Mann und Frau Sex Tape

Mann und Frau Sex Tape
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My asshole was sore, and I lost all self respect because this man named Will raped me in front of my wife, I felt a mixture of shame and depression. Master Will put a leash on my head harness and untied Lacey from the wall.

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Lacey and I followed Will as he lead us to the arena were the other woman was taken. Upon our arrival I noticed that this wasn't a normal horse arena, the ground was lacking sand or dirt and was replaced with a hard rubber flooring, there was what looked a home gym in the far right corner, and in the middle there was a big king sized mattress laying on the ground. I was confused and scared, also praying that I would not be raped in the ass again.

"Ok, Lily, you start training the female pets and I will train the male." Master Will forced out through gritted teeth. "Yes Will" Lily said, almost to happy to fulfill her husbands demands. "Lets go pet" Master Will directly said to me as he led me towards the home gym.

Once we arrived he pointed at the bicycle machine and I instantly understood that he wanted me to get on it. "Master Will, will you do that again?" I questioned "Only if you do you not follow your orders and do them right, other wise no, I will not fuck your tight ass again." I let a sigh of relief and started pedaling as fast as I could.

After about fifteen minuets on the bicycle, I was moved to the treadmill were I jogged for about an hour. After running on the treadmill I did 50 crunches, since I was already at my physical peak and had a six pack, the workout wasn't that hard for me.

"Time for a bath pet" Master Will declared. He walked me past the two women being stretched out as far as they could on a couple of yoga mats. Lily was shouting at the stranger telling her she should be as flexible as she was, instantly Lily dropped on the ground and put her legs behind her head. I was amazed at how flexible she was.

Master Will walked me through the arena doors and down the hallway, we pasted the stalls and took a left to a door that lead us outside. Once outside Master Will walked me to a metal post about 4ft. high with handcuffs permanently stuck to the side of it, on the other side of the post there was a hook that held a hose on it.

Master Will put my hand in the handcuffs and took off both of my harnesses. He walked to a shed that was probably 6ft. away from the post I was tied to. He came back with a sponge, a bar of soap, shampoo, and two rubber gloves. He put on the rubber gloves and started spraying my legs slowly with freezing water. "The water will warm up, just give a second okay boy." Master Will said.

I just stood there, being treated like a domestic pet. He took the sponge and started slowly rubbing the bar of soap on it, then he would push down ever so slightly and a rub it down back to my butt crack. Then he came back up to my head and put a little shampoo in his hands and rubbed my whole head. He started scrubbing my stomach with the bar of soap and went down towards my crotch slowly.

When he reached my limp penis he rubbed the bar of soap over my balls and slowly over the whole length of my penis. He sprayed all of the soap out of my hair and then rinsed off my stomach. All of a sudden he pushed the half an inch up my ass and turned it on low. I whimpered for a second ,but realized it was probably getting all of the cum out of my ass.

When my bath was done Master Will put my head and chest harness back on and then attached the leash.

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We slowly walked back to the stalls, there were two black ropes on each side of the isle way, he put both ropes on my head harness and told me that the ropes were called cross-ties.

Master Will instructed me to stand still in the ropes or he would be cross with me. Everyday we went through the workouts for about 3 weeks. One day Master Will walked into my stall while I was in the cross-ties and poured something into my bucket.

He came out and walked up to me, untied me and lead me into my stall.


Once in my stall alone I walked over to the bucket and grabbed a handful of oatmeal with cut up bananas in it. There were two pills in my oatmeal, I ate them, only to figure out it was Viagra. After I ate my meal I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sweetest sound I could imagine, birds singing. I yawned and stretched my arms, I was no longer wearing a head harness, I had a leather collar with line that was felt soft to the touch, there was a name tag, it said Rex. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I didn't know what to do. The lights in the barn were out so I knew that are masters weren't here. I stood up and turned around 360 degrees.

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I decide to relieve myself in the back left corner of my stall. When I was done I walked to the door of my stall and waited. I didn't have to wait long until Master Will came in through a side door and turned on the lights. Over his shoulder he was carrying another strange naked woman over his shoulders.

She was out cold and wearing a collar that said Missy.


So she was already trained, good no more screaming crazy woman. "Master Will when will she wake up?" I asked in a deep morning voice. "Oh, in about twenty minuets, I bought her last night from one of my good friends, you will meet him soon Rex." Master Will replied putting an emphasis on the word Rex.He put the woman in the empty stall and then walked out of the barn.

Master Will was right Missy woke up in less than twenty minuets, she didn't say a word she just stood up and waited like I did. "Good Morning pets! Rise and shine it is time to go outside and play in the field." Miss Lily said as she walked through the barn's side door. All of the pets had been named that night, my wife's new name was Lady and that strange woman's name was now Fran. I was slightly pleased by the new names. Master Will got 'Lady' and I out of our stalls and walked us out through the side door they came in.

He tied us to a post outside the door and told us to wait there.

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He came back a few minuets later with Fran and Missy. "Okay pets Lily and I are going to be placing shock collars around your neck while you are in you guys are in the field, if you try to leave the field you will be given a strong shock.

We are putting you in the field so you can socialize and hangout. We will leave during that time as we are busy people. Do not even think about touching each other" Master Will said looking especially at me. When Master Will and Miss Lily left, all the pets were in the field talking to each other only wearing our collars and no longer are chest harnesses. I was really horny and I had a raging hard on. I was the only one standing by myself, all of the woman were talking in the corner until they started walking towards me.

They all had this weird grin on their faces, it was kind of scaring me. Missy approached me and sat right on my hard prick, I was amazed. She started thrusting her hips up and down until she had a huge orgasm that made scream in ecstasy. Then Fran sat on my dick and started pumping up and down and up and down, she didn't orgasm so I decided to help her out. I started rubbing her clit as fast as I could until we both had a good orgasm.

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And then 'Lady' sat on my dick and pumped up and down while French kissing me, it was really romantic. We both started our orgasm when we saw Master Will and Miss Lily approach the field, it was too late.

They saw us and had a look of rage on their faces. To be continued in the final part,Part Three