pussy" With No hesitation He let His dick free From His pants. "I want you to ride My dick" She got up to let him sit down instead He went on the couch next to the window.


She started teasing His dick by putting a little bit in her pussy At a time. He grabbed her hips and slammed her down in His cock. " you have already teased this dick enough start fucking It Like the whore you are"!

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" oh you feel so Good in My pussy"! She moaned louder and louder She was by far the best fuck He had in a long time. He stood her up and pushed her against the window. She didn't mind who saw her outside She found It errotic.

He put His dick At the tip Of her pussy "beg Me Go put It in you. Tell Me what a whore you are. She tried pushing her hips back on hope He would put It in her. "Please sir put that dick in My pussy.I want It in Me so bad. This whore needs your cock. " He shoved It back in her pussy "oooh YES FUCK THAT PUSSY FUCK IT HARDER OOH YES YOUR GONNA MAKE THAT PUSSY CUM!" "That's it whore cum on My dick.

Ooh I can feel your pussy cumming" "OOH YEA FUCK ME ! FUCK THAT PUSSY AS IT CUMS ALL OVER YOUR COCK " . "ooh My little whore's pussy Is gonna make that dick cum " " Not in My pussy" She tried to get him out Of her But His grip was to strong " uhhuh whore your taking My cum deep in your pussy!

OOH YEA FUCK BABY IM CUMMIN RIGHT IN YOUR PUSSY OOOH FUCK YEA " He got off Of her. " clean yourself up. You got the Job. You are Not allowed to wear Any bra Or underwear only mini skirts Or short dresses and your desk will be IN here tommorow. When I want to FUCK you I Will! Understood?," "YES sir.

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. One question though" " what"? "What If I wanna FUCK you?" "Just flash your pussy and tits. No better Yet I want you to play with your pussy when you want My cock.

Understood"? Yes. Sir " one more question If I may ask" " sure " " what Is My pay "? He thought for a minute and said " well I can't pay you a whores wage But How does 20 an hour sound as long as you do as I Say With the dress code" " hell yea.

20 an hour to FUCK you ill take it " before She left they fucked again. She couldn't wait til the next Day. She will dress to impress!