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Brother's Incestuous Bet (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: Brother and Sister's Incestuous Desires By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Sean Reenburg I stepped out into my backyard, strings of lights running from the various sculpted plants and statues to illuminate everything. Knots of people were gathered throughout while servers in crisp, white shirts (whether they were men or women) and black slacks moved through the crowd holding trays with various horderves or drinks that ranged from flutes of champagne to mineral water to tea. I paused on the back patio to drink it in.

They were all dressed in elegant clothing, not much different from the tuxedo I wore. I felt suave as my eyes flit around, like I was James bond and not a twenty-year-old kid. I grinned, loving the flow of men equally dressed in tuxedos like mine, black jackets and bow ties. They looked dashing as they escorted beautiful women. So many beautiful women.

California did not have any shortages in that regard. And they flocked to the rich and powerful. My father was a state senator.

He crafted laws for California. The state had the largest economy of any part of the U.S., with the largest population, and the most influence. When California passed a law or regulations, other states took notice. Other states copied. That was power. And it came with its perks. We lived in a large house on a sprawling piece of property on the outskirts of our town. When my father threw a party, powerful businessmen, influential thinkers, generous philanthropists, the stars of Hollywood, and other politicians flocked.

They were drawn like moths. I wanted to have this power. I wanted people to come to my parties when I threw them. I hungered for it. I already had my path before me. Law school was the first step.

Then land a job at a powerful firm. My mother may have chosen to establish her own practice, and she was successful at it, but I wanted the prestige of a powerful law firm. From there, I would make contacts. I would build my social contacts.

I would find the same power my father was gathering. A group of women in elegant dresses that clung to their tanned curves swept by, giggling as they chatted. My eyes lingered on them, on the sway of their rumps, the jiggle of their breasts. They were all breathtaking. My cock twitched and throbbed in my slacks. They weren't the only gorgeous women here. My gazed darted from the redhead in the plunging neckline pretending to laugh at Mr.

Spencer, a silicon valley millionaire, telling a joke while rubbing at his bad comb over. Then I was staring at the bottle-blonde clinging to the overweight man. A famous producer who could make any promising starlet's career. She would do so many naughty things for him in hopes of landing that chance. Then my eyes landed on the one woman here I truly wanted. She stood tall and blonde, a natural shade of gold.

Her large breasts rose and fell, swelling the light-blue cocktail dress she wore, the neckline scooped to show a generous amount of cleavage. Expensive jewelry adorned her body, diamonds dangling from her ears, sapphires about her neck, rings glinting on her fingers. She was mature, confident, a woman in her early forties and just ripened to perfection. Her legs were toned and firm, calves shaped by her heels.

She shifted her hips, turning, giving me a view of her tight rump hugged by her skirt. I salivated for her. Hungered for her. I wanted to fuck my mother. And why not? This was a whole new world I lived in. My last year of school, my junior year of college had opened my eyes to incest.

One guy, who just graduated last week, had changed everything. Clint Elliston III. A man who had the confidence to fuck his little sister in the middle of the cafeteria, or so the rumors said, while everyone ate around him. And there was no doubt that the lolita Alicia was pregnant, her girlish figure swelling with her pregnancy as the school year drew to a close. And she wasn't the only pregnant woman close to Clint. His "cousin," Lee, was also pregnant, bred by him, and so was his mother.

I groaned when I realized that Clint's mother, Cheryl Elliston, was standing by my mother, her guest since Mrs. Elliston worked for my mother, whose beauty had eclipsed Mrs. Elliston's. Not to say Mrs. Elliston wasn't beautiful. Her dyed-blonde hair tumbled about her mature and lovely face, her large breasts tenting the bronze dress she wore.

It wasn't cut as tight as other dresses, but draped down her huge tits and swollen, pregnant belly. She clutched to a young man, escorting him. Clint Elliston himself. He stood tall beside his mother, a dark-haired and handsome man. Half the girls in the student body wanted to fuck him. I suspected my sister, Maria, was one of them. He had that chiseled chin and masculine confidence that melted panties. I wanted to be him so bad.

I was glad my father insisted I go to a public school. "When you enter politics and you can say you went to public college and not an ivy elite," my dad would say, "that you're no different from the people you want electing you, they'll love you.

It's not just who you know, but how well you can convince the men that you're the sort of guy they can have a beer with." He'd then grinned. "And for the women, that you're the sort of man who will make them explode. Bill Clinton carried the female vote for a reason." Clint had that sort of magnetism. And so did I. I had to do that to my own mom. I had to fuck her. I had to claim my mother.

There had to be a way to do it. If I could seduce my mother, then I could go so far in politics. My dick throbbed in my slacks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maria Reenburg I sidled up to my father, a coquettish smile on my nineteen-year-old face.

My skirt swirled about my thighs, my various layers of petticoats rustling with every step. I loved petticoats. They gave such delicious shape to a skirt. Modern women eschewed them for gowns that hugged their asses like a second skin, but when you were as hot as me, you didn't have to have such blatant advertisement.

"Hi, Daddy," I said, fluttering my blue eyes at him, my back arched to thrust my round breasts at him. The lace neckline of my gown cupped my tits, hugging them and lifting them into youthful perfection. A perfect décolletage. My blonde hair, a shade darker than my mother's, fell in heavy ringlets about my elfin face. My pink gown swished as my hips swayed with a schoolgirl's coquettish delight.

"Maria, my dear," he said, a smile crossing his face. My brother and my father looked early the same, only Sean's hair was a lighter brown, a trace of mom in him. Dad stood tall, his hazel eyes peering at me past his bold nose. He had a tanned, chiseled chin, his shoulders broad. He looked so dashing in his suit. Like James Bond. My pussy melted. If I was wearing panties, they would be soaking up my juices. But I was a wicked thing. My cunny tingled and itched, a bead of my cream working down my thighs, teasing me.

My skirts and petticoats rustled as my thighs rubbed together, easing the pressure on my clit. I hugged him, holding tight to him. My nipples ached in my dress, rubbing against the silk of my gown. The tingles raced down to my pussy. They added heat to him as his left arm went around me, his right holding a flute of champagne. I planted a kiss on his cheek, feeling the faint trace of his stubble. I wanted to lick to his ear, to nibble on his lobe, and whisper that I wasn't wearing any panties.

Just for him. I wanted to make him so hard that he'd make an excuse to vanish into the house. Then we'd have a little rendezvous and he would take care of my burning cunny. He would fuck me so hard.

I would gasp and moan, crying out my passion. I would cum so hard on his big dick—I just knew he would have a big dick—and milk all his jizz out of him. I would show my daddy how much I loved him. "Bill, Christina, you all remember my daughter, Maria," Daddy said to the two men with him. "And, Vanessa, you know her, too." "Of course," Vanessa purred.

I glared at the harlot as she stood on Daddy's other side in a black dress so tight she must have been poured in it. Daddy's "secretary" was a leggy, Black girl with a massive amount of dark hair, gathered in a zigzag weave, falling about her lush face. Her skin was a rich brown, an exotic hue, her delicate cheekbones and plump lips gave her the type of beauty prized by the vultures of Hollywood.

I detested her. I hooked my arm tight around my daddy's and said, "Vanessa," in as cool a voice as possible. "That's a bold dress to wear for a woman with your figure." Her smile only grew with amusement. I wanted to hiss at her like a wild cat. I knew my daddy had to be fucking her. How could he not? Not only was Mom busy being a lawyer, but Vanessa was so perfectly made, those breasts stretching out that tight gown, her hips curved.

She was built to be fucked. I wanted Daddy to fuck me! "It's good to see you, Maria," Bill said, the plump man's eyes falling hungry on me. He didn't care that my father was standing beside me; he just wanted to enjoy my body. I gripped Daddy's arm tighter. He could look, but there was only one man that I wanted fucking me. I endured the small talk, the men ignoring Vanessa and me as they talked about plans to make money, of course. Various government projects my father could sponsor that would enrich this or that business concern.

A stream of these sort of men flowed to my father, understanding the power he wielded in the California legislature. And he was going far. Next year, he'd make his bid for the U.S. senate. The incumbent, Senator Nancy Lipton, was retiring and the Democratic National Committee wanted Daddy to run in her place. Then Daddy would gain even more power. I caught a glimpse of my mother drifting through the party, her pregnant paralegal, Mrs.

Elliston, striding beside her. A naughty shiver ran through me. If Clint could knock up his mother and sisters, then I could have my daddy's baby. He could breed my young pussy. "Senator Reenburg," Clint said. I was shocked to see the guy who had thrown my college into such wild delight this year here at the party.

He strode up to my father with all the confidence of far more powerful, and influential, men. "It's a pleasure to meet you." "Please, please, call me Will," Daddy said with that affable ease. It was like he was saying, "I might be a politician, but I'm still one of the regular people." The pair shook hands, Clint's looking strong, powerful. A tingle of lust shot through me. Outside of any incestuous relationships, Clint would be a man I would consider fucking.

He always had a harem of pretty girls around him. His sisters, those Japanese twins he knocked up, even his own aunt, one of my college professors. "You enjoying the party, son?" Daddy asked. "I bet it's a bit different from the parties you attend." A naughty glint flashed in Clint's eyes. "Sir, you'd be surprised just how different from the parties at my house." A tingle rippled through me. He fucked girls. Lots of girls.

"You look like a man with a question," my father continued. "Spit it out. I'm not one for all that bullshit about beating around the bush." He spoke like he was saying, "I'm not like those other politicians that try to fuck your daughter while picking your pocket." "Gay marriage," Clint said, which had me blinked.

"What are your thoughts?" "That it was a shame that it took so long to be legalized," my daddy said like he hadn't opposed it once when he was much younger, shifting as the mood in California, and the rest of the nation, changed. "Everyone has the right to be happy and marry the person they love.

It was wrong of the U.S. to deny them that, but now the Supreme Court has righted that wrong." Clint nodded, a serious look on his face. "So you must think it's an equal travesty that bigamy isn't legal." "Bigamy?" Daddy asked, confused. "Is it any different?" Clint asked. "If three people want to marry each other, to form that bond that two people get to share, why not? They're consenting adults. They are people who care for each other.

And yet they're denied those same rights." "Are you a Mormon, son?" Daddy asked, a grin on his face even while I felt the stiff tension through his body. "He just wants to marry both his girlfriends, Daddy," I said. Pam was a cute, Japanese beauty while Melody was a sexy blonde that officially was Clint's first cousin, which was legal for him to marry in California.

Rumor had it that Melody's father was actual Clint's. They were half-siblings. It was so hot. If I couldn't have Daddy. Daddy arched an eyebrow. "Two girlfriends, son?" His eyes glanced at Vanessa before he took a sip of his champagne. "That's bold." "But you don't think bigamy should be legalized?" "Well." My daddy frowned.

"It's just." "If we allow two men to marry, why not a man and two women? Or a woman and two men. Even three women could marry. Or more. If they're all consenting, what's the big deal? Why deny people the right to marry whom they want, even if it's multiple whoms." "It'll make paperwork a nightmare," my father muttered.

"So that's a reason to be bigoted against people with an alternative lifestyle choice?" asked Clint. "Do you suppose homophobes thought something similar when opposing two women getting married. That they would have to change all the forms?" "Well, no, that shouldn't be a reason." My daddy swallowed as he shifted. "Social movements like that don't just happen overnight.

You have to convince the population to accept it." "Just need people to champion it," Clint said. "Now that the Supreme Court has declared marriage a right anyone could have, that it's not the state to judge, what's stopping me from marrying the two women I love?" Only two?

What about Lee and Alicia? And he had an older sister, it think. She graduated last year when I was a Freshman. That was when there were only rumors that Clint was fucking his cousin, Melody. Not before it became so. open. By the end of the school year, which just wrapped up, Clint was fucking his sisters where all could see.

He had power at our college. After Melody's show at the pool last winter. Now Clint fucked the other girls in his little harem whenever he wanted. He had dirt on the president of the college, and I swear blackmail on half the staff. "I plan on pushing for it," Clint said. "My girlfriend, Pam, and I are both attending law school. You'll see. I think, sir, it would be best to be on the right side of history. Wouldn't you say, sir?" "If bigamy becomes legalized, then, yes," Daddy said, speaking his words carefully.

"I have to. look into this. Formulate any policy." "Of course." Clint nodded. "Thank you for the invitation. It's a lovely party." Then he strode off, heading towards his pregnant mother. He'd bedded her, too. He was such a stud. I would fuck my father. My pussy was on fire.

I couldn't just cling to my daddy any longer. I was driving myself nuts. I dripped juices. I had to take care of my aching need. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sean Reenburg As Clint took his mother's arm, my dick nearly exploded in my slacks.

He was so lucky that he bred her. I wanted that delight from my mother. I would slide my cock into her. I would fuck her so hard. I would make her explode on my dick. I had to seduce her. I had to do what Clint did. Movement caught my attention. My sister, her pink skirt swaying, the lacy hint of her petticoats peeking out the hem, swept inside the house. My dick throbbed. She was mom young and fertile, her blonde ringlets bouncing about her face, her tits thrust forward.

I drifted after her, aching to adjust my hard cock in my slacks. I slipped inside the house, leaving behind the party and moving through the cool, air conditioned house. I passed the expensive furniture mom chose. I wasn't sure why. She hardly spent much time at the house. That was one of the reasons that made seduction difficult.

She was working. A lot. Building a large case against some company that was bad. I didn't care right now.

My dick was hard. I needed satisfaction. Footsteps echoed from the stairs, the click-click of heels on the wooden runners. I stalked after, my dick aching, throbbing. I reached the stairs, catching a flash of pink vanishing to the right.

I hurried after, pulled along by the sounds of rustling skirts. I found my sister on the screened veranda of my parents' room. It looked out on the backyard, the dark metal mesh hid anyone in here while allowing them to stare down at the party unobserved. She swayed her hips, face pressed against them. "Wet pussy, huh?" I asked, sauntering to Maria. She nodded her head.

"I'm not wearing any panties, Sean, so it feels extra naughty." "Dad turned you on that much you just had to slip away for some satisfaction?" "And you're not pitching a massive tent in your slacks because of Mom?" Maria asked. She turned her head slightly, her ringlets swaying. I moved up behind her, my dick aching, throbbing, pounding. Thanks to Clint and his sisters' antics, every brother at our college experienced the treats of their sisters' pussies.

Maria was no different. She gave herself up to me, the pair of us satiating our desires for our parents in each other. Don't get me wrong, Maria was a wonderful girl. If it wasn't for Mom, I would be happy with her.

She was sexy. I grabbed her skirt, pinching through the fabric to seize her petticoats, too. I dragged them up her tanned, lithe legs, exposing more and more of her flesh. I grinned as her legs swept into the firm curve of her tush. Between her thighs, I caught a glimpse of her shaved flesh. Her juices beaded her nethers and slicked her thighs.

A sweet musk filled my nose. I breathed in deeply, loved it. "Are you going to take care of my hot cunny, Sean?" my little sister whimpered. I licked my lips. "What are brothers for?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maria Reenburg I giggled at those words, feeling Sean's eyes on my ass. My brother was so sexy.

If it wasn't for Daddy, I'd let Sean breed me. I would stop taking the pill so his seed could find root in my womb. I wanted to bear one of the men in my family a child. Just Daddy was sexier than Sean. He was a man. Sean was. getting there. Sean's hand grabbed my left butt-cheek. He squeezed and kneaded it, working his fingers into my flesh and making me shudder. The strength of his touch melted through me to my juicy pussy.

I bit my lip and whimpered as a wave of heat surged out of me. This wondrous delight rippled through my pussy. My cunt clenched.

"You got such a cute ass, sis," Sean groaned, his fingers digging into my flesh. "Damn, you got all of Mom's best parts." "Not her tits," I sighed, staring down at my nice, round breasts. They weren't as big. Maybe if I was bred by Daddy. "Mmm, but your ass. And your pussy." "You don't know what Mom's pussy is like," I said as he groped my right butt-cheek now, both his hands squeezing and kneading me.

I shifted my thighs apart as I heard him lower himself down. I stared down at the crowd, eyes searching. I groaned as his face slid up my thighs. His breath caressed the shaved folds of my pussy as I found Daddy. I groaned, staring at that handsome man as my brother's lips nuzzled into my shaved vulva.

His tongue flicked through my folds. That wonderful, incestuous delight rushed through me. I shuddered, wiggling my hips from side to side as my brother's tongue flicked out through me again and again.

"Mmm, you taste amazing, sis," he groaned, his fingers digging into my rump. "Hoping mom tastes just as good?" I asked, my body buzzing and tingling from his touch, eager for more bliss to surge through me.

"Yes," he groaned. "I bet she does, too. Just as yummy as you." "I hope so," I groaned then gasped as he licked me again.

After half a school year of eating my pussy, my brother knew what he was doing down there. His tongue licked and lapped up and down my vulva, teasing the plump, outer lips and ignoring my slit and inner petals. My pussy grew hotter. The molten liquid brimming in my core flowed into his hungry mouth.

I gripped the screen, staring down at the party and all those people oblivious to the naughty things my brother was doing to me. Daddy was oblivious. I whimpered, my eyes so hot as I stared out the window at him. My hips wiggled from side to side, smearing my cunt across my brother's hungry mouth. He licked and lapped with such passion. He stroked his tongue through my folds. Teasing me. I quivered, my cunt on fire. My juices flowed and dribbled out of me.

Right into his hungry mouth. His swiping tongue. "Sean!" I whimpered. "Mmm, every girl needs a big brother as loving as you!" "Having a little sister with a hot cunt is one delicious perk," he said and then licked again. I giggled at his pun then gasped as his tongue slid into my slit, parting my folds, teasing my sensitive flesh.

Pleasure surged through me. My hips wiggled from side to side, my ass flexing beneath his kneading fingers. "Makes up for how much of a brat you were," he added. "Brat?" I groaned. "You were the bully. Never being nice to me but now. Oh, now, you're making up for all the times you stole my Barbie Dolls so your G.I. Joes could rescue them." His tongue brushed my clit, sparks flying through my pussy. "Yes, yes, you're definitely making up for it. Oh, brother, yes, yes! That's nice.

Mmm, keep digging that tongue through me. Ooh, yes, yes, you're driving me wild. Oh, damn, why are you so good at that." "You taste amazing, that's why!" he groaned.

His tongue fluttered against my clit. "Oh, damn, where did you learn that?" I gasped, my eyes rolling back in my head. "Saw Clint eat Melody out once," he answered. His tongue drummed against my little clit. My bud drank it in. The pleasure flowed through me in hot waves. It surged rapture through my body every time he struck me. Like ripples on a pond, he sent so much ecstasy through me. My pussy grew hotter. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut for a moment.

My pussy clenched, aching to be penetrated. His tongue swirled around my clit. Then his lips latched on, his nose nuzzling at my shaved snatch. He nursed and loved it. Pleasure flowed through me. "Oh, Sean, yes!" I moaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. "Oh, wow, that's nice.

Mmm, I like that. Don't stop what you're doing, Sean! Ooh, yes, yes! That's amazing. Keep fluttering your tongue through my folds. Keep stirring me up and. "Sean!" He sucked so hard my pussy almost came right then and there. I groaned, pressing my forehead against the metal grill. The wrought iron cooled my feverish flesh. He licked and lapped with such skill. My nipples throbbed in my gown as my eyes found Daddy. He talked to more men while that hussy, Vanessa, hovered nearby.

Ready to please him. I wanted to please him. My brother's tongue darted through the folds of my pussy. He found my aching hole and plunged into it. I groaned as his tongue sank to the hilt in me, reaching as deep as he could. His mouth pressed against my hot nether lips while his tongue swirled through me. He stirred me up. "Yes!" I groaned as such delight rippled through my body. "Sean, yes, yes! I'm going to cum so hard on your mouth. I'm going to shower you in such juices." His tongue withdrew.

"Good!" He thrust it back into me. Sean fucked his tongue in and out of me, giving me a preview of his hard cock. I couldn't wait to be fucked. Until then, I clung to the grill, staring at Daddy, wishing it was him eating me.

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I just knew he would be even better. He had years of practice.

Sean's fingers kneaded my rump, digging into my hot flesh while his tongue fluttered through my pussy folds. My brother parted my butt-cheeks. Incestuous delight rippled through me as his chin nudged my clit. My brother was so good at that and. "Ooh, yes, I like where you're going with your fingers," I moaned, his digits creeping into my butt-crack. "Finger my naughty asshole." Sean had broken in all my holes. My mouth when I gave my first blowjob beneath the bleachers of our college's gym.

My pussy lying on our parents bed at a party they threw last March. And my asshole he claimed after his swim team won their championship in May.

I let him grease up his dick and plunder that hole. I loved it. I wished I hadn't held back so much. It was almost as good as his cock churning up my pussy. So I didn't have a problem with his fingers stroking down my butt-crack to find my sphincter.

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I welcomed it. "Finger my ass, brother!" I moaned, my hands gripping the grill so tight. It rattled as I quivered, my pleasure building and building. "Jam two of those digits into my butt!" He moaned into my pussy, tongue still probing my depths. His fingers pressed on my sphincter. My naughty anal ring didn't hold out for long. It surrendered to his digits pushing and wiggling. I gasped as two of his digits popped into my rectum. My asshole clamped down on them.

Velvety delight rippled through my flesh as he pumped them in and out of me. He drove them deep into my asshole. My pussy drank in the friction, the heat pouring into my cunt and swelling my orgasm faster and faster. "Yes, yes, finger my asshole and eat my pussy, brother!" I moaned, the incestuous bliss swelling in me. It wouldn't be long now. My eyes locked on Daddy. They grew watery as I refused to blink.

A moan built in the back of my throat, my orgasm coming closer and closer. My brother's fingers plunged in and out of my asshole. His other hand suddenly abandoned my butt-cheeks to reach around my waist and caress my pubic mound.

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He slid down my shaved pubic. His thumb found my clit. He rubbed it, massaged it. My pussy clamped down on his probing tongue. Bliss shot through me. A hot rapture that had me trembling and groaning. I whimpered as the heat slammed through my body. My eyes fluttered as it burned through me. This hot passion built and built, driving me towards such a powerful explosion. "Sean!" I groaned.

"Oh, yes, brother! I'm so close!" "Good," he moaned into my cunt, rubbing my clit faster and faster. His thumb put such a wicked amount of pressure on it. "Shower me with your juices, sis!" His fingers jammed deep into my asshole. I gasped, my pussy coming to a boil. His tongue probed into it, caressing my silky depths.

My clit throbbed against his thumb. It all swept through me. My eyes bore down on Daddy. "Sean, yes!" I screamed as my orgasm shot through me. The metal girl rattled as I came hard.

My pussy convulsed around Sean's tongue.

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My asshole writhed about his thrusting fingers. He fucked them in and out of my rectum as my climax shot hot through me. Pussy juices gushed out of my cunt while the rapture washed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision as the incestuous bliss buzzed through my veins.

Sean growled, lapping up my juices, his tongue caressing my sensitive labia. He kept massaging my clit. "Oh, Sean, yes!" I moaned. "Oh, wow, that's good. What you're doing to me. Oh, yes, yes!

I love it. This is so incredible. Don't stop. Keep making me cum." Another orgasm burst through me, exploding from my throbbing clit.

More juices gushed into his hungry mouth. The ecstasy swept through me. My body swayed. My breasts strained the bodice of my dress. My skirts rustled as I convulsed.

My asshole drank in the hot plunges of his fingers, feeding the bliss bursting over and over in my cunt. I moaned, my fingers digging into the metal. It bit into my digits. I loved it. This was amazing. My brother was amazing.

"Sean, Sean, you have to fuck me!" I moaned. "You have to pound me! Cum in me! I need it! My naughty pussy needs your cock." And yours, Daddy, I added in my mind, staring at the hunk as he talked to a millionaire and his trophy wife, her fake tits almost falling out of her dress.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sean Reenburg My sister's sweet pussy juices coated my lips. I considered eating her pussy practice for my seduction of Mom. I would need to use all my skills to please that beautiful, busty, mature woman. I would love the snatch that birthed me into this world.

I would drink down all her incestuous juices. I would make my mother explode. I ripped my fingers from my little sister's asshole and unzipped my tuxedo's fly. In moments, I had my dick out, thrusting hard before me. My slacks fell down to my ankles, my boxers bunched low. The tails of my dress shirt rubbed on my ass.

My hands slid up my sister's pink dress to her bodice. She gasped and wiggled, her skirt and petticoats still bunched around her. The fingers of my right hand were still burning from being in her asshole while my left thumb was coated in her passion.

I squeezed her tits through her blouse as I pressed my cock into her rump. "Mmm, just slide into me, brother, and give me more of those wonderful orgasms," she purred as I rested my chin on her shoulder, her golden ringlets caressing my right cheek.

I squeezed her breasts. "Does your naughty, little cunny need my big dick sliding into you?" "So much!" she groaned, her hips wiggling, rubbing her taut ass into my cock. My dick's tip throbbed. "I need my big brother's cock plunging into me over and over. Fuck me like Clint fucks Melody or Alicia." "But not Lee?" I asked, pinching her nipples through her bodice.

They were so hard, pressing on the silk. "I'm not your sex slave," she whimpered. "I'm your lover." I twisted her nipples hard, my gaze finding my mom. From above, I could see down her bodice, her breasts so large.

They would feel so soft in my hands. They would fill my grip far more than my sister's lush tits. "Yes, you are, sis," I groaned. "My naughty lover. I'm going to fuck you so hard." "Then do it!" she whimpered. "I need more. I need a man in me." "I thought you wanted Dad in you," I said, salivating over Mom as I ground against my sister's rump. She had a firm, tight tush.

Mom's would be. plumper. Curvier. She had a woman's figure. "I want you both in me!" she moaned. "Lucky for you, you're here, so slide into my cunt and fuck me! Cum in me!" "Such a tempting offer," I groaned. Movement caught my attention. Clint led his pregnant mother away from my mom. I found myself following them, Mrs. Elliston moving at that swaying gait of a woman nine months pregnant. She gripped her belly, their incestuous child in there. "Clint bred himself a new brother or sister," I groaned, squeezing my little sister's tits through her bodice.

"And some nieces or nephews," sighed my sister. "Do you think when his daughters are old enough, he'll fuck them." "Yes," I groaned, my dick aching. My hands pulled down on my sister's bodice. Her tits spilled out into my hands. I groaned, gripping and kneading them as I watched Clint lead his mother into a secluded alcove in the bushes, a place the party goers couldn't see them.

But I could. "He would definitely do that," I groaned, picturing my own sexy daughter/sister I bred with mom. I raise her and then deflower her like I took Maria's cherry. "He would make her cum so hard. Like I did for you." "Yes," she moaned. "And you need to make me cum hard! Slide that cock in me! Stop teasing me, brother! My pussy's so wet and juicy.

You know you want to be in my cunny.


I'm not Mom, but I'll make you explode." "Yeah," I groaned, transfixed as Clint unzipped his slacks. He pulled out his cock with such bold confidence. His pregnant mother sank to her knees without objecting.

He had such mastery over her. She nuzzled her mouth into the tip of his cock and engulfed it. Clint threw back his head. I couldn't hear his moans over the sounds of the party, but I knew he was enjoying his mother's mouth sliding up and down his cock, her lips sealed tight. She would give him such pleasure. "Fuck me, Sean!" hissed my sister. Her hand shot back between our bodies and grabbed my shaft. "Stop being a dick and fuck me!" "That's one way to be a dick," I told her, squeezing and kneading her round breasts.

They felt warm and silky in my hands, soft yet so firm. My fingers brushed her areolas as she shuddered. "Guide me into your cunt, and I'll fuck you." I couldn't look away from Mrs.

Elliston's dress swaying about her pregnant body as she blew her son. She knelt there, dyed-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders as she gave him such bliss.

My sister guided me to her pussy, sliding my cock's tip down her rump to her taint and finally to her pussy. She pressed me right against her cunt's entrance and backed onto me, whimpering as her incestuous flesh sank over the first inch of my cock.

I groaned, eyes locked on Clint. He seized a handful of his mother's hair and thrust hard into her mouth.

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"Damn," I groaned, ramming into my sister's cunt as I watched Clint fuck his mother's mouth hard. He used her. "That's hot." "I know," Maria whimpered, her pussy clenching around my dick.

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"Ooh, yes, yes, I love your cock being in me. We came from the same womb! Daddy started us both in Mom! This is so hot. So wrong. I love it!" "Yes!" I growled, thrusting hard into my sister's snatch. Her hot flesh engulfed my cock.

She held me in her silky grip. She massaged me, teased me. She drove me wild as I thrust hard into her. The friction burned around the tip of my cock. My fingers dug into her breasts, gripping them and enjoying their plumpness as I pounded her. My nineteen-year-old sister whimpered.

Her hips wiggled from side to side. My dress shirt's tails swayed behind me as I fucked her hard. My boxers worked down my legs while my balls smacked into her flesh. "Yes, yes, yes!" I groaned, watching Clint fuck his mother's mouth. He thrust his cock into her gullet with ease. "Take it all! Such a whore!" "I am!" my sister moaned, thinking I was talking to her.

"Oh, yes, Sean, churn up my pussy! I love your cock in me!" I pinched her nipples. Her cunt squeezed hard around my thrusting cock. My crotch smacked into her rump as I fucked her against the grill. The wrought iron rattled and groaned as I pressed her up against it. Clint fucked his mother's mouth hard. His balls had to be smacking her chin. It was so hot. I wanted to do that to my mother. I wanted to fuck her, breed her. Just like I wanted to breed my sister.

I pinched her nipples hard. I squeezed them, twisted them. I twerked them while she whimpered and moaned. Her pussy swelled hotter, juicier, about my cock. The silky friction massaged the tip. The ache swelled and swelled. I groaned, pressing my face into her golden ringlets.

I found her neck, sucking at it. She felt so good. I couldn't focus on Clint now. Not when I was plundering my sister's delicious cunt.

"Damn, Maria!" I moaned, the incestuous ache building and building at the tip of my cock. "Keep massaging my cock. I'm going to cum so hard into you!" "Just keep fucking me!" she moaned. Her pussy squeezed around me. "Oh, yes, yes, just keep plowing that amazing dick into me. A delicious heat swept through me. My eyes squeezed shut.

My balls brimmed with my jizz. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to that explosion. Her cunt gripped me. She squeezed down on me. Her head arched. The grill rattled. I slammed hard into her, crotch smacking on her rump, nutsack slapping into her clit. "Sean!" she gasped. "Oh, Sean, I'm. I'm. Yes!" My sister came on my dick.

That amazing moment swept over me. I groaned, closing my eyes as the rapture writhed around my cock. I plunged hard and fast into her convulsing depths. Her flesh massaged me, teased me with her silky delight. The ache swelled to its limit at the tip of my cock. "Shit!" I grunted. "Cum in me, Sean!" she moaned. "Flood me! Flood your little sister with all that jizz! I want it dripping out of me when I return to the party!" "You're so wild!" I groaned, my fingers twisting her nipples hard, my balls brimming with cum.

"Fuck!" "I am!" she moaned, bucking back into me, her pussy sucking at my dick. "Just fire into me! Give me your jizz!" I buried to the hilt in her. My cum erupted into her writhing cunt. "Yes, yes, yes!" she howled, her pussy spasming harder. Incestuous bliss shot through me. Hot jizz spurted into my sister's writhing pussy.

Her flesh milked my cock as I trembled, buried to the hilt into her pussy. I squeezed her tits, stars exploding across my vision. Ecstasy slammed into my mind.

Every eruption was amazing. I wanted this to last forever. I clutched at the rapture. But her pussy drained me dry. My final spurt shot into her, leaving me panting, groaning. I clutched her, blinking. The world swam drunkenly for a moment. Then my vision sharpened onto my sexy mother. I had to seduce her. I needed to and. An idea popped into my head.

"God, I want Daddy to fuck me like that," moaned my sister. "It would be so incredible. I'm going for it. I'm his intern all summer long. I'll show him I'm better than that hussy, Vanessa." "Yeah, he should keep it in the family," I panted, rubbing her nipples.

"I bet I can seduce Mom faster than you can seduce Dad." I said it off-hand, but my sister's pussy tightened about my cock. She snorted. "Yeah, right. I'm a girl. It'll be so hard for you to seduce Mom. I just have to flash Daddy some tits and ass, and he'll be putty in my hands." "Really?" I asked, my idea percolating. "I'll even give you a weeks head start," she said. "Since you're starting your summer working at Mom's law office next week and Daddy's still on vacation until after that.

I won't go near him until I'm working with him in Sacramento." "Deal," I groaned. "What do I get if I win?" "Bragging rights," she said, squirming in me. "That's not good enough." My dick, going soft in her pussy, twitched. "I want to breed you. I know you want Dad to do it, but I want you and Mom bred with both my babies at the same time. After that, you can have Daddy's kid." "Fine," she said. "Then I get your car!" Dad gave me a supercharged Chevrolet Corvette for my twentieth birthday back in March.

"Deal!" "This is such a sucker's bet," she giggled, her pussy clenching around my dick. "You're never going to fuck Mom. She spends all her time working. I bet her cooch is as dry as Death Valley." "We'll see," I grinned, my eyes flicking to Mrs. Elliston turning around on her hands and knees, Clint falling down behind her, eager to fuck his pregnant mom.

"We shall see, sis." To be continued.