Sleeping teen gets big cock from step brother

Sleeping teen gets big cock from step brother
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Mark had never been naked outside like that. Mistress Amy had always forced them to do whatever act she depraved act she desired in the privacy of their apartment. But not that day. Oh, no. Mistress Amy had told him and Jill that it was National Nude Day.

Mark strongly suspected that that wasn't a federally recognized holiday. He also strongly suspected that she was just using that as her excuse to get them outdoors naked - and he was quite right. Not that he would do anything about it.

And not that Amy really needed the excuse. Mark was twenty four and his wife, Jill, twenty six. They'd been married for two years when Jill met Amy in a group on Facebook. At first, the chit-chat was fairly mundane as the group was aimed at sharing "household hacks" but then they started talking in private which was when Amy slowly, gradually brought up more intimate, more private topics. Eventually, every aspect of her sex life with Mark was discussed. And yet, Jill still knew nothing about Amy.

Not yet, anyway.


From her willingness to divulge details, Amy figured out that Jill had a submissive streak and loved to be dominated.

Mark, unfortunately for Jill, was also a submissive. Amy, however, was not. Amy invited herself over to their apartment one day. No, that's not quite right. She simply demanded the address and came over. 'Invited' implied that Jill or Mark had a say in it. When she arrived, Jill smiled broadly at, what they then learned, was the 19 year old red head.

At first, Jill just thought it was a friendly visit. Amy didn't smile as she came inside. "Strip. Right now," she had ordered Jill once the front door was barely closed. Jill was taken aback by the command and just stood frozen.

Amy took a step forward and grabbed hold of Jill's pants. She started to unbutton them when Jill reached down and put her hands on Amy's. Amy just stared, unblinking into Jill's face. Her hands neither pulled away nor continued as the two woman stood face to face in silence. Eventually, Jill let her hands fall free to her side. Amy smiled and resumed undoing her pants. Jill stood stock still as Amy slid them to the floor, exposing Jill's panties. Amy saw the tell-tale wet spot in the middle that she'd been hoping for.

"Are you a good girl?" Amy asked her with a smile. Jill swallowed and nodded. "Tell me," Amy said. "I'm a good girl," Jill said softly. "Say: I'm a good girl, Mistress Amy," Amy said. Jill paused for a beat.

"I'm a good girl, Mistress Amy," Jill said even more softly. "Prove it," Amy said. "Good girls follow orders. Pull your underwear off and place them in your mouth." Another beat. Jill had never done anything like that but the burning in her privates couldn't be denied.

Slowly, she bent over and slid the panties to the floor, exposing her bare pussy to the younger girl. She slipped them off her foot and bunched them into a ball.

She stared at the ball for a long while, unsure if it was something she could go through with. Amy, for her part, merely stood, arms crossed over her chest, as she waited for Jill to comply.

And, eventually, Jill did. The damp panties went into her mouth. Jill had never tasted her own juices before; it wasn't pleasant exactly, but not awful either. It was.

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different. "When does your husband get home?" Amy asked. "Mmm mmmbt mm mmr" was the best Jill managed. Amy pulled out her phone and handed it to Jill on the text message screen. Jill took it and typed. 'In about an hour' it said. Jill was about to hand the phone back when she pulled it away and added 'Mistress.' "That'll work," Amy said as she read the phone. "Get down on all fours, slave," Amy said, pointing to the floor in front of her. The word "slave" took Jill by surprise and she hesitated, but only for a moment.

She took up position in front of Amy as instructed and waited. Amy circled around Jill like a panther staking out its prey. She squatted down behind Jill and placed her hands on Jill's ass cheeks. Jill jerked forward involuntarily; that action earned her a swat on the ass. "I didn't say you could move!" Amy said fiercely. Once Jill settled back down, Amy resumed kneading Jill's cheeks.

They were softer than Amy expected; Jill's body was otherwise fit and trim. Amy released Jill's cheeks and used her hands to spread Jill's legs further apart. Jill did 't resist. A moment later, Jill gasped as Amy's index finger slipped between her slick labia.

"Well, well, well," Amy said. "I guess you ARE a good girl!" Jill blushed but said nothing. "I want you to touch yourself, slave. You are to saw those fingers in and out of that beautiful pussy of yours. Push them in, be sure to twist them as you do. I want you to get that snatch good and hot for me.

You are NOT to orgasm. Do you understand? Absolutely no cumming without permission. Repeat that back to me." Jill was panting as her fingers in and out of the wet folds between her legs.

"I, I, am not, not to cum, Mistress," she managed. "Exactly. Now I am going to go sit on your sofa and go on my phone. You are going to continue masturbating until your husband returns," Amy said. She sat down and proceeded to ignore the older girl playing with her pussy on all fours ten feet away.

And Jill did masturbate as instructed. She had to slow down her pace to keep from going over the edge and once she stopped entirely. Amy who had seemed like she wasn't paying attention turned and frowned instantly. Jill immediately resumed her manipulations as the wet spot on the carpet below her continued to grow from her vaginal secretions flowing down her thighs.

Finally, they both heard the apartment door unlock and watched it swing open. Amy said nothing as Mark entered. He saw Amy first and started to ask something before he saw his naked wife on all fours playing with herself. "Jill?! What the hell is going on? And who is this?" Mark exclaimed. Amy stood up and walked over to Mark. She extended her hand in greeting which Mark instinctively accepted despite his shock.

"Hello, Mark, I'm Amy. But your wife calls me Mistress Amy. Did you know your wife was a submissive?" she asked. Mark simply gaped at his wife. "No," Amy answered for him. "Based on your expression, I'll guess that you didn't. Anyway, your wife has been masturbating for nearly an hour. That's why she's covered in sweat and trembling like that. Would you like to fuck her?" Mark still didn't answer verbally but nodded without taking his eyes off Jill.

"Great!" Amy said. "Just one thing. Before you are allowed to fuck her, you'll need to submit to me as well. Because slave Jill is only allowed to fuck those that I give her permission. So, if you'd like that to be you, you'll have to become my slave, too. Will you do that, Mark?" "I, I don't." Mark trailed off without completing a coherent thought.

"Take off your clothes, Mark," Amy said. Her tone was friendly but firm. "All your clothes.

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Then kneel before me with your hands behind your head." Mark still didn't move. "NOW, Mark!!" Amy shouted.

Mark jumped in surprise. He blinked, swallowed, then started removing his shirt. And that was how it had started several months earlier. That particular day, Amy had ordered them to be at her house at 12pm sharp. And had given specific instructions on what to do. "Are we ready to do this?" Jill asked him.

Mark shrugged and sighed.

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"No. But what choice do we have?" he replied. In their car outside her house, they both stripped down completely, folding their clothes and placing them on the back seat. They were only allowed one piece of clothing each - a dog collar. It was purchased from the local pet store whose clerk hadn't even questioned the two adults that were trying them on themselves to check size.

Apparently, people did that kind of thing all the time. Who knew? Mark buckled Jill's hot pink collar around her neck and Jill did his black one with metal studs. He felt it would make him seem somewhat more masculine.

Jill thought that would be difficult seeing as how Amy had ordered them both to shave their privates completely. Worse, Mark was told that he was to be completely flaccid when they arrived at her door. That was a bit of a problem, because the automotive nudity, and thoughts of what Amy might make them do, had made him very erect. They didn't have much time before they had to meet Amy. They didn't want to think about the penalty for being late.

Jill figured an easy way to fix his erection issue was to get him off. So, helpfully, she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. Her lips swallowed the bulbous cock-head and his manhood disappeared into her mouth.

Mark looked around nervously as his naked wife's lips scraped up and down on his shaft as they sat in their car. Meanwhile, she toyed with his scrotum, rolling his testes around in her palm as she sucked him off. The clock was ticking and it was almost time for them to go in when Mark exploded into his wife's mouth. She swallowed each squirt as he groaned loudly - shockingly loudly inside the otherwise silent car.

Once he was finished, she pulled off his meat and watched as his member slowly shrank down. It continued to ooze semen in the process which she cleaned up with her thumb, sticking it into her mouth to lick it off.

Finally satisfied that he was fully limp, she slapped him on the thigh and said, "Ok, let's get this over with." They both took deep breaths and opened the car doors.

- - - - They hurried to Amy's front door. They had to park on the street which meant making a fifty foot sprint across her front lawn to the door. Amy had insisted on both of those details. She said the spirit of "National Nude Day" required it. Sure, whatever. Jill knocked rapidly on the door while Mark looked around frantically. Amy lived on a fairly small street, but it was broad daylight in the middle of a Saturday. Amy, after what seemed like an eternity, opened the door.

She was grinning ear to ear. "Hey, guys, what's shaking?" She said pleasantly. As if the two adults weren't bare-assed naked on her door step.

"Hi, Mistress Amy," Jill said, speaking quickly. "We are here just as you asked. May we come in?" Amy continued to smile. And shook her head. "No. Not just yet. You guys need to do something for me first," she said. But then didn't elaborate. "Ok, please, anything, what is it, Mistress?" Jill pleaded. She was bent over slightly and had her legs tightly crossed in an effort to maintain some sliver of modesty.

Mark just stood with his hands over his crotch. Amy didn't answer.

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Instead she took a step forward toward Mark. She pushed his hands aside and looked down at his tiny, flaccid member. She crooked a finger and placed in underneath his shrunken manhood. She lifted it, inspecting it as she might an interesting species of insect.

"I'm very glad to see that you are erection-free as I instructed. But why do I now have residual cum on my finger here?" She asked lightly. "Jill gave me a blow job in the car, Mistress," Mark responded. A car drove by on the street but thankfully somehow didn't see them.


"I don't think I gave permission for that," Amy said, frowning. "We're sorry, Mistress," Jill said. "I only did it so that we could comply with your order." Amy shrugged. "Well, I won't punish you for it. But you are probably going to wish you'd used an ice pack instead.

Because before you guys can come in, you need to fuck for me. Out here, on the lawn. And Mark needs to cum inside you. Right here. Right now," Amy said. Her tone was indifferent, but they could tell she was serious. "But, Mistress, I can't get erect right now!" Mark tried to protest.

Amy shrugged again. "Not my problem. You two should have thought of that sooner. Now get to it. Celebrate National Nude Day the way it was meant to be celebrated - with a cock inside a pussy!" She laughed heartily as if she'd made the world's funniest joke.

Jill swung around to Mark. "Alright, we need to get you aroused again," she said, stating the obvious. Mark just stared back in dumb shock. "And I mean, like, now!" Jill dropped down on her knees in front of him.

She felt the cool, damp grass on her bare skin. She took Mark's cock back in her mouth and started sucking. And sucking. She cupped his ass cheeks with both hands, pulling his pelvis against her face as she fellated him in front of their 19 year old mistress. "What the fuck is going on?" the voice behind Mark said. Jill looked around Mark's hip to the twenty something guy in the street. He had his arm around his girlfriend, a blond of similar age. Apparently, they'd been walking by and seen the sex show going on in their neighborhood.

Amy answered for them. "Hey, Steve! Julia! It's National Nude Day. And these are my two slaves who are celebrating it by having sex for me. Want to watch?" Steve shrugged and turned to Julia. She looked back at him a shrugged as well.

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"Sure," Julia replied. "Why not?" They walked onto the lawn and headed toward Jill and Mark. The added audience was not helping Mark's arousal at all.

Jill resumed sucking her husband. "I thought they were supposed to be having sex," Steve asked. "How come she's just blowing him?" Amy sighed in exasperation. "'Cuz the dumb slave orgasmed in the car before coming here and now can't get it up." Which was a completely accurate assessment of the situation.

"You said they are your slaves?" Julia asked. She seemed intrigued by the thought. Amy nodded. "Yes, isn't that right, slaves?" "Yes, Mistress," Mark said. Jill removed her mouth from Mark's cock to say 'yes' as well.

"Hmmm," Julia said. Gears were turning in her head. "So, they'll do whatever you tell them to?" She wanted to make sure she had it right. Amy nodded.

"Yep, and whatever YOU tell them to as well. Won't you, slaves?" "Yes, Mistress," Mark answered on behalf of both of them so Jill wouldn't have to leave his dick again. Not that it was helping.

She had not succeeded in doing anything other than sucking the last of his cum like a shake through a straw. Amy put her hand on the back of Jill's head. "How you makin' out there, princess?" She asked. Jill pulled her face away and eyed Mark's still-tiny member. She didn't have to answer.

"I have a thought," Julia said. All eyes turned to her. "Amy, why is there a naked couple on our front lawn?" - this question came from a middle-aged man with half Gray, half brown hair. All eyes turned to him next. "Oh, hey dad," Amy said. "These are my slaves, Mark and Jill.

I'm making them fuck on our lawn for National Nude Day." "Doesn't look like they are fucking, dear," he commented, looking at us over his glasses. "That's because he can't get it up," Julia informed him.

She gestured to me, just to be clear. "I have an idea to help them, though," she continued. "It's Jill, right?" she asked. Jill nodded up at her. "K, Jill, I want you to take your finger and put it up Mark's butt." Steve burst out laughing as both Mark and Jill just stared, in shock at the request.

Scratch that, at the command. "I, I can't." Jill started to say when Julia leaned over and slapped her on the face. "Slaves don't tell us what they can and can't do!" she shouted. The change in her expression, and tone, was totally unexpected and served to make Mark and Jill even more shocked. "Now it's two fingers in his butt," Julia said, straightening back up and crossing her arms over her chest.

"If you don't want your whole hand up there, you better get to it!" "I think she means it!" Steve said through fits of laughter. Mark thought she did, too. "I think you better do it," he said quietly to his wife. She looked up at him for a beat before nodding agreement. Jill put her hands on his ass cheek to turn him around. She pulled his cheeks apart then paused, unsure how to proceed.

"It'll probably go easier if you wet those fingers first," Amy said helpfully. Jill put her first and second fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

She withdrew them and eyed them, satisfied that they seemed wet enough. Julia disagreed. "They'll be much wetter if you insert them into your pussy and work them in there," she said. "An excellent suggestion, Julia!" said 'Dad'.

Steeling up her courage, Jill did as she was told and pushed two fingers into the folds of her pussy. She pushed them in until her knuckles reached her labia before pulling them back out. "I said WORK them in there," Julia said sternly. Jill's shoulders slumped a bit; as bad as things were, now she had to essentially masturbate herself in front of these strangers.

But what choice did she have? The longer they stayed there, the more people who would be liable to come by. So she fingered herself, pounding hard against her lady bits with her left hand. She had to steady herself by holding on Mark's arm with her other hand. In and out, her digits sawed away.

She wasn't sure how long she should be doing it for but didn't want to give Julia an excuse to make her start over again. Fortunately, Julia let her off the hook a moment later. "Alright, you can stop. Take care of him now," she said. Jill pulled her two slick fingers out; she hated to admit it, but Julia was right. It definitely was a more efficient way of lubing them up.

She used her free hand to spread Mark's cheeks apart. His round and, up to that day unpenetrated, asshole peeked back at her.

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She swallowed as she placed the two fingers at his sphincter. She couldn't see it, but Mark was swallowing hard as well, unsure of what to expect. "Dan? What's going on?" said yet another new voice. "Hi, Mom!" Amy said to the new guest. The middle aged woman came up next to her husband and took his arm.

"Just watching two slaves get played with, dear," Dad (who we now knew was 'Dan') said. "Oh, lovely! Amy doesn't bring them home often enough!" she said, clasping her hands together in delight.

"That young man," Dan said, "is about to get two fingers up his ass from that nice girl in an effort to get him aroused so they can fuck on our lawn. Did I get that all right, honey?" he asked Amy. Amy smiled and nodded. "Yep, that pretty much sums it up," she said. "You should really get going," Julia said. "I don't mind watching you two stay out here naked all day, but you might not want to." Jill knew she was right. Without warning, she pushed the two fingers into Mark's ass, causing him to gasp in surprise.

She left them in an inch and looked up to make sure he was ok. She wasn't really sure what she thought would happen, but felt it prudent to go slow nonetheless.

"Come on, push 'em up in there already!" Julia said. "It's ok, sweetie, go ahead," Mark encouraged. And Jill did. A moment later her fingers were buried as deep as they would go into her husband's ass. For her trouble, she got another gasp from him and he started to fall forward before catching his balance.

She pulled her fingers half-way out before shoving them back in, rotating them in the process. The feeling of her fingers pressing inside his rectum was unlike anything he'd experienced.

There was a tingling in his loins that he couldn't have put into words (not that anyone asked.) He couldn't decide if he actually "liked" it or not, but it was definitely having the desired affect. Within a minute of Jill fingering his ass, he'd begun to become aroused again. He looked down to see his manhood growing in front of the crowd.

The crowd was all staring at it as well, save for his wife who couldn't see the fruits of her efforts from behind his ass. "It's working, sweetie," he said over his shoulder. The encouragement made her double down and start pumping his ass even faster; his ass cheeks were quivering from the repeated impacts.

After another couple of minutes, Julia stepped forward in front of Mark. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his rod, checking it's firmness. Mark tensed up as the stranger gripped his cock while his wife fingered his ass.

The attention in both the front and back was resulting in pre-cum leaking from the tip. It did not go unnoticed. "I think he's ready to go here, sweet-cheeks," Julia said looking down at Jill over Mark's shoulder. Jill stopped her fingering and looked around her husband's hip to see that Julia was, indeed, correct. His flag was flying at full-staff. She slid her gooey fingers slowly from his ass before standing up. "K, now for the moment we've all been waiting for!" Amy announced.

Jill looked into Mark's eyes. "Alright, I guess we need to do this," she said softly. Mark nodded and took a deep breath. Jill laid back down on the ground, stretching out in the grass under the watchful eyes of the group. Mark started to kneel in-between her legs when Julia stopped him. "That position is too boring," she said. "I want her to stand up and bend over at the waist so you can take her from behind. That should be more humiliating for her." Jill sighed as she stood back up.

She turned around so her ass was facing Mark and bent over as she was instructed.

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She spread her legs wide apart and grabbed her shins for balance. Mark stepped behind her and grabbed her hips. With one hand, he lined his dick up with her slit before they were interrupted by Julia yet again. "On second thought or is that the third thought?

I lost track. Anyway, since Mark had to take something in the ass today, it only seems fair that Jill does as well.


Am I right, guys?" she said, turning to the group, hands upright in askance. Everyone nodded and seemed to agree. "Totally fair," Mom agreed. "Let her take it in the ass." No girl-power unity here, apparently. Julia stepped forward to the side of Jill and Mark. She reached in-between their bodies and pushed two fingers into Jill's dripping pussy; it made a slurping sound as she fingered in and out.

It was only at that moment that Mark realized how aroused his wife was by the whole affair. Her fluids were squirting all over the place as Julia finger fucked her in front of him. Jill tried to pull her thighs back together to keep out the invader, but the fact that Julia was already in her coupled with her wetness made that impossible. In truth, it felt great anyway. Once she was happy with the amount of Jill's pussy juice on her hand, Julia pulled her hand out and turned to Mark. "Please hold her cheeks far apart for me," she instructed.

Mark gripped the two fleshy globes and spread them apart. She put one hand on Jill's lower back as she lined up her fingers against Jill's asshole. Jill's hole wasn't virginal like Mark's as they'd done anal a couple of times, but she wasn't a fan of it at all. So, it was still unpleasant when the girl behind her pushed two wet, sticky fingers into her ass.

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On the other hand, even though she wasn't happy about a strange girl digitally manipulating her rosebud, she WAS happy that Julia seemed to be doing a good job of lubricating the tunnel that her husband would soon be fucking. Mark, for his part, was mesmerized by the sight of his wife being diddled in front of him.

Once Julia was finished, she pulled her fingers out and frowned at the sticky mess on them. She wiped it off on Jill's right ass cheek before clapping Mark on the shoulder. "Go to it, stud!" she said. And Mark did. He lined up with his wife's back door and pressed his cock-head there.

She involuntarily tensed at the feeling so he waited patiently for her to relax before continuing. Slowly, he worked the head in to her rosebud. Mark wasn't particularly large but his dick was still larger than Julia's digits. He watched as her sphincter spread open at the pressure. He couldn't see her face, but she winced as the head popped past her rim and her ass closed around it, trapping it inside.

Despite Julia's best efforts, Jill was still a bit dry inside. Fortunately, being sucked off for ten minutes prior had helped lubricate him as well.

She winced again as he pushed further in; Mark was ecstatic at the feeling of her rectum squeezing his rod in the process. Eventually, his pelvis bottomed out against her ass cheeks and Jill let out the breath she'd been holding. She took another breath and looked over her shoulder at him. "Don't stop now. Get this done already," she panted. Mark pulled back out, careful not to fall out of his wife's behind, before plowing back in.

Her hips rocked forward and she almost lost her balance but Mark held tight to the sides of her abdomen. "Mark! Mark! Mark!" Julia said, cheering him on. She was pumping her fist in the air in time to the chant. Amy squatted down in front of Jill's as Mark continued to fuck Jill from behind. Amy put her hands on either side of Jill's face to hold it steady against the rocking of her body.

Leaning it, she kissed Jill's sensuously. Jill was surprised at first but gave in and returned the kiss passionately. Her lips crashed against Amy's with each thrust from Mark which made the kiss a bit awkward, but neither girl seemed to mind.

Despite having only cum less than thirty minutes earlier, Mark's orgasm grew rapidly. He wasn't sure if it was in spite of, or because of, the public nature. And it didn't really matter. He slowed down even though knew he shouldn't. He SHOULD have been trying to finish as quickly as possible, but the feeling of Jill's tight behind on his manhood was too intense and he wanted to savor it for as long as possible. Unfortunately (for him), as long as possible was only another minute before he erupted into his wife's ass.

He grunted loudly as he gripped her sides. Jill felt his climax but didn't react to it as she was still lip-locked with Amy who was stroking the back of her head. Having just climaxed earlier, he didn't have much to shoot into her. After only four small squirts, Mark slipped out, his cock already shrinking. He took a step back and watched the two girls kissing in front of him. Amy released her face and leaned back.

"You did great, princess," she said, smiling at her. "Thank you, Ma'am," Jill said, smiling back. Jill stood up and felt something wet hit the inside of her thigh. Looking down, she saw that a blob of Mark's cum at leaked out from her ass and fallen inside her leg.

Before she could do anything about it, she was distracted by the sound of applause. Julia started clapping and whistling; her boyfriend joined in followed by Amy's parents a moment later. "Take a bow, young man!" Amy's mom said. Mark paused a moment before doing as she asked.

Jill bowed as well. Dan spoke to Amy. "Amy, honey, these are a nice pair that you got this time. Your mother and I have to meet friends at the club now but you really must have these two over some time so we can get to know them better," he said. Amy nodded. "Sure thing, pops!" Steve adjusted the uncomfortable looking bulge in his pants. "Hey, Jules, I think we should go, too.

I really need to take care of something myself," he said to his girlfriend. She scowled at him. "Don't think it's going in MY ass, buddy!" Steve chuckled. "I'll take whatever I can get at this point." At that moment, another group of young adults was walking down the street towards the group. Amy saw them and frowned. "K, I think you guys have celebrated National Nude Day enough for now. You guys are free to go. But I'll be in touch!" she said. Mark and Jill both hoped that she would be.