Hot babe shows her body masturbate and fingering

Hot babe shows her body masturbate and fingering
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Some people might view me as a bit of a loser. Yeah, my job's not the best I'm a delivery driver at a pizza shop; and yeah, I still live with my mum but in a flat (apartment, to you Yanks) in her back yard.

But you know what? I'm my own person.

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I come and go as I please, at any time I please, and my old girl turns a blind eye to me drinking and smoking weed. I don't have a lot, but I don't need a lot either. Like I said, my job's not the best; the hours are crap and the pay's not brilliant, but it allows me to work out at the gym at an hour of the day when it's practically deserted.

It's great I walk in; have a flirtatious little chat with Demelza, the cute dark-haired woman behind the counter; work out at my own pace, and I'm done.

On this particular day, there was only one other guy when I was there - a blond guy who looked to be in his 30's. Even though I'm bi, I don't normally check out other guys. This guy, however, had the type of body I wanted so badly for myself; muscular but not bulky, with a decent set of pecs and buff arms.

When his singlet lifted up, whenever he had his arms over his head, I could see part of a pretty good 6-pack, too. I idly thought about what his package would be like did he shave, was he uncut like me, how big was it.? "What the fuck?" I murmured to myself, snapping out of my daydream. I'd never thought like that before.

Sure I'd fantasised about sex with other guys, but I'd never had thoughts about a guy in particular.

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Oh well. I smiled dimly at the other guy when he looked over at me, hoping he wasn't a mind reader, then got back to my workout. A short while later I finished my workout, and I headed to the changing rooms for a shower.

Normally, the rush of testosterone post-workout makes me pretty horny, but this day, as I was stripping off for my shower, I noticed I was feeling super horny I knew why, but I was a little nonplussed; again, it wasn't something that had happened to me before.

I stepped into the communal shower booth, and got the shower going. As I stood under the water, letting it flow over my head and shoulders, I pondered what I could do about my predicament. Usually I'd wait until after work, head to whatever bar or club happened to be open, and see if I could pick up anyone for a casual fuck.

Sometimes it'd work, but most of the time I just ended up going back to my place, getting stoned, then jacking myself off to porn. But this couldn't wait I needed relief ASAP. "What to do," I thought, languidly playing with my semi-hard cock as I tried to solve my problem. Then, it occurred to me. I was already halfway there, I would just take care of myself in the shower nobody else was there, I'd just have to be quick.

With a few quick strokes, my cock was fully hard, and with a gentle tug, I pulled my foreskin back to reveal the purple glistening head. I pointed my cock so the warm water from the shower rained down over the sensitive head; as I did, a jolt of pleasure rippled throughout me and I had to suppress a moan.

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Oh, soooo good. I stood a little closer to the wall, so the water flowed over my hand and cock, and started jacking myself off furiously.

"Mmm, not long now," I thought, "I wonder if that guy likes other guys?" I lost myself in my self-pleasuring. "Hey can I help you with that?" A male voice echoed behind me. Startled, I whirled around to see the source of the voice; as I did so I remembered my hard-on wagging in front of me, and hastily tried to cover it up with my hands.

How did he get in without me hearing him?

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It was the guy who I'd been checking out earlier. He was naked too, apparently ready for his shower. Despite my predicament, I couldn't help but check him out. He was nearly hairless; I was right about his pecs, they were broad and looked firm; his 6-pack wasn't as well defined as I thought, but it was better than mine.


My eyes skated down to his semi-hard cock; it had a groomed-looking patch of pubic hair at the base, and although it wasn't monstrous looked to be a decent size when fully up. His balls hung loosely in the warm air, in their shaved sack.

I cleared my throat. "I, uh." I began, but he stopped me. "I, uh, followed you in here. I guess you didn't notice, huh?" He said as he stepped closer.

I shook my head, unable to speak. "Jeez, that's nice! Well, you noticed me in the weights room." I thought of voicing a denial, but it was no use. He was very close now. His voice dropped to a croak. "Well, here I am.

And here you are. With the nicest dick I've seen in a long time." Before I could say anything, he took my hands and moved them away from my meat-stick, which was still fully hard.

He looked down at it as it pointed to him, its head gleaming with pre-cum. I looked down too, but at his cock; it was centimetres away from mine, and almost fully hard. I looked up, and he also did at the same time. He smiled and chuckled a little at the surprised and perplexed expression on my face, and then it happened. He KISSED me. Not the perfunctory smack of lip-on-lip that occasionally happened with some of my "more adventurous" bi male fuck partners, but a KISS.

It was soft at first, as he gently pulled me into him and wrapped his muscled arms around me, but it it swiftly grew in intensity. His tongue slid into my mouth and swirled around my tongue. Surprised, I responded by tentatively probing his mouth with my tongue.

I could feel his hands slide down my body as I took hold of him; they found their way to my arse, and squeezed the cheeks. After a time-stood-still moment, he broke the kiss. "Wow!" I whispered, "that was fuckin' hot, I've never kissed a guy like that!" "You're welcome," he replied, with a sexy smile on his face, "so, still want that help?" My smile was all the answer he needed; he immediately squatted in front of me, eye level with my cock.

Taking hold of the shaft in one hand, and cupping my heavy balls in the other, he eyed it appreciatively. "Hmm, nice cock," he said, smiling up at me, "does it taste as good as it looks? Let's find out, shall we?" His tongue flickered out, and I shuddered as it swiped at the jizz-coated head.

He swallowed, and ran his tongue around his lips. "Mmm, tasty," he cooed, " I think I want some more." He then proceeded to tongue-lash the tip of my fuck wand, licking it all over like an ice cream-starved kid with a cone. I nearly had to bite my hand to suppress the moans that were rising in my throat. But he was nowhere near finished; he slid his lips over my blood engorged cock head, sucking as he swirled his tongue around it.


He gently massaged my balls, rolling them around in their sack, as he started to pump my cock head in and out of his mouth, his other hand sliding up and down the shaft.

Just when I thought it wouldn't get any better, he let go of my cock with his hands, and held it in his mouth. Reaching out to grab my hands, he put them either side of his head; he then took hold of my arse again.

Just when I was about to ask him what he was doing, his mouth slowly glided down my cock; unbelievably, he sucked down every last centimetre of my cock, making slobbery noises, until his nose was nestling in my pubic hair. "Oh, my fucking god!" I nearly yelled. "Mmmf!" He mumbled through his mouthful of cock, trying to tell me to keep quiet. He held me there for a moment, breathing hard through his nose, then he slowly withdrew my cock from his mouth, leaving a trail of his spit as he went.

Letting me fall from his mouth, he took a gasp of air and looked up at my awestruck face. "Ready?" He said. Before I could ask, "for what," he plunged my wang into his mouth again, pulling my waist forward as he did. With a swiftly quickening rhythm, he face-fucked me; he reached out and tugged at my arms, motioning for me to push his head onto my love truncheon with each in-stroke, then grabbed my arse again. Not surprisingly, I didn't last long.

After another minute or so of the best blow-job of my life, I barely had time to gasp a warning when my spunk boiled up out of my yoghurt hose, spurt after spurt of it, into his mouth. It felt like I was shooting litres of white, sticky, and hot baby batter, and it all went into his wide-open mouth as he milked my shaft, the tip of my dick resting on the tip of his tongue well, most of it, a little dribbled off the sides of his tongue, in oozy streams. My orgasm subsided in what seemed like an eternity later; as my breathing slowed, he squeezed the last drops of cum from my cock.

With a final suck, he cleaned the jizzy residue from the tip, and wiped his mouth with his hand. "There we go," he said, "guys suck cock so much better than girls, don't they?" "Fuckin' A, you do!" I replied enthusiastically.

He chuckled, then stood up and gave my slowly softening cock a little squeeze. "So, my turn?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. I looked down at his rock hard cock. "I'd say you were ready." I told him.

I squatted down in front of him, and took his fleshy prong in my hand. Just then, the change room door banged open, as the after school crowd of teenagers bustled in. "Shit!" We both said, and I sprang up. He moved to the next shower head, turning to the wall to conceal his boner, and swiftly turned his shower on. Silently and furiously we washed ourselves, casting backwards glances to see if we'd been busted.

I thought of asking him if he wanted me to continue, but the teenagers were screwing around, and it'd be ages before the change room was empty again. My new-found fuck buddy finished his shower.


I turned mine off, too, and followed him into the change room itself. As we both dressed, we kept casting rueful glances at each other. He finished dressing first, and was out the door immediately.

When I followed suit, minutes later, he was waiting for me near the front door, a sheepish smile on his face. "Bugger!" I said in a low voice, "I really was gonna return the favour!" "Ah well," he wryly replied, "it happens. What's your name, anyway?" "Steve," I told him, holding my hand out for a shake.

He looked down at my outstretched hand. "Seems kinda tame, after what we just did," he said, then took my hand, "mine's Grant." "So, I'll see you around?" I asked him.

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"After all, I owe you one." He let go of my hand. "Oh, I'm in no doubt we will. Well, see ya." He turned, and headed to his car. I thought: "OK, what was that about?" I said nothing though, and turned to go to my car.

Well, I'd gotten off and how but I was still going to have a hard time concentrating at work.