Fucks her Pussy With Sex Toys Amateur

Fucks her Pussy With Sex Toys Amateur
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May woke with a blinding headache. The Tunnel was dark and dusty, she lay in the filth, a great weight holding her down, she realised she must have fallen and the tram had run over her leg.

She heard voices.


"Get a fucking move on, you're blocking tunnel." May replied groggily "I went ass over tit, Give us hand." Soon Ernie Shuttleworth grabbed her and dragged her free. "You bashed your head, It's no good you can't carry on." May sobbed, she loved the warm dry pit, and the men fucking her as they came off shift, she was worried about losing her baby, but suddenly she realised it was her height not her girth which threatened her idyllic existence.

Ernie grabbed her round the waist and together they dragged the half ton tram to the shaft, then Ernie led her to her stall, He looked down on her, all black with coal, her leg bleeding and blood oozing among her hair, her body glistening with sweat like a thoroughbred, why had she grown so he wondered, her sister was three inches shorter, then he remembered her mother, an realised they would have had different fathers.


He undid his belt. "No Ernie" she said. "What's up lass, I never knowed you say no afore?" "The baby, I'm losing the baby, Look." The perfectly formed lifeless body dropped to the floor, Ernie grabbed it and put it in a rag before the rats got hold of it.

"You're too tall lass, it's no good." She cried, what future did she have now, as tall or taller than most men and stronger, yet thin and lithe like a racehorse, how would she stay fit, she would most like become bloated and useless like her mother, lying in bed sleeping or being fucked all day, she sobbed and cried at the cruel twist of Fate.

Yet the fates were being kind to her, and on the very day she took the tram to the surface, they struck methane and the shaft where she worked for so long blew up and collapsed.

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But let us remember that on the other side of the Class divide things were very different. Young Harry Clegginbottom, Second Baron Acheron of Grimsdyke, was taking his morning bath. "Look Nanny look" Harry shouted as a blob of spunk whistled past her ear and splattered against the bog house door. "Harry you filthy boy," smiled Nanny, she had carefully nurtured Harry from birth into the fine upstanding member of the Aristocracy he would officially become when he became an adult.

Harry smiled, he wished he could be a woman like nanny, she always scolded him when his appendage became hard or he did a wee standing up, Nanny promised him that she would get a surgeon to remove the silly little floppy pink tube, so he could be a nice girl, but for now .

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Nanny had grown from a frustrated horny twenty five year old into a frustrated mean spirited bitch over the years since Harry was born, she had taken the wheel pin from Harry's father's carriage which caused it to crash killing him, and had extended her influence to dominate the whole household, extending her employment beyond the norm and arranging for Harry to be tutored at home to avoid the unpleasantness of public school.

Nanny carefully tied Harry's prick down with pretty pink ribbons and helped him dress in his favourite pink camiknickers and then laced his corset, before pulling on his skin tight riding breeches, she smiled at the smooth line of his crotch, as smooth as any girls and thought of him being shafted up the ass by a lusty farm hand.

How she wished she could drop her guard and her knickers and allow a lusty farm hand to take her ass, but sadly that could not be and she had to make do with Wellington, Harry's Labrador retriever. Harry's family fortune was founded on coal and as he finished dressing the Colliery hooter started wailing, "There's trouble at pit, Nanny," he cried, I think I'll trot along and take a shuftie." "No, you have a friend coming later." Cried Nanny, "You stay or I'll tan your ass." He thought a second, Laid across Nanny's, lap trousers down inhaling her sweet sweaty odour, why did she consider it a punishment when it was so enjoyable?" "No I shall go," he insisted and ordered the Carriage.

Hardington the Coachman was not happy, "It's quicker to fucking walk" he moaned as he tried to catch the family's horses to attach them to the Carriage. And so it was that May was abandoned at the pit head as all rushed around like headless chickens panicking about the loss of coal output. Harry stepped from the carriage the dirt seeping immediately in to his white shoes, "I say" he said but everyone was too busy, he wandered towards the pit shaft, suddenly he stopped short, there before him a creature of such beauty as he had never seen before, her skin the colour of coal, her leg muscles like a racehorse or greyhound and below an obscenely bright pink cunt where the piss had washed away the coal dust.

Harry stumbled his crotch as if on fire, his prick being torn right from him or so it seemed, as it strained against the ribbons. May spotted his discomfort, yet such a smooth fluffy dazzling white and claret apparition seemed more an angel than human and she rushed to it aide, Harry was no longer dazzling white as he fell on his back writhing.

"Agggghhhh" "What's up love, have you got splinters off the pit prop." she asked as she walked towards him.

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She leaned over him, her bare perfect breasts inches from his lips. He could only point at his crotch and she undid the buttons down each side then opened the front flap to reveal pink camiknickers, then she explored beneath but instead of a bit of pit prop found something warm and pink. "Bloody hell, you are one of them shirt lifters." "Please." he wailed.

She undid one ribbon then another then the last and his prick sprang free. "Oh god, thank you," "Best check it out," she said marvelling at its Pinkness and cleanliness, she held herself open and sank down. "Oh, that's champion." she said. "What are you doing?" Harry asked. "Fucking you of course." she replied. "Oh god, my appendage feels like it may," Agghhhh, there was a long pause. "Explode." She climbed off him, the sweat washing great areas of her back clean.

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She helped Harry to his feet in time to see mine overseer commandeer his horses to take dead to Saddleworth peat bogs so they could be buried easy and cheap. "Dash it I must get home." he whined. May saw her chance. "I'll pull it," and she rushed to grab the harness and was soon trotting easily through the rain, as the villagers turned away or pissed themselves laughing as she trotted past, naked women pulling carts being not usual sight round Yorkshire at that time.

Nanny was aghast and when Harry invited May in for a drink of water Nanny blocked the way. "No, she must not enter." cried Nanny, but May picked her up and chucked her bodily into the scullery and slammed the door behind her.

"How's thee prick now." she asked, unbuttoning Harry again, it sprang free, She held it gently "Oh it's gorgeous," "It's not usually that big" Harry confessed, as May continued to undress him. "Stick it in me again," May invited. "Better not." Harry protested as May grabbed his long hair and grabbed him to her. "Either you stick it in me or I rip it out by the root and stick it in one of those jars" cooed May seductively as she lay back revealing her matted pubic hair and the bright pink irresistible slot which lead straight to heaven.

"All right but Nanny will be cross," said Harry as he knelt before her and allowed her to guide him within her once more.

"Who is strongest, Nanny or Me." May asked.

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"You," "So I'm in charge now, is that clear." "Yes." The Door opened, an elegant lady entered, "Harry what." "Fuck off we are having it off" cooed May. "Yes fuck off mother, I own this is quite agreeable," Harry added. "Yes, all right, I shall leave you two love birds, but a bed is much more nicer," agreed his mother, she had despaired of his effeminate ways but now it seemed he had seen the light.

Their passion continued but then the kitchen door was opening once again. May heard a muffled click she looked round to see the muzzel of a flintlock gun inches from her head and Harry's mother glaring at her. "Carry on but we need a little talk." Harry stopped his exertions and pulled out, shaking with fear, "Get that leather harness off now girl, she ordered," May laid her only clothing aside, "And walk through here" she motioned towards the yard, and indicated the water trough, May climbed in, and suddenly Nanny had appeared and was holding May's head underwater, "Clean not dead you daft bitch," cried Harry's mother as she ordered Tomlinson the Butler to administer the soap.

"Try a different bit I am sure her cunt is clean by now," she instructed some half of an hour later as May lay back lazily enjoying the attention. "Get out now," She ordered, "and Nanny, Dry her." Nanny looked crestfallen being ordered about, but as ordered she started to dry May.

"You are fucking jealous," May observed kindly. "I bet you're a fucking Virgin." "Of course I am a virgin, I am a Gentlewoman not a whore." said Nanny. "You poor bitch" said May sympathetically. Harry's mother was watching, "That's enough.

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now upstairs, she prodded May with the gun and she walked towards the staircase, they climbed then May was ordered to open a blue door which led to a beautifully appointed bedroom. "Sit," she ordered. May looked at her. "Safety catch is on," May observed. "Actually it's broken, but no matter, you seduced my son, you beat Nanny into submission, you strut around naked without a care." "So," May replied insolently.

"So welcome to my family, you seduced him, you must do the honourable thing." "What, that's bollocks, is that." cried May. "Marriage or brains blown out, your choice." "Can I think about it?" asked May. The trigger finger flinched. "all right." she agreed. "Good, then you can start calling me Mother and start wearing clothes." She strolled to the window and carefully took aim and as the old gun fired it winged a pigeon sending it fluttering earthwards, "It was loaded" she confirmed smiling.

To be continued.