A Threesome With Shayla and Keysha

A Threesome With Shayla and Keysha
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It was another boring night in Connecticut.I had nothing to do so i decided to go online.I entered a chat room and started talkin to people from all around.No one is ever in a room from Connecticut i thought to myself.Just when i thought that a girl from CT came on.I asked what part of CT she was from and she said near the shore.I was like wow cause no one is ever from CT she was like yeah i know.

We started chatting about general stuff at first and we really got to know eachother.She told me how she went to an all girls college and that her parents were very strict.They would take her car away if they even suspected that she was doing anything out of the ordinary.I found this odd cause she was 21.wow i said my parents dont do anything like that they dont care as long as i dont get into trouble with the law.

We talked for a bit and she told me she was going to sent me a picture of her.I was like ok.When i got it i couldnt believe how beautiful she was.I told her she was hot but she didnt believe me.i said well you are.She just shrugged it off.So we started talking about what we like to do and i asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said know.I thought how does someone who looks like that not have a boyfriend.She said she doesnt see a lot of guys so she really doesnt get to meet any.We talked about everything and we realized that we talked for 12 hrs and the sun was just starting to come up.We said our goodbyes and went to sleep.

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The next day i went online at about the same time to see if she would be there and sure enough she was.I was so excited that she was on and immediately picked up where we letf off.She told me her parent were very religious.Thats when i told her i was indeed a black man.She was said she never dated a black man or been with one either.

I told her i had been with white woman before and its not much different.

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We got into talking about sex and relationships we had been in>She told me that she had never had an orgasm before.I asked how come.She said that guys only think about themselves and dont take the time to pleasure a woman.I asked well what about when you touch yourself do you get off then.No she replied its not enough i need more.I said jokingly that my new goal in life was to makes her cum.She just laughed.We just talked about sex for a while and general stuff for a bit and realized it had been like 10 hrs and was like 5 am so we said goodbye.

The next day sure enough she was on again much to my excitement.Today things got a little more intimate.We really talked about sex today.We got very descriptive.She asked how big my dick was.I told her it was 9'' long and she was like wow.All the guys she had been with were like 6'' or smaller.Then we started to talk about what we would do to eachother if we were together.I started to get a hard on and had to start stroking myself.Then i couldnt take it anymore and i came all over the place.It was quite a huge load.As it started to go down her told me she was touching herself this made me hard again instantly.I told her i was touching myself too and wanted to be inside of her right now.She said she wanted my big dick inside of her and i shot another load like 2 minutes after the first on.

Thats when i told her i loved her.I know it had only been 3 days and we never saw eachother but we had this connection what i never felt before.When i told her there was a long pause.I was so scared that she would freak out and never talk to me again but she told me she felt the same way but she didnt want me to freak out.Wowo what a relief that was.I told her i had to see her and she agreed.We made arrangements to see eachother the following weekend.We also exchanged numbers so we could hear eachothers voice.

We talked during the week and we couldnt wait until saturday came.Then it was time for her to come to my house.I was so nervous cause what if she wasnt the person in the picture or if she was that she might not like what she saw.I had doubts but it was too late she was already on her way.I started to worry cause she had left 2and a half hours ago and it was only an hour ride.What if she got hurt i thought but she called me and she was lost.She was only down the street though so i directed her to the house.

When i first saw her she didnt look like the girl in the picture she was way hotter.She was about 5'5'' with medium lenght brown hair she had sparkling blue eyes and a nice ass for a white girl.Then i noticed she had a rack like you wouldnt believe.Her tits were rather large for such a small frame i couldnt believe it.She was so beautiful i was getting a hard on just looking at her.

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We decided to go to a movie and have dinner.When i got in the care i was so nervous cause she was so hot.I was barely able to give her directions to get to where we were going.I did manage though.All through dinner all i did was stare at her and think how beautiful she was.She finally said what are you looking at.I told her that i think you are so beautiful.She was like im not that hot.I said yeah your.Your just saying that she replied.I said no its true.She said well im ok but not hot.I said well i think you are and thats all that matters.

In the movies i was still so nervous but i decided to make some sort of move so i went to put my arm around her.She didnt mind and moved closer to me.So far so good.Then i went to kiss her and she kissed me back.

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I could have melted right there as our lips touched for the first time it was wonderful.Then she started to move around a lot.I asked her if she was alright and she sighed.She then put my hand on her right boob and said thats better.I instantly became hard.It felt so soft and i could feel her nipple getting hard as i lightly rubbed it with my finger.I cupped it and squeezed it and she let out a soft moan.I then kissed her again this time for a long time.Before you know it the movie was over.

I asked her if she wanted to get a drink and she denied.I was so bummed that the evening was over.When we got back to my house she was like do you think it would be alright is i stayed over cause i told my parents i was at a friends house.Wow i thought.I didnt have to think twice about it.My mom was home but she didnt care and i didnt care if she cared.

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We went to my room and she went to the bathroom and changed into her night clothes.Dam i thought she was going to go to sleep.To my surprise she said she was achy and needed a massage.Ok i said and started rubbing her shoulders and neck.I started on her back but then she said she couldnt feel anything so i suggested she took her shirt off.To my surprise she did.As i started to rub her back she moaned i delight i was startind to get turned on by this.Then she told me to go lower so i was at her lover back with my elbows on her ass.she then said lower still and i got right where her ass met her back.She said your gonna need to massage my ass too if its ok.Before i could respond she pulled he pants down.She had a thong on and it barely covered her ass.She laid down again and said thats better.Then i put my hands on her volumptuous cheeks and squeezed and kneaded them in my hands and she was moaning like crazy.At that point my dick was fully hard and i was ready to go.I told he it was difficult for me to do it with her thong on and she allowed me to take it off.My dick started to leak cause he neatly shaved pussy was now partly in view.She said she wanted me to do her front now and i didnt get what she mean to she took off her bra and took my hands and put them on her tits.I was in heaven.Her tits looked more so beautiful.Her nipples were so hard.i squeezed them and rubbed them in my fingers.Then she told me to suck on her nipples and suck i did.I sucked them for all i was worth.I rolled my tongue around as i sucked them and she let out a moan.i continued to suck them tell she stopped me to kiss me.

She said i want you so bad right now you dont even know.I could tell because her pussy was dripping wet.I laid her down and kissed her lips and worked my way down her body until i get to her pussy.It was so wet.Her aroma was intoxicating.I then just lightly flicked it with my tongue a few times until she grabbed my head and forced me to her.I put my tougue inside of her and licked her clit it was small but after a while i found her spot and she started to moan like crazy.Then i sucked her clit and licked it at the same time.This drove her crazy she squeezed my head with her legs and she got wetter and more of her sweet juices flowed out of he and into my mouth.Then she lost it and really squeezed my head and her body started shaking and all of the sudden it felt like a dam burst.She had a violent orgasm and gushed all over my face.I tried to get as much as i could but she just kept cumming and cumming.It was all over my face.


I went to the bathroom to wash my face.When i came back she said OH MY GOD that was incredible.She was like i never had and orgasm before and that was the best feeling i ever had.I had seen orgasms but hers was like an erupting volcano.She wanted to return the favor she said.She reached into my pants andpulled out my big dick and marvled at the size.She said she never seen a black dick before and looked it overbefore putting it in her mouth.She licked the tip and swirled her tongue around it.It felt so good i let out a moan then she really went to work in it.

She got what she could in her mouth and started to work her head up and down like a pro.Then the started to stroke it while she sucked it.It was incredible.


I stopped her so i didnt cum and laid her down again.I kissed her all over her body paying special attention to her big tits and luscious nipples.I then worked my way down to her tasty snatch again and started to lick and suck on her pussy.This drove her crazy.She stopped me and literally begged me to be inside of her.

I moved to kiss her and told her i loved her.I love you too she replied.Then i grabbed my dick and lined it up with her pussy,I rubbed it up and down along the outside and it made her crazy.Please put it in she said.As i slid it in she said oh my god its so big.I started slowly so she could get used to the size.After a few minutes i started to pick up the pace and was really giving it to her she started to scream and i stopped.Dont stop she begged it feels soooo good so i started fucking her something fierce.I fucked her for all i was worth.I was slamming it in and out for her.My balls slapped her ass every stroke.

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Then she tensed up and erutpted again this time more violent before.Im surprised i didnt come. I pulled out of her and turned her over and told her to get on all fours.I reentered her dripping cunt and started fucking her from behind.SHe was panting and moaning like she was in heat.You could hear the sounds of my hips slapping against her ass everytime i entered her pussy.I was slamming it into her and reached around and played with her big tits.Her nipples felt like pencil erasers in my hands.I rubbed them and flicked them with my fingers.Then i pulled them and she let out a moan and said fuck me harder.As she said this i picked up the pace and really started slamming her hard.Her ass was starting to turn red from the hard thrusts i was giving her.

By this time i was starting to get that feeling in my balls.I told her i was going to cum soon she said ok i want you to come all over my tits.

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After a few more pumps i pulled out and and shot a hell of a load all over her tits and some got on her face.I was incredible i never came so hard before in my life. Wow we both said at the same time.I never had anyone last that long before you are incredible. That was beginning of wonderful things to cum.