Amateur ghetto gets her pussy slammed by pawn keeper blowjob and bigcock

Amateur ghetto gets her pussy slammed by pawn keeper blowjob and bigcock
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This story began about six months ago while my wife and I were attending her best friends stag & doe. We had left our children at home with her parents and drove 2hrs northwest of our place to Stratford. When we arrived in town we went to Jessica's house (wifes friend) since we were hours early for the party. The pre-party we'll call it was pretty uneventful. It was basically a bunch of women sitting around talking about college and how much fun it was.

The groom-to-be (Bob) and I were the only guys and he was running around getting things ready so I was basically on my own. Everyone decided to head over to the hall to help with final set up since there really wasn't much else to do.

All the girls went off and left me on my own to basically walk around and check out the draw prizes, etc. After about 5 minutes of this an absolutely beautiful redhead walks through the front door. Skinny jeans, 3inch heels, tight blouse containing her massive boobs (D's are my guess).

She makes the rounds saying hello to everyone she knows. I couldn't take my eyes off of her perfect 10 ass as she moved around the room. Eventually I struck up a conversation with the bride-to-be and discovered it was her sister. She then carried on with her set up. Then to my surprise the red head came over and introduced herself "Hi! I don't believe we have met before my name is Elisa" "m-m-my name is Tim" I was already tripping over my words and incredibly embarrassed. We made small talk and she asked how I knew the bride or groom.

I said well my wife over there, as I pointed across the room, she went to college with your sister, I said. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you she said, I hope to see you on the dance floor later" and she walked away. I really didn't think much of it, but all of my girls noticed the conversation and immediately rushed over.

"You know she's a lesbian right" "Shes out of your league" my wife and her friends joked with me. "We were just talking, relax ladies" I replied. Later that night I walked over to the bar to grab another beer when I felt a hand on my lower back.

"hey, forget about me?" I turned around to see Elisa standing there. "Hi" I replied. We chatted a bit about this and that and then she dropped the question "want to go outside? Its getting pretty hot in here?" At this point in the night her blouse has opened a bit towards the top.

I look around and see if my wife or her friends are watching and then slip outside to continue my conversation with Elisa. Elisa: I'm going to be up front. I'm the type of girl who shes something she wants and goes after it. I think you are very cute and I would really like to dance with you. Tim: uh-uh well I don't really think that's going to fly. I won't dance with my wife so I don't think I'll be dancing with you either.

Its just not my thing. Elisa: Worried that you'll like it? Tim: I was told you had a girlfriend? Elisa: No, I have a friend, who is a girl, that I fool around with, which means I am available. Why? Did you like what you see? Tim: Yes, you are very attractive, but my wife is right inside that door and you are her best friends sister. Elisa: So what.

We are both adults. We can make adult decisions can't we? At this point our bodies are almost touching. I decide that I couldn't hold out and I need to touch her but before I could step forward the door opens and a couple of people come outside for cigarettes.

Elisa: Listen, you give what we talked about some thought, I'm going to grab another drink and dance. Maybe I'll see you on the dance floor And with that she disappeared through the door and into the hall. After taking a minute to compose myself I headed back in. As the night went on we had a few more casual encounters and chit chatted and got to learn a bit more about one another. The more we chatted the more my wife and her friends became suspicious and would go out of their way to make sure I didn't get to talk to Elisa.

At one point while the girls danced my wife's friend Shannon was left to babysit me. I've always been slightly attracted to Shannon. She is a big girl, BIG ass, BIG thighs, a belly and big boobs… not the typical girl I would like but when we were all in college Shannon and I lived in the same house and learned through 6 months of living together that she is an animal in the bedroom and very vocal.

No we didn't fool around, our rooms were next to each other! As Shannon and I chatted she mentioned that she thought Elisa was hot. She'd never been with a women but she thought she was hot. I mentioned that I thought she was hot too but I wouldn't betray my wife.

"We're all adults with needs" she blurted out. I then inquired about her situation, and she told me all about her baby's daddy and the issues they were having. Shortly after my conversation ended with Shannon the music shut down and the lights came on. It apparently was 2am.


Last call. So I grabbed two more beers and went and sat in the corner while people left and others cleaned up. When it was time to leave I couldn't find my wife. Does anyone know where she is? Shannon then mentioned that her and Jess and a few other girls took off to head home but they didn't have room in their care for Shannon and I.

As fate would have it the only person left we knew was Elisa.

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Tim: Hey Elisa, how are you getting home? Shannon and I don't really have a ride do you want to share a cab? Elisa: My parents are driving me back to Jessica's house, why don't you guys come with us.

So Shannon and I hustled outside and jumped into the car. It was a tiny little thing, Chevy Aveo, I believe.

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I sat in the middle and Shannon and Elisa flanked me on either side. We were all talking when Elisa put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing my leg. I got a booner instantly. A little later in the drive we turned a corner and Shannon came into me with the force of the turn. She put her hand down to brace her self and accidently put it on my rock hard cock.

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Startled she pulled her hand off and we quickly looked at each other then looked away. Shannon leaned in and whispered in my ear "sorry, I didn't mean to grab you there" "its ok, I said.

It happens" I was completely embarrassed that my wife's friend had discovered I had a hard on sitting next to her. I really didn't have much time to stew on it because Elisa was moving her hand closer and closer to my cock. I leaned over to her "easy tiger, there are other people in here and if you keep going, its not going to look good when its time to get out" In hindsight that was probably the worst thing I could've said to her because with that her hand was on my pants rubbing my now dripping cock.

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I put my head back and just tried not to cum right then and there in my pants. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Shannon glancing down at my crotch.

Oh crap I thought, she can see Elisa's hand! Shannon leaned in, so close that when she spoke her lips grazed my ear "I know what you're up to" She whispered.

I got goosebumps. "its ok, your secret is safe with me" I leaned into her ear, getting as close as I possibly could "thank you" I said. As I spoke Shannon moved her ear closer, putting it right on my lips.

It was pretty silent for the next few minutes. I was completely wound up with both both girls having touched my cock I decided to be bold. I placed a hand on each girls thigh. Shannon to my left, Elisa to my right. I slowly stroked their thighs. Shannon leaned over and put her head on my shoulder allowing her to use her left hand to rub my stomach underneath my shirt.


A minute or two later Elisa put her head on my other shoulder and started rubbing my stomach as well. That is when their hands met. They froze for a moment. Then Elisa took her hand and started caressing Shannon's hand. We all just sat still for the next few minutes until we arrived at Jessica's house. As I slowly got out of the car I was incredibly thankful that my hard on had gone down a bit as my wife and her friends were outside having a drink and smoke.

Everyone chatted a bit and discussed sleeping arrangements. Since Jessica's husband-to-be has three children, all of the spare rooms are single beds. Jessica had also set up a queen air mattress in the living room. Jess and Bob were obviously taking their own bedroom. I assumed my wife and I would take the queen and the others would sort out which kids room they would sleep in (the kids were with their grandparents).

I went to the washroom and cleaned up and got ready for bed, still pretty drunk, I mused to myself that it would be hot to sneak into Elisa's room and fool around more once my wife fell asleep. When I came out of the washroom I discovered my wife and her friend Vanessa were in the queen air mattress. "Sorry hunny" my wife said "Nessa and I haven't seen each other in ages so were going to sleep her and catch up" "Whatever, no big deal" I said. Which room am I in? I asked. Jessica then said that Rebecca had already gone to bed in one room, Elisa in the other so Shannon and I would have to sleep in the last bedroom because it has bunk beds.

"Really, I have to sleep with Shannon? What if she tries to take advantage of me?" I said jokingly. "I would never dream of touching you. Gross" Shannon shot back, while all the girls laughed. I said my goodnights to everyone and headed up the stairs. I climbed into the bottom bunk and tried to sleep. Now I should preface this part with a description of the upstairs of this house. Two of the bedrooms are at the end of the hall. With a spot to look down on the foyer.

Beyond that is a computer nook, but its like a balcony and it connects the two rooms. I had no idea what room Elisa took. After about 30minutes Shannon came to bed. She never turned on the light, but I when she opened the bedroom door the hall light silhouetted her body. I watched as she took off her clothes and put on her PJ's, which consisted of shorts and a tank top. She then closed the door making the room pitch black and felt her way over to the bed.

I guess she assumed that I took the top bunk cause she slid right in next to me. When our bodies touched it was electric. I thought she would jump up and that would be the end of it. She slid closer placing her hands on me. Shannon: What are you doing on my bunk? Tim: You mean my bunk. I was here first. Shannon: Well I guess we're sleeping together then and she rolled over putting her back to me.

I slid up against her and put my arms around her, feeling her belly with my hands. I could hear her breathing change. I moved my hands down and under her top and back up, this time I went straight for her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and boy were they big. Shannon let out a little moan and then rolled on to her back. I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back immediately shoving her tongue into my mouth.

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I met it with mine. I've never had an aggressive kisser, but Shannon definitely is one of them. She rolled over again, this time facing me as we kept kissing and exploring each others bodies with our hands. Suddenly the door opened and we both froze. Fuck me we are screwed I thought.

I thought for sure it was my wife. I looked at the door and saw nothing. Then I looked to the other end of the room and noticed it was the door to the balcony/computer nook that had opened.

We lay there frozen. Who could it be? Was it Rebecca? Was it Elisa? Shannon slowly shifted onto her back while I moved as far away as possible towards the wall. I felt the sheets lift a bit. I looked over. Shannon quietly said "Well hello there" I leaned over and whispered in here ear "who are you talking to?" Shannon moaned again and then guided my head under the covers where I bumped into another head.

"there you are cutie" It was Elisa (Thank god). "Looks like I've gotten myself into pleasing the wrong person" She said.

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Then we kissed. It was electric. So passionate. Slow with lots of tongue. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity then the covers lifted off. Shannon: I'm not a pillow Shannon directed Sorry we both replied. I started kissing Shannon's stomach while Elisa kissed her thick beautiful thighs. Our kisses me just above Shannons pussy. It smelt terrific, I could tell she was super wet.

Elisa grabbed my head and forced it into Shannon's pussy.

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I started licking. Her pussy was delicious, so incredibly wet. She was completely shaved, which I liked. Elisa joined me licking the pussy again. As we took turns licking Shannon I could tell she was having trouble keeping quiet. She was moaning and squealing and bucking. I got up and laid on my back and whispered "Shannon, get up on your knees and sit on my face. She obliged. I thought I was going to suffocate. Her legs were so thick and squeezing my head, plus her belly was there.

I had nowhere to go but into her soaking wet pussy. I started going to town. I couldn't figure out why she was so quiet. I stopped and I could hear Elisa and Shannon kissing. I thought to myself "Whatever keeps this girl quiet" and continued. After about five minutes I could feel her legs tightening on my head. She was pushing down more then ever. Suddenly she started bouncing on my face and then it hit me.

Warm, wetness. She pushed down almost smothering me as she came all over my face. Shannon collapsed next to me and started to kiss my cheeks, tasting her pussy juices. Elisa then jumped up and nudged Shannon out of the way.

"Its my turn. I saw what you did to her. Do it to me!" as she lowed her pussy on to my face. This one was different. She had hair, and what seemed like a fair bit of it.

No matter, I was enjoying it. She was so wet and responsive to my tongue. After two or three minutes Elisa jumped off and mounted Shannon. Elisa is a bit shorter then Shannon so she could only kiss Shannon's belly while Shannon ate her pussy.

"Get behind me" Elisa instructed. So I got up and positioned myself behind her thinking I was going to get to fuck her. "Lick my ass"… huh?


I thought. "Do it, lick my ass" I wasn't going to, but I thought this could ruin my night if I don't, so I dropped to my belly and spread her ass cheeks. Elisa has a 10 booty, In my opinion.

It didn't take long before I was completely into it. I even worked up the courage to gently probe her hole.

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She was going crazy. Moaning and bucking like crazy. Then they both went limp. Shannon started to laugh/cough. Elisa hoped up and laid next to me. Shannon then laid on the other side. She leaned in, kissed me and pushed some liquid into my mouth. "Taste her" she said as she pulled away. After that it was probably a matter of minutes before we were all fast asleep. I didn't even cum… but I sure as hell didn't care.