Sunny leone fucking by bf

Sunny leone fucking by bf
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When I was a senior in high school, I was a typical guy is high school, about 6'2 with brown shaggy hair, a nice body and a good sized cock, and in my free time I would hang out for hours with my friends smoking pot and skateboarding, and then in the night time banging my-girlfriend-of-the-time, Sarah.

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Sarah was slut and that was just the kind of girls I aimed for, girls you could fuck and fuck until you were bored fucking them and the dump them without feeling bad, and then a week later I'd find a new one. That night was the last night I last fucked Sarah, she came over dress in a small white mini skirt, and a blue tank top fully exposing her hard 36' B's, She just walked in and started yelling at me for smelling like pot, I was really pissed, for I was almost sick of fucking her and really sick of her nagging at me all the time, so I screamed at her "look it's over between you and me okay!" and she gave me a snarled glare, "you fucking jackass" and kept screaming about how I smoke shit and was a complete loser to her, so to shut her up I grabbed her breasts from behind and pulled off her shirt, this shut her up and turned her on, she turned around and questioned me "what the hell are you doing Andy?" I grinned between kissing her neck hard and told her giving her a goodbye fuck she told me I was a ass but didn't push me away.

Sarah practically ripped off my pants and the grabbed my semi hard cock in her fist, she them kneeled down and started slowly licking the tip, then moving across with her tongue and with her hands caressing my balls.

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I was in heaven and shot a huge amount of cum into her mouth which she licked up happily, then I pulled her up by her hair and shoulder up to my face pushing her back against the kitchen table and slammed my cock into her, she buckled her back pushing her hard breasts into me. I fucked her so hard the dishes rattled thru the kitchen, then I pulled out and walked away up stairs watching her sigh and collapse on the floor below her.

--------------------------------- A week later Sarah was going out with this guy Todd, and I was bored to death, I was sitting in home room when the teacher said we had a new girl in our school, I groaned expecting another nerd from one of the towns high schools, but a slender girl with straight dark red hair walked up, her hair was so dark it was almost maroon, and when she turned around I saw her lovely face; she had bright green eyes rimmed with dark thick lashes, and a small nose covered with sexy cute freckles, and a perfect bow mouth.

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I couldn't believe myself, but then suddenly disappointed by her clothes, they were fine, jeans with some derby tee shirt and sandals, but they weren't slutty which would mean I would have to actually work for a girl for once in my life. --------------------------------- I found her to be in all of my classes, and I "befriended" her, talking to her about nasty teachers and good teachers, and what not to do or say, she would laugh but barley talk to me, all that I learned from her is that she was named Molly and she liked art.

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And I asked her out after school the following friday to the local cafe and restaurant, we got pizza and I got her to talk to me more, it turned out she lives with her aunt and she likes the same music as me, then suddenly she asked me if I thought she was hot, I replied that yeah I did, and she replied "look, I like you as a friend but other than that your really not my type" sure it pissed me off but I laughed and said "okay then what is your type?" and she pointed to a pretty girl in the corner of the room, "that is my type" and mumbled sorry, it shocked me and I didn't say anything for a while until we got back in my car "wow, you like girls?" she looked away as she replied "yeah" and I dropped her off and said goodnight but left still in shock.

It turned out we became best friends, we would study together and even watch porn together, she was just like one of my guys friends, we listened to music and "hung out" which was fun for me not having doing so in a while without being high, weeks went by and turned into months until one saturday morning I was woken up by her saying over and over again "we need to talk" I rolled over and propped my self up against my pillow grumpily gazing at her, she looked like crap, her eyes were bloodshot which made her pupils look neon green and gave her this vampire affect, her nose was also red and her lips were cracked, I brushed the hair out of her face and half glared at her and half worried what was wrong, then after starring hard into my sheets she replied "look, I lied to you." and then her voice cracked and she stopped, I was confused and wonder about what "how did you lie to me", she replied "well, for one I really really like you, I don't like girls, I like you, but I only said that because back in new york I was." then she burst into tears which gave me time to observe what she had said ".

I was raped by my boyfriend, so I moved here, and then I saw you and I wanted to be with you but was scared as well" and then she collapsed on me crying, I rubbed her back and soothed her until she sat back up "you don't hate me do you?" I laughed "no I am just really turned back on by you" and she gave me a small smile, I looked into her eyes and wanted her so badly "I know why you would be scared by us. guys, but we aren't all rapists Molls" she crumpled and but repeated I knows over and over again, we lay together for a long time, hours maybe until I heard her softly snoring did I get up and stumble down stairs for something to eat, I found peanut butter and bread and ate mounds of that until I heard her light foot steps come down the stairs, she looked a lot better and gave me a smile as she stuck her finger in the jar to find some peanut butter, then she turned around walked to the bathroom happily licking peanut butter off her finger, thinking of this made me laugh but I knew now knowing what she had told me, that it would change our relationship a lot, and I didn't quite know how to bring it up again.

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Luckily when she came back she did "basically Andy, I really like you, in fact I adore you, and I want to have sex with you but the last time I had sex was my first time, I didn't want it, so just go slow okay" and I looked and brushed her hair "yeah okay" and then I lightly kissed her lips. --------------------------------- That day we lay on my couch slowly kissing each other, her soft tongue would carefully lick my lips which drove me crazy, I would kiss her back slowly taking my hand under her shirt and pressing her bare back into me, we did this for hours, just kissing and lying against each other, it grew into night and I got up to order chinese food.


Then I ran back to her pouncing on top of her and softly biting her neck and shoulders making her laugh, pushing me off her, "you fool!" but then she broke out laughing on her way to the kitchen to get forks, once the food arrived we moved up stairs and sat of my large bed eating food out of the containers laughing about random tv shows, until she set her food down and lay down laughing, I gazed at her rolling over to look at me with her huge green eyes, which drove me so crazy.

--------------------------------- I placed my food to the side and rolled on top of her making her giggle, but I looked to deep into her eyes she stopped suddenly, I kissed her playfully on the lips and she nibbled me back, then we started kissing harder and harder until I couldn't stand it any longer, I pulled her shirt off to find her small breasts in a plain but red bra, and then in just as fast time I removed her pants to find matching underwear, she moaned as I kissed her chest and the lowered my lips to tease her breasts, little did she know I had taken off my pants, she helped me with my shirt and then kissed my chest ever so lightly, I was unbelievably horny at the point, I was practically having a orgasm with just kissing her.


Then she then moved her hands down to find me no longer in jeans, she looked surprised but she smiled as she flopped back down from her knees on to the bed, her dark red hair falling over her breasts in the red bra, I moaned at the sight of her, she whispered "I'm ready" and I pulled over her at the same time as I was whipping out my man hood, I grinned at the shocked look on her face and could tell that the jerk that did her before wasn't near my size and at that point I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I knew I had to make sure she was also pleasured, so just for me I kicked away the covers, so at least I could pleasure her without being covered.

Then I slowly kissed down her chest and unhooked her bra, lifting it off her and looking at her beautiful nipples, I kissed one and she let a moan of pleasure, then I kissed farther and farther down making her laugh and moan at the same time when I reached her belly button, then I untied the red ribbon holding her underwear together and threw them to the side of the bed.

--------------------------------- I softly rubbed her bare pussy, and down to her clit, then up again and down, she moaned louder now gripping the side of the bed as she shook thru a minor orgasm, then I moved back up and brushed her hair away from her face, kissing her lips as I slid my hips into hers, carefully I looked down in her eyes and asked her if she was ready, she kissed me as her answer and I pushed my cock in her hot tight hole, she moaned with pleasure and in pain but arched her back pushing me farther in her, then I gave a quick jab and she took all of me, she laughed and I could tell she had never been pleasured like this before, as I rocked back and forth in a slow even rhythm, and then harder and harder thru the night giving her minor orgasms, then my thrusts became more powerful as I was coming to a major orgasm, and she let out huge moan and clawed my back as it first erupted in her and then squeezing my cock, it shook thru me, I blasted cum into her as she gave one last moan, as I kissed her again and again, then my limp, very very limp cock slide out of her and we both fell asleep intwined in each others naked bodies until morning.

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