Dad fucks his skinny stepson in his tight ass from behind

Dad fucks his skinny stepson in his tight ass from behind
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I had the craziest experience last night. I'm 33, and I was visiting my girlfriend's aunt last night (hereinafter, my aunt) to help her out with some computer problems. She's about fifty, in amazing shape, still quite attractive despite some graying, and she lifts weights every other night (also runs marathons).

This was just an ordinary visit until she asked me to help her replace a light bulb in her ceiling fan.

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I went to go and get a chair to stand on, but she stopped me and said, "No, come here. You can stand on my shoulders. I want to see how heavy you are." My aunt is really spontaneous and; she'll sometimes show up right at my door to ask if I'm up for a run.

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I felt a little awkward about it, because standing on women is a real turn on for me, but I nodded and said, "You're crazy, Gloria!" "Yeah, yeah.

Just get up." She got down on one knee, and knelt by the wall so I could put a hand out for balance. "First foot here," she said, patting her bare thigh.

I was already barefoot, so I stepped down on her thigh with my left foot and then quickly shot my right foot onto her right shoulder, putting my hands on her head for balance until I could get my feet onto both her shoulders. Her thigh was rock solid under my foot, and when I put my hands on her head, she didn't budge at all. Her husband Dan came out and smirked at me: "Geez, Glo, look how big his feet are!" "Don't I know it," she said.

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I could tell she was smiling as she said it. I carefully picked my foot up off her thigh and set it squarely on her left shoulder. (I'm six feet and 170, by the way). I had my feet on her shoulders very snug to her neck, and at first before I had my balance I was mostly on my heels. I heard her grunt just a little, then got her rounded shoulders under my the balls of my feet.

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She was only wearing a stingy tank top, so we were skin on skin. She passed me up a light bulb and I while I was replacing it, Dan sat there watching and shaking his head. Gloria was like a warm rock under my feet, and she is so well muscled that I only slightly felt her collar bone under the balls of my feet.

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"How are you doing, Gloria?" I asked, most of the way finished. "Just fine, this is fun." This was getting incredibly hot, and I kept looking down at my size twelve feet pressing down on her pretty, freckled shoulders. It was only more intense for the fact that I was standing on Gloria right in front of her husband. I decided to try to drag it out. "Can you hang on Gloria?

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I've got it in wrong." "Yeah, sure. I've hung on this far. " She said, her voice still very playful. "How does it smell down there, Hon?" Dan joked. "It's fine. He's a Virgo, so I'm sure his feet are as clean as the rest of him." she said.

As fun and easygoing as my aunt is, it took me a little nerving up to try something bolder. I moved my feet forward on her shoulders, making her put up with my heels digging into her again. As I did this (hoping she'd assume I was having so much trouble with the bulb that I didn't know what I was doing), I squeezed my ankles against both sides of her neck (she has killer trapezius muscles) and managed to hug the sides of her face along her jawline with the arches of my feet.

I remember how warm her skin felt against my feet and my big toes (which were almost gripping the corners of her mouth). I kept tinkering, and then I heard Dan laugh. He came over and knelt down in front of Gloria.

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"Holy shit, how does that feel?" he asked. "It's okay," she whispered, her voice strained. "Can you move some weight off your heels?" she asked me. "Wow, he's really giving you a good close look at those flippers, eh, Hon?" Seeing Dan watching as I gripped his wife's beautiful face with my toes was too much.

It was also such a turn on that she wasn't at all bothered by having my feet stuck right in her face, and hadn't even mentioned it. I was getting way too turned on, so I moved my feet back on her shoulders a little and got ready to get down. "Sorry, Gloria. That better?" She grunted a yes. "Almost there." I eased my weight onto one of her shoulders while dropping my other foot back onto her thigh and taking her head in my hands again.

Then I was down.


"Well, Hon, there was a minute there where it looked like you were about to kiss his feet," Dan teased. I joined in, putting the sole of my foot in front of Gloria's face. My aunt is so calm and laid back, you have to try pretty hard to get a rise out of her. Then she snatched my foot and pulled me forward, making me hop on one foot towards her, and before I could get my balance, she slithered her tongue between my toes really hard while pulling me down to the floor.

I started laughing so hard that I couldn't stop her or wrench my foot back, and she just drove her tongue between my toes again. I finally wrestled my foot back and then my aunt put her knee down on my chest and grinned at me "Still want me to kiss your foot?" "No!


I give! I give!" I yelled." Then my aunt got up and ran over to Dan and tried to kiss him. "Come on, Hon, give me a big kiss!" Dan turned away and walked back into the Den, shaking his head. "That'll teach the both of you to get on my case," she said, smirking at me as I wiped her saliva off of my toes with a paper towel. This was such a shocking experience that it actually turned me off (or rather switched me off), but within an hour of getting home, I was immensely turned on by it.

I guess some things aren't hot until they can be savoured in safety. The best thing is that with this kind of chumminess with my aunt, who knows what I can get way with in the future.

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