Dorian enjoys jerking at his laptop

Dorian enjoys jerking at his laptop
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LUCIFER Rachel, God and I were sitting naked in a hot tub, enjoying the scenery the underworld had to offer.

I felt guilty about putting the poor mortal through emotional trauma when I tempted her with an eternal sibling romance, so I decided a spa day would be nice before her next test. I couldn't help but let my gaze linger on her wet, pale breasts. Rachel was oblivious to my staring, but God caught me. She scooted next to Rachel and wrapped an arm around the mortal, before giving me a little smirk.

Rachel misread the situation entirely, and snuggled into God's arm like a daughter in her mother's. God pet Rachel's head lovingly, though I saw the possessiveness in her touch. Rachel was a prize, and for now, God was the one holding the trophy, and she had to qualms with lauding my defeat over me. "How was Brian, Lucy?" God smirked at me. "I knew you'd do something," I smiled back, "I knew I was getting off way too easy when you changed my debt from mechanized sexual torture to fucking an undergrad." "What do you mean?" Rachel asked, staring up at God's beautiful face.

"I gave your older brother a little parting gift for his service to the holy cause," God chuckled, "actually it wasn't such a little gift." "God gave your older brother a nine-inch cock," I said to Rachel, "and he was just as surprised as me when he pulled his pants down." "That was nice of you." Rachel beamed at God.

"Our god can be so benevolent when she's trying to spite me." I laughed, "I bet you're mad you didn't get to try out his new plumbing, Rachel; he filled me out so well." "He was almost too big for me as he was," Rachel said sheepishly, still awkward about her sexuality, "I don't think I could have handled him at that size." "I'll be curious," I smiled wickedly, "about what size you'll be in this next trial." "Huh?" Rachel asked. "What size your manliness will be, Rachel." I smiled as I slid my body next to her, sandwiching her between God and me.

"Ooooo the hermaphrodites?" God said excitedly. "That's right," I smirked, "we're going to see Rachel's male side." "Hermaphrodites?" Rachel asked. "Futanari in Japanese," I replied, "she-males, sissies, pre-op trannies?" Rachel looked up at me with a confused expression. "Sweetie," God giggled in Rachel's ear, "you're going to grow a penis." RACHEL "Don't be so worried, Rachel!" God laughed as we walked down the brimstone path.

"How can I not be worried?!" I exclaimed, "I'm going to lose my gender!" "It's temporary," Lucy reassured me, "and you get to keep your pussy. We just grow that clit out and add some testicles.

Of course, it could be a permanent change if you want it to be; all you have to do is join me, and I'll add a new she-male to my garden." "Nice try, Lucy." I smirked. "We'll see what you think after Caitlyn's done with you." Lucy smirked back. "Caitlyn?" I asked. "She was one of my purest souls," God said, "but she gave into the temptation of the hermaphrodites.

It suits her much better, I think." "She's the queen of the hermaphrodites," Lucy said, "and for good reason; she's amazing. I can't wait for you to meet her." "I'm sure I won't be attracted to a woman with a penis." I frowned. "Don't be so certain," Lucy said, "and even if you do pass this test, I'll have all the information I'll need for the later trials." "What do you mean?" I asked. "I'm building a dossier on you, Rachel," Lucy chuckled, "I want to find out what makes you tick, so that I can alter future trials to maximize the temptation.

You're used to masking your female sexuality; you've been doing it since you had your first period. Having the urges of a man will be foreign to you, and you will not be able to hide them from me." "Will you be a gentle lover?" God smiled, "Or rigorous and controlling?

Will you be tender, or rough? I'm so excited to find out." "I assume you'll be joining us?" Lucy smiled wickedly at God. "To test Rachel's faith, of course," God smiled back, "I need to make sure she'll stay true to my word." "You're a fucking hypocrite." Lucy laughed. "God is all-powerful and almighty," I said to Lucy, "she has no need to deceive me." "You're such an ass kisser." Lucy laughed at me.

"She's a precious little angel." God beamed back at me. My heart melted at her warm smile. I was sure to pass this test with her at my side. We continued down the path until we got stopped at a splendid garden. The bushes were trimmed to perfectly uniform heights, and twisted in a hedged maze.

The flowers were all bright pink and in full bloom. In the middle of the garden, was a fountain made of stone women pissing into each other's mouths from large phalli. "Do you like it?" Lucy asked as I stared at the fountain, "I had Michelangelo make it for me." "Michelangelo is in hell?!" I gasped.

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"I'm still salty you got him," God grimaced to Lucy, "the irony of the man who painted the Sistine Chapel, damned to hell, was not lost on me." "Hey Lucy, hey God." A shapely female demon said as she approached us. My mouth fell open when I saw her. Her skin was deep crimson like Lucy's, and her face was adorned with high cheekbones, blue eyes and full lips. Her hair was white and buzzed down on the right side of her head, and two small, curved, red horns protruded from beneath it.

Her scarlet complexion was decorated with golden piercings; hoops in each ear, a gauge in each nipple with a connecting chain between them, and a trail of golden dots that extended down the line of her abdomen and encircled her navel, before continuing in a series of spherical piercings that ran down her pelvis, and up the shaft of her sizeable, red cock.

Nestled behind her masculine organ was a set of hairless, smooth balls. Her body was feminine, but well-toned and muscled. I found myself incredibly attracted to her, and I felt guilty for my sinful thoughts. "Hey Caitlyn," Lucy smiled before she passionately kissed the hermaphrodite, "this is Rachel." "Hi, Rachel," Caitlyn said sultrily as she walked toward me with a sexual confidence I'd never seen before, "I've heard so much about you." "Not everything, I hope." I giggled as I nervously twirled my hair and shifted my weight onto one hip.

Oooo, Rachel, God sniggered in my mind, I've never seen you preening like this before. I hadn't even noticed I was staring flirtatiously at Caitlyn. I abruptly pulled my hand from my hair and stood up straight, and then instantly turned bright red from my awkward transition. "There's no need to be anxious, Rachel." Caitlyn smiled warmly, her voice impossibly seductive, "Come back with me and we'll get started." Caitlyn took my hand in hers, entwining our fingers together and walking me toward the entrance to the hedged maze.

Her grasp was firm, but not controlling; she simply beckoned me to walk with her by the touch of her skin, and I willingly complied. I looked back to see God and Lucy following behind us and staring unabashedly at Caitlyn's thick ass.

We walked through the twisting turns of the maze until we were in a clearing. Another fountain stood in the center; this one of a hermaphrodite arching her back in the throes of ecstasy as a stream of water sprayed continuously from her engorged member. "Have a seat, Rachel." Caitlyn's seductive voice softly commanded. I sat down nervously on the stone bench while God and Lucy sat cross-legged in the grass.

Caitlyn leaned forward and placed her palms on my knees. "It hasn't been lost on me that you want me, Rachel." Caitlyn smiled down at me, "Your gaze is very telling." "I-I'm sorry for staring." I stuttered.

"Why would you be sorry?" Caitlyn chuckled, "Do you think I walk naked through this garden to avoid the gaze of onlookers?" "I don't-" "Fill your eyes, Rachel," Caitlyn said, the hint of a moan in her voice, "do not be ashamed of what you desire." My eyes greedily ran up Caitlyn's body. I'd never seen a creature so physically embody sex; it was as though she were designed for that one act.

Every curve of her feminine body was exaggerated and vulgar; her breasts and ass were supple and thick, and her smooth cock looked…delicious. The piercings that highlighted her assets gleamed from her in the infernal light, as though she were a jewel shining before me. "Do you like my piercings?" Caitlyn asked.

"They're beautiful." I said honestly. "I could give you some," Caitlyn said, "I could make you gleam like a diamond." "Desecration of thine own flesh is a sin." I said, but I wanted to. I wanted to be beautiful like Caitlyn, to walk confidently in my naked flesh, and be the desire of all.

I wanted to be this woman. "I prefer to think of it as accentuation," Caitlyn smiled, "which is what we'll be doing to you today. Let's take off these baggy clothes and reveal the beauty you're hiding from me." I nervously pulled off my oversized sweatshirt as Caitlyn unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my pants. I felt so ugly in her presence, and I was apprehensive to take off my undergarments.

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"We need to remove all the clothing," Caitlyn laughed softly, "there's no need to be shy." I tentatively hooked my thumbs beneath the strap of my panties and pulled them off as Caitlyn unhooked my bra. I was so uncomfortable in my nakedness, especially with this sex goddess in front of me. I crossed my arms over my breasts and my legs over my lap. "Why are you hiding?" Caitlyn asked as she got on her knees before me, "You're so pretty, Rachel." "No, I'm not." I said.

"Insecurity isn't attractive, dear," Caitlyn smiled, her fingers tracing the creases of my thighs, "confidence is. You should walk in this body with pride, Rachel, not shame." Her gentle touch radiated into my tender flesh and loosened my tensed muscles. I cautiously uncrossed my arms and laid my palms flat against the stone bench. Caitlyn's mouth widened in a warm smile.

I smiled back at her as the fear left me, and the arousal took hold. I wanted Caitlyn to see all of me, I wanted her gaze to burn across my body. I wanted her to want me. "I used to be so much like you," Caitlyn whispered as she parted my legs, "ashamed of my body, even though I was quite beautiful.

When Lucy took me to this place, I thought I was going to be tested with another carnal temptation, but it wasn't so. The real test, Rachel, is the temptation of empowerment, not lust.

I can give you the power to walk confidentially in your flesh, knowing that all want and desire you. Do you want that?" "Yessss," I hissed, "I want that.I want to be like you." "Then let me help you," Caitlyn grinned as she showed me the tongue piercing she had just for me, "let me help you love yourself." She lowered her face back down, and flicked her tongue across my clit. I shuttered and let out an involuntary moan.

I felt the familiar wetness between my legs, and the blood rush to my nethers; reddening my lower lips and engorging my clit. Caitlyn kept her gazed fixed on mine as her pierced tongue expertly moved across my sensitive bump.

She pressed her full lips around my clit and sensually ran her wet, warm tongue along it. I pushed my palms hard against the bench and tilted my head back. I closed my eyes and gave in to the feeling.

She curled her tongue around my clit and sucked tenderly. Her piercing rubbed upon it, constantly stimulating me, intensifying the pleasure to new heights. A purr escaped my parted lips and my legs spread wider, all apprehension leaving me to the feeling of the woman.

My palms moved from the bench and ran through Caitlyn's white hair. I grasped the back of her head and pushed her harder against me. Caitlyn moaned in reaction to my ardency, and she worked her tongue faster. I felt the tingling beginnings of an orgasm rising within me. My purr rose to a humming moan, interrupted only by small gasps and whimpers.

Caitlyn didn't let up on me. She sucked my clit and pulled it gently from my body, enclosing it between her luscious lips. My moan increased to a cry as she played with my soft pubic flesh in her mouth. Her tongue flicked across my consumed bump while her lips softly drew from me. It was more than I could take, and with trembling legs and a passionate scream, I climaxed.

I felt my clit engorge with blood. I looked down in horror to see it growing in Caitlyn's mouth. The corners of her lips curled in a smile, but that smile soon vanished. My new penis grew and grew, until the girth stretched Caitlyn's lips and the length began to push against the back of her throat.

I cried out in terror and pleasure as my new cock forced a gag from the hermaphrodite. Her eyes widened in shock as I burrowed down her throat. She took me in all the way, pushing her full lips to my base and looking up at me with piercing blue eyes as the rest of my body changed. My soft arms and torso grew toned with muscle, my breasts grew larger, my ass grew thicker and my pale skin darkened until it was a golden tan.

Caitlyn kept her gaze fixed in wonderment as my new cock impaled her throat. When my transformation was complete, Caitlyn slowly slid her lips down my length, revealing the massive organ she'd been consuming. "Rachel," she said, her voice wavering in awe, "Come with me." Caitlyn took my hand in hers and guided me to the fountain. I looked out of the corner of my eyes to see Lucy and God gawking at me.

I smiled internally and continued walking with Caitlyn until we reached the water. I looked down into the glass-like surface of the pool and gasped at my reflection. I was beautiful. Every imperfection of my body had been removed, and every good feature had been enhanced.

My hair was now white, my skin tan, my eyes piercing blue, my ass and breasts larger and perfectly shaped, and between my thick legs was a long, smooth cock, and a pair of balls. "Look how beautiful you are," Caitlyn whispered in my ear, "you could become the next queen of this garden. We could decorate you with gems across this beautiful canvas. Every man and woman would flock to you, worship you, and please you as you wish." "And you, Caitlyn?" I asked as I turned my body to her, "would you please me as I wish?" "Gladly," Caitlyn smiled as her hands ran down my curves, "if you join me, Rachel, I will worship you like the queen you are." "Worship me now." I smirked.

I'd never felt so confident, so sexually empowered. When I moved, I moved with a grace I'd never expressed before. When I spoke, every word I said was assured and confident, without a hint of awkwardness or apprehension. I slid a hand behind the back of Caitlyn's head and smiled at her. She smiled back, and we moved together.

Our breasts squished together as our cocks engorged against one another. Our tongues entangled in a practiced dance inside our mouths, as though we'd been kissing each other for ages. My hands instinctively moved where they needed to go. I filled my fingers with Caitlyn's full ass as my other hand entangled in a mess of her white hair. I found myself becoming the domineering partner.

Caitlyn tilted her head back for me, and my face moved on top of hers. Our lips sucked gently on each other's mouths, and our eyes closed in bliss. Caitlyn reached between us and wrapped her cool hands around my throbbing cock. My hand slid from her ass and beneath her upper thigh.

I guided her leg to bend at the knee as we gracefully descended to the grass. Caitlyn wrapped her leg around my waist as she stroked my cock, a frothing shot of precum lubing her hand.

We parted from our lustful oral embrace and stared with eyes half-closed into each other. A thin smile crept across both of our lips. We were so sexually compatible; every movement one of us made was countered beautifully by the other, as though we knew exactly what the other was going to do.

Caitlyn shifted her hips upward and released my member as I shifted my hips down and pushed it into her pussy. LUCIFER "It's like we don't even exist." God pouted on the grass as we watched the two hermaphrodites engaging in the most beautiful sex I'd ever seen. "Why would they care about you?" I laughed, "I might be the lord of sin, but you're an amateur compared to these two." "I am not!" God said, "I've been fucking for billions of years!" "It's evolution, honey." I said, "The hermaphrodites were literally built for sex.

Now that Rachel's one of them, she's got all the right instincts. Why would she settle for you, when she can fuck her equal?" "Do you think she'll stay here with Caitlyn?" God asked nervously. "I actually thought Rachel would pass this test with ease," I said, "but it appears she has some pretty extensive self-perception issues.

All those baggy clothes weren't just there to hide her beautiful body from the temptations of sin, but to conceal her body because she was self-conscious about it." "That was her mother's fault," God frowned, "she kept telling the poor girl she was ugly; she thought it would keep her daughter from engaging with boys at school." "And now look at her," I smiled, "the most beautiful creature in hell, and she knows it too.

Look how confident she is, how domineering and controlling she can be. Caitlyn is just like her; rigorous, possessive, dominating. These two are going to be at each other forever." "Yeah…" God trailed off as she began to touch herself, "do you wanna fuck?" "Sure thing, honey," I grinned as slid my body next to her, "let's see if we can get their attention." RACHEL "Do you like it when I do that?" I whispered through a smirk as I slowly thrust into Caitlyn's pussy.

"Mmmmmmm, Rachel," Caitlyn smiled back as her mouth parted to yield moans of approval, "it's like you were born with a cock." "These piercings you have," I said as I stroked Caitlyn's member, "do they make it feel better?" "So much better." Caitlyn moaned. "I think I want some," I giggled, "but I want them on my pussy too." "Are you going to stay with me here?" Caitlyn murmured as my full length slid inside her.

"I don't know, Cat," I smirked, "you'll need to convince me to." "I think I can do that." Caitlyn shifted her weight beneath me. I instinctively rolled with her, until I was on my back and she was straddled across my lap. One of my hands greedily traced the lines of her body; sliding from her neck to her breasts, and lingering there before tracing her torso and hips. My other hand continued to stroke her cock as I pushed my pelvis into her, lifting the red hermaphrodite off the ground.

Caitlyn grinned wickedly down at me and drove her hips into a gyrating circular dance. Her muscular abdomen flexed and her breasts bounced as her weight shifted.

She grinded on my cock passionately, her tight pussy stirring around me, enveloping me from all sides. Oh, my god, it felt good. "Ooooh, fuck." I groaned, no longer caring about using profanity. "Convinced yet?" Caitlyn giggled. "Huuuuuuuh," I breathed a strained gasp, "you are persuasive." "I'll make sure to try harder," Caitlyn grinned as she leaned on top of me, "I must have you." I moved my hand from her hip and pulled the chain that connected her pierced nipples.

Caitlyn's brow furrowed and her smiling mouth fell agape. She leaned back as I pulled, stretching her breasts from her body. Her back arched and her head tiled up. "Harder." She whispered. I began to push into the demon with deeper, faster thrusts as I stretched her breasts further from her chest.

Her lustful, gyrating dance changed to a linear drive of passion. She backed her ass on to me as I drove in, and she shifted her weight forward as I pulled out. She sunk her fingers into my bronze breasts and squeezed. Warm milk squirted from my nipples and onto my body. I let out a cry of delight as I was splashed with my own nectar. My new body had so many secrets to discover. "Do you like that?" Caitlyn whispered. "It feels so good," I moaned with a smile, "like I'm coming with my tits." "You are," Caitlyn laughed, "your new body has so many erogenous zones.

How does having a cock feel?" "Soooo good," I moaned. Every inch of my new manhood felt like it was made with nerve endings, and Caitlyn's tight pussy sheathed me perfectly. Her wet, warm insides clung to my girth, and she contracted her vaginal muscles around me in pattern with my increasingly violent drives.

"You can come from so many different places," Caitlyn continued through her moans, "your breasts, your cock, your pussy and your ass. Sometimes, I even come when giving head." "I've never given head before." I moaned as I jerked Caitlyn off harder. "After you make me come from my pussy," Caitlyn gasped, "you can discover the pleasures of your mouth." I let go of Caitlyn's cock and grabbed her ass with both hands.

I spread her wide open and powered into her tight, wet cunt. Caitlyn growled like a jungle cat and pinned my shoulders to the grass, her body lurching back and forth with the power of my thrusts. I felt an urge inside me to dominate and control.

The male part of my brain took over, and I gave in to my new instincts. I reached behind Caitlyn and grabbed a mess of white hair with both hands. I yanked her head back, and then licked her from nipple to neck. Caitlyn let out a gasping laugh to the sky as she welcomed my new controlling nature.

She fought back with a lurching drive of her hips, sending my full length throbbing inside of her. I loosened my grasp on her hair and cried out. She narrowed her eyes and grinned down as her vaginal muscles flexed around me, daring me to come.

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I regained control of myself as her hands moved behind me and grabbed my own hair. She forced my head back and plunged her tongue into my gaping mouth. I combatively wrestled with her between my lips as our drives grew more and more impassioned.

We moved together in deep, hard grinds, our hips shifting in sync as we did exactly what the other wanted. Every time I made a move for control, Caitlyn countered it beautifully.

I slapped her ass with each thrust, and she pinched and twisted my nipples. I drove three fingers into her tight ass, and she sunk her nails into my back.

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We writhed in combative pleasure, no one gaining the upper hand, but every move and countermove sending us into a frenzy of rising ecstasy. Our lips stayed locked together as our bodies heaved in lust and glistened with sweat. I felt Caitlyn's pussy convulsing in spasms while a new pleasure rose from my depths. It started in my taint and balls; a quaking building of pressure that kept rising. I screamed a muffled moan into Caitlyn's mouth, and she did the same. Our tongues locked in ardent contest as our bodies began to peak.

The pressure in my loins increased, sending aching felicity deep into my pelvis. I drove harder and harder, brutalizing Caitlyn's soft pussy. She just kept grinding down on me, her lips curling in a smile against mine, as if she was sneering at my attempts to break her. She locked her legs together around my waist and pushed me all the way inside.

We rocked back and forth as our hearts raced in our chests. The aching feeling rose and rose, until an unbelievable pressure was bursting from inside me. Caitlyn panted into my mouth, her lips no longer smiling, but gaping as our sloppy kiss broke apart to give way to hedonistic screams. We stared wide-eyed into each other's quivering, blue irises, and came simultaneously. I shrieked out as I felt all the pressure burst from the tip of my throbbing cock.

It coursed through me like an eruption of pleasure that sent my hips driving without my permission. Caitlyn sobbed with teary-eyes as she convulsed on top of me, her body heaving with uncontrollable bouts of pleasure.

We stayed together in a frenetic chaos of release, and then collapsed on the grass. "Oh, my god," Caitlyn gasped, "you're the best I've ever had." "I've never felt like that before," I smiled up at her, "it's like we were made for each other." "Hey!" a very irritated God yelled from across the lawn, "Rachel! Remember me?! Your God?! I'm feeling very abandoned over here!" I glanced over to see Lucy and God licking each other's pussies.

It never ceased to amaze me what depths God would delve to when testing my faith. She didn't need to do that; I was hardly interested in her at the moment.

LUCIFER "Did that little bitch just blow me off?!" God hissed as Rachel turned away from her and got on her knees in front of Caitlyn. "You're supposed to be eating my pussy," I said as I pulled my lips from her slit, "not pining for a mortal's attention." "She thinks she's better than me!" God cried.

"She is better than you," I smiled, "haven't we gone over this?" "Make me a hermaphrodite!" God said angrily, "I'll show that little cunt what she's missing!" "This is just like the succubus den," I sighed, "you're going to sabotage your own cause and push Rachel right into my arms." "Did I ask for your opinion?" God shot back, "Suck that little clit and give me a penis, Lucy. We'll see what she thinks about me when I'm balls-deep in her ass!" "God," I said, "Rachel and Caitlyn are natural doms, and you're a natural sub; you won't be the one going balls-deep in anything." "Oh?" God sneered, "I can be a dom!

Give me a fucking penis, Lucy, and I'll show you how domineering I can be!" RACHEL I kneeled in front of Caitlyn and stroked her cock, savoring the warm throbbing sensation of her in my hands. My fingers delicately moved along her piercings, causing her head to pulsate with need.

"You just put it between your lips," Caitlyn said, "and suck." "How do I keep from gagging when you get to my throat?" I asked. "Just let your new body react instinctively," Caitlyn whispered with a caress of my cheek, "you're a natural at this, Rachel." I lowered my mouth to Caitlyn's tip.

She looked so delicious. My mouth watered and my eyes gazed hungrily down her length. I let my new sexual impulses take over me, and I brought my lips to her. I wrapped my lips around her head and slid my tongue back and forth across her tip. I tasted her delicious precum and shuttered with desire.

Slowly, I moved down her shaft, sliding my tongue along her underside and taking each piercing into my mouth. I got to my throat, and instinctively relaxed it for her.

She easily slid down me, and the feeling of her throbbing cock nestled so deeply in my tender neck aroused me. I gazed my desire into Caitlyn's pleasure-stricken eyes. I was making her feel so good, and it excited me. The corners of my mouth curled into a smile, and I pushed my face all the way forward.

Caitlyn let out a small cry.


I stared up her, my nose squished against the skin of her pelvis, her balls resting on my chin, and my lips sucking greedily around her base. She pulsated deep in my throat, and I constricted it around her. I felt her throb inside me in reaction to my tightness, and I smiled internally. I never knew giving head could be so much fun.

"Oh, my god, Rachel," Caitlyn gasped, "you're so good!" "Mmmmmm." Was all I could hum as I moaned. "Mind if I join?" God's voice asked hopefully.

I peeked from the corner of my eyes to see another beautiful hermaphrodite before me. God's soft features had been transformed to lean muscle, her breasts and ass were fuller and perfectly shaped, and her cock was…surprisingly small, actually. It wasn't tiny, it was a little over five-inches, but I'd expected more from the almighty. "I know," she said bashfully, "it's not very big." "It suits you perfectly," Caitlyn smiled, "a submissive like you shouldn't have a big tool." "I'm not a sub!" God insisted unconvincingly, "I can be a bad bitch!" "Do you hear that, Rachel?" Caitlyn giggled as she pulled her cock out of my mouth, "God thinks she can roll with the big girls." "Let's wear her out," I grinned evilly, "and then get back to where we left off." I'm not sure if God knew what she was getting herself into.

Caitlyn and I were domineering, controlling hermaphrodites, and I could tell instinctively that God was not. We were on another level; the divine woman didn't have a chance. We got off the ground and strutted threateningly around God. She tried to maintain her confidence, but it shrank at the sight of us, and the façade of bravery gave way to the fear she really felt.

"So, God," Caitlyn said seductively as she circled her prey, "what would you like us to do?" "I, uh-" God began to say something before I pressed my palm over her mouth and pushed my pelvis against her ass.


"You'll do what we tell you," I whispered, grinding my cock between her soft ass cheeks while my other hand gripped her small cock, "and you'll like it, won't you?" "I think our lord and savior wants us to be mean to her," Caitlyn sneered as she confidently strutted to the frightened deity, "isn't that right, you little submissive bitch?" I could tell by the stiffness of her pathetic rod and the wetness of her pussy that God wanted it like this.

She whimpered frightened tones, but I could feel her masochism radiating from her. "Why don't you get on your knees like a good sissy slut and suck my cock?" I hissed into her ear. Part of me couldn't believe I just said that to God, but most of me didn't give a shit. God was testing my faith again, and my new masculinity was getting tired of these games. God nodded submissively, her eyes wide in fear and her lips quivering against my palm.

I loosened my death-grip on her cock and pushed her down until she was at dick-level to me and Caitlyn. "You know what to do." Caitlyn grinned down at God. God struggled to wrap her hands around our girths. She began to lower her lips to me, but I took charge, and shoved my entire cock deep into her mouth. God's eyes widened and watered as her throat gagged. Every inch of her neck constricted around me, and her whorish lips instinctively sucked my base. I grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and power-fucked her throat, sneering down at her as my girth stretched her cheeks from her face.

God's eyes looked up at me in fear and arousal, and her gagging mouth released whimpers of pain. Her pathetic feminine sounds only encouraged me to drive down her throat with increasing brutality.

I yanked her hair forward with each thrust and held her in place with each retreat; withdrawing until the crease of my cock was wrapped with her luscious lips before pushing all the way back down her writhing esophagus. "That's a good little sissy bitch," I whispered as I pulled out, "but you need to take Caitlyn too." Caitlyn grinned at me as she pressed her cock alongside mine.

I enjoyed the feeling of her throbbing warmth, before we simultaneously drove into God's mouth. God thrashed and squirmed on her knees as our cocks punished her throat. She pressed her hands against my thighs, trying to push me away. We grabbed the back of her head and forced her face as far forward as it could go. Her eyes rolled back and her throat gagged and constricted violently around us. "I thought you said you were bad bitch, God." Caitlyn moaned, "What happened?" "Mmmm," I sighed as I looked at Caitlyn, "you feel so good next to me inside her." "Do you hear that, God?" Caitlyn laughed, "You're just a toy for us to enjoy each other in; you're not even a person, really." Spit ran out of the corners of God's defiled mouth and down her chin.

Her face was usually so elegant and beautiful, and now it was wretched with strain as she tried to accommodate us. I heard her hum a shriek from her gagging throat, and I looked down to see her frantically jerking herself off with one hand, while the other desperately drove into her dripping cunt.

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"You can't help yourself, can you?" I sneered, "You're just a vulgar little sissy slut." God nodded in shameful confession as her mouth surrendered to us. She opened her throat wide and let us rail down it.

Her lips sealed tightly around our girths and rotated as we thrust, while her eyes begged us to fuck her deeper. We complied with her desperate wishes and held her head in place while we railed frenetically down her throat. Her soft, wet, mouth gurgled with lewd chokes as our cocks bulged from the inside of her neck. Her eyeshadow streamed down her face and her red lipstick smeared across her mouth; her expression etched with whorish enthusiasm. She was starting to like this too much, so I pulled out, and let Caitlyn occupy her while I moved behind the defiled deity.

God pulled her mouth from Caitlyn and looked back at me in fear. "Rachel," God gasped as she held her throat, "hold on a secoAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" In the time it took for God to cough out her words, I'd moved behind her, parted her juicy ass cheeks, and forced my thick cock deep into her shit-hole.

God's back arched in a violent wrench as her pink rim stretched thin around my girth. The spit that was still on my dick allowed me to run my whole length through her with ease. Holy shit (literally) she was tight. Every inch of my sensitive, throbbing cock felt like it was being hugged with her warm, soft insides.

She clenched around me in pain, her innards twitching as they parted. I pulled out a little and then stopped, groaning as I felt my cock pulsating with pressure, as though it was going to blow at any second.

God's shrill scream subsided to a whimper. Her head dropped between her arms and her back heaved with heavy breaths. And then she started to back into me. Her stretched rim slid slowly down the few inches I'd left out of her.

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A lecherous moan escaped her lips. She looked back at me, her eyes watered and her mouth gaping. She kept inching her way further down, until her twitching rim pressed my base. She bit her lip and squished her ass hard against my pelvis, her head tilting upward suggestively.

She wanted it so bad. "I'll take your pussy," Caitlyn whispered to the broken God, "now spread those legs, you sissy whore, and let me in." God compliantly opened her legs and let the demon slip beneath her. She moaned delectably as Caitlyn pushed her cock all the way in. I moaned with God as I felt Caitlyn stretch God's insides between us, making it so much tighter for me.

Our balls touched and we looked at each other with a mutual smile. We knew what to do. I reared my hand back and slapped God's juicy ass, signaling the start of her brutal double penetration. Her back curved in a violent spasm and her quivering mouth let out a pathetic cry.

I gripped one cheek and spread her gaping while I spanked her mercilessly with the other hand. Caitlyn jerked God off while we began to drive into her simultaneously, our rhythm dictated by the cadence of my slaps. "Gaaahh!" God screamed, "Rachel you're-" I reached around God and fish-hooked both her cheeks with my index and middle fingers.

God's head was forced backward, and her spine arched in delight from the brutality. She stared at me upside down, her face a mosaic of ecstasy, pain and fear, her eyes writhed in confusion and pleasure, and her mouth spread wide with my fingers.

I railed in to her ass relentlessly, savoring the feeling of her closing around me with each ruinous entrance. Her rim gripped me hungrily as I ran through it, and her rectum constricted and seized for me, allowing my cock to force her open with each thrust.


My pelvis smacked against her ass, her glutes squishing delectably against me, welcoming me to violate the tight hole between them. God's eyes were rolling back in her head, and her mouth was drooling on my fingers. She panted like a bitch; strained gasps mixed with pathetic cries slipping from her stretched lips. Her body heaved and buckled in the strain of her rising orgasm.

Her back flexed and her glutes slammed together on my cock. She twitched from the inside in a torrent of raging spasms. Her pussy dripped down her legs and her hormonal scent wafted into my nose.

I let go of her mouth, but her neck stayed arching backward. I gripped her hips and drove into her, crying out as I felt my balls and taint quaking with increasing pressure.

God's pelvic floor stretched from her as Caitlyn and I pulled out simultaneously, and then it flexed concavely as we pushed in forcefully as one. Our final thrust pushed her over the edge, and God screeched out an amorous cry of euphoria and blasted her semen all over Caitlyn's tits. Caitlyn forced God's head down and made her clean it up with her tongue. I felt my hermaphrodite partner's cock pulsating wildly from the other side of God's ass.

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With a cathartic screech, Caitlyn blew her load inside the almighty, sending the poor deity into another frenzy as she climaxed again. I pulled out at the last second and took a grip of God's hair. I yanked her around and buried my cock into her throat. She sucked her ass off me impassionedly, staring up with whorish gratefulness as my throbbing member erupted.

I screamed out and pushed my cock all the way down her elegant neck, reveling as her inner muscles clenched around me and drank greedily. I kept my hands firmly holding the back of her head, pushing her lips and nose against the flesh of my pelvis as I drained my balls into her stomach. She hummed a euphoric tone and stared up at me with thanks, as though I was rewarding her. I thrust a few more defiant drives, and then pulled out of her and sprayed her face with the last of my seed.

God fell on top of Caitlyn, her expression a portrait of bliss, and her body a desecrated tapestry of ruinous lust. "C'mon," Caitlyn smiled at me as she pushed God off, "let's continue where we left off." "Do you have the stamina?" I asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow. "You know I do." Caitlyn smiled back.

LUCIFER I grinned at God as she came limping back over to me. "I told you." I sung teasingly as she collapsed in a heap beside me, "Do you regret not listening to me?" "What do you mean?" God smiled weakly, "I got exactly what I went there for." "Rachel's not coming back from this," I smiled, "look at her and Caitlyn go!

They'll be at it forever; you've lost." "You keep saying that," God said, her face planted firmly in the grass, "but she keeps surprising you." "Look how much she's changed!" I said, "Not just physically, but mentally. God, she basically raped you." "It's not rape if I consented," God giggled, "and it's impossible to rape me, Lucy.

I could evaporate this entire realm without so much as lifting a finger.

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Rachel still thinks I'm acting to test her faith; she just played her part." "I think she just hate-fucked you." "She was just expressing her male sexuality," God said, "and she did it so…perfectly." "She's gotten a taste of being evil," I smiled, "she'll be on my side now." "She'll come back to me," God smiled, "she always does." Caitlyn and Rachel fucked for hours.

They unknowingly went through half the Kama Sutra, and then did things even I've never seen before. God was snoring by the time the two girls finished, and I had to wake her up for the moment of truth.

RACHEL Caitlyn and I breathed heavily as we orgasmed for the final time. We rested in each other's arm in blissful exhaustion as the sweet stink of sex wafted from us. Caitlyn turned to me, her eyes full of satisfaction and love. "I want you to stay with me forever." Caitlyn whispered. "I wouldn't mind it." I smiled back as God and Lucy approached us. "But you're leaving me, aren't you?" Caitlyn said with a sad smile.

"I am." I said. The confidence I had worked against Lucy's temptation. The other two tests were harder for me, because I lacked the confidence in myself to willingly resist the temptation. I knew my self-assuredness would leave me after I returned to my old body, but for now, I could make this decision without fear of regret. "If you pass these tests," Caitlyn whispered, "and become the messiah, you'll never get to return here." "I'll always remember you," I said sadly, "but I must go." "And I'll always remember you," Caitlyn said, "and if you fail later tests, Rachel, come back to me." "I will." I smiled back as I transformed into my old body.

I felt the confidence leave me, and the beauty I felt for myself vanish. I looked back bashfully at Caitlyn, no longer considering her my equal, but my greater. She intimidated me once again, and I felt hollow because of it. "Rachel," she said with kind eyes as she got up and walked toward me, "don't ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Your beautiful." "Thanks…" I said awkwardly. "Oh," Caitlyn smiled tearfully with outstretched arms, "come here, you adorable bundle of insecurity." Caitlyn embraced me warmly and placed a kiss on the top of my head.

I hugged her back, and for a moment, I felt some of the warmth we shared just a minute ago. And then the feeling passed, and I tentatively withdrew from her.

"Remember," she smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek, "if you fall, Rachel, come back to me." I nodded politely and turned away, feeling really shitty that I was too awkward to return her affection. "Rachel," Lucy said as she came over to me, "I had a whole speech planned to torment your conflicted soul, but you just had to go and ruin it by deciding for yourself." "Sorry, Lucy," I smiled, "but after the sacrifices God made to show me she was still with me, I couldn't let her down." "Sacrifices?!" Lucy exclaimed as her face twisted in anger, "Rachel, God was just jealous you weren't paying attention to her!" "Nonsense, Lucy," I laughed, "God allowed me to express a dangerous part of my sexuality on her, so that I wouldn't feel ashamed about it." "That's exactly what I was doing!" God said smugly, "I was giving you consent to be a border-line rapist, so that you knew I was still with you, no matter what." "She's such a good woman!" I beamed at God, "Sorry for all those things I said about you; I should never say such words." "Oh, it's not your fault," God said as she smirked at Lucy, "the devil's temptation twists us in different ways." "Well, at least I got the information I needed for my dossier." Lucy grumbled as we walked from the garden.

"What?" I asked. "There's a sadistic side to you, Rachel," Lucy said, "that hadn't been revealed before." "Speaking of sadism," God smiled at Lucy as she snapped her fingers, "you owe me, bitch." A caged metal contraption with ten dildos on corkscrews appeared before us. Lucy rolled her eyes, got undressed, and hopped inside. "You have to pedal it like a bicycle," God said as Lucy adjusted herself on a seat made of four dildos, "and really put some effort into it, because the odometer has to read twenty miles before you can finish." "AAAAAAHHHH!

Fuck you, God!" Lucy grimaced as the dildos started corkscrewing. Her holes gaped and her juices flowed onto the dildos as she battled her growing pleasure and discomfort. "This might take a while," God smiled at me, "Lucy's not used to exercise. Should we get something to eat while we wait for her?" "Maybe some hotdogs," I said, "I'm famished." "Was that a dirty joke?" God crinkled her nose and laughed, "Did you just make an anal sex joke, Rachel?" "No," I smiled innocently, "I just like putting wieners in buns." We laughed and ate our food as we laid in the grass of the garden.

Lucy's wails of ecstasy echoed throughout the cavernous chambers of the underworld as she orgasmed again and again.